Q: What the hell happened to you guys?
A: Three computer meltdowns in five years, no biggie. Without your support and the help of an awesome global community, this blog would be history. Your generosity has been humbling and is deeply appreciated. Here’s hoping that great generosity will not be needed in the months and years to come and that the current rig will hold strong!

Q: How do we get in touch with you?
A: Send an email to lucidculture [at] gmail [dot] com. That’s the general address for this blog and its older sister jazz/classical music blog Lucid Culture.

Q: On the live music calendar, how come you listed the headline act and not the openers? (There’s a variant on this question that pops up every so often: how come you listed the opening acts and not the headliner?)
A: Several possible answers. A) there were opening acts? B) The only acts that get listed here are the ones worth seeing.  The live music calendar isn’t a listing of every band playing every venue: it’s a carefully selected list. Unfortunately, most New York venues are not booked with any concern about how much fun the audience will have, so it’s rare that there’s more than a single good band on any given night at a particular club.

Q: I’m a subscriber. How come the post I get in my email box every day is sometimes different from the one I see when I visit the site?
A: Thank you for subscribing. Sometimes edits need to be made: date/time changes for shows…umm….typographical errors…musician credits that weren’t included with the promo info for a particular album or for a concert. That sort of thing. For the latest, most up-to-date info (especially for the live music calendar, which is updated every day), your best bet is to bookmark the site and just hit it whenever you feel like catching up on what you missed.

Q: What’s your vendetta with Facebook?
A: Hmmm…so you were shocked by the Cambridge Analytics scandal? What alternate universe are you living in?  Wake up and smell the coffee, people. If the government required you to sign over all your personal info including 24/7 GPS location along with photos of family, children, friends and friends’ children, plus your resume, your workplace, your political affiliation, your taste in movies, tv, music and books, the sports teams you root for, all electronic communication with all your friends AND then tracked with you with face recognition technology too, there would be a FUCKING REVOLUTION. But because it’s Facebook that’s doing it and not the government, that makes it somehow ok?

And in case you were wondering, Facebook owns Instagram.