Here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • The new Iggy Pop album! Or…sort of…
  • Two of the greatest songwriters not named Elvis Costello. Both live in LA. The first hails from Connecticut via New York; the second represents an earlier generation of powerpop and comes from Chicago. If lyrics and tunesmithing mean something to you, keep an eye on this blog in the next week or so…
  • A diverse new art-song cycle celebrates a cruelly forgotten hero of 19th century science
  • This merry band of vintage Italian cinephiles got really trashed at a Barbes gig a few weeks back…and put on a hell of a show. They’re back there soon…
  • A very rare US appearance by psychedelic western Sahara duskcore legends
  • Time to catch up on some of the best summer concerts that haven’t been covered here yet: Middle Eastern music, a big jazz festival and a lot more. Hint: revisiting an old publicity stunt might be involved!
  • Monster psychedelic guitarslinger from Niger makes a historic stop in Midtown
  • New York’s hottest new band isn’t from Brooklyn. This jangly, wickedly catchy female-fronted crew hails from Queens!
  • Fearlessly innovative indie classical violinist takes a break from challenging performance art with a slightly less confrontational new album
  • This popular, otherworldly band of throat-singers from the Republic of Tuva got their start in New York with a series of shows at the old Banjo Jim’s!