Getting back on track after the computer crash with the hope of returning to the same kind of carefully planned schedule that went completely haywire back in February.

In the meantime, here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if there’s train trouble

  • A Middle Eastern jazz icon releases a long overdue live album.
  • The world’s funniest jazz group hits their usual Brooklyn haunt again
  • A haunting, kinetic Andalusian and Romany string band
  • He shares a last name with another brilliant blues pianist, but the two are actually not related…
  • This guy’s kind of Tom Waits, kind of noir swing, kind of Great Plains gothic, and he’s coming to the Lower East Side
  • New NYC live music calendar for July and August coming 7/1
  • The world’s most lavish, hauntingly improvisational Middle Eastern jazz band push away a storm with one of their own – they really did!
  • A guitarslinging pioneer in blending Middle Eastern, Indian and jazz sounds leads a guitar army in the West Village
  • Another guitarslinger reinvents ancient Malian kora music…and J.S. Bach too
  • A funny guy/girl Prozac rock duo return to their favorite Brooklyn boite