How Not to Get Press Here

Since live music has for all intents and purposes ground to a halt outside of Sweden, New York Music Daily has temporarily been repurposed as a portal to great recordings. Until the lockdown is over, there’s going to be a mix of older material and brand-new streaming audio here to help keep your spirits up so we can fight to get back the world we lost when the alarmists and scaremongers took over. COVID-19 is a nasty flu, folks – it’s not the apocalypse the corporate media and Bloomberg’s data-mining Nazis want you to believe it is.

If you’re one of the brave ones putting out new music at this perilous time and you’ve read this far, you might want to take another five minutes – let’s face it, you’re probably not working, you have the time – to look around here to see if you might want to send it along. The odds of you getting press at New York Music Daily these days are better than they’ve ever been! Just please, no top 40, nothing with autotune, and no whiny, tuneless trust fund kid rock. If you think what you do is a good fit, please send A) a link to streaming audio (no FB or IG pages, please – Bandcamp, Soundcloud, youtube, and/or your own website would be ideal) and B) a link to download the mp3s to lucidculture [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you’re doing a live streaming event that’s accessible to everyone, i.e. at your own webpage or youtube (NOT Facebook), feel free to send a link: the more advance notice, the better.

As far as NYC concert calendar listings are concerned, the game plan is that once we have a better idea of when concerts in the five boroughs of New York will resume (most likely this fall), there will be a single calendar here, updated regularly until, hopefully, it makes sense to put up a new calendar every month as in years past. All this assumes, of course, that there will still be a supply of talent and venues where they can play here…and that audiences will be able to afford to go out. Big assumptions at this point!

It’s likely that a lot of smaller venues will be closing, the various city parks shows will probably lose their funding, and that there will be more house concerts and random outdoor gatherings than ever before. When that time comes, if you’re playing or hosting one, and you’re ok with having the general public there, please feel free to send the information here: all styles of good music are welcome, just please no top 40, nothing with autotune and no whiny Bushwick trust fund kid rock.

And please NO cashless concerts, or shows where cash customers get screwed because they have to pay extra. If you want only white people at your show, shame on you: New York Music Daily represents everybody in this city. Remember, #cashless=apartheid

Date of the show, time the music starts (not the time the doors open – nobody cares about that), location, cover charge if any, list of acts playing and web links to streaming audio would be very helpful. Please DON’T send FB or IG links.

All questions/submissions to lucidculture [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks and have a great day from six feet away!