Beginning in late summer 2011, New York Music Daily became this city’s go-to source for concert coverage, previews and calendar listings across just about all styles of music, especially sounds from around the world that don’t fit a cookie-cutter, social media-approved model.

Then the lockdown blew everything to hell.

As we move further into the spring, the plan is to stay on top of the most interesting and unusual recordings that are coming out, something new here for every day of the week. Ultimately, the game plan is to get the concert coverage going again, hopefully in the next eight weeks or so.

As we get further into 2021, we’re seeing more and more people finally waking up to the insanity and sinister intentions of the lockdowners, and more artists are returning to live performances. Until we reach critical mass and bring back the world we lost – which is imminent, and inevitable, if the human race is to survive – this blog will continue to bring you albums and singles from across a vast range of styles, every day. There is most definitely no plan here to concede defeat and turn New York Music Daily into a nostalgia site, or a TV Guide for livestreams and webcasts.

Remember – we need to stay strong and end the lockdown ourselves, because the lockdowners are hell-bent into turning it into our New Abnormal. Stay positive and see you here tomorrow!