How Not to Get Press Here

Your music doesn’t have to be creepy or mysterious to get coverage here – although through the end of Halloween month, that would be a plus. But if it isn’t, no stress. Before you send anything, please keep in mind New York Music Daily’s focus on music that’s “too smart, too dangerous or too uncategorizable for the corporate media and the conformist indie blogs.”

Recent stuff that’s been getting a lot of ink here: noir music, circus rock, Balkan and Middle Eastern music, many styles from south of the border, psychedelia, big band and oldtime swing sounds. And Americana, of course. Jazz, classical and the avant garde aren’t the main focus here but receive regular coverage as well.

Please don’t waste your time sending corporate BS – if you’re trying to be the next Justin Beiber, you’re probably not reading this because you don’t know how. But if you can, please don’t send anything. And please no singer-songwriters unless your lyrics are really, really good.

If you’re pushing an album, make sure it’s streaming online where the general public can hear it for free. Hide your music behind a paywall, kiss your audience goodbye. And this blog too.

Please don’t send Facebook links, and no Youtube videos with ads. Ad-free Youtube or Vevo clips, Tumblr, Virb, Weebly, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Instantencore, Sonicbids and Bandpage are all fine; your own fast-loading site with no pop-ups is fine too. If you have an album or a single, please send links to A) streaming audio, wherever that might be, and B) a download.

If you’re strictly a live act and don’t have any recordings, that’s ok. Send an email with upcoming show dates and relevant info and if you’re good, you might get some press here. Whenever possible,  coverage here is timed to help spread the word about live shows or album release dates – the more advance notice the better.

A few other things you should know about live calendar listings and coverage:

1. This blog does not cover any event ticketed by or involving the Live Nation/Ticketbastard empire. Not that they have anything worth seeing anyway.

2. For listings in the monthly NYC live music calendar, the geographical area is limited to the five boroughs of New York plus the honorary NY boroughs of Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ.

3. To submit a concert for upcoming concert calendar listings, please include the stage time (the time the music starts, not the time the doors open), date, venue and address, cover charge if applicable, appropriate links and brief description of the artist or event. If tickets are available in advance of showdate, please include the address of the box office, and if you know the hours it’s open, please include that information too.

Please don’t submit listings for the calendar which A) feature lipsynching or prerecorded music rather than a live performance, B) cost more than about $35 (if you’re charging that much and you’re scrounging for a listing here, you’re in trouble), C) ticketed events where cash customers are gouged extra because they’re not paying with a credit card.  Thanks!