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On any given day, the most popular post here is virtually always the constantly updated, monthly NYC Live Music Calendar. Some other very popular pages are the Best Albums of 2017, Best Songs of 2017 and Best New York City Concerts of 2017 pages. The Best Albums of 2015 and Best Songs of 2015  pages along with ones from previews years, 20142013 and 2012 also still get a surprising amount of traffic (the 2016 pages are down for repairs).

Otherwise, this regularly updated list probably says more about the people who frequent this site than it does about the site itself. Everybody seems to like the sad stuff: three of the alltime most popular pieces here are an announcement that beloved East Village music venue Lakeside Lounge would be closing, along with obituaries for well-loved powerpop singer Michal the Girl and Dimestore Dance Band violist Dylan Willemsa.

These are the ten most popular reviews since New York Music Daily went live in August of 2011:

1. Ian Anderson at the Beacon Theatre, 10/11/13
The NYC live debut of Jethro Tull’s Thick As a Brick album was surprisingly good – and went viral.

2. Ward White – As Consolation album review
The witheringly lyrical, now LA-based songwriter and guitarist’s album tops the list of best rock records of 2017 here. Who knew you loved twisted, literary psychedelic rock this much?

3. SOJA – Strength to Survive album review
The roots reggae band got the thumbs up here but not all their fans agreed – and it went viral.

4. Niyaz – Sumud album review
The hauntingly atmospheric Canadian-Iranian folk/art-rock band at their darkest and most evocative.

5. Charles Coleman’s Draculette at Merkin Concert Hall, 10/4/14
This is what happens when you make an exception to a rule. Right on the “about” page here, it says that this blog doesn’t cover opera, ever. Coleman’s lurid piece of grand guignol more than validated the decision to go off script and take the chance that it might be good.

6. Lucinda Williams at Prospect Park, 6/25/15
The iconic Americana songstress was in very high spirits for a haphazardly entertaining show with her fantastic band.  

7. The Park Avenue Chamber Symphony Play Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Audience Interspersed Within the Orchestra, 2/6/16
Conductor David Bernard turned a seemingly crazy idea into a genuine revelation, and everybody agreed

8. The Jazzrausch Bigband at Lincoln Center, 8/31/17
In their North American debut, the mighty Munich techno jazz band delivered an epic set and a ferociously fun dance party.

9. Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre Is Evil album review
Her crowd loves her – and the album is solid. That you can get it for free doesn’t hurt.

10. Mark Orton – Nebraska soundtrack album review
The Tin Hat guitarist’s elegantly haunting Great Plains gothic score to the popular 2013 road movie.