Updated more or less weekly: here’s what’s on the calendar, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • yet another savagely lyrical, politically spot-on album from this folk noir star
  • a revered New York classical music series moves out of Central Park just in time for the heat wave!
  • one of the greatest songwriters to emerge from the then-booming 90s Lower East Side scene is now in Austin and has a vast back catalog – and a charming new album – to show for it
  • a wild, wickedly orchestrated new album from one of the newschool kings of klezmer clarinet
  • counterintuitive, macabre Rachmaninoff from one of Europe’s great orchestras
  • droning, enveloping dark garage rock and psychedelia….from Schenectady!
  • six of New York’s finest women jazz instrumentalists join forces
  • Spare, rapturous solo cello rock from one of that demimonde’s most fearless bandleaders
  • The July concert calendar gets updated every day, but there will be a new one for August on 8/1
  • The Best Albums of the Year playlist and Best NYC Concerts of 2018 page are live now…the Best Songs of the Year page is next!