How Not to Get Press Here

Five years ago, about two thirds of the daily coverage you see here was created in house, independent of any persuasion from the publicity world. These days, practically one hundred percent of the content here is generated by a pitch from one publicist or another (and we love you guys – so many of you do great work). That’s what happens when live music is criminalized. Less than a year ago, it was always easy to find something interesting happening around town to cover here. These days, unfortunately, nobody at this blog has the time to spend hours surfing Bandcamp or Soundcloud to find the diamonds in the debris.

That’s where you come in.

Over the years, New York Music Daily has covered everything from surf rock, to heavy metal, bluegrass, honkytonk, salsa, cumbia, Balkan and Middle Eastern music, Malian desert rock, Indian ragas, all kinds of psychedelia and plenty of jazz and classical music too.

Is what you do a good fit here? You’re here. You get the picture. This is a blog for people who like to read, who are smarter than your average bear and who are pretty omnivorous (which most people actually are, some of them just don’t know it yet). If you think this crowd should know about what you do, feel free to send a link to streaming audio, plus a mp3 download of your album or other recording that you’re looking to get exposure for, plus musician credits, to lucidculture [at] gmail [dot] com.

And if you live in a free part of the world where there are concerts that aren’t subject to all sorts of creepy New Abnormal restrictions and surveillance, go ahead and send what you have: this blog has a global following. New York Music Daily is glad to listen, wherever you are.

The monthly New York City live music calendar will tentatively resume when the weather warms up. If you have something scheduled for March or later, go ahead and send details. Please, no shows with lockdowner restrictions, and no cashless concerts: New York Music Daily represents all New Yorkers, including people who are locked out or have opted out of the bankster surveillance economy. Please send all inquiries to lucidculture [at] gmail [dot] com.