Beginning in late summer 2011, New York Music Daily became this city’s go-to source for concert coverage, previews and calendar listings across just about all styles of music, especially sounds from around the world that don’t fit a cookie-cutter, social media-approved model.

Then the lockdown blew everything to hell.

During the lockdown, New York Music Daily concentrated on recordings from around the world, mirroring the incredible diversity of live music that existed in this city, which is beginning to emerge from the shadows again. At this point (early summer 2021), the game plan is to return to as much concert coverage as possible, along with news about upcoming shows and a return to publishing a monthly concert calendar as in years past.

Here’s to a summer of freedom! But let’s never forget the lessons of the lockdown, and make sure we get rid of all remaining restrictions so that the World Economic Forum’s New Abnormal never happens