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Month: August, 2012

Buxter Hootn: Absurdly Good Psychedelic Hip-Hop Rock

What does the name Buxter Hootn suggest to you? A mashup of Buster Keaton and Burt Hooton maybe? While they don’t seem to have a vaudeville side or any connection to the Dodgers hurler from decades past, the San Francisco band is just as unpredictable and absurdly original as the name suggest. Bands like this are like bumblebees – they’re not supposed to be able to fly, mathematically speaking, but they do, and the world is better off for it. Buxter Hootn’s new album Na Na Na combines sounds that at first might seem ludicrous together: hip-hop, anthemic 90s Britrock, country and Stonesy rock music. But they make it work, and that’s what makes them unique.

You can tell right off the bat that this band is smart – their influences are all over the place, but they don’t sound like a ripoff. Frontman Ben Andrews multitracks his violin to create a one-man orchestra that adds a lush grandeur to guitarist Vince Dewald’s jangle, clang, and occasional stomp. They’re psychedelic in places and anthemic all over the place. The title track has a doomed Nashville gothic sensibility underneath a stately 6/8 anthem, rich layers of acoustic guitars growing to a couple of absolutely unexpected noise-rock interludes. It’s typical of how they take a sound from the 60s and bring it into a new century without making it awkward.

The second track, Kids Those Days (which seems to be a pun on “kiss those days…”) brings in the hip-hop vocals – and they fit perfectly over drummer Jeremy Shanok’s stomping, swaying beat. No funk cliches here: it’s all rock. Instead, Andrews’ violin swirls upwards over crunchy guitars, then the lyrics kick in: “Look into broken mirrors, see that it’s getting nearer…take the world on, shake those chains off, we’re on the outside looking in and we don’t have any more reason to pretend.” Reverb guitar and violin shriek upward on the interlude in the middle, a cool touch.

A drinking song, Fake Heart Attack combines majestic 90s Britrock, biting garage rock hook, and more hip-hop. This one’s more upbeat, but it ends with a sarcastic edge. Haunted House, basically a lush country ballad tricked out with some neat orchestration, has Andrews joining vocals with harmony singer Melissa Merrill: “Through windows the pain like decades, cobwebs hanging round,” they drawl: Faulkner through the prism of psychedelic C&W, 2012 style. They follow that with Hung Up, leaping from biting, trickily rhythmic postpunk, to hip-hop, to an anthemically orchestrated chorus in 6/8. “Computer brain looking out through your tv eyes, caught between all the fear and lies,” Andrews raps. As apprehensive as the first part of the song is, it has an outro that’s too funny to give away here. The last track on the album is Better Way, another Nashville gothic tune that starts out delicately and then turns into a hammering anthem. You like original? This is for you. Bay Area fans can catch Buxter Hootn’s next show on September 8 at 9 PM at Viracocha, 998 Valencia St. in San Francisco.


Live Music Calendar for September and October 2012 in New York City

There’s a new October-November calendar and it’s here.

 For directions and other information on the venues where these shows are happening, check the exhaustive guide to over 200 New York live music venues at NYMD’s sister blog, Lucid Culture.

Times listed here are set times, not the time doors open – if a listing says “9ish,” that means it’ll probably start later than advertised. Always best to check with the venue for the latest information on set times and door charges, since that information is often posted here weeks in advance. Weekly events first followed by the daily calendar:

Halloween haunted house Blood Manor – an annual extravaganza that everybody ought to experience at least once- opens October 5 at 163 Varick St. Advance tix are highly recommended as Halloween gets closer – and cheaper the sooner you do it. Open Thursdays 7:30 PM-midnight, Fridays-Saturdays 7:30 PM-2 AM, Sundays 6-11 PM, also 10/29-30 7:30 PM-1 AM, Halloween 6 PM-1 AM

Oldschool Chicago style blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin usually has a lot of shows coming up, but October is a slow month for him. He’s at Lucille’s on 10/12 at 8 PM.

Mondays starting a little after 7 PM Howard Williams leads his Jazz Orchestra from the piano at the Garage, 99 7th Ave. S at Grove St. There are also big bands here most every Tuesday at 7.

Mondays in October a phenomenal doublebill: savage, macabre,cinematic noir jazz band Beninghove’s Hangmen followed at 10 by “psycho mambo” band Gato Loco, who play equally entertaining, only slightly less dark oldschool Cuban-inspired sounds at Zirzamin. Beninghove’s Hangmen are also at Otto’s on 9/26 at 9.

Mondays in October at the Stone, guitarist/violinist On Ka’a Davis and his Famous Original Djuke Music Big Band with members including Andrew Lamb (tenor sax) Avram Fefer, Nick Gianni (saxes, flutes) Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax) Valerie Kuehne (cello) Matt Cole (baritone sax) Welf Dorr (bass clarinet) Cavassa Nickens, Albey Bogosian (basses) Peter Barr, Dalius Naujo, Kenny Wollesen, Joe Hertenstein (drums) Daniel Jodocy (drums, electronics): open rehearsal at 7:30, show at 9 for ten bucks.

Most Mondays at Rock Shop, 9ish it’s the Gowanus All-Stars feat. brilliant guitarist Chris Erikson (who’s got a great new album out) with a rotating cast of characters from his Americana rock circle, free

Mondays at the Jazz Standard it’s all Mingus, whether with the Mingus Orchestra, Big Band or Mingus Dynasty: as jazz goes, it’s arguably the most exhilarating show of the week, every week. The first-rate players always rise to the level of the material. Sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25 and worth it.

Also Monday nights Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, a boisterous horn-driven 11-piece 1920s/early 30’s band play Sofia’s Restaurant, downstairs at the Edison Hotel, 221 West 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Ave., 3 sets from 8 to 11, surprisingly cheap $15 cover plus $15 minimum considering what you’re getting. Even before the Flying Neutrinos or the Moonlighters, multi-instrumentalist Giordano was pioneering the oldtimey sound in New York; his long-running residency at the old Cajun on lower 8th Ave. is legendary. He also gets a ton of film work (Giordano wrote the satirical number that Willie Nelson famously sang in Wag the Dog).

Mondays at Tea Lounge in Park Slope at 9:30 PM trombonist/composer JC Sanford books big band jazz, an exciting, global mix of some of the edgiest large-ensemble sounds around. If you’re anybody in the world of big band jazz and you make it to New York, you end up playing here: what CBGB was to punk, this unlikely spot promises to be to the jazz world. No cover.

Mondays at the Vanguard the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra – composer Jim McNeely’s reliably good big band vehicle – plays 9/11 PM, $30 per set plus drink minimum.

Most Mondays in October (check the Barbes website for updates), 9:30ish Chicha Libre plays their home turf at Barbes. The world’s most vital, entertaining oldschool chicha band, they blend twangy, often noir Peruvian surf sounds with cumbia and other south-of-the-border styles along with swirling psychedelic jams and deep dub interludes. Show up early because they are insanely popular.

Also Mondays in October Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Union Pool in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 11:30 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, sexy original songs and is one of the most charismatic, intense live performers of our time. It’s a crazy dance party til past three in the morning. Paula Henderson from Burnt Sugar is the lead soloist on baritone sax, with Dave Smith from Smoota on trombone, with frequent special guests.

The second and fourth Tuesday of the month there are free organ concerts featuring a global mix of first-rate talent at Central Synagogue, Lexington Ave. at 55th St., free

Tuesdays in October clever, fiery, eclectic Balkan/hip-hop/funk brass maniacs Slavic Soul Party play Barbes at 9. Get there as soon as you can as they’re very popular. $10 cover.

Tuesdays in October, 10 PM dark eclectic 80s/goth rocker Alfonso Velez at Spike Hill.

Wednesdays at 1 PM there are free organ concerts at St. Paul’s Chapel downtown, a mix of NYC-area and international talent.

Wednesdays in October at 8 PM jangly, smart rock/powerpop songwriter Rob Teter (formerly of gypsy rockers the Belleville Outfit) at Zirzamin

Wednesdays at 9 PM Feral Foster’s Roots & Ruckus takes over the Jalopy, a reliably excellent weekly mix of oldtimey acts: blues, bluegrass, country and swing.

Wednesdays at 9:30 Roosevelt Dime plays their unique mix of oldtimey string band music with a dash of classic 60s soul at Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th Street, Williamsburg.

Thursdays and Fridays in October Bulgarian alto sax star Yuri Yunakov and band play Mehanata starting around 10. One of the most intense and gripping improvisers in gypsy music.

Thursdays in October at 10 PM intense minor-key instrumentalists Barbez plays Barbes. It was destined to happen. Jazz instrumentation, klezmer and gypsy influences, punk estheics, elegantly biting arrangements. 10/18 and 25 reuniting with their once-and-future bandmate Pamelia Kurstin on theremin, working out material from their forthcoming Tzadik album inspired by ancient Roman Jewish music

Fridays at 5 PM starting on October 5, adventurous indie classical string quartet Ethel (Ralph Farris, viola; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Kip Jones, violin; and Tema Watstein, violin) plays the balcony bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, free w/museum adm. When they’re not there, they’ll have someone from from their wide circle of like-minded avant ensembles.

Friday evenings at various times (check the site for the weekly schedule) fearless avant cellist/impresario Valerie Kuehne’s Super Coda – a global mix of strange and sometimes amazing sounds, from the way-out to the way-in, drawing on a vast, global talent base – happens at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow St., 2nd floor.

Fridays in October at 9 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens play oldschool 1960s style gospel at the Fat Cat.

Saturdays at 3 PM at Bargemusic there are impromptu free classical concerts, usually solo piano or small chamber ensembles: if you get lucky, you’ll catch pyrotechnic violinist/music director Mark Peskanov and/or the many members of his circle. Early arrival advised.

Saturdays eclectic compelling Brazilian jazz chanteuse Marianni and her excellent band at Zinc Bar, three sets starting at 10 PM.

Sundays there’s a klezmer brunch at City Winery, show starts around 11:30 AM – 2 PM, $10 cover, no minimum, lots of good bands.

Sundays from half past noon to 3:30 PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift), featuring excellent, incisive fiddle player Diane Stockwell and an A-list of players play Nolita House (upstairs over Botanica at 47 E Houston). Free drink with your entree.

Weekly Sunday organ concerts resume September 9 at St. Thomas Church, 53rd/5th Ave. at 5:15 PM, an international parade of A-list organists looking to give the mighty 1913 Skinner organ here a sendoff before it’s replaced.

Beginning 10/7 and continuing every Sunday at 5 PM, New York Music Daily presents the Sunday Salon at Zirzamin (in the old Zinc Bar space on Houston at LaGuardia, downstairs). An A-list of New York songwriters and instrumentalists work up new material and cross-pollinate in a comfortable, musician-friendly space. There’s no cover, and at the end of the salon, there’s a 45-minute set by a rotating cast of topnotch New York and international songwriters and composers. Dark rocker Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons play the first one at 7 here on 10/7.

Sundays 10/7, 14 and 28, 7:30 PM purist jazz guitarist Peter Mazza plays his home base, the Bar Next Door with a series of trios.

Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and (frequently) guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St. Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places.

Sundays in October, 9/11 PM the cutting-edge Arturo O’Farrill Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra – a mighty beast that ranks with the Mingus bands as one of the city’s most fascinating jazz orchestras – at Birdland, $30 seats avail., res. req.

8/31, 1 AM (actually wee hours of 9/1) explosive two-sax-and-drums funk/trip-hop instrumental band Moon Hooch at Brooklyn Bowl, $10.

9/1, 6 PM Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and his brother Gene do guitar duos at Downtown Music Gallery, free, get there early because it’s a small place.

9/1, 8 PM at I-Beam: Cartography Duo with Douglas Detrick; trumpet, compositions, arrangements and Mazz Swift on violin and vocals followed by Swift leading a trio with Tanya Kalmanovitch – viola and Marika Hughes – cello, $10.

9/1, 8 PM avant chanteuse/composer/keyboardist Gelsey Bell plays original material at the Stone, $10

9/1 Unsteady Freddy’s monthly surf rock show at Otto’s starts at 9 PM with a rare live show by This Spy Surfs, followed at 10 by the cinematic Commercial Interruption; at 11 the Maui Hurricane and midnight the Nobs.

9/1, 9 PM reggae singer Dahlia Dumont plays with her roots band at Shrine.

9/1, 9ish crazy gypsy punk with Bad Buka at Mehanata.

9/1, 9 PM NYC’s original musically purist citybilly crew, M Shanghai String Band at the Jalopy, $10

9/1, 10 PM bouncy Mexican polkas and more with Banda Sinaloense De Los Muertos at Barbes.

9/2, 7 PM in case you can’t get enough surf music from manic promoter Unsteady Freddie – the Energizer Bunny with a reverb tank – there’s more of it at the big room at the Rockwood with los Pocos Locos and two of NYC’s best, most cinematically inclined bands, the ageless, purist, twangy Supertones and then the extremely eclectic TarantinosNYC.

9/2, 7 PM eclectic oldtime blues multi-instrumentalist powerhouse Blind Boy Paxton at Terra Blues. He’s also here on 9/14 and 9/27.

9/2, 7 PM long-running, eclectic jazz/chamber pop quartet the Four Bags at Barbes followed at 9 by gypsy guitar virtuoso Stephane Wrembel.

9/2 and 9/16, 7 PM purist jazz guitarist Peter Mazza leads a trio at the Bar Next Door.

9/2, 9 PM Hannah vs. the Many play their sharply literate, angry, individualistic, tuneful female-fronted powerpop/punk at the Mercury $10

9/2, 9:30 PM lyrical, tuneful, up-and-coming tenor saxophonist Noah Preminger leads a quartet with Ben Monder on guitar, Masa Kamaguchi on bass Rob Garcia on drums at 55 Bar.

9/2, 10 PM scary-good piano/percussion improvisations with pianist Shoko Nagai and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi at the Stone, $10

9/2, 11 PM charismatic frontman Sekouba and his huge, intense, politically charged African roots reggae band at Shrine

9/3, sets at 1 and 3 PM pyrotechnic, unpredictable avant violinist Todd Reynolds with Jordan Tice on guitar, Jonny Rodgers on glass harmonica andspecial guests play new arrangements of American folk music on Colonels Row on Governors Island, free.

9/3, 7 PM western swing bandleader Dennis Lichtman with jazz pianist Ehud Asherie at Barbes followed at 9:30ish by Chicha Libre.

9/3 9 PM punk Balkan jazz with Bad Credit No Credit at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10

9/3, 9 PM silly and then serious dancehall reggae: Beenie Man and Anthony B at Highline Ballroom, $28 adv tix absolutely req.

9/3, 9 PM Chris Stover’s Book of Sand big band plays jazz reworkings of Elvis Costello, Bob Marley and Brahms at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

9/3, 10 PM nuevo glamrocker chick Haley Bowery & the Manimals – whose live shows are whiskey-soaked, incredibly fun pandemonium, wink wink – at Tammany Hall on Orchard St., free.

9/3, 11 PM the fun, furry-suited Xylopholks play their jaunty vibraphone swing at the big room at the Rockwood – in case you feel like hearing them uninterrupted by the L train

9/4, 7ish surfy, haunting eclectic Bollywood rock band Bombay Rickey – whose show here last month was one of the year’s best – at Barbes

9/4, 7 PM the king of the downtown NYC literate rock anthem, Willie Nile at Joe’s Pub, $25.

9/4, 7 PM trombonist Michael Dease leads his lush, tuneful Big Band at the Garage Restaurant.

9/4, 7:30/9:30 PM extraordinary dark melodic cinematic third-stream pianist Alfredo Rodriguez leads a trio at the Jazz Standard, $20

9/4, 8 PM alt-country chanteuse Alana Amram & the Rough Gems open for noir guitar genius Jim Campilongo’s High Space with Nels Cline, Tony Mason, Erik Deutsch and Jeff Hill at Brooklyn Bowl, $8.

9/4, 8 PM oldtime hot swing jazz with Jason Prover & His Sneak Thievery Orchestra at Radegast Hall. They’re also here on the 19th.

9/4, 8:30 PM Ed Cherry on guitar with Pat Bianchi on organ and Jerome Jennings on drums at the Bar Next Door

9/4, 9 PM the Toomai String Quintet play two sets, the second a performance of Jessica Pavone’s understatedly haunting Hope Dawson Is Missing with guitarist Mary Halvorson at I-Beam, $10.

9/4, 9 PM two hotshot Appalachian fiddlers – Crooked Still’s Brittany Haas and Republic of Strings’ Lauren Rioux – join forces in a duo show at the small room at the Rockwood

9/4, 9:30 PM intense, moody, incisive jazz pianist Russ Lossing leads a trio with Masa Kamaguchi on bass and Billy Mintz on drums at Korzo.

9/4, 10 PM David Binney on alto sax, Jacob Sacks on keys, Eivind Opsvik on bass and Dan Weiss on drums at 55 Bar.

9/5, 7:30/9:30 PM purist jazz guitar legend Gene Bertoncini reunites with his old vibraphonist pal Mike Mainieri plus the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Michael Moore on bass and Joe Corsello on drums at the Jazz Standard, $25

9/5-9, 7:30/9:30 PM Roy Haynes and The Fountain of Youth Band with Jaleel Shaw, Martin Bejerano, and David Wong at Dizzy’s Club, $35 (ridiculous, yeah, but they were off the hook at the Charlie Parker Festival).

9/5, 8:30 PM eclectic, tuneful, guitar-fueled oldschool country band American Aquarium – whose new album is surprisingly intense – at Hill Country, free.

9/5, 8:30 PM irrepressible, cerebral, tuneful third-stream improvisation with Jean-Michel Pilc, piano; Francois Moutin, bass; Ari Hoenig, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min.

9/5, 9 PM triple-threat blues legend Lucky Peterson – as intense on organ and piano as he is on guitar – with his talented chanteuse daughter Tamara at B.B. King’s, $15 adv tix rec.

9/5, 9 PM gypsy guitar paradigm-shifter Stephane Wrembel at Radegast Hall, presumably with a band to drown out the fratboys.

9/5, 10ish edgy, intense, sometimes satirical guitar jazz with Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord at Zebulon

9/6, 7:30 PM the clever, original, tuneful Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet (feat. brilliant baritone saxophonist Jenny Hill) at Zirzamin

9/6-9, 7:30/9:30 PM purist New Orleans-inspired jazz pianist Mulgrew Miller leads a trio at the Jazz Standard, $25 ($30 on the weekend)

9/6, 8 PM eclectic desert blues guitar star Bombino and his jamband at Highline Ballroom,$15 adv tix rec.

9/6, 8 PM performances by flutist Carol Wincenc, the Escher String Quartet, and Da Capo Chamber Players in celebration of legendary composer Joan Tower’s birthday at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix at the box ofc. rec.

9/6, 8ish innovative avant/jazz/third-stream guitarist Joel Harrison with Donny McCaslin, Curtis Fowlkes, Kermit Driscoll and Andy Laster at Shapeshifter Lab.

9/6, 9 PM pianist/composer Dorian Wallace and His Big Band at Something Jazz Club, $10.

9/6, 9 PM roaring 20s hot jazz with Baby Soda Jazz Band at Radegast Hall.

 9/6, 9:30 PM charming oldtimey swing combo Lake Street Dive at the big room at the Rockwood, $10

9/6, 10 PM intense eclectic bluegrass/Balkan violinist Sarah Alden at Barbes with her band

9/7 is Brazilian World Music Day, check their blog for NYC happenings.

9/7, 7 PM fun, upbeat, eclectic ska/worldbeat band the Brown Rice Family – winners of WNYC’s 2012 battle of the bands at the Greene Space, $17.50 incl. a drink.

9/7, 7 PM edgy Latin/Jewish piano jazz with Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble w/ Bobby Sanabria, Michael Hashim and Frank Wagner at Something Jazz Club. They’re also at at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on 9/28 at 7:30 PM, same price, no drink minimum.

9/7, 8 PM the West Side Chamber Orchestra plays Haydn: Symphony no. 21, Chevalier de Saint-George; Symphonie Concertante in C, Op.9 No.1; Luigi Boccherini: Symphony in D minor, Op 12 No 4, “La casa del diavolo”; Philip Glass: Harpsichord Concerto with Christopher D. Lewis, solo harpsichord; Kevin Mallon, conductor at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 346 W 20th St, $20/$15 stud/srs.

9/7, 8 PM a rare evening of chamber and film music by David Amram featuring an all-star cast including Amram himself on French horn and piano at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix very highly rec.

9/7, 8 PM eclectic, improvisational ex-Soviet Georgian guitarist Ilusha Tsinadze at Barbes with his jazz group: Richie Barshay (drums), Chris Tordini (bass), Rob Hecht (violin and bass clarinet), Liam Robinson (accordion), and guest vocalist Jean Rohe.

9/7 8 PM Syrian pop star Omar Souleyman at the Well in Bushwick, $15.

9/7, 8:30 PM atmospheric noir art-rockers Elysian Fields at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec

9/7, 8:30 PM new wave legend/raconteur Wreckless Eric with his fierily amusing wife Amy Rigby at Bowery Electric, $15.

9/7, 9 PM fiery female-fronted oldschool soul band the One and Nines outside at the Grove St. Path station in Jersey City, free

9/7, 9ish dark, catchy, intense original female-fronted acoustic Americana band the Sometime Boys at Branded Saloon in Ft. Greene

9/7, 9 PM Mecanica Popular (f.k.a. Llama) play psychedelic oldschool Fania-era salsa at Shrine. They’re also at Barbes on 9/27 at 10.

9/7, 9 PM the Henry Grimes Quartet – “miraculously resurgent bassist, violinist and poet Henry Grimes with an intensely promising foursome, featuring Dave Burrell at the piano, Tyshawn Sorey on drums, and rising Argentine saxophonist Roberto Pettinato”- at Something Jazz Club, $20 + $10 min.

9/7, 9/10:30 PM Jason Rigby, tenor saxophone; Russ Lossing, piano; Kermit Driscoll, bass; Rudy Royston, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min.

9/7, 9 PM an avant evening at New Spectrum on Ludlow St.: Jonathan Wood Vincent, Matthew Silver, drummer David Grollman and Darkminster (f.k.a. Buckminster) with Brad Henkel, Nathaniel Morgan, and Peter Hanson on horns, etc., no idea of order of musicians but if this is your thing it’s all good, $10.

9/7, 9:30 PM Ninth House’s pyrotechnic lead guitarist Keith Otten in a rare solo show at the Irish Times, 254 W 31st St (between 7th & 8th Aves), $10

9/7, 10 PM intense tuneful female-fronted noiserock band Bugs in the Dark at the Gutter bowling alley in Williamsburg, $5

9/7, 10:30 PM the Roulette Sisters’ sultry oldtime resonator guitarist/songwriter Mamie Minch at the Jalopy, $10.

9/7, 11ish sly tongue-in-cheek Americana/bluegrass songwriter Luther Wright & the Wrongs at Rodeo Bar.

9/7, midnight wickedly catchy, powerhouse two-sax-and-drums instrumental dance band Moon Hooch at the Mercury, $10

9/8, noon, it’s the Jalopy Busker Fest on Governors Island, free ferries leave on the half-hour from the old Staten Island Ferry terminal south of Battery Park. Many of the oldtime blues, country and jazz acts who make the Jalopy such a magical place play outdoors in various spots around the island: performers include Pat Conte & Joe Bellulovich, Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues, the Whiskey Spitters, M Shanghai String Band, Feral Foster, the 4 O’Clock Flowers, Willy Gantrim, the Unnamed String Band, Karen Duffy, the Jalopy Student Busker Band and the Easy Rollers. There’s an afterparty with a show by Baby Gramps…at the Jalopy of course, $10.

9/8-30 this year’s NY Gypsy Festival once again has a bargain $45 festival pass available at the Drom box office which if you catch every concert (other than the Fanfare Ciocarlia show at Pace University downtown, which is single ticket admission only), comes to less than $10 a show. Individual concerts listed below.

9/8, 3 (three) PM Philip Glass at the Greene Space, $20, this will sell out very quickly; 9/4-9/9, Q2 will be spinning all sorts of rare and popular Glass works including recent recordings by Brooklyn Rider and others

9/8, 7ish an eclectic lineup, killer triplebill: barrelhouse blues band the 4th St. Nite Owls, ska punks the Hub City Stompers and then eventually around 10 intense noir ska/swing band Tri-State Conspiracy at the downstairs studio space at Webster Hall, $12.

9/8 this year’s NY Gypsy Festival kicks off eclectically with desert blues-influenced rockes Sway Machinery and wild, minor-key klezmer/reggae/New Orleans jamband Hazmat Modine at Drom.

9/8, 8 PM sly female singer-songwriter satirists the Lascivious Biddies at the small room at the Rockwood.

9/8, 8 PM rustic, haunting Greek rembetiko trio Que Vlo-Ve at 68 Jay St Bar.

9/8, 8 PM a cool ska/gypsy/skaragga/klezmer doublebill with the Brighton Beat, Karikatura and Klezwoods at Spike Hill. Klezwoods play the klezmer brunch at City Winery, 11:30 AMish the next morning, 9/9 – yikes!

9/8, 8/11 PM multistylistic acoustic/electric New Orleans bluesman Chris Thomas King – Tommy Johnson to millions of filmgoers who saw that Coen Bros. flick- at Lucille’s, $20 gen adm.

9/8, 8ish dark female-fronted 4AD-style dreampop rockers Dead Leaf Echo at the Cameo Gallery

9/8, 8 PM composer/cellist Ha-Yang Kim and the JACK Quartet playing original works including her epic opus, Threadsuns, inspired by Paul Celan poetry, at Roulette, $15/$10 stud.

9/8, 8:30 PM a kick-ass doublebill at I-Beam with perennially tuneful pianist Russ Lossing leading a trio followed by the Two Bass Band with Ben Street and Masa Kamaguchi plus trombonists Scott Reeves and Bryan Dye plus many others, $10; drummer Jeff Davis leads a trio with Lossing at 10 PM on the 14th.

9/8, 9/10:30 PM Joe Fiedler & Big Sackbut with Fiedler, Ryan Keberle, Marcus Rojas and Josh Roseman on trombones at the Jazz Gallery, $20

9/8, 9:30 PM a killer Balkan/klezmer doublebill with Litvakus and Raya Brass Band at Joe’s Pub, $15.

9/8 wild crazy female-fronted gypsy band Fishtank Ensemble at 9:30ish at Mehanata

9/8, 11 PM Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine at the Knitting Factory, this will sell out, $15 adv tix absolutely necessary. Been awhile since the high priest of harmful matter has been in town: every old punk in town plus half of Occupy Wall Street will want to go to this.

9/9, noon-5 PM it’s Adoptapalooza – over 200 lovable cats and dogs up for adoption at the north end of Union Square Park, fully vaccinated, spay/neutered and in need of good homes.

9/9, 2 PM Occupy Tompkins Square Park – punk rock with Wombat In Combat, Comrades, Alien, Mans Gin, Atruth, Carla Npsg, and stoner rock legend David Peel at the park, 2 PM

9/9, 3 PM indie classical guitarist Gyan Riley (Terry’s kid) at the Noguchi Museum, 9-01 33rd Rd. at Vernon Blvd. in Long Island City, free w/museum adm ($10/$5 stud). N/Q to Broadway or F to Queensbridge/21st St.

9/9, 5:30 PM the Delphinium Trio play music of Mozart, Koechlin, Dubois (New York premiere), Daniel Powers (New York premiere) and Rheinberger (world premiere) at Symphony Space, free, early arrival advised. Followed at 8 by violinist Cornelius Duffalo playing electroacoustic original works for $20.

9/9, 6:45 PM Custard Wally – unsung oldschool heroes of obscene, sexually charged, hilarious Brooklyn punk and garage rock at Otto’s warming up for their upcoming album release show later this month.

9/9, 7 PM the Plunk Bros. – Boo Reiners and Bob Jones – play virtuoso Americana guitar music at Barbes followed at 9ish by Stephane Wrembel.

9/9 the NY Gypsy Festival continues with an unreal brass band lineup at Drom with NYC’s original Balkan brass outfit Zlatne Uste, Raya Brass Band – whose latest album is a contender for best of 2012 – ten piece brass jamband Ververitse, plus Sazet Band, Romski Boji and Chocek Nation. Wow!

9/9, 8:30 PM violinist Skye Steele’s Railroad Rodia with Skye Steele, violin; Aram Bajakian, guitar; Josh Myers, bass; John Hadfield, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min

9/9, 9 PM oldtime country harmony band the Calamity Janes play their farewell show at the Jalopy, $10. Betsy’s moving to England, so this is it for the band – early arrival advised.

9/9, 10 PM reeds/drums duos with two of NYC’s most subtly intriguing, Doug Wieselman & Kenny Wollensen at the Stone, $10

9/10 the CCB Reggae All-Stars play the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Jewel, boarding at 6, departing at 7 from the heliport at 23rd St. and the FDR, $20 adv tix available at the Highline box office.

9/10, 6 PM pianist Elisha Abas plays Chopin at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix req. Followed at 8 PM by an ensemble from the Metropolitan Opera playing rarities by obscure French Romantic composer René de Castéra and modernist Emile Goué (1904-1946), who created many of his works at the German prison-camp Oflag XB, $20 separate admission adv tix req.

9/10, 7 PM one of the year’s best triplebills: a rare solo show by the Dog Show’s edgy, lyrically intense Jerome O’Brienon 12-string guitar  followed at 8:30ish by the totally noir cinematic Beninghove’s Hangmen and then Gato Loco’s psycho mambo sounds at 10 at Zirzamin.

9/10, 7 PM atmospheric loop-friendly art-rockers the Quavers at Barbes

9/10, 7:30 PM duo pianists Christina & Michelle Naughton play Mendelssohn, de Falla, Milhaud, Rachmaninoff and Nancarrow at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec. followed at 11 by lutenist Jozef Van Wissem and electroacoustic indie chamber ensemble Noveller for $8 (adv tix, separate adm.)

9/10, 8 PM torchy, fearless, country/blues siren Kelli King at Spike Hill.

9/10-11, 8 PM original compositions by Zeena Parkins performed by the esteemed avant garde harpist plus Ne(x)tworks Ensemble with the JACK Quartet at Roulette, $15/$10 stud/srs.

9/10, 8:30 PM deviously eclectic, cinematic third-stream pianist Steve Hudson leads a killer trio with Zack Brock, violin; Rubin Kodheli, cello at at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min.

9/10, 9 PM third-stream big band jazz with the Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

9/10, midnight the wild and crazy retro 60s country – and haunting southwestern gothic – of the Jack Grace Band at the Ear Inn

9/11, 7 PM violin jazz star Jenny Scheinman previewing her next stand at the Vanguard with a (relatively speaking) low-key show at Barbes, followed at 9 by Slavic Soul Party ($10).

9/11, 7 PM steampunk princess Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra at Webster Hall, $25 adv tix still available as/of 8/31 at the Mercury box office M-F 5-7 PM

9/11, 8 PM violinist Elmira Darvarova, hornist Howard Wall of the New York Philharmonic and pianist Tomoko Kanamaru play music of Brahms, Schumann and their contemporaries at Symphony Space, free, early arrival advised.

9/11, 8 PM punk jazz saxophonist Skerik’s assalutive Bandalabra with Andy Coe on electric guitar, Evan Flory Barnes on upright bass and Dvonne Lewis on drums: “Fela Kuti meeting Steve Reich in rock’s backyard” at the Cameo Gallery, $10 adv tix rec.

9/11, 8:30 PM clever, artsy, ethereal and often haunting indie pop band Clare & the Reasons at the Mercury, $10

9/11, 9ish smart, oldschool Americana siren Michaela Anne and band at Rodeo Bar

9/11, 9 PM 70s Britfolk/psychedelic/art-rock legends the Strawbs play an acoustic show at B.B. King’s, $25 adv tix rec.

9/11-16, 9/11 PM Fred Hersch leads a trio with bassist John Hébert and drummer Eric McPherson, celebrating the release of his brilliant, characteristically lyrical, eclectic new album with this group, $25.

9/11, 9:30ish Brooklyn stoner boogie rockers Mighty High with the like-minded Amputators and Lords of Fuzz at Hank’s

9/11, 9:30 PM interestingly tropical/psychedelic jazz vibraphonist Tyler Blanton with Donny McCaslin on tenor, Matt Clohesy on bass and Jordan Perlson on drums at Korzo

9/11, 10 PM Sam Llanas, who for years was the noir heart and soul of legendary heartland rockers the BoDeans at Zirzamin; he’s at the Rockwood at 8 PM on 9/12.

9/11, 10:30 PM pianist Orrin Evans’ ferociously smart, tuneful postbop combo Tarbaby with Oliver Lake, Eric Revis and Nasheet Waits at le Poisson Rouge, $15.

9/11, 11ish intense, hilarious ganja rockers Mighty High – Motorhead meets Spinal Tap – playing stuff from their excellent new Legalize Tre Bags album at Hank’s

9/12-13, 7 PM violin virtuoso Gil Morgenstern’s reliably enlightening, thematic Reflections Series opens at WMP Concert Hall with a program titled Stravinsky, The Violin Years: 1930-1935 feat. pianist J.Y. Song, $35/$15 stud.

9/12, 7 PM guitarist Dave Ullmann leads a quartet with vibraphonist Chris Dingman at Something Jazz Club, $10/$10 min.

9/12, 8 PM cutting edge, often haunting Middle Eastern/Indian flavored ensemble AraIndKia – oudist Hadi Eldebek, tabla player Suphala (from Yoko Ono’s group) and violinist Eylem Basaldi – at the Gershwin Hotel, $15/$10 stud

9/12, 8 PM the New York Piano Quartet performs music of Austrian composers Joseph Marx, Erich Korngold, Gernot Wolfgang and others at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix rec.

9/12, 8:30 PM saxophonist John O’Gallagher leads an intriguing sextet jamming/jazzing out music of Anton Webern at I-Beam, $10

9/12-15 8:30/11 PM alto sax bop legend Dave Liebman and Group at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

9/12, 9ish fiery, intense, lyrical art-rocker Spottiswoode at the big room at the Rockwood, $12 adv tix rec.

9/12, 9ish tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Rodeo Bar

9/12, 9 PM St. Helena – reliably surprising jazz drummer/composer Tim Kuhl’s latest project, a dark 70s prog rock band with Rick Parker, Grey McMurray, Ryan Ferreira, Josh Valleau at Union Pool.

9/12, 9 PM gypsy rockers Yula Beeri & the Extended Family open for one of the original gypsy rock bands, Firewater at the Knitting Factory, $14 – note that the new incarnation of the headline act is minus piano genius Paul Wallfisch and works a more hypnotic, south Asian vein. Firewater are also at le Poisson Rouge on 9/15 at 8:30 for an additional six bucks.

9/12, 9 PM New Orleans band Gordon’s Grand Street Stompers at Radegast Hall. They’re also here on 9/25.

9/12, 10 PM Judah Tribe plays roots reggae at Shrine.

9/12, 10ish conscious hip-hop lyricists Dead Prez – one of the current era’s best, smartest, most politically aware acts – at Public Assembly, $20

9/13, 6 PM the MIVOS Quartet plays new works by Reiko Fueting and Carl Christian a tthe German Consulate General, 871 United Nations Plaza, free, rsvp reqd, note that UN Plaza requires ID plus metal detector screening.

9/13, 6 PM bassist Michael Feinberg leads the surprisingly subtle band on his new album the Elvin Jones Project – saxophonist Donny McCaslin, drummer Ian Froman, trumpeter Tim Hagans and pianist Leo Genovese – at Birdland.

9/13, 7 PM pensive Americana songwriter Donna Susan at Zirzamin. Raised on punk, inspired by country, more honest and haunting than any of the newbies recently relocated to Bushwick.

9/13, 8 PM pianist Octavio Brunetti and violinist Elmira Darvarova play Piazzolla at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix rec.

9/13, 8:30 PM Sara Serpa, voice/compositions; André Matos, guitar; Kris Davis, piano; Aryeh Kobrinsky, bass; Tommy Crane, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min

9/13, 9 PM a cool Balkan doublebill with New Orleans crew the G String Orchestra followed by the wild jams of 10-piece Veveritse Brass Band at the Jalopy, $10.

9/13, 9 PM trombonist Pete McGuinness’ Jazz Orchestra at Something Jazz Club, $10/$10 min.

9/13, 10 PM Nation Beat bandleader Scott Kettner’s Orgy in Rhythm maracatu project at Barbes.

9/14, 5:30 PM saxophone-piano Duo Bellarosa-Vergini play sonatas by Decruck, Albright, Creston, and Ravel at Symphony Space, free, early arrival advised

9/14, 6ish smart, lyrically sharp songwriter Jodi Shaw plays songs from her recently released Waterland album – part Aimee Mann, part oldtimey swing at the American Folk Art Museum, free

9/14, 7 PM indie classical crew Ensemble Mise-En plays new works including U.S. premieres by Pasquale Corrado, Elisabeth Harnik, Wolfram Schurig and a New York premiere by Kurt Rhode. Award-winning New York composer Annie Gosfield follows at 9 pm, with a world premiere for piano and electronics, at Bohemian National Hall 321 E. 73rd St., free, res. req.

9/14, 8 PM charmingly sultry French chanson revivalists Les Chauds Lapins at Barbes followed by the self-explanatory, reliably fun Cumbiagra.

9/14, 8 PM literate glamrock legend Ian Hunter at Highline Ballroom, $30 adv tix rec.

9/14, 8 PM janglerockers the Nu-Sonics at Goodbye Blue Monday.

9/14, 8 PM at New Spectrum on Ludlow: reliably surprising, sometimes assaultive cellist Valerie Kuehne plus Dave Scanlon, Crank Sturgeon, Miles Pflanz, Michael Hafftka, and free jazz alto sax legend Jemeel Moondock headlining. “There will be a surprise object/idea/quotation/ foodstuff present for the artists to incorporate into their sets.”

9/14 “aural dystopia” i.e. aggressive improvisation with a reliably assaultive lineup: Nick Didkovsky and Dan Romans at 8, Ron Anderson and Justin Veloso at 9, Weasel Walter/Matt Nelson/Tom Blancarte at 19 and Stuart Popejoy and Kevin Shea at 11 at Jack, 505+1/2 Waverly Ave (Fulton/Atlantic), Ft. Greene, $10

9/14, 8:30 PM rustic sea chantey and Americana sounds with the Mercantillers at Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club

9/14, 9 PM energetic string bands from the Hudson Valley and Philly sandwiched around an amazing, roaringly psychedelic outlaw country band: Spuyten Duyvil, the Newton Gang and New Sweden at the Jalopy, $10

9/14-15, 9 PM lush, dreamy, quirky chamber pop band Clare & the Reasons open for stark, intense female-fronted gypsy rockers Devotchka at Bowery Ballroom, $25 gen adm. They’re also at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, same time same price, on 9/16.

9/14, 9 PM ferociously literate, anthemic, Americana-based rockers Wormburner at the Mercury at the Mercury, $10 adv tix rec

9/14, 9:40 PM quirky, edgy, indelibly New York indie rockers the Sprinkle Genies (with Erika Simonian on guitar) at Sidewalk. Dots Will Echo – remember them? -play afterward.

9/14, 10 PM fearlessly political latin rockers/metal cumbia/ska punk band Outernational play the cd release show for their latest one at the 92YTribeca, $10

9/14, 10 PM Random Test plays roots reggae at Shrine.

9/14 11 PM hilariously filthy, theatrical punk girlgroup pop spoof Cudzoo & the Fagettes at the Parkside, get there early, it will be packed.

9/14, 11ish sly, smart New Orleans blues pianist Bill Malchow & the Go-Cup All-Stars at Rodeo Bar

9/15, 3 PM oldtime country duo the Honeycutters followed by Elvis Costello collaborator and Americana songwriter Jim Lauderdale at Madison Square Park

9/15, 5 PM violinist Elmira Darvarova and pianist Shoko Inoue play works by Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann and Franck at Symphony Space, free, early arrival advised

9/15, 7 PM the JACK Quartet plays works by Clemens Gadenstätter and Georg Friedrich Haas including a world premiere at Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E. 52nd St. free, res req; at 9:30, same venue, Bernhard Fleischmann performs his premiere of a “one-time-only” work commissioned for the Moving Sounds Festival (of which all these concerts are a part), reservations also required.

9/15, 8 PM Sufi vocalist Arooj Aftab plus ensemble at Alwan for the Arts, $20/$15 stud/srs ($50 three-day festival pass also available)

9/15 macabre surf monsters the Coffin Daggers at the Spot, 302 Beach 87th St., Far Rockaway.

9/15, 9 PM blissfully intense gypsy band Fishtank Ensemble at the Jalopy,$10.

9/15, 9ish dark indie rocker and Come/Steve Wynn collaborator Chris Brokaw at Glasslands, $12.

9/15, 9:30 PM up-and-coming lyrical jazz pianist Kris Bowers – who slayed at the Charlie Parker Festival – at Joe’s Pub, $15. Followed at midnight (separate $20 admission) by P-Funk keyb legend Bernie Worrell and his band.

9/15 intense, cinematic nuevo tango band Dodo Orchestra at 9:30ish at Mehanata.

9/15, 10 PM purist oldschool jazz-influenced instrumental ska with Dave Hillyard’s Rocksteady 7 at Two Boots Brooklyn

9/16, 5 PM the reliably charming, wickedly literate, gently mesmerizing Amy Allison opens for her elegantly eclectic piano-rocking pal Lee Feldman at Something Jazz Club, $10.

9/16, 5 PM Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra croon a special set of early 1930s hot jazz at Gallow Green, on the roof of the McKittrick Hotel, 542 W 27th St., $15

9/16, 7:30 PM lyrically dazzling, charmingly intense acoustic songwriter Linda Draper at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10

9/16, 8 PM a Brazilian and Ethiopian dance music extravaganza with Forro in the Dark and Debo Band at NYU’s Skirball Center on LaGuardia Place, $20 tix avail.

9/16, 8:20 PM pensive, smart, southwestern gothic-tinged songwriter Maya Cabalerro at Sidewalk

9/16, 9 PM Virginia’s hottest original bluegrass band the Dixie Bee-Liners at the Jalopy, $10

9/16, 9 PM hilarious, eclectically satirical cowpunk rockers Uncle Leon & the Alibis at Rodeo Bar

9/16, 10 PM long-running indie/Americana rockers the Silos at the Mercury, $10 adv tix rec. at the club 5-7 PM M-F.

9/17, 7 PM pianist Gabriele Baldocci plays Liszt’s solo transcriptions of Beethoven’s Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3 at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec

9/17, 7:30/9:30 PM intense new, politically aware piano-based jazz with the Curtis Bros. – whose previous album was arguably last year’s best jazz release – this time out feat. EJ Strickland on drums and Stacy Dillard on saxes at Dizzy’s Club, $25/$10 stud.

9/17, 8 PM ageless oldschool NYC indie rockers the Mercenaries – sort of the Gotham Replacements – at Arlene’s

9/17,  8:30ish inimitable, intense noir jazz/soundtrack/surf powerhouse Beninghove’s Hangmen – arguably the best band in NYC right now – at Zirzamin followed by the equally amazing if somewhat quieter psycho mambo band Gato Loco  at 10. They’re also here on 9/24.

9/17, 8:30 PM largescale site-specific electroacoustic works: Point Play – four 8-channel sound installations by Richard Garet, Wolfgang Gil, Adam Kendall, and Michael J. Schumacher, following immediately after with Double Quadrophonic Diptych in Three Movements, an 8-channel live performance by artists Richard Garet and Daniel Neumann, at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, 540 W 21st St, free

9/17, 9 PM the Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra makes a second appearance in Brooklyn at Tea Lounge in Park Slope, free, don’t miss this if you’re into big band jazz.

9/17, 10 PM dark acoustic original Nashville gothic band Frankenpine plays the Castello Plan in Ft. Greene. Their new album is off the hook – the concert will be broadcast live on WFMU; they’re also at the Jalopy on 10/12.

9/17, 11 PM Deerhoof – sort of a zeros/teens version of the Eels – at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $17.

9/18, 4:45 PM organist Daniel Brondel plays a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

9/18, 6:30 PM cellist Inbal Segev, pianist Awadagin Pratt, violinist Benjamin Breen and violist Dov Scheindlin play music of Couperin, Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, and Beethoven at the Yamaha Piano Salon, 689 5th Ave, 3rd Fl, $30/$20 stud/srs.

9/18, 7:30 PM jazz punks Respect Sextet and indie classical powerhouse Loadbang at le Poisson Rouge, program TBA, $10 adv tix avail.

9/18, 7:30/9:30 PM guitarist Ed Cherry, organist Pat Bianchi and drummer Byron Landham at the Jazz Standard, $20

9/18, 8 PM a rare jazz night at the Highline: guitarist Peter Bernstein with a quartet feat. organist Sam Yahel; Erimaj trombonist Corey King and his septet Taffy, and the incomparably fun live trip-hop/jazz/punk band Moon Hooch, $12 adv tix rec.

9/18, 8:30 PM intense, ferociously literate, politically spot-on banjoist/songwriter Curtis Eller – sort of the Elvis Costello of the banjo – at an Obama fundraiser at the Abrons Arts Center on the lower east. 9/20, 10 PM He’s at Rest Au Rant, 3501 35th Ave. in Astoria

9/18, 9 PM Trailer Radio play amusing retro 60s original honkytonk songs at Rodeo Bar.

9/18, 10 PM alto saxophonist David Binney leads a quartet with Jacob Sacks on Rhodes, Eivind Opsvik on bass and Dan Weiss on drums at 55 Bar

9/19, 8 PM the NY Phil with Alan Gilbert leading the first of four concerts presenting Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes as soloist in Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto and Kurtág’s Quasi una Fantasia, wrapping up with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring at Avery Fisher Hall

9/19, 8:30 PM punk/metal cumbia band MAKU Soundsystem and wildly funky bhangra brass band Red Baraat at at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix

9/19, 8:30 PM pianist Jean-Michel Pilc and guitarist Perry Smith devise some improvisational alchemy at Caffe Vivaldi

9/19, 9ish high-energy acoustic vintage Americana with PartyFolk at Rodeo Bar.

9/19, 10 PM noir jazz titan Marc Ribot and the Jazz Passengers’ Roy Nathanson conjure up guitar/sax duos at the Stone, $10, get there early

9/20, 6:30 high-powered, eclectic tenor saxophonist Geoff Vidal leads a trio at the Bar Next Door, free.

9/20, 7:30 PM the pyrotechnic Kathleen Supove plays her original electroacoustic “digital Debussy” interpretations on a gorgeous brand-new Bosendorfer piano at Allegro Pianos, 205 W 58th St (between 7th Avenue/Broadway), early arrival advised, $20.

9/20, 8 PM the NY Gypsy Festival continues with guitarist Marco Callari teaming up with theNY Gypsy All-Stars at Drom, $15 adv tix rec.

9/20, 8 PM barrelhouse blues band the 4th St. Nite Owls at Barbes.

9/20, 8 PM intense, down-to-earth, rustic Bulgarian chanteuse Vlada Tomova and her excellent, eclectic avant-rock-Balkan-folk band at the Elebash Center at the CUNY Grad Center, 365 5th Ave. at 34th St., $25/$20 stud. Also on the bill: Emeline Michel and Martha Redbone

9/20, 8:30 PM Pretty Monsters feat. bassoonist Katherine Young and drummer Mike Pride among others play the cd release show for their debut album Escape from Society at Vaudevilla Park, $10

9/20, 8:30 PM torchy, intense, literate oldtimey songwriter Jolie Holland at the Jalopy, $20

9/20, 9 PM wry, low key, eclectic oldtimey jazz and oldschool soul with Ted Hefko & the Thousandaires at Radegast Hall

9/20, 9ish hilarious, ferocious, surprisingly eclectic punk/powerpop band Custard Wally’s cd release show at Don Pedro’s.

9/20, 9 PM hilarious, smart grasscore/C&W band the Devil Makes Three at the Gramercy Theatre, $19 adv tix avail. at the Irving Plaza box ofc.

9/20 10 PM the intense female-fronted Willie McBlind plays microtonal fretless electric guitar blues at Shrine

9/20, 10ish dark female-fronted new wave/punk band Ingrid & the Defectors at Local 269

9/20, 10 PM multistylistic, cutting-edge organist Brian Charette leads a B3 combo at the Fat Cat.

9/21, 6ish smart dark Americana songwriter Jessi Robertson at the American Folk Art Museum, free

9/21 powerful, politically aware Irish-American punk/anthemic literate rock legends Black 47 play the Rocks Off Concert Cruise aboard the Half Moon, boarding at 7, departing at 8 from the heliport at 23rd St. and the FDR, $25 adv tix available at the Highline box office.

9/21, 7 PM indie classical outfit the Talea Ensemble performs the US premiere of three works: James Dillon’s New York Triptych, Pierluigi Billone’s Dike Wall and Ondrej Adamek’s Ca tourne ca bloque at Bohemian National Hall at 321 E. 73rd St, free, rvsvp reqd.

9/21, 8 PM the Secret Trio – a brilliant collaboration between gypsy/Middle Eastern virtuosos Ara Dinkjian (oud), Ismail Lumanovski (clarinet) and Tamer Pinarbasi (kanun) at Symphony Space, $30 adv tix. a must, pricy but worth it. They absolutely slayed at this year’s “Turkish Woodstock” at Lincoln Center this summer.

9/21, 8 PM most eclectic bill of the year by far: acoustic glockenspiel punks You Bred Raptors, acoustic metal/classical ensemble Awakening Orchestra and pianist/composer Rebecca Brandt playing the cd release show for her new album Numbers & Shapes in its entirety at Galapagos, $10 adv tix rec.

9/21, 9 PM fiery noir gothic Americana/Canadiana rocker Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons at Pete’s

9/21, 9/10:30 PM pan-American jazz bassist Pedro Giraudo’s Expansions big band at the Jazz Gallery, $20.

9/21, 9 PM this week’s edition of avant cellist/impresario Valerie Kuehne’s Super Coda begins with Suspensers, Adrienne Anemone, M Lamar, Venezuelan bolero punkstress Yva Las Vegass and Household Tales, “a modern spin on the beloved brothers Grimm,” with Will and David Spritzler on guitars and tales, Sean Ali on bass, Amos Fisher on clarinet, Lathan Hardy on sax, and Tim Shortle on hand drum plus a short story by Zola Wagner (Zola Wagner – get it?) at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow St., 2nd fl, $5

9/21, 9:30 PM haunting acoustic Nashville gothic band Bobtown and eclectic alt-country siren Alana Amram & the Rough Gems at Union Hall, $10.

9/21, 10 PM mighty Indian funk band Brooklyn Qawwali Party at Barbes.

9/21, 10ish intense dreampop/punk band the K-Holes at Death by Audio.

9/21, midnight the eclectic latin/Balkan/gypsy/funky tuneful danceable Underground Horns brass band at Nublu

9/22, 5 (five) PM lyrical pianist Falkner Evans plus tenor saxophonist Marc Mommaas, trumpeter Ron Horton, bassist Belden Bullock and drummer Matt Wilson at Smalls.

9/22, 5 PM bassist Ross Kratter’s Jazz Orchestraat Something Jazz Club, $15/$10 stud.

9/22, 6-8 PM, free, the Jalopy’s resident visual artist Robin Hoffman – one of the great masters of capturing kinetic onstage performances – has her latest art opening there. The theme is the “ukubiquitous” ukulele, both paintings and linoleum prints. FYI – her artwork makes unbelievably inexpensive gifts for fans of the kind of oldtime Americana music that the Jalopy champions.

9/22, 7:30 PM scorching Romanian gypsy brass orchestra Fanfare Ciocarlia at the Schimmel Center at Pace University downtown on Spruce St., $35 but worth it.

9/22, 7:30 PM intense, politically aware, eclectic gypsy punk/latin band Rupa & the April Fishes at Littlefield, $15. They’re at le Poisson Rouge on 9/23 at 10:30 PM for the same price.

9/22, Ushaq explores melodic and poetic traditions of Arab, Persian, and Hindustani music, 8 PM at Alwan for the Arts, $20/$15 stud/srs ($50 three-day festival pass also available).

9/22, 8 PM Disappear Fear – who were doing edgy, socially aware Middle Eastern/klezmer rock and worldbeat ten years before everybody else – at the People’s Voice Cafe, $10

9/22, 8 PM a benefit for Mali at City Winery with Toubab Crewe plus clarinetist Oran Etkin, guitarist Banning Eyre, plus Malian musicians including balafon virtuoso Balla Kouyate, kora powerhouse Cheik Hamala Diabate, $25 standing room avail.

9/22, 8 PM Roosevelt Dime play tongue-in-cheek oldtimey Americana originals at the First Acoustics Coffeehouse in downtown Brooklyn, $20.

9/22, 9 PM pianist Kris Davis‘ Paradoxical Frog cd release show with Ingrid Laubrock on saxes and Tyshawn Sorey on drums at the Jazz Gallery, $20.

9/22, 9 PM the Delorean Sisters– who play oldtimey versions of 80s cheeseball pop songs – at Sidewalk

9/22, 10 PM haunting harmony-driven retro Mexican/psychedelic rockers Las Rubias Del Norte– who in retrospect were sort of the prototype for Chicha Libre – at Barbes.

9/22, 11 PM saxophonist Virginia Mayhew – whose new Mary Lou Williams tribute album is excellent – at the Garage Restaurant with her quartet.

9/22, 11:30 PM the NY Gypsy Festival continues with Serbian-Quebecois gypsy band Roma Carnivale at Drom, $10 gen adm.

9/23, 2 PM jazz duos perform a celebration of John Coltrane’s birthday at the community garden at Stanton and Norfolk starting with Ras Moshe and Tiffany Chang, Tom Rainey and Ingrid Laubrock at 3 and Rob Brown and Juan Pablo Carletti at 5, free

9/23, 6 PM drum/cello improvisations with Juan Pablo Carletti and cellist Daniel Levin at Downtown Music Gallery, free.

9/23, 8 PM the Famous Accordion Orchestra at Barbes. OMG – five accordions: Bob Goldberg, Genevieve Leloup, Mark Nathanson, Melissa Elledge and Rachel Swaner, plus Chicha Libre’s old timbalero

9/23, 8 PM torchy, smart Americana chanteuse Tift Merritt plays the album release show for her new one Travelling Alone at City Winery, $28 standing room avail.

9/23, 8 PM the crazy inventor of dub reggae, Lee Scratch Perry at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $25 gen adm.

9/23, 8 PM torchy chanteuse Stephanie Saxon and her jazz combo at Shrine.

9/23, 8:30 PM Sameer Gupta’s Namaskar plays Indian-flavored jazz with Neel Murgai on sitar at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min.

9/23, 9 PM Marc Jeffrey and James McCarthy – who are in Band of Outsiders what Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd were in Television – upstairs at 2A

9/23, 9:30 PM sick/funny Dolly Parton cover band Doll Parts at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10.

9/23, 9:30 PM trombonist/crooner Dave Smith’s sly, slinky boudoir-soul project Smoota at the big room at the Rockwood

9/24, 7:30 PM the Daedalus Quartet plays Mendelssohn – Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 12; George Perle – Quartet No. 8 Windows of Order (1988); Dvorák – Quartet No. 14 in A-flat Major, Op. 105 at Music Mondays at Advent Church, 93rd/Bwy, free

9/24, 7:30 PM two generations of powerhouse horns: the PitchBlak Brass Band and Manhattan Brass at le Poisson Rouge, $10 adv rec.

9/24, 8 PM drummer Sean Noonan leads a double string quartet and the Momenta String Quartet playing the album release show for his excellent, intense, tunefully noisy third-stream new suite A Gambler’s Hand at Roulette, $15/$10 stud/srs.

9/24 ,11:30 PM psychedelic new music/jazz/dub with Three Red Crowns at Small Beast upstairs at the Delancey

9/25, 4:45 PM organist Ian Sadler plays a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

9/25 7 PM the queen of Coney Island fantasmagoria, Carol Lipnik & Spookarama with Dred Scott on piano and Rob Sudduth on sax at Barbes followed at 8 by the G String Orchestra and then Slavic Soul Party. Dark minor keys! Unbelievable fun!

9/25, 7:30 PM haunting gypsy chanteuse (and Bertold Brecht niece) Sanda Weigl at Joe’s Pub, $15.

9/25, 11 PM in-demand jazz organist Jared Gold – whose latest solo release is pretty far-out bop – leads a B3 trio at Smalls, $10 jaredgoldb3

9/25-29, 8:30/11 PM a Bud Powell tribute at Birdland with a killer lineup: Tim Hagans, Greg Osby, Matt Wilson, Dan Tepfer filling in Bud’s shoes & Lonnie Plaxico on bass, $30 seats avail.

9/25, 8:30 PM trumpeter Leif Arntzen plays the cd release show for his new one Continuous Break with Leif Arntzen, trumpet; Ryan Blotnick, guitar; Landon Knoblock, piano; Michael Bates, bass; Jeff Davis, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min

9/25-26, 8:30 PM fiery soulful funk jamband Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds at Highline Ballroom, $23.50.

9/25, 9:30 PM trombone titan Josh Roseman’s intense, sometimes assaultive Line of Swords with Bill McHenry on tenor, Ben Monder on bass this time and Nasheet Waits on drums at Korzo.

9/25, 10ish noir rock legend and Bauhaus bassist David J downstairs at the Delancey, $12.

9/26, 7:30 PM Maria Cangiano sings classic tango at Joe’s Pub with her first-rate band, $15.

9/26, 8 PM the Belleville Outfit’s Rob Teter followed at 9 by funky jazz/avant violinist Zach Brock’s Magic Number and then at 10 by the bluegrass Simple Minded Predators at Zirzamin

9/26, 8 PM slinky, moody, female-fronted downtempo/shoegaze rock trio El Jezel at Union Hall, $10

9/26, 8 PM adventurous flutist/impresario Amelia Lukas’ Ear Heart Music series debuts at Roulette with a killer triplebill: James Moore and Andie Springer playing folk-inspired new string music, On Structure creating sound- and movement-based performance art, and chamber ensemble Build “rocking their unique blend of minimalist, fiddle-heavy indie-classical to film landscapes” at Roulette, $15/$10 stud.

9/26, 8 PM Mariel Roberts premieres new works for solo cello by Andy Akiho, Sean Friar, Alex Mincek, Tristan Perich, and Daniel Wohl at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, 113 Remsen St. in downtown Brooklyn. “Mariel will play selections from her fascinating new solo disc, and will join her new comrades in the Mivos Quartet, which she joined in June, for Felipe Lara’s string quartet Corde Vocale, and will also perform Nathan Davis’s Keybar Untai for cello and cimbalom,” $15.

9/26, 8 PM the Hip Hop Book Club featuring Spiritchild, Beatsmyth, Luquantum Leap, D-Cross, Timothy Dark, Mia Pixley, Miles Megaciph and Adventures of Kaila & The Kid retell selections from Grimm’s Fairy Tales at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, $10

9/26, 9 PM fiery original surf rockers the Octomen at Rodeo Bar.

9/27, 7 PM Sex Mob plays Nino Rota at the World Financial Center, free

9/27-30, 7:30/9:30 PM Pharaoh Sanders leads a quartet at Dizzy’s Club, $35 seats avail.

9/27, 7:30 PM jazz chanteuse Rondi Charleston plays new material including The Cave Knows, her collaboration with pianist Fred Hersch, “created for and inspired by the true story of 38 Ukrainian Jews who survived World War II by living in underground caves for 18 months” at Joe’s Pub

9/27, 8 PM powerhouse blues chanteuse Shemekia Copeland and her excellent Chicago-style band at City Winery, $25

9/27, 8 PM eclectic, politically aware worldbeat/Middle Eastern rocker Stephan Said jams out to fuel a series of improvs by a bunch of tv and stage actors at the Pit, 123 E 24th (Park/Lex).

9/27, 8 PM reliably challenging avant jazz with the Henry Grimes Trio with bassist Henry Grimes (leader, upright bass, violin, poetry), Dave Burrell (piano), and Tyshawn Sorey (drums, percussion) at the Stone, $20

9/27 funky bhangra orchestra Red Baraat at at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

9/27, 8:30 PM tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Otto’s. They’re also at Rodeo Bar at around that time on 10/10.

9/27 accordionist Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores – whose lush, Lynchian new album Sister Death might be the best of 2012 – at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow (Delancey;/Rivington)

9/27, 9 PM captivating chanteuse Erica Ramos and her intense jam-oriented Brooklyn boogaloo revivalist band Spanglish Fly play the single release party for their latest 7″ at at SOB’s, $12

9/27, 10 PM psychedelic downtempo/trip-hop indie pop band Vacationer at the Cameo Gallery, $10

9/27, 11 PM My Wooden Leg plays gypsy punk at Freddy’s.

9/28, 7:30 PM cutting edge piano virtuoso and impresario Alexandra Joan leads an ensemble playing an indie classical “Homage to Mohammed Fairouz” with soprano Katharine Dain and clarinetist Vasko Dukovski at WMP Concert Hall, $20.

9/28, 7:30 baritone saxophonist Frank Basile leads a sextet playing a Pepper Adams retrospective at Smalls, $20

9/28, 8 PM oldschool soul legend Bettye LaVette at Highline Ballroom, $26 adv tix rec.

9/28 the NY Gypsy Festival continues with singer/flamenco dancer Elena Andujar and ensemble at Drom

9/28, 8:30 PM nimble but atmospheric vibraphonist/composer Tyler Blanton and his group at I-Beam, $10.

9/28, 9 PM smart, intense, pensive rocker Jennifer O’Connor at Union Hall, $10.

9/28, 10 PM the Jazz Passengers: Roy Nathanson (sax) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Sam Bardfeld (violin) Bill Ware (vibes) Brad Jones (bass) E.J. Rodriguez (percussion) special guest Arturo O’Farrill (piano) Zack O’Farrill (percussion) Lloyd Miller (vocals) workshopping their film musical of Paul Reyes’ book, “Exiles in Eden” at the Stone, $10, get there early.

9/29 a Balkan brass doublebill worth braving fratboy hell for: Raya Brass Band at 2 PM and then Slavic Soul Party at 6 at Radegast Hall, free.

9/29, 2 PM the NY Phil plays the Brahms Clarinet Quintet and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade at Avery Fisher Hall, $25 tix avail.

9/29, 2:30 PM eclectic worldbeat chamber ensemble Alexander Wu & the Zigzag Quartet at the Lincoln Center Atrium.

9/29, 7:15 PM SisterMonk’s intense worldbeat jam funk/punk at Caffe Vivaldi.

9/29-30, 6 PM hilarious grasscore band Larry & His Flask at Webster Hall, $20.

9/29, 6-8 PM: photographer Tracy Collins’ exhibit Atlantic Yards Deconstructed begins with opening reception at the Soapbox Gallery, 636 Dean Street, 1.5 blocks from the property stolen by the developer in a crooked eminent domain scam. “The exhibit traces the “on the ground” impacts of the development over the past 9 years through photography, video and other media.”

9/29, 7 PM postpunk trio Versus – one of the few 90s indie bands with real staying power – at the Bell House, $15 gen adm.

9/29, 7:30 PM cutting-edge postbop saxophone jazz: tenorist Noah Preminger leads his Group with Ben Monder – guitar; Matt Pavolka – bass; Colin Stranahan – drums at Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow St, $12

9/29, 8 PM one of this year’s best rock shows: Evan O’Donnell and Jonathan Ruderfer (performing the compositions of late great polymath composer/rocker/Mets fan Billy Cohen), Zebu, the monstermuffin dancefloor pandemonium of Escarioka and then the Brooklyn What, arguably Brooklyn’s best, most soulful, politically aware punk/soul/noise machine at Rock Shop in Gowanus, $10

9/29, 8 PM the Tarab Ensemble performs dhikr (the Sufi percussion/vocal ritual) at Alwan for the Arts, $20/$15 stud/srs ($50 three-day festival pass also available).

9/29, 8 PM Daria Grace & the Pre-War Ponies play torchy 20s/30s swing/jazz obscurities at Barbes followed at 10 by Mireya Ramos, frontwoman/violinist of NYC’s only all-female mariachi band, Mariachi Flor de Toloache.

9/29, 9 PM oldtime country blues maven Feral Foster with his new band followed at 10 by the low-key, authentically churchy Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens at the Jalopy, $10.

9/29, 9 PM House of Waters play psychedelic, Middle Eastern-inflected hammered dulcimer worldbeat jams at the small room at the Rockwood

9/29, 10 PM My Wooden Leg plays gypsy punk at Arlene’s.

9/29, 10 PM subtle, soulful tropicalia jazz/soul chanteuse Rachel Brotman at Pete’s.

9/30, 11:30AM-ish intense all-female klezmer/jazz/jamband Isle of Klezbos with the briliant Rachelle Garniez on accordion at City Winery, $10, no minimum, kids under 13 free

9/30, 3 PM composer/performer ensemble CCT: Milica Paranosic – vocals, melodica, piano; Dan Cooper – bass, flute; Gene Pritsker – guitar, melodica perform new works with Michiyo Suzuki – clarinet, bass clarinet; Joseph Pehrson – piano at Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition, 499 Van Brunt St, Red Hook.

9/30. 5 PM Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra croon a special set of early 1930s hot jazz at Gallow Green, on the roof of the McKittrick Hotel, 542 W 27th St., $15

9/30, 5 PM violist David Wallace with April Clayton (flute) and Allegra Lilly (harp) play Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp at the lounge at Hudson View Gardens, 116 Pinehurst Ave. and 183rd St. in the Bronx, $10.

9/30, 7 PM haunting, intense Persian classical singer singer Salar Aghili with the Hamnavazan Ensemble at Symphony Space, $30 adv tix a must, this will sell out

9/30, 7 PM intense, tuneful southwestern gothic rock with the Downward Dogs at at Spike Hill

9/30-10/2, 7 PM at Bowery Electric the new rock musical Barcode – a collaboration between Hair’s James Rado and rock band Gladshot. ““Barcode” tells the story of a dystopian future in which one corporation, Earth Corp, dominates society. Wielding control over the populous by imprinting barcodes on the wrists of every citizen, Earth Corp monitors all activity and privacy is virtually extinct. A star-crossed romance develops between Dorna, a member of the resistance, and Nest, the son of an Earth Corp News Anchor. Together, the young couple may just spark a revolution.” $12 adv tix rec.

9/30, 7:30 PM Cadillac Moon Ensemble play the cd release for their eclectic new album – a mix of indie classical, Puerto Rican bomba and other styles by emerging composers Shawn Allison, André Brégégère, Edward RosenBerg III, and Erich Holt Stem at the DiMenna Center, 450 W 37th St., $10 ($20 incl. cd)

9/30, 7:15 PM this year’s NY Gypsy Festival wraps up with a solo concert by intense, luminous Spanish flamenco-jazz pianist Ariadna Castellanos at Drom, $15 adv tix rec.

9/30, 8 PM surf band the Bakersfield Breakers at the Ding Dong Lounge, 929 Columbus Ave on the upper west.

10/1, 7 PM killer triplebill at Zirzamin: pensive Americana songwriter Donna Susan followed at 8:30 by noir surf jazz monsters Beninghove’s Hangmen – arguably the best band in NYC right now – and then the equally amazing if somewhat quieter psycho mambo band Gato Loco at 10.

10/1, 8 PM the socially aware/antifascist Indonesian Papermoon Puppet Theatre troupe presents their new piece Mwathirika (Swahili for “victim”), an intense look back at the terror and repression of the dictatorship in their native land, focusing on 1965 – “the year of living dangerously” – at the Asia Society, $TBA.

10/1, 9 PM haunting, intense Nashville gothic chanteuse Kerry Kennedy at Small Beast at the Delancey upstairs

10/1, 9 PM the king of the downtown NYC literate rock anthem, Willie Nile returns to his roots for closing night at Kenny’s Castaways.

10/1, 9 PM trombonist Deborah Weisz and her Jazz Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

10/1, 10:30 PM psychedelic instrumental soul grooves with Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle at the big room at the Rockwood

10/2, 7:30 PM traditional Ethiopian music and dance with frequent Debo Band collaborators Fendika at Joe’s Pub, $18.

10/2, 7 PM eclectic oldtime blues powerhouse Blind Boy Paxton at Terra Blues. He’s also here on 10/9

10/2, 8 PM lo-fi noir rockers Agent Ribbons upstairs at the Delancey, free

10/2, 8 PM electronic composer Carver Audain presents his composition Continental Drift, “a densely lush, meditative sonic environment designed to transport the audience to a tranquil plateau” at Roulette, $15/$10 stud/srs.

10/2-6, 8:30/11 PM purist jazz guitar with Jim Hall leading a quartet at Birdland, $30 seats avail,

10/2, 9 PM clever, darkly lyrical piano trio jazz from Danny Fox at Korzo followed at 10:30 by Pannonia with Josh Deutsch: trumpet + compositions; Zach Brock, violin; Brian Drye, trombone; Gary Wang, bass; Ronen Itzik, percussion at Korzo

10/2, midnight-ish creepy Crampsy punk-garage band X-Ray Eyeballs at Death by Audio, $7.

10/3, 1 PM organist Renée Anne Louprette plays a recital at St. Paul’s Chapel downtown, free

10/3, 8 PM Saudi-born Khaled Dajani – who blends Middle Eastern and flamenco guitar in with his arena-rock sounds – at Shrine.

10/3, 8 PM Shahzad Ismaily solo on bass – worth hearing! – followed at 10 by Causing a Tiger; Carla Kihlstedt (voice, electronics) Shahzad Ismaily (tenor guitar) Matthias Bossi (drums, percussion) at the Stone, $10

10/3, 9 PM torchy jazz-Americana chanteuse Cal Folger Day at Culturefix.

10/3, 9:30ish Balthrop Alabama’s Georgiana Starlington followed by the intense literate chamber pop of Elizabeth & the Catapult at the Mercury, $12

10/3, 10 PM powerhouse violin metal group Stratospheerius at Bar East, 1733 1st Ave, $5 They’re also at Shrine on 11/1.

10/3, 11ish there are still $20 adv tix avail. for the RZA show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, onsale at the Mercury box ofc. open weekdays 5-7 PM.

10/3, midnight Noah Preminger – tenor sax , Glenn Zaleski – piano , Matt Pavolka – bass , Colin Stranahan – drums at Smalls.

10/4, 1 PM the North Sky Cello Ensemble play Coltrane, Kodelhi and other contemporary composers at Triniity Church, free

10/4, 7 PM lush melodic postbop with the Behn Gillece vibraphone jazz quintet at the Fat Cat

10/4, 7:30 PM exhilarating, clever, eclectic Russian/gypsy/cinematic string band Ljova & the Kontraband – whose 2008 album is a genuine classic – at Symphony Space, $30 gen adm includes a drink.

10/4 this year’s Festival of New Trumpet Music kicks off with veteran Jack Walrath with George Burton – piano; Abraham Burton – tenor & soprano saxophone; Joe Martin – bass; Donald Edwards – drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $25. “A F.O.N.T. commission has inspired me to write what Mingus called ‘extended composition,’ to be premi­ered at the festival,” explains Walrath. “This will be no ditty!”

10/4 inscrutably intense, charismatic, darkly comedic literate songwriter/accordionist Rachelle Garniez at Barbes at 8 followed at 10 by equally intense intense minor-key instrumentalists Barbez.

10/4, 8 PM gypsy rockers Banda Magda at the Brooklyn Bowl, $12

10/4, 8 PM dynamic indie classical duo Twosense (cellist Ashley Bathgate and pianist Lisa Moore) play world premieres by Ryan Brown, Daniel Felsenfeld and Hannah Lash at Roulette, $15/$10 stud/srs.

10/4, 8 PM Michaela Anne and her rustic, haunting acoustic band at Rock Shop, $10

10/4, 8/9:30 PM the Willem Breuker Kollektief celebrates the maniacally satirical Keystone Kops style repertoire of the legendary Dutch jazz composer/bandleader at Shapeshifter Lab in Gowanus, $15.

10/4, 8:30 PM the irrepressible Suzy Sellout – who skewers dozens of singer-songwriter and corporate pop cliches – at Caffe Vivaldi

10/4, 8:30 PM oldtimey country blues guys Apocalypse Five and Dime at the Jalopy, $10.

10/4, 9ish ferocious, tuneful gypsy punk/noir cabaret band Amour Obscur and gypsy/steampunk rockers Frenchy & the Punk at Matchless.

10/4 9 PM Americana chanteuse/tunesmith Kara Suzanne plays the album release show for her new one at at the small room at the Rockwood

10/4, 9 PM the Old Rugged Sauce play their irreverent, smart take on vocal jazz classics at Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club; they’re also here on the 18th

10/5, 5 PM adventurous string quartet Ethel opens their Friday night residency at the balcony bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, free w/museum adm.

10/5 high-energy acoustic Mexican folk-punk band Radio Jarocho at the American Folk Art Museum, 6 PM

10/5, 7 PM pianist Nathanial LaNasa and the PubliQuartet play Messiaen, Chopin, Debussy and Mozart at Third Street Music School Settlement, free.

10/5, 7:30 PM oldtimey siren Jolie Holland, eclectic trumpeter Dave Douglas, Matt Garrison, Brandon Seabrook and others too numerous to name at Roulette, $5 sugg don.

10/5, 8 PM Lebanese music maven Bassam Saba leads a group playing traditional classics and then debuts his Arabic rock band Al-Madar at 10 at the Stone, $20, early arrival very highly rec.

10/5, 8 PM pianist/composer Lee Feldman leads a chamber rock band playing the score to his cult classic musical Starboy followed by a set by multi-instrumentalist Alice Bierhorst at a house concert in Park Slope, $10 email for info/location. Feldman also plays a set on 10/28 at 5 PM at Something Jazz Club.

10/5, 8 PM concert harp virtuoso/Americana chanteuse Katie Brennan & the Tall Boys and intense gypsy punk band Kagero at Rock Shop, $10.

10/5, 8 PM cosmopolitan songwriter Jann Klose at the small room at the Rockwood

10/5-6, 9 PM NYC’s original musically purist citybilly crew, M Shanghai String Band play a two-night cd release party at the Jalopy, $10.

10/5, 9 PM third-wave surf rock legends Los Straitjackets at the Bell House, $15.

10/5 10 PM purist jazz guitarist Ed Cherry and group at Two Boots Brooklyn

10/5, 10:30 PM the Jared Gold/ Dave Gibson B3 quintet at the Fat Cat over the roar of the pool players. Naomi Shelton’s gospel band plays their weekly residency beforehand at 9.

10/5, 11:30 PM the Cannabis Cup Reggae Band at Lucille’s, $12 adv tix rec

10/5, midnight, wild crazy gypsy jazz/New Orleans band Dirty Bourbon River Show at the small room at the Rockwood, free; they’re at the Jalopy on 10/7, $10

10/5, midnight, haunting oldschool country band Karen & the Sorrows at Littlefield

10/6 another brass doublebill worth braving fratboy hell for: intense Greek improvisers Kavala Brass Band at 2 PM and then NYC’s original Balkan powerhouse, Zlatne Uste at 6 at Radegast Hall, free

10/6, 4 PM Crooked Still banjoist Greg Liszt’s newgrass group the Deadly Gentlemen at Madison Square Park, free.

10/6, 7:15 PM dark psychedelic acoustic blues/klezmer/reggae/soca jamband Hazmat Modine at Terra Blues. They’re also here on 10/20.

10/6, 7:30 PM charismatic, intense indie folk chanteuse Larkin Grimm followed by Cuddle Magic – a good chamber rock band in need of a singer – followed by garage rock icon Holly Golightly at the big room at the Rockwood ($10 cover for her)

10/6 high-energy big band leader/trumpeter Charles Tolliver plays a rarer quintet show with Xavier Davis – piano; Bruce Edwards – guitar; Devin Starks – bass; Gene Jackson – drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $30.

10/6 Galician bagpipe virtuoso Carlos Nunez at Drom

10/6, 8 PM ferocious, smart psychedelic power trio Devi at Arlene’s. Avoid the cliched corporate band afterward at all costs.

10/6, 8 PM pianist Ariadna Castellanos leads her flamenco jazz combo at le Poisson Rouge, $15

10/6, 8 PM brilliant jazz bassist  Christian McBride & Inside Straight at the Miller Theatre at Columbia Univ., $25 adv tix rec.

10/6, 8:30 PM catchy, jangly, smartly politically aware female-fronted Mexican-American rockers Pistolera at Barbes followed at 10 by high-voltage Sinaloa-style Mexican Banda Sinaloense De Los Muertos.

10/6, 9 PM Beefheart cover band Admiral Porkbrain followed at 10 by Tom Warnick & the World’s Fair at Freddy’s. Charismatic keyboardist/rocker who switches between casually chilling, Doorsy noir and warmly anthemic oldschool soul – and his band, with Ross Bonnadona and John Sharples on guitars, is on fire these days.

10/6, 9 PM Unsteady Freddie’s typically excellent monthly surf rock show at Otto’s kicks off with the the Acoustic Surf Tones (that’s 9th Wave, acoustic – must be seen to be believed, they’re great), followed by Tsunami of Sound, Stuck in Gear and Blue Wave Theory sometime after midnight

10/6, 9 PM fiery Balkan bass/accordion duo Cinder Conk at Red Hook Bait & Tackle

10/6, 9/10:30 PM fearlessly intense piano jazz with a third-stream bite: Bobby Avey, piano; Shane Endsley, trumpet; Thomson Kneeland, bass; Dan Weiss, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min.

10/6, 9 PM oldtime Americana and bluegrass with the Third Wheel Band followed eventually around 11 by the Whistling Wolves at Union Hall, $10.

10/6, 9:15 PM moody 80s-ish female-fronted neosoul/downtempo band Teletextile at Pete’s

10/6, 9:30ish Bad Buka and their gypsy punk meltdown at Mehanata.

10/6, 10 PM dark artsy piano-based rock with the Devil’s Broadcast at Trash, $10.

10/6, 10 PM ska punk with King Django at Two Boots Brooklyn.

10/6, 10:30 PM third-wave surf legends Los Straitjackets at Maxwell’s, $15 gen adm

10/6, 111ish purist Americana rocker Mick Hargreaves and the King Guys at Rodeo Bar.

10/7, noon, pianists play Thelonious Monk at the World Financial Center, free: Manuel Valera  followed at 12:30 by Elio Villafranca, 1 PM James Weidman, 1:30 PM the Michael Cochrane Trio and 2:15 PM the Jean-Michel Pilc Trio.

10/7, 6 PM Shadow of Corinth, a video song cycle by singer Molly Thompson performed by Thompson with the amazing Kamala Sankaram, voice; James Moore and Joshua Lopes of the Dither Guitar Quartet  and Eric Km Clark, violin; Jennifer Stock, piano plus Stock playing her composition Shivelights, a cycle of miniatures at Cornelia St. Cafe, $20 includes $10 food/drink credit

10/7, 7 PM pyrotechnic pianist Beth Levin plays Beethoven Sonatas: Op. 109-111 at the Dreck Center at the Brooklyn Public Library. Note that no children under 6 allowed inside.

10/7, 7 PM the wry, witty Four Bags: Brian Drye – trombone; Jacob Garchik – accordion; Mike McGinnis – clarinets; Sean Moran – guitars at Barbes

10/7, 7 PM the Sonagi Project play hypnotic Korean pansori vocal-and-gong music at Flushing Town Hall, free. They’re also here on 10/19 at 8 (eight).

10/7, 7 PM the Foster Meets Brooks Big Band at Something Jazz Club, $5

10/7, 7:30 PM weird segue, good triplebill: Paleface – the original sardonic 90s white funk/hip-hop guy – followed by Texas songwriter Jarrod Dickenson and then the increasingly dark, southwestern gothic-influenced Jack Grace Band  at Littlefield, $10. Grace is at the Ear Inn at midnight the following night 10/8 for free.

10/7, 7:30 PM trumpeter Claudio Roditi with the West Point Jazz Knights Big Band at the Jazz Standard, free, early arrival a must, res. highly rec.

10/7, 8:30/10 PM tasteful, smart guitar jazz with Mike Baggetta leading his excellent quartet with Jason Rigby – saxophones; Eivind Opsvik – bass; George Schuller – drums at Sycamore Bar in Ditmas Park, $10.

10/7, 9ish smart, tuneful, counterintuitive Persian jazz/dub instrumentals with Sohrab’s SoSaLa at Matchless

10/8, 7 PM killer triplebill: Jerome O’Brien of the late, great Dog Show plays his ferociously literate, vintage R&B/punk influenced songs at Zirzamin followed by inimitable, intense noir jazz/soundtrack/surf powerhouse Beninghove’s Hangmen – arguably the best band in NYC right now – at Zirzamin followed by the equally amazing if somewhat quieter psycho mambo band Gato Loco at 10.

10/8, 8 PM eclectic jazz guitarist Koran Agan at Radegast Hall. He’s also here on 10/15.

10/8, 9 PM 17-piece big band the Joshua Shneider Easy-Bake Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

10/8, 9:30 PM retro rock chanteuse Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs at the big room at the Rockwood, $12.

10/9, half past noon organist Wolfgang Kleber of Darmstadt, Germany plays a recital at Central Synagogue, Lex/54th St., free

10/9, 4:45 PM organist Benjamin Kolodziej plays a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

10/9, 7 PM the Erica Seguine/Shannon Baker Jazz Orchestra – whose lush swinging compositions are imbued with a quirky, devious wit – at Something Jazz Club, $5

10/9, 7:30/9:30 PM the Aaron Diehl Quartet featuring Warren Wolf on vibes plus Aaron Diehl – piano; David Wong – bass; Rodney Green – drums at the Jazz Standard, $30.

10/9, 7:30 PM Jazz for Obama with…are you ready…Ron Carter, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jim Hall, Roy Haynes, Kenny Barron, Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride, Jimmy Heath, Tain Watts, Claudia Acuna, Ravi Coltrane, Gretchen Parlato and more at Symphony Space. Dunno how you feel about our President, but he’s better than the other guy. Tix are $100 ($50 for students and seniors) at WWW.JAZZFOROBAMA2012.COM, all proceeds to the Obama reelection campaign.

10/9, 8 PM the Red Light Ensemble – Christa van Alstine, clarinet; Nathan Koci, french horn & accordion; Kevin Sims, percussion; Yegor Shevtsov, piano; Tema Watstein, violin; Erin Wight, viola; John Popham, cello, and Ted Hearne, conductor perform compositions by Christian Wolff, Scott Wollschleger, Vincent Raikhel, and Gérard Grisey plus pieces by Satie to accompany Melies films at Roulette $15/$10 stud/srs.

10/9, 8 PM Italian rock acts take over the Highline: Manu Chao soundalike Mannarino followed by gypsy rockers Negrita, $TBA.

10/9, 8 PM oldtimey hot jazz with Gordon’s Grand Street Stompers at Radegast Hall

10/9-13 , 8:30/11 PM the James Carter Organ Trio at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

10/9, 9 PM an unbelievably good mega brass band night at Paper Box in Bushwick (across the street from Shea Stadium) with the Underground Horns , Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars, Environmental Encroachment (Chicago), Minor Mishap Marching Band (Austin) and Pink Puffers Brass Band (Rome, Italy).

10/9, 9 PM edgy tuneful saxophonist Patrick Cornelius with Frank Kimbrough on , piano; Peter Slavov, bass; Colin Stanahan, drums at Korzo

10/9, 9:30ish Michaela Anne and her rustic, haunting acoustic band at Rodeo Bar.

10/9, 10 PM catchy, lyrically edgy female-fronted powerpop/new wave band Changing Modes at the Delancey, $10.

10/9, 10 PM John Zorn’s Masada Book 2 played by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass, gimbri) Aram Bajakian (guitar) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Kenny Grohowski (drums) at the Stone, $10

10/9, 10 PM eclectic Indian-AfroCuban-Portuguese influenced jazz chanteuse Kavita Shah with her band Glenn Zaleski, piano; Sam Anning, bass; Guilhem Flouzat , drums; Yacouba Sissoko, kora; Stephen Cellucci, tabla at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min.

10/10, 7:30 PM Save the Village: a benefit concert with John Zorn, Thurston Moore, TriBeCaStan, Flutterbox and John Kelly and Gary Lucas at le Poisson Rouge put together by “NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan, a group of over 400 of NYU’s own faculty members working together to fight NYU’s outrageous multi-billion-dollar expansion in Greenwich Village,” $20 adv tix very highly rec.

10/10-13, 7:30 PM the NY Phil plays Nielsen: Flute Concerto (with Robert Langevin); Nielsen: Violin Concerto (with Nikolaj Znaider); Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2 (Little Russian) at Avery Fisher Hall, $33 tix avail.

10/10, 9ish tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Rodeo Bar.

10/10, 9 PM John Ellis – tenor sax , Mike Moreno – guitar , Gerald Clayton – piano , Joe Sanders – bass , Rodney Green – drums at Smalls.

10/10, 10 PM eclectic alt-country siren Alana Amram & the Rough Gemsat Union Pool, $7

10/11, 7:30PM Angela & Jennifer Chun play music for two violins by Béla Bartók and Luciano Berio, and, joined by pianist Nelson Padgett, perform the rarely heard Phantasy for two violins and piano by British composer Edmund Rubbra at Symphony Space, $30 adv tix rec.

10/11-12, 7:30/9:30 PM breathtaking, powerful virtuoso Colombian jazz harpist Edmar Castaneda plays with a quartet including Itai Kriss – flute;Clarence Penn – drums; Andrea Tierra – vocals at the Jazz Standard, $25 ($30 on 10/12).

10/11, 7:30 PM clarinet titan David Krakauer with the Phoenix Chamber Ensemble play the world premiere of Inessa Zaretsky’s Six Poems for Tamar for clarinet & piano plus music by Brahms, Janácek, Messaien, Debussy & Reich at Concert Hall at the Center for Jewish History, 15 W 16th St., $15/$10 stud/srs

10/11, 7:30 PM psychedelic, horn-driven, Steely Dan-esque original funk band Otis at Sullivan Hall, $10

10/11, 7:30 PM at Our Lady of Lebanon church in downtown Brooklyn: an all-Mohammed Fairouz concert with the Borromeo Quartet playing the NY premiere of The Named Angels plus the Cygnus Ensemble as well as pianists Kathleen Supové, Taka Kigawa and Blair McMillen. “The Named Angels refers to those angels that are named and recognized in the Islamic, Christian and Jewish traditions: Michael, Israfel, Gabriel and Azrael. Each of the four movements represents a character portrait of a specific Angel.”

10/11, 8is hhaunting Nashville gothic rock and ornate, lyrical chamber pop with Kerry Kennedy’s Ghostwise and the Snow at Union Hall, $8.

10/11, 8 PM Nation Beat bandleader Scott Kettner’s Orgy in Rhythm maracatu project at Barbes followed at 10 by intense minor-key instrumentalists Barbez .

10/11, 8 PM Jason Prover and His Sneak Thievery Orchestra at Radegast Hall.

10/11, 8 PM Brooklyn-based composer Craig Shepard in an evening of music, images and conversation drawn from his work “On Foot: Brooklyn,” a 91-day 780-mile trek in New York City on which Shepard composed a new piece each of the 13 weeks. Joined by photographer Beth O’Brien, and musicians Tyler Wilcox (saxophone) and Jack Callahan (melodica) at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, free

10/11 cutting-edge B3 composer Brian Charette leads a “super organ trio” at 55 Bar.

10/11, 8:30 PM first rate alto saxophonist/composer Jacam Manricks with Des White on bass and Jochen Rueckert on drums at the Bar Next Door

10/11, 9 PM conscious intense purist jazz with Message feat. powerhouse bassist Zaccai Curtis at Shrine.

10/11, 9 PM trumpeter Gabriel Alegria and his richly tuneful Afro-Peruvian Sextet at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, $20

10/11, 9:30ish LES surf/rockabilly/soul guitar legend Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Rodeo Bar.

10/11, 10 PM the blazing ten-piece improvisational Balkan Veveritse Brass Band at the Jalopy, $10.

10/11, 10 PM anthemic dark 80s style rockers Overlord at Cake Shop

10/12, 7 PM violist Amelia Hollander Ames plays Biber, Reger and Schumann at Third Street Music School Settlement, free.

10/12, 7:30 PM saxophonist Russ Nolan plays the album release show for his new one with Zach Brock-violin; Art Hirahara – piano , Sean Conly – bass , Brian Fishler – drums at Smalls

10/12-14, 7:30/9:30 PM Cuban pianist Elio Villafranca & the Jass Syncopators with Lewis Nash- drums; Terell Stafford – trumpet; Vincent Herring- alto sax;Greg Tardy – tenor sax; Carlos Henriquez – bass at Dizzy’s Club, note that the 10/10 shows are sold out.

10/12, 7:30 PM indie classical group Glass Farm Ensemble plays new music for flute, clarinet, percussion and piano by Philippe Leroux, György Ligeti, Bruno Maderna, Bruno Mantovani and Yvonne Troxler at Symphony Space, $20 adv tix avail.

10/12, 8 PM intense songwriter Carolann Solebello (formerly of Red Molly) and brilliant Americana guitarslinger Ann Klein at Two Moon Art House & Café, 315 4th Ave (between 2nd and 3rd Str) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, $10.

10/12, 8 PM Jordan Shapiro’s Chantey Shakedown play sea chanteys followed at 10 by the Jug Addicts at Barbes

10/12, 8 PM gypsy swing with the Hot Club of Flatbush at Radegast Hall

10/12, 8 PM cellist Colin Carr and pianist Thomas Sauer play Schubert: Sonata in A minor for Arpeggione and piano, D. 821; Britten: Sonata for cello and piano in C Major, Op. 65; Harold Meltzer: Casa Battlót (world premiere); Rachmaninov: Sonata for cello and piano in G minor, Op. 19 at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15 stud.

10/12, 8 PM rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson at Highline Ballroom, $25 adv tix rec.

10/12, 9 PM Dollshot – who put their uniquely creepy, noir improvisational spin on classical art-song – at the Firehouse Space, 246 Frost St. in Williamsburg, $10.

10/12, 9 PM dark acoustic original Nashville gothic band Frankenpine at the Jalopy, $10.

10/12, 9/10:30 PM drummer Jeff Davis leads a trio with Russ Lossing, piano; Eivand Opsvik, bass; playing the album release show for his new one at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 + $10 min

10/12, midnight-ish, Moon Hooch at at Littlefield, $12. Two tenor saxes and drums playing the craziest funky grooves you could imagine with the intensity of a brass band and the catchiness and edge of punk rock.

10/13, 7:30 PM eclectic trippy ambient/psychedelic violinist/songwriter Emily Wells and gothic chamber pop band Dark Dark Dark at le Poisson Rouge, $15 gen adm.

10/13, 8 PM ferocious minor-key Balkan improvisers Raya Brass Band at Radegast Hall

10/13, 8 PM charmingly sultry French chanson revivalists Les Chauds Lapins at Barbes.

10/13, 8 PM the Occuponics – Stephen Carl Baldwin (guitar, percussion, and vocals) and Paul Stein (accordion, melodica, and vocals), who first joined forces at the Occupy encampment last year, at the People’s Voice Cafe, $18 sugg don, “no one turned away.”

10/13, 8 PM Oliver Lake celebrateshis 70th birthday with a big band show at Roulette, $15/$10 stud/srs

10/13, 9 PM a killer doublebill at the Jalopy with the Roulette Sisters’ badass oldtime blues guitar frontwoman Mamie Minch and the Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues at 10, $10.

10/13, 9 PM hypnotic percussionist/bandleader Alessandra Belloni with her bewitching tarantella/Brazilian band at Mehanata, $10.

10/13, 9 PM smart dark Americana songwriter Jessi Robertson at the Path Cafe.

10/13, 10 PM NYC’s only all-female mariachi band, Mariachi Flor de the small room at the Rockwood.

10/13, 10:30 PM reggae/samba/chamber rock band DecaDence at the Way Station in Ft. Greene

10/13, midnight the Chrome Cranks – arguably the best and most assaultive NYC band of the 90s – play one of their sporadic reunion shows at the Mercury, $12 adv tix rec.

10/14, half past noon melodic jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati with his trio feat. Ehud Ettun & Ferenc Nemeth at the Blue Note, $30 includes show, brunch and a drink.

10/14, 3 PM Zozo Afrobeat play Fela jams at the Brooklyn Bowl, free.

10/14, 4 PM the Finckel Cello Quartet play a program TBA at the Dreck Center at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, free, note no children under 6 admitted!

10/14, 5 PM classic Iraqi maqams with Safaafir: Amir ElSaffar, vocal, santur; Dena ElSaffar, joza; Tim Moore, dumbek at Alwan for the Arts, early arrival advised: this is a going-away party of sorts for Alwan’s trailblazing music director, who’ll be going to Egypt for a year.

10/14, 6 PM the quartet of Ross Hammond, Oliver Lake, Vinny Golia and Adam Lane squeeze into Downtown Music Gallery, free, early arrival advised.

10/14, 7 PM the Amphion String Quartet play a program TBA at Barbes followed at 9 by the gypsy rock of Les Bandits and then at 10 by Pierre de Gaillande’s wickedly lyrical Bad Reputation English-language Georges Brassens project.

10/14 the concluding night of this year’s Brooklyn Country Music Festival at the Jalopy is the best. It’s pretty much straight-up honkytonk starting at 7 with the Third Wheel Band, JP & the Gilberts at 8, the Dive Bar Dukes at 9, and Jan Bell at 10. Jan, who is the star of the show and the most original songwriter on the bill, is also here on the 19th at 9.

10/14, 7 PM cult hero crooner (and Carol Lipnik collaborator) John Kelly at Joe’s Pub making his solo debut here as “his alter-ego Dargelos (brother of Dagmar Onassis), a genre-traipsing punk altar boy survivor, who returns in rageful, orphaned middle age – to stretch, violate, and besottedly embrace the song form – as a weathered sage.” He’s also here on 10/28 and 11/4, same time, $20 adv tix rec.

10/14, 7:30 PM indie classical ensemble International Street Cannibals featuring soloists Taka Kigawa (piano), Lynn Norris (soprano), Robert Solomon (R+B/Gospel singer), Chala Yancy (violin), and Linda Wetherill (flutes) play an ocean-themed program of works by Dan Barrett, Chopin, Dan Cooper, Couperin, Debussy, Ives, Jill Jaffe, Paul Lee, Dary John Mizelle, Red Norvo, Daniel Palkowski, Schubert, and Taj Mahal at St. Mark’s Church, 2nd Ave/10th St., $15/$10 stud/srs.

10/14, 7:30 PM legendary bop jazz percussionist Chico Hamilton – still vital at past 90 – with his band – Nick Demopoulos (guitar), Paul Ramsey (bass), Evan Schwam (flute + reeds), Mayu Saeki (flute), and Jeremy Carlstedt (drums + percussion) at Drom $12 adv tix rec. He’s also here on 11/11.

10/14, 9ish garage rock genius Palmyra Delran and her band plus the similarly inclined Party Lights and the A-Bones at the Mercury, $10.

10/14, 9 PM recently resurgent, devious oldtimey harmony trio the Be Good Tanyas at the Knitting Factory, $20 adv tix a must

10/15, 7:30 PM the Claremont Trio play Beethoven: Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 1 No. 1; Gabriela Lena Frank: Folk Songs for Piano Trio (2012 – NY premiere); Brahms: Trio in C Major, Op. 87 at Music Mondays at Advent Church, 93rd St/Broadway, free.

10/15, 7:30 PM Austrian cellist Nicolas Altstaedt and French violinist play music of Ravel, Kodály, and Schnittke and a world premiere by Thomas Larcher at the Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E 52nd St., free but res req.

10/15, 9 PM saxophonist Jorge Sylvester’s ConceptualMotion Orchestra mixes big band jazz with poetry at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

10/16 this year’s Colossal Musical Joke begins today and goes all week. Every year, thankfully, it gets smaller. And the bands just get worse and worse: there are still hordes of clueless kids stuck in 1987 who believe that a deal with a dying record label is somehow going to be their ticket to fame. If you’re going to pick a week this month to stay home, this is the one – but there are still plenty of good non-CMJ shows to choose from.

10/16, 7 PM eclectic bluegrass/classical violinist Sarah Goldfeather followed at 9 by Slavic Soul Party at Barbes

10/16, 7:30/9:30 PM fiery alto saxophonist Tia Fuller – whose forthcoming album Angelic Warrior is absolutely sizzling – with Shamie Royston – piano; Mimi Jones – bass; Rudy Royston – drums with guests James Genus on bass and Terri Lyne Carrington on drums at the Jazz Standard, $20

10/16, 8 PM Amir ElSaffar‘s intense Middle Eastern jazz project the Resonance Quintet where he plays trumpet along with Ole Mathisen, saxophone; Matt Mitchell, piano; Francois Moutin, bass; Dan Weiss, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe.

10/16, 8:15 PM sometimes astringent, sometimes ferociously anthemic chamber-rock/indie jangle band Bern & the Brights at Zirzamin.

10/16, 9 PM lickety-split acoustic Americana jamband the Infamous Stringdusters at the Brrooklyn Bowl, $10

10/16, 9 PM veteran avant/noiserockers the Wharton Tiers Ensemble at Xpo 929 (formerly Party Xpo) in Bushwick, $8

10/16, 9:30 PM ageless, politically spot-on metal spoof Gwar at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $30 adv tix avail at the Mercury box office M-F 5-7 PM.

10/16, 9:30ish Trailer Radio play amusing retro 60s original honkytonk songs at Rodeo Bar

10/17-20, 7:30 PM cellist Maya Beiser and chanteuse Helga Davis play a four-night stand for their new “cello opera,” a triptych of compositions by Eve Beglarian, Michael Gordon, and Missy Mazzoli, at BAM, $20.

10/17, 7:30/9:30 PM pianist Fabian Almazan leads his Trio with Strings playing Shostakovich’s 10th String Quartet plus original works at the Jazz Standard, $20.

10/18, 7 PM trumpeter Tim Hagans and his quartet – Vic Juris: guitar; Rufus Reid: bass; Jukkis Uotila: drums/piano – play material from his excellent latest album The Moon Is Waiting at the Brooklyn Museum, free

10/18, 7:30/9:30 PM sharp, hypnotic, politically fearless Afrobeat songwriter Nneka at Joe’s Pub, $15. She’s at Littlefield the following night, 10/19 at 8 for the same price.

10/18-21, 7:30/9:30 PM the Jacky Terrasson Trio with Burniss Travis – bass; Justin Faulkner – drums at the Jazz Standard, $25 ($30 on the weekend).

10/18. 8 PM Anthony Coleman’s Damaged Quartet with Ashley Paul – sax, clarinet, voice; ; Sean Conly – bass and Satoshi Takeishi – drums at Barbes followed at 10 by haunting minor-key instrumentalists Barbez.

10/18, 8:30 PM ghazals and Punjabi folk songs with Kiran Ahluwalia, vocals; Rez Abbasi, acoustic and electric guitar; Nikku Nayar, electric bass; Nitin Mitta, tabla; Rob Curto, accordion, free, at the Lincoln Center Atrium, early arrival advised.

10/18, 9ish a killer Afrobeat doublebill with the Funk Ark and Emefe at Littlefield, $12.

10/19, 7:30 PM pianist Pavel Gintov plays Beethoven – Sonata in D minor, Op. 31 No.2; Prokofiev – Sonata No. 4 in C minor; Chopin – Three Waltzes, Op. 34′; Scriabin – Waltz Op. 38; Schubert/Liszt – Valse-caprice from “Soirée de Vienne” No.6, and Liszt – Mephisto Waltz at WMP Concert Hall, $15

10/19, 7:30 PM composer Matthew Hough plays the album release show for his new one Remembered States alongside violinist Joshua Modney (MIVOS Quartet), vocalist Megan Schubert (Ekmeles) and flutist Nicole Camacho at First Presbyterian Church, 124 Henry St, downtown Brooklyn, $10

10/19, 7:30 PM the MSM Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Justin DiCioccio plays symphonic Duke Ellington works at Borden Auditorium at Manhattan School of Music, 120 Claremont Ave (west of Broadway at 122nd St.), $12/$7 stud.

10/20, 3 PM Loop 2.4.3 perform their atmospheric“American Dreamland” with the reliably tuneful, edgy Javier Arau New Jazz Quartet opening at the Church of St. Joseph, 856 Pacific St (Underhill/Vanderbilt), Ft. Greene, sugg. don.

10/20, 7:30 PM edgy saxophonist/composer Patrick Cornelius with Michael Janisch on BAss and Rudy Royston on Drums at the Bar Next Door

10/20, 8 PM weird segue, good doublebill: bassist Pedro Giraudo’s latin jazz sextet followed by the increasingly noir sounds of oldschool C&W Jack Grace Band at Barbes. Grace is also at his home base, Rodeo Bar on 10/26 at 10:30ish

10/20, 8 PM the New York Repertory Orchestra conducted by David Leibowitz with featured cello soloist Inbal Segev play Samuel Barber’s Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 22; Prokofiev’s Divertimento; Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 145 W 46th St, free, early arrival a must.

10/20, 9 PM oldtime jazz mavens – guitar genius Matt Munisteri followed at 10 by extrovert trombonist/uke player J. Walter Hawkes at the Jalopy, $10

10/20, 9 PM Beefstock supergroup One Shot Deal followed by ferocious punk/metal band Black Death at 3 Jolly Pigeons, 6802 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge, free.

10/21, 4 PM the Lark Quartet play music of Haydn, John Adams and Bartok at the Dreck Center at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, free, note no children under 6 admitted!

10/21, 7 PM jazz drummer Juan Pablo Carletti and cellist Daniel Levin improvise at Downtown Music Gallery, free.

10/21, 7 PM the world premiere of Mohammed Fairouz’s Audenesque, a 30-minute song cycle performed by mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey and the Metropolis Ensemble at Le Poisson Rouge

10/21, 9 PM iconic punk-era band the Psychedelic Furs – who’ve gone from post-Velvets jangle and roar, to new wave pop, to goth, have a mighty back catalog and most of their original members – at the Nokia Theatre, $35 adv tix avail.

10/21, 9 PM Sonagi play hypnotic Korean pansori vocal-and-gong music at Barbes

10/23, 4:45 PM organist Douglas Kostner plays a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

10/23, 7:30/9:30 PM eclectic, incisive guitarist Freddie Bryant and Kaleidoscope: Donny McCaslin—tenor sax; Yosvany Terry—alto sax, shekeré; Patrice Blanchard—electric bass; Willard Dyson—drums; Steve Wilson—flute and Juan Galiardo—piano play the album release show for their new one at the Jazz Standard, $20

10/23, 8 PM NYC’s original Afrobeat jamband, Antibalas at the World Financial Center, free.

10/23, 8 PM gothic Americana crooner Tim Eriksen at Barbes.

10/23-27, 8:30/11 PM B3 jazz groovemeister Dr. Lonnie Smith plays at Birdland, $30 seats avail,

10/23, 10:30 PM gloomy neo-Stoogoid garage rockers Triple Hex at the Flat, 308 S Hooper St. (at S 5th), S Williamsburg

10/24 torchy up-and-coming jazz chanteuse Kat Edmonson at Housing Works Bookstore on Crosby south of Broadway, time/$TBA

10/24, 7 PM “bachata legends unplugged” – stars of the Dominican underground 40 years ago, Edilou Paredes with special guests Take Out feat. Joan Soriano at Elebash Recital Hall, 365 5th Ave. at 34th St., $25/$20 stud.

10/24, 7:30/9:30 PM low-register reedman par excellence Scott Robinson celebrates 1940s comic book hero Doc Savage with his Doctette: Randy Sandke – trumpet, euphonium; Ted Rosenthal – piano; Pat O’Leary – bass; Dennis Mackrel – drums at the Jazz Standard, $20.

10/24, 8 PM the lush, majestic 35-piece NY Arabic Orchestra – perhaps the world’s foremost Arabic orchestra outside Egypt – feat.chanteuse Ghada Ghanem and crooner Naji Youssef performing music by Fairouz, Farrid Al-Atradce’s sister Asmahan of Syria, Wadi’ El Safi and the great Um Kulthum at the Miller Theatre,

10/24, 8 PM lyrical jazz pianist Vijay Iyer with his trio at the World Financial Center, free.

10/24, 8 PM edgy improvisation with Angles of Repose – violist Mat Maneri, bassist Drew Gress, pianist Lucian Ban and drummer Randy Peterson at Barbes, note the $10 cover charge.

10/24, 9ish high-energy acoustic vintage Americana with PartyFolk at Rodeo Bar.

10/25, 6:30 PM high-powered, eclectic tenor saxophonist Geoff Vidal leads a trio at the Bar Next Door, free

10/25, 7 PM fun quirky purist jazz with pianist Joel Forrester and soprano saxophonist Phillip Johnston from the Microscopic Septet at Barbes followed at 10 by Mariachi Flor de Toloache , NYC’s only all-female mariachi band.

10/25, 7 PM intriguing dark indie folk group Colorform – who combine live painting with live music – at Arlene’s.

10/25, 7:30 PM the clever, original, tuneful Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet (feat. brilliant baritone saxophonist Jenny Hill) at Zirzamin

10/25, 7:30 PM the Hugo Wolf Quartett plays new works by Manuela Kerer and Philippe Hersant plus a string quartet by Romanian composer Gabriel Iranyi at the Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E 52nd St., free but res req.

10/25-28, 7:30/9:30 PM ex-Miles Davis sax vet George Coleman leads an Organ Quintet with the reliably excellent Mike LeDonne on B3 plus Russell Malone – guitar; George Coleman Jr. – drums; Danny Sadownick – percussion at the Jazz Standard, $25 ($30 on the weekend)

10/25, 8 PM the Brooklyn Philharmonic featuring legendary jazz pianist Randy Weston, Brooklyn composers Matt Marks and Ted Hearne, and steel pan bands at the World Financial Center, free.

10/26, 7 PM diverse, artsy, lyrically dazzling 90s Britrock throwbacks Special Patrol Group at Arlene’s.

10/26, 7:30 PM popular 90s roots reggae crooner Barrington Levy at B.B. King’s, $25 adv tix rec

10/26, 7:30 PM the MSM Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra conducted by Bobby Sanabria at Borden Auditorium at Manhattan School of Music, 120 Claremont Ave (west of Broadway at 122nd St.), $7

10/26-/27-fiery literate Americana rocker Joe Pug at the Schimmel Center at Pace University downtown on Spruce St.

10/26, 9 PM Judah Tribe play roots reggae at Shrine

10/26, 9:20 PM intense, haunting, original Turkish/Armenian band Musaner’s cd release show at Drom, $12 adv tix rec.

10/26, 10ish imaginative harmony-driven garage rock/country/psychedelic band Those Darlins at Glasslands, $15.

10/26, 10 PM the self-explanatory, entertaining Toys & Tiny Instruments at at Xpo 929 in Bushwick

10/27, 6 PM an amazing triplebill at Barbes: violinist Tom Swafford playing fiddle tunes, folk songs, tangos and original compositions followed by the gypsy-rock sounds of Banda Magda at 8 and then haunting harmony-driven chicha/retro Mexican rockers Las Rubias Del Norte at 10.

10/27, 7:30 PM bandurist Julian Kytasty and griot/kora virtuoso Papa Susso play a fascinating cross-traditional duo show at the Ukraininan Museum, 222 E 6th St (2nd Ave/Bowery), $15/$5 stud., reception to follow

10/27, 8:30 PM well-loved harmony-driven Americana trio Red Molly – whose current lineup is just as captivating as the previous one – at the First Acoustics Coffeehouse in downtown Brooklyn, $20.

10/27 psychedelic instrumental soul grooves with Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle at BAM Cafe, 10 PM

10/28, 3 PM the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony plays Schubert –  Symphony No. 8 (“Unfinished”); R. Strauss – Till Eulenspeigel’s Merry Pranks; Beethoven – Piano Concerto No. 5 (“Emperor”) with Terry Eder, soloist at All Saints Church, 230 E 60th St, btw 2nd and 3rd Aves.

10/28, 4 PM the Hugo Wolf Quartet play Beethoven’s String Quartet in F Major, op.18, no. 1 and Johannes Brahms’s String Quartet in B flat major, op. 67. at the Dreck Center at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, free, note no children under 6 admitted!

10/28, 5 PM jazz pianist/composer Kevin Hays with his New Day Trio at the lounge at Hudson View Gardens, 116 Pinehurst Ave. and 183rd St. in the Bronx, $10.

10/28, 6 PM Two Bass Hit with JD Parran on bass clarinet and Larry Roland on acoustic bass at Downtown Music Gallery, free

10/28, 7:30 PM at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall the Tokyo String Quartet joined by the Jasper Quartet for a farewell show featuring Webern: Five Movements for String Quartet; Mozart: String Quintet No. 3 in C Major, K. 515; Mendelssohn: Octet in E-flat major, Op. 20, $15 adv tix highly rec.

10/28, 7:30 PM ageless art-rock/metal band Blue Oyster Cult – whom the Reaper should be afraid of at this point – at the Nokia Theatre, $30 adv tix avail.

10/28 at Merkin Hall, Yoon Jae Lee leads Ensemble 212 in the NY premiere of Mohammed Fairouz’s Akhnaten, Dweller in Truth, a double concerto with soloists Nicholas Canelakkis (cello) and the conductor leading from the piano.

10/28 Yasiin Bey f.k.a. Mos Def – whose unpredictably brilliant career now has him doing Gil Scott-Heron style soul and dark indie classical music – at the Apollo Theatre.

10/28, 9ish the Bakersfield Breakers play surf music and twang instrumentals at Rodeo Bar

10/29, 7 PM acoustic Mexican folk-punk band Radio Jarocho at the World Financial Center, free

10/29, 8 PM at Roulette this year’s avant Vital Vox Festival kicks off with Philip Hamilton performing “Vocalscapes: Solitude”, vocalist/composer Sabrina Lastman performing her original piece “An Encounter with ‘El Duende’”, and Unearthish—the duo of violinist/composer/vocalist Sarah Bernstein and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi—performing Bernstein works.

10/29, 9ish lyrical Nashville gothic rockers Maynard & the Musties at Rodeo Bar.

10/29, 9 PM vintage dancehall reggae with Capleton at B. B. King’s, $26 adv tix rec

10/29, 9:30 PM Aimee Mann at Bowery Ballroom, probably sold out by now. She’s at the Music Hall of Williamsburg the next night, 10/30 for the same price.

10/30, 8 PM at Roulette the second night of this year’s avant Vital Vox Festival includes composer/vocalist/video and performance artist Lisa Karrer in collaboration with composer/multi-instrumentalist David Simons performing “Collision Theory: Works & Premieres for Voice & Multi-Media”, composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sasha Bogdanowitsch performing his new song cycle “Mirror Upon Mirror”, and irrepressible composer/performer Pamela Z.

11/1-3 Galician bagpipe pyrotechnics from Carlos Nunez to accompany a Grupo Corpo dance premiere at BAM.

11/1, 8 PM an amazing triplebill at Spike Hill: agelessly vital psychedelic punks Band of Outsiders, artsy, anthemic, brilliant metal band Of Earth and psychedelic rockers Musiciens Sans Frontieres playing the album release show for their new one at Spike Hill, free

11/2, 7 PM pianist Tatyana Sirota plays Chopin, Scriabin, Janacek and Chopin at Third Street Music School Settlement, free.

11/2, 7:30 PM violinist Virgil Boutellis and pianist Alexandra Joan play music of Brahms, Schumann, Paganini at WMP Concert Hall, $20/$10/stud.

11/2, 7:30 PM ska makes a welcome ret.urn to the Knitting Factory with the Snails, the Rudie Crew and the Toasters, $12 adv tix rec.

11/2 ferocious brass twinbill: evil Balkan jams with Raya Brass Band and funky eclectic hip-hop grooves from PitchBlak Brass Band at Littlefield.

11/2 ,9:30 PM fiery Afrobeat jam band Elikeh at Drom, $12 adv tix rec

11/3, 9 PM the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Bowery Ballroom, $18 adv tix rec.

11/3, 10 PM the Coffin Daggers at the Red Door, 140 W. 24th St.

11/4, 4 PM vocal sextet the Western Wind, with guest cantor Daniel Singer, lutenist Charles Weaver & harpsichordist Gabe Shuford performing Renaissance Italian vocal music of Salamone Rossi Ebreo:  “liturgical works in Hebrew composed for the synagogue and secular Italian madrigals composed for the Gonzaga court, the program also includes selections from Rossi’s compositions for the theatrical troupe of the Ghetto, enjoyed by Jews and Gentiles alike at the height of Counter-Reformation segregation” at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, 30 W 68th St., $35/$25 stud/srs.

11/4, 4 PM the Brooklyn Phil Chamber Players perform chamber works popular a hundred years ago in Brooklyn at the Dreck Center at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, free, note no children under 6 admitted!

11/4 eclectic original klezmer/jazz/jambands Metropolitan Klezmer and Isle of Klezbos (similar but not exactly one and the same) at Brooklyn Center for the Arts at Brooklyn College.

11/6-11, 8:30/11 PM gypsy guitar icon Dorado Schmitt and his band at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

11/7, 8 PM lush hypnotic third-wave roots reggae with Groundation at Highline Ballroom, $25 adv tix rec.

11/7 psychedelic art/metal/dreampop rockers Maserati at Union Pool

11/7 the Rezillos at Maxwell’s, $18 adv tix rec. They’re also at Bowery Electric on 11/10 at 9 PM for an extra two bucks, adv tix rec.

11/8, 7:30 PM cellist Scott Kluksdahl and pianist Noreen Polera play music of composers influenced by Nadia Boulanger: Lasser, Berstein, Boulanger herself, and Piazzolla at WMP Concert Hall, $20/$10/stud.

11/9, 7:30 PM the MSM Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Justin DiCioccio plays big band music of Dizzy Gillespie at Borden Auditorium at Manhattan School of Music, 120 Claremont Ave (west of Broadway at 122nd St.), $12/$7 stud.

11/9, 8 PM intense lyrical art-rocker Spottiswoode at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center (the BMCC auditorium on Chambers west of Washington St), $15.

11/10, 7 PM klezmer/gypsy/flamenco guitar duo IsraAlien at Drom, $10 adv tix rec

11/12, 7:30 PM excellent dark songwriter doublebill at the Mercury: fearless, X-rated, politically aware songslinger Molly Ruth and the ever creepier, Canadian gothic/chamber pop-inclined Lorraine Leckie at the Mercury, $10.

11/12, 8 PM ecstatic Israeli Middle Eastern dance-funk orchestra Yemen Blues at Highline Ballroom, $25 adv tix rec.

11/13, 7 PM smart, scruffy rockers the Milkman’s Union at the Mercury, $10.

11/15, 7:30 PM cellist Bonnie Hampton and pianist Julio Elizalde play music of Beethoven: Sonata in g minor, Op. 5 No. 2; “Horn” Sonata in F Major, Op. 17; Sonata in A Major, Op. 69, at WMP Concert Hall, $20/$10/stud

11/17, 7:30 PM more ska at the Knitting factory with the Void Union and Mustard Plug, $12 adv tix rec.

11/17, midnight ferocious all-female powerpop./punk-pop band Hunter Valentine at the Mercury, $10.

11/18, 4 PM the Omni Ensemble play George Crumb’s “Vox Balanae”, Michel Damase’s “Sonate en Concert”, J.S. Bach’s “Flute Sonata in E minor” and Claude Debussy’s “Cello Sonata at the Dreck Center at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, free, note no children under 6 admitted!

11/19, 7:30 PM a deliciously creepy program of Schubert, Sibelius, Cage and Enesco, and the prose and poetry of Sylvia Plath performed by violinist Gil Morgenstern, pianist Donald Berman and actress Elizabeth Marvel at WMP Concert Hall, $35

11/19, 7:30 PM Iktus Percussion premiering several new works by Matthew Welch, Sebastian Armoza, Joe Di Ponio, Matthew Hough, Levy Lorenzo, and Philip Schuessler at First Presbyterian Church, 124 Henry St, downtown Brooklyn, $10

11/20, 7:30 PM, repeating 11/23-24 and 11/27, the NY Phil plays Mendelssohn: Overture to Son & Stranger; Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No. 1; and Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 (From the New World) at Avery Fisher Hall, $33 tix avail.

11/20, 7:30 PM ex-Duke Ellington trombonist/composer Art Baron & Friends at the Lincoln Center Atrium, free

11/20, 8 PM at Roulette: Flexible Music presents a set of sound sculpting through static structures and gestural language, with music by Peter Adriaansz (US premiere) and Seung-Ah Oh. Cadillac Moon Ensemble follows suit with a program exploring motion in all its forms with world premieres by Caleb Burhans, Osnat Netzer, and Alex Weiser with additional works by Timothy Andres and Florent Ghys

11/30-12/8, 7:30 PM the Argento Ensemble plays Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire at the Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E 52nd St., free.

11/30, 8 PM Vadim Serebryany, piano; Yosuke Kawasaki, violin;Wolfram Koessel, cello; Sean Rice, clarinet play Takemitsu:  Quatrain II, Between Tides; Messiaen:  Quartet for the End of Time at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15stud

12/1, 8 PM third-stream piano icon Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums at NJPAC in Newark, easy to get to via Path train, $25 balcony seats still avail. as of 8/30.

12/2, 4 PM harpsichordist/organist Arthur Haas, soprano Jessica Gould, violinist Daniel Lee and colleagues perform “French settings of Old Testament texts composed for the Royal Chapel of Versailles. The program includes recently discovered motets by André Campra and selected Versets of François Couperin. Repertoire once performed by relatives of the composers for the Sun King himself will be heard in the intimate sanctuary of the Huguenot Church,” the Eglise Française du Saint-Esprit, 109 E 60th St., $30/$25 stud/srs.

12/3 dynamic, dramatic mythologically-inspired composer/songwriter Anais Mitchell at Bowery Ballroom

12/4, 7:30 PM the Calder Quartet plays a program TBA at the Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E 52nd St., free

12/7, 7 PM pianist Paul Kim plays Moussorgsky and Stravinsky at Third Street Music School Settlement, free

12/9, 3 (three) PM the Brooklyn Women of Song (irrepressible Meg Braun, whose high-intensity blue-eyed soul will give you chills; the worldly, uncategorizable Jean Rohe, and intense genius multi-instrumentalist/chanteuse Carolann Solebello) at the First Acoustics Coffeehouse in downtown Brooklyn, $20.

12/13 and 12/15, 7:30 PM and also 12/14, 11 AM (eleven in the morning), the NY Philharmonic play Sibelius’ sweeping Symphonies Nos. 1 and 3 plus the Schumann Piano Concerto at Avery Fisher Hall, $33 tix avail.

12/15, 8 PM trombonist Wycliffe Gordon leads his Quintet at the Miller Theatre at Columbia Univ., $25 adv tix rec.

12/18, 8 PM at Roulette: Yarn/Wire performing the world premiere of the complete lush, hypnotic Negotiation of Context cycle byIcelandic composer David Brynjar Franzson.

12/20, 8 PM a rare live show by the Jentsch Group No Net playing guitarist/composer Chris Jentsch’s latest commissioned work-in-progress, a chamber-jazz nonet at Shapeshifter Lab in Gowanus.

12/21, 7:30 PM composer/trombonist Jen Baker brings her blend of multiphonics-based composition and improvisation to First Presbyterian Church, 124 Henry St, downtown Brooklyn, $10

End-of-the-Month Hell

The end of the month around here is always brutal because it’s time to put together the monthly concert calendar. In the meantime, enjoy this video by the alcohol-fueled Cudzoo and the Fagettes, who will have you spitting your drink laughing as you stare at their big…mouths. The intro and outro are especially spot-on.

Funny and well thought out as is this is, does any of this resemble a New York that you know? Food for thought….

By the way, if you like that one, check out their previous video, Daddy Issues.

Trippy Art-Rock Themes from Jazz Drummer Tim Kuhl

Although Tim Kuhl has made a name for himself as a drummer and composer in the New York jazz scene, he’s just as comfortable playing rock – he had a long run propelling popular bar band the Izzys with a swinging Charlie Watts kind of groove. His latest album St. Helena – streaming in its entirety at Bandcamp – brings him back to rock, but on a completely different tangent. This is oldschool 70s prog: tricky tempos, ornate keyb and guitar flourishes, high romantic melodicism and trippy sonics. As complicated as this is, it’s deceptively attractive and accessible: Kuhl owes more of a debt to indie classical composers like Missy Mazzoli than to any rock band. So it’s no surprise that Itsnotyouitsme’s Grey McMurray, one of the masters of loop music, is the main guitarist here.

It’s a seven-part suite, seemingly on a theme of transformation. After a long opening drone, the title cut kicks in: tricky rhythm, echoey/pensive guitar, increasingly elaborate orchestration with layers upon layers of melody. It’s surprisingly catchy, given how intricately it’s assembled, hits an agitated spacerock passage with Rick Parker’s shivery trombone front and center, then fades away elegantly.

Pandora’s Box is a cinematic piece: heraldic trombone contrasting with keyboardist Joshua Valleau’s creepy, tinny synth, the Minerva Lions’ Jared Samuel’s insistent bass pushing it as it falls apart, then coalesces again, Parker again delivering the deathblow with a chilling run down the scale, McMurray wailing up and down on his strings, way up the fretboard. Emperor Butterfly is sort of like Nektar’s Dream Nebula recast for a new century: a swirly, very pretty,very trippy theme that grows denser and more hypnotic, Missy Mazzoli style, pinging guitars contrasting with suspensefully pulsing bass. Dead Bell, an attractively neoromantic prog-rock theme that the band starts to mess with and deconstruct, ends all too soon in less than two minutes.

A psychedelic tone poem, Tales of Transformation loops a creepy music box riff underneath ominously lingering atmospherics, Valleau’s Wurlitzer or Parker’s trombone adding the occasional horror movie flutter, Kuhl ornamenting the ambience with delicate accents on his hardware. As jarringly atonal blasts of guitar noise filter in and then suddenly depart, it’s the closest thing to the improvisational jazz that the drummer has been exploring lately. And while it’s kind of amusing to hear Kuhl kick off the final track, Indigo Blue, with a straight-up, funky four-on-the-floor beat, it gets interesting fast, a sunny, summery theme suddenly torn and twisted, followed by a series of gorgeous blue-sky leads from Philip Sterk’s pedal steel.

Who is the audience for this? Fans of bands like Super Furry Animals and Explosions in the Sky…but also Nektar, and Pink Floyd, and Bill Frisell, and for what it’s worth, the whole tribe of hobbits, hard drives stuffed with thousands of Yes outtakes and primed for more. Tim Kuhl and band play the album release show for this one at Union Pool at 9 on Sept 12.

A Short, Sweet One from Alfonso Velez

Running a daily music blog has its downside: sometimes there’s absolutely no time for it. Thankfully, there’s the ever-more-popular trend where albums just get shorter and shorter. Today we have Alfonso Velez to thank for putting out a four-song release simply titled AV. He may play under his own name, but he’s a rock tunesmith, not a folkie. And he’s a damn good one. The first track, Criminal, is period-perfect goth-pop: brisk new wave rhythm, syncopated drums, minor-key soul/pop guitars, murky early 80s Cure atmospherics. It’s a kiss-off song, Velez’ moody voice lingering on the vowels.

An ominously funereal bell-like guitar figure over a steady midtempo pulse kicks off The Need to Know, a creepy, Lynchian minor key blues. “If you feel something creeping up your neck, check check check check check,” Velez intones. Miles, a gorgeous, majestically crescendoing art-rock anthem, takes the vibe ten years forward into 90s Britrock, like the Verve but a thousand times more tuneful. Velez bends his voice with even more of a nod to Richard Ashcroft on the last song, A Riot. You can hear the whole thing here.

Klezwoods Puts Out a Wild, Intense, Lush New Album

Klezwoods’ new album is a blast, plain and simple. If you like one haunting melody after another, this is for you. In the spirit of the dozens of gypsy and gypsy-punk bands that have sprung up in this century, Klezwoods are taking Jewish music in the same direction. What they do can be wild, but it’s also lush and often pensive – as the music of the gypsies often is. Their new album, The 30th Meridian – From Cairo to St. Petersburg With Love – is as informed as much by jazz as it is by any other style, including wildly successful diversions into Macedonian, Serbian, Egyptian, Greek and Jamaican music. The ten-piece band’s lineup is slightly expanded from last time around, with – are you ready for this – Joe Kessler on violin, Sam Dechenne (of John Brown’s Body) on trumpet, Jim Gray on tuba, Grant Smith on drums, Greg Loughman on bass, Michael McLaughlin (of Naftule’s Dream) on accordion, exotica and cimbalom jazz genius Brian O’Neill on percussion, Alec Spiegelman (of Miss Tess’ band the Bon Temps Parade) on clarinet and sax and Tev Stevig on electric guitar and oud, plus Becky Wexler on clarinet and vocals and Daniel Linden on trombone.

Wexler is training to be a cantor – and what a great destination for her. What a voice! Her wounded, unselfconsciously soulful alto and also her chillingly lyrical, crystalline clarinet grace a traditional song simply titled Shoes, which begins as a brooding, sad Russian waltz and quickly travels to the dramatic place where Bollywood meets the Jewish diaspora. The first track is characteristically catchy but edgy, balancing the tuba at the bottom,clarinet at the top, trilling uneasy trumpet playing call-and-response with the ensemble, Egyptian style over clip-clop percussion. After that, Dechenne’s Egypt Trip goes scurrying up to a Middle Eastern crescendo, his psychedelic trumpet (go figure, duh!) breaking it down before it comes back, stately and intense.

Kessler’s scurrying violin solo hands off to Spiegelman, who hands off to the rest of the band in turn on the wickedly fun Harmonika. Likewise, voices alternate throughout the band over O’Neill’s hard-hitting drums on the Balkan-flavored Hot Wheels. A Glass of Wine, a reggae arrangment of a traditional klezmer tune, features more rapidfire, intense clarinet.

Brass Belly, a tricky Serbian-tinged tune, layers cool clarinet over a flutter brass pulse and Stevig’s absolutely amazing electric oud before the violin takes it up with a spin. Play to Win, by Stevig, a wickedly catchy, unpredictably shapeshifting song features Stevig’s guitar doing all kinds of wild spiraling phrases. After the brisk, biting oompah clarinet tune Pick Up and Go, they follow with the album’s best song, Charambe, also by Stevig. A wicked blend of 60s style psychedelic rock and klezmer, it sounds like the Electric Prunes, Stevig bending his notes to their logical (or illogical) extremes.

What’s left here? A couple of rapidfire, jauntily defiant, accordion-fueled romps, one of them by Loughman; an absolutely joyous shout-out to Israeli music; and an unexpectedly quiet wee-hours scenario to close out the album. Who is the audience for this? Anyone who loves gypsy music, or Middle Eastern music, or the klezmer repertoire. It used to be that klezmer was a gateway drug to gypsy music, now it’s vice versa. Two diasporas, two styles worshipped by people whose ancestors frequently held this music in contempt. And one of the best albums of 2012. Klezwoods plays the cd release show at Spike Hill on a killer doublebill on Sept 8 at around 9, followed by excellent skaragga band Karikatura. Klezwoods are also at City Winery for the weekly klezmer brunch at around half past eleven the following morning, Sept 9 – yikes!

Positions Available with the Greenwich Village Orchestra

Reblogged from Lucid Culture:

This from the GVO, one of NYC’s edgiest orchestras. “About the orchestra: The Greenwich Village Orchestra was founded by downtown musicians in 1986. During the 2012/2013 season, the orchestra will put on 4 concerts between October 2012 and May 2013. Concerts are Sunday afternoons and are typically preceded by 5-7 rehearsals on Tuesday evenings, plus a dress rehearsal the Saturday morning before the concert. Members are not asked to pay dues to play with the orchestra.

Who: YOU! The GVO currently has full-membership positions open for all string players and French Horn, and substitute positions for other winds and brass.

What: Annual Auditions!

Where:   Old Stuyvesant Campus
               345 East 15th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues)

When: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

To get on the audition list, email (include your name and instrument). We will contact you with the exact time of your audition. For details on audition requirements, visit

Mamarazzi: Short and Sweet on the Lower East

Funky nine-piece Brooklyn band Mamarazzi scored themselves a prime slot opening for Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars last night at East River Park. It was trippy scene: the Himalayan Marching Band vamping behind a gaggle of women on stilts as they made their way down the stairs of the amphitheatre to the stage – no small achievement – with an electric rhythm section onstage keeping the beat, creating a wandering stereo effect. A line to the left of the arena formed for the free pizza that the sponsor of the event – a local chain – was giving away, a reminder that the dollar pizza places make better slices than these guys do! A poet from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe circle wowed the crowd with a spot-on critique of Facebook friends versus real ones. After that, the event’s somewhat reluctant emcee – who was funny despite himself- told the audience that since he’d gotten so famous, he could no longer leave the Lower East Side. But that was ok.

And then Mamarazzi launched into a twisting, turning series of grooves, from Afrobeat, to straight-up funk, to practically ska, then reggae and finally hip-hop and did all of it well. Keyboardist Rob Cohen switched between lush organ and echoey Rhodes piano over the hypnotic pulse of the drummer and three percussionists, with fiery accents from the tenor and baritone sax and a succession of vocalists. They started out slinky and hypnotic with the Afrobeat, then picked up the pace, Cohen’s swirling sheets of organ feeding the frenzy. Both sax players got long, sinewy solos; they eventually hit a woozy, quietly echoing interlude that the bubble of the twin horns brought back into focus. They brought up Bajah from the Dry Eye Crew to basically tell everyone that he was there – which took about five minutes.

But Tavi Fields, the hip-hop artist who followed him on the mic was tremendously good. She managed to make the connection between the current American depression, corporate surveillance, and civil war in Mali, each one of her lines setting up the next one. She continued to lead the band through a couple of less anxious numbers as they hit a reggae vibe, then switched out vocalists for the song that made them famous around the world, the guy said. It was an amusing one, poking fun at a gangster who’s “such a wankster,” and the peaceful crowd here agreed with him. Both the band and the audience wanted to keep the set going, but the Sierra Leone band was up next. How was their set? They’re a great live act, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that their show was a lot of fun. But one of the cool things about these free outdoor shows is that you can leave whenever you want and never feel bad about having wasted a ticket. For a look at how good they sounded in concert a couple of years ago, click here.

Energetic Desert Blues from Alhousseini Anivolla of Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa singer/guitarist Alhousseini Anivolla has a new desert blues album out, The Walking Man, which takes the style and gives it a welcome shot of adrenaline: it’s closer to the harder-hitting sound of his Tuareg brethren Terakaft (who also have a killer new album due out next month) than his old band. In that sense, this is more of a rock record. Westerners may call the style desert blues, but in reality it’s both rock, and blues, and a mix of indigenous styles: like all nomadic cultures, these guys literally take the best of pretty much every possible world. Anivolla is a one-man band, playing all the guitars and bass and driving the rhythm with a simple, pulsing hand drum beat. The whole thing is streaming here.

It’s got everything that fans of this stuff have been devouring ever since desert blues went global: hypnotic two-chord jams, trance-inducing beats, biting blues-infused guitar and in Anivolla’s case, warmly laid-back vocals sung in his local vernacular. Anivolla is an incisive and remarkably subtle guitarist, varying his attack on the strings, adding minute levels of natural distortion, his incisive, bluesy phrases ringing out over long, swaying vamps. By the slowly unwinding standards of this music, the opening track, Immousan – a message to the elders to pass along their wisdom to the young generation – is remarkably catchy, briskly swaying and spiced with spiky hammer-on guitar phrases.

The equally catchy second track pulses along with a darkly rustic, minor-key theme that fans of old American country blues will quickly recognize. Anivolla sings a low second, vocal line on the third track, adding a menacing undercurrent that anchors his sometimes Hendrix-tinged, stinging guitar harmonies.

The fourth track is a thicket of tricky counterrythms, bluesy guitar riffage mingling with more resonant, trancey phrasing. The fifth song, Talitin, kicks off with an anthemic series of riffs and then works a more carefree vibe, Anivolla eventually looping a guitar phrase for extra hypnotic effect. By contrast, the instrumental Attareach – which originally appeared in the film Endless Journey, which documents Alhousseini and several of his countrymen on a tour of schools and youth centers in their native Niger – is more skeletal and staccato, the guitar carrying what’s essentially a vocal line.

After that, Anivolla launches into a couple of one-chord jams, the first centered around a bright, reggae-tinged riff, the next one with some unexpectedly energetic high vocal harmonies over the scuffling layers of guitar. Drony bass and vocals kick off the ninth track, quickening the pace with an anthemic minor-key hook: it has the feel of a singalong that the band would reach a peak with toward the end of a concert. By contrast, the darkly hallucinatory Iblis Odouad – meaning “the demons are coming out” – builds a vividly dusky, anxious ambience. There’s also a “bonus track,” featuring South African chanteuse Malebo Mothema, which with its swirling synthesizer, gentle acoustic guitar and airy vocals, has more of a pop feel than the rest of the record. Another winner from World Music Network.

The Buzuq Is Mightier Than the Sword

Ramzi Aburedwan was eight years old when he became iconic in his native Palestine. Photographed at the second when he was about to hurl a rock at an Israeli tank, his image would circulate on t-shirts and posters throughout the late 80s and early 90s. The photo inspired numerous literary works, notably poet Nizar Qabbani’s famous 1988 Trilogy of the Children of the Stones. But Aburedwan soon discovered that music was mightier than the sword, a point he drives home again and again on his album Reflections of Palestine. Trained in France as a violist, he returned home to become the leader of the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music. He would also become a virtuoso of the buzuq (brother to the Greek bouzouki), which he plays on his latest album Reflections of Palestine alongside Mohammed Al Qutati on accordion, Ziad Benyoussef on oud, Mohamed Najem on clarinet, and Tareq Rantissi and Bachir Rouimi on percussion.

Aburedwan’s edgy chromatic melodies more frequently employ western minor scales than they do the microtones of the Arabic maqamat. The music on this album is not violent; it’s often haunting, sometimes bitter, wounded, reflective. It’s also very lively in places, most notably on Bordeaux, a long one-chord jam that the oud takes into shadowier terrain. Bahar, which opens with casually strummed chords in the style of a British folk ballad, eventually morphs into an upbeat Greek-flavored dance. And Sodfa (Arabic for “coincidence”) explores both rhythms and tonalities from the Balkans.

But the slower material is the most powerful. Rahil (“exile”) potently evokes both longing for home as well as the furtive nature of life under an occupation, Aburedwan gently tremolo-picking his buzuq almost in the style of a Russian balalaika, eventually building to a tense, apprehensive dance. Sans Addresse is essentially a cavatina, rising from a brooding, hesitant oud taqsim to a funeral march, Aburedwan’s mournful phrases capturing the grief, agitation and fear of living as an exile. The epic Tahrir (“liberation”) begins bubbly but tensely and becomes even more tense as it rises, with almost a tango beat, before a long, judicious accordion solo over a hypnotic percussion riff.

The two most traditionally Middle Eastern pieces are Samai Faah Faza, a rhythmically tricky number that spins clever variations on a series of Egyptian-tinged riffs, and Andalus, an anthem that sets accordion and gently tremolo-picked buzuq mingling with terse oud and echoey, ominous percussion. The most unselfconsciously beautiful song is Raja, beginning with somber solo clarinet, working its way up to a pensive, plaintive dirge that crescendos with a series of intense chromatic riffs. The album ends with Gitans En Orient, a bustling, shapeshifting romp, sometimes majestic, sometimes scampering, underscoring gypsy music’s roots in the Middle East. With the gypsy music explosion of recent years, the potential audience for this richly melodic, intense album extends far beyond the usual demimonde of Middle Eastern and Arabic music fans. It’s out now from World Music Network.