In an era where the forces of greed, oppression and pathological white supremacy have become more dangerous than ever, is there even a need for a music blog? Shouldn’t we all be mobilizing, filling the streets and protesting, building a global, community-based alternative to the Trumps of the world instead of zoning out with our earbuds in?

This blog’s main premise is that music and the arts are a mirror that empowers us to see reality as it is rather than how the robber barons and Silicon Valley slavers would like us to. That’s why the Taliban outlawed music in Afghanistan…and the slave traders did the same thing in the Caribbean.

The other premise is that in these precarious times, more than ever, we still need to have fun. There’s no shame in partying for our right to fight.

Since going live in August of 2011, New York Music Daily’s focus remains centered in what’s left of this great city; its reach is global.

In an attempt to be as useful as possible when everybody’s working so much that nobody has the time to troll the web to find the most interesting and relevant new music that’s out there, New York Music Daily offers one possible shortcut. In less than half the time you would spend watching one single video, you can discover something new here that could make a difference in your life…or in our lives.

New York Music Daily specializes in music that’s too smart, too dangerous, too much fun, too original or uncategorizable for the corporate media and the conformist indie blogs. For every day of the year, there’s new information here, whether a monthly concert calendar, an album review, a free download, a concert, or maybe just a song.

In a twist of fate that can be interpreted many ways, New York Music Daily has taken on the task of providing a comprehensive listing of upcoming New York City concerts that the now more-or-less defunct Time Out New York and Village Voice did with varying degrees of success for many years.

Depending on what’s on the calendar, and who’s playing around town, there might be nothing but rock music here for a whole week…and then the week after, no rock music at all.  New York Music Daily covers artists from cultures around the globe, but doesn’t limit that coverage to dance music like so many of the “world music” blogs. Jazz gets a lot of attention here, but this isn’t a jazz blog per se. Live music across New York City – not just Bushwick and the other neighborhoods that the entitled, pampered children of corporate wealth have invaded – remains this blog’s central focus, yet more artists from around the world get coverage here than those who call this city home.

For fans of so-called “serious music,” all of New York Music Daily’s ongoing coverage of jazz, classical music and the avant garde is archived at predecessor blog  Lucid Culture.

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