As we emerge from lockdown hell, the game plan here is to bring back the concert previews and show writeups which were this blog’s stock in trade for the last several years. In the meantime, you’ll also see a steady stream of albums, which became the central focus here starting when the lockdown began. Here’s what’s on tap for the first week of July and beyond:

  • The latest from one of the most reliably intense acts in metal over the past couple of decades
  • A Fourth of July salute to the greatest band in American history. Hint: it’s not the Goo Goo Dolls
  • A powerhouse classical violinist revisits an immortal antifascist Soviet-era composer
  • A fascinatingly diverse collection of new serious concert music from the global Armenian diaspora
  • A lush, organic take on Julee Cruise-style girl-down-the-well noir sonics
  • An even more lush, gorgeously vivid album from one of the great Romantics in jazz
  • Fearless, politically woke jams from a hip-hop artist backed by a free jazz collective

  • These ageless harmony-driven Americana rockers just won’t stop putting out great records

  • These two Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired classical guitarists made their album over the web – and it sounds like they’re playing live!

  • Ambitious piano-based jazz from a multinational crew based in Berlin

  • This Chicago crooner sings his pensive, cinematic songs over a lavish string section

  • Rare archival material from one of the greatest cult acts in the powerpop demimonde

  • This guitarist excels at epic, sweeping, cinematic instrumental themes
  • Troubled new themes from one of the most macabre composers in new classical music

  • A rare, landmark concert recording from the iconic band who defined Detroit rock