You may have noticed that this blog has been going off script A LOT lately. But surprises are fun…unless it’s because the trains aren’t running, and that means it’s time to go to plan B. Here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if the MTA throws a wrench in the works:

  • Uneasy, literarily-inclined female-fronted postrock
  • Enigmatic, cinematic, distantly menacing instrumentals from one of the New York area’s most distinctive bands – think Big Lazy, but a little jazzier…
  • Hot new album from a legendary all-female jazz crew
  • A mostly all-female Indian orchestra shift the paradigm with breathtaking reinventions of ancient, epic ragas!
  • Quietly creepy rainy-day tableaux from this eclectic, cinematic composer
  • Wild, rustic Dominican beach party sounds to drive the cold away
  • The most lavish big band jazz album in decades
  • Does a nonet qualify as big band jazz? This drummer makes it happen…
  • Ever wish you could sneak out of work for a concert? If you work or go to school in the right Manhattan or Brooklyn neighborhood, you can! This blog’s owner did exactly that more than once recently. Don’t tell anyone, especially the boss!
  • The first violinist of one of the world’s most entertaining string quartets puts out an epic album of solo J.S. Bach works