New York Music Daily came into the world quietly in the late summer of 2011. Within a year, without any publicity, this blog had grown organically into New York City’s go-to source for music and concert coverage that didn’t fit a corporate or social media-approved model.

True to its transgressive roots, New York Music Daily continues to provide the world with information and commentary about recordings and performances, from a reality-based perspective. This blog takes great inspiration from the subversive newspaper in Simone de Beauvoir’s classic novel The Mandarins, fearlessly continuing to publish in defiance of the Nazi occupation.

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel said that to stand by and allow crimes against humanity to be committed is the same as being complicit in them, and this blog agrees. While the world continues on the path to freedom from New Abnormal digital surveillance, lethal injection schemes, apartheid and lockdowns, New York Music Daily will be concentrating mostly on albums and songs that inspire us, and news that offers hope.

Once we get back to normal – which is inevitable, if the world is going to survive – the game plan is to return to as much concert coverage and information on upcoming shows as possible. In the meantime, in keeping with a ten-year tradition, there’s something new, entertaining and generally optimistic here for every day of the week. You can subscribe to a daily email feed if you want.

Stay strong and see you here tomorrow!