How Not to Get Press Here

New York Music Daily is grateful to the many publicists who are doing genuinely heroic work advocating for musicians during this disastrous time. Still, there are innumerable artists who don’t have representation, and therefore don’t have an easy pipeline to media on the web.

New York Music Daily has always tried to spread the word about as many great artists as possible, not just the ones who can afford to hire a publicist. That might be where you come in.

If you think what you do might be a good fit, take a look around. Check out who’s on the front page, browse the music index. If that doesn’t scare you off, go ahead and send A) a link to streaming audio (no FB or IG pages, please – Bandcamp, Soundcloud, youtube, and/or your own website would be ideal) and B) if you have an album you’d like to send, a link to download the mp3s to lucidculture [at] gmail [dot] com. You don’t have to have anything officially recorded to get press here.

This isn’t TV Guide for webcasts and livestreams, but if you have something really out of the ordinary coming up, go ahead and send information. The more advance notice, the better.

The NYC live music calendar, which for years was a big attraction here, has been resurrected on a small scale. Concert listings where there are no restrictions on distance between concertgoers, or muzzle requirements, are welcome. Shows requiring compliance with Andrew Cuomo’s fascist lockdown rules are not. Nor are cashless concerts.

If we comply with lockdowner restrictions, we make it harder and harder to end the lockdown. Obeying actually makes us complicit in the lockdown, and makes more work for everybody else. The only way to end the lockdown and get back to normal is to disobey. We can’t just go along with a gradual reopening which will never get us back to where we were. We have to reopen all the way, immediately.

Yes, New York venues have been so relentlessly harrassed by state and city agencies over the years that they’re paranoid about not complying with lockdown regulations. But if you as a venue owner or a musician think that anybody’s going to come to a show where they have to keep their distance from other patrons, or wear muzzles, or be subjected to invasive medical procedures, or provide contact information for the Trace and Track gestapo, you’re mistaken. That model was designed to fail, by the lockdowners, to put you out of business. And it will. Remember – there are eight million of us in New York right now. There are only a few hundred lockdowners. And we live in a democracy: we can vote out Cuomo and then put him in jail for life, where he belongs. That job begins with all of us.