Beginning in late summer 2011, New York Music Daily became this city’s go-to source for concert coverage, previews and calendar listings across just about all styles of music, especially sounds from around the world that don’t fit a cookie-cutter, social media-directed model.

Then the lockdown blew everything to hell.

As we emerge from lockdown hell, you’re going to see more previews of upcoming shows, maybe even the occasional show writeup, along with a daily album, or song, or just a memory of good times to help keep your spirits up as we rebuild. There’s also an embryonic live music calendar for this summer in NYC up right now. In the most dire circumstances, art helps us transcend our situation and inspires us to find our way out.

Remember – we need to stay strong and end the lockdown ourselves, because the lockdowners are hell-bent into turning it into our New Abnormal. Stay positive and see you here tomorrow!