New York Music Daily specializes in music that’s too smart, too dangerous, too much fun, too original or uncategorizable for the corporate media and the conformist indie blogs. For every day of the year, there’s new information here, whether a monthly concert calendar, an album review, a free download, a concert, or maybe just a song.

New York Music Daily is designed to serve the needs of busy people who don’t have the time to sift through the glut of music that’s out there in order to find the very best stuff. In less than half the time that it would take to watch a single video, you can discover something new,  interesting and quite possibly important here.

In a twist of fate that can be interpreted many ways, New York Music Daily has taken on the task of providing a comprehensive listing of upcoming New York City concerts that the now more-or-less defunct Time Out New York and Village Voice did with varying degrees of success for many years.

Depending on what’s on the calendar, and who’s playing around town, there might be nothing but rock music here for a solid week…and then the week after, no rock music at all.  Most recently, styles which have received significant coverage include orchestrated rock and chamber pop, circus rock, psychedelic rock, Balkan and Middle Eastern music, Americana of all kinds, swing jazz, many sub-equatorial styles and a lot of music that could be categorized as noir.

New York Music Daily does not ignore the context of a troubled world beyond the music itself: socially and politically aware artists get a lot of press here. Being located in one of the great cities of the western world, this blog also attempts not to be oblivious to important developments in the world’s great musical traditions. For fans of so-called “serious music,” all of New York Music Daily’s ongoing coverage of jazz, classical music and the avant garde is archived at predecessor blog  Lucid Culture.

Launched very quietly in August of 2011, New York Music Daily has grown organically without any self-promotion whatsoever. Thanks for visiting: if you like what you see, you can bookmark this page and come back anytime you want. And feel free to comment, using the comment button at the very bottom of any page: you may do that anonymously if you wish.