Updated more or less weekly: here’s what’s on the calendar, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • Rare, otheworldly, ancient deep-forest sounds from Estonia
  • The world’s best horror surf band: creepier than ever after two decades
  • New York’s most fearlessly political symphony orchestra tackle an iconic anti-fascist masterpiece from the Soviet era
  • A trio of recent discoveries – edgy rock, pensive folk and catchy soul music – from Manhattan’s best listening room
  • An album of murder ballads from one of Brooklyn’s most eclectically brilliant guitarists
  • This femme fatale hit big in the late 90s and is still going strong…and teaching behind bars
  • This hotshot saxophonist shares a name with a famous filmmaker – and just put out a killer debut album
  • This guy’s been one of the most consistently interesting, dark, noir-tinged pianists out there for the past two decades. Where’s he going next?
  • The May concert calendar gets updated every day, but there will be a new one for June on 6/1
  • The Best Albums of the Year playlist and Best NYC Concerts of 2018 page are live now…the Best Songs of the Year page is next!