Beginning in late summer 2011, New York Music Daily became this city’s go-to source for concert coverage, previews and calendar listings across just about all styles of music, especially sounds from around the world that don’t fit a cookie-cutter, social media-directed model.

Then the lockdown blew everything to hell.

So, starting in mid-March 2020, New York Music Daily was temporarily repurposed as a portal to great recordings that the corporate media, their online imitators and the wannabes on Instagram won’t touch, because the artists who make them don’t have the right social numbers…or come from the wrong side of town.

When there’s live music in this city once again, you’ll see regular concert coverage and calendar listings. Until then, for every day of the month, there’ll be something new here: an album, a song, or maybe just a memory of good times to help keep your spirits up so we can rebuild after the crisis is over. In the most dire circumstances, art helps us transcend our situation and inspires us to find our way out.

Remember – this crisis isn’t going to last forever. We will get through this and we’ll come out of it stronger than before. Stay healthy and see you here tomorrow!