Barring the unforeseen, here’s what’s on tap for the end of July and beginning of August

  • brand-new NYC live music calendar for August coming on 8/1. Rock shows are back! New artists are emerging! We’re getting back to normal!

  • A fun, danceable hip-hop-inspired all-female brass band
  • These sizzling Ethiopian jammers make a long-overdue return with a gig on the Upper West

  • Never mess with a jazz composer: they always get even in the end!

  • Plaintive, often haunting chamber pop from a popular UK chanteuse

  • Similarly thoughtful new sounds from an innovative Argentine singer and jazz composer

  • Speaking of Argentina, this nuevo tango outfit put an original spin on a well-loved old so und

  • Usually this blog waits til Halloween month to cover creepy film scores. This one couldn’t wait.

  • A NYC institution, who’ve kept one of the greatest jazz composer’s music alive for the past thirty-odd years, make a welcome return at a romantic new spot for them in the East Village
  • The Best New York Concerts of 2020 and Best Albums of 2020 pages are live now. The Best Songs of 2020 page is next…but it’s going to have to wait til later. Stay tuned!
  • While the game plan for the rest of the summer is to ramp up the concert coverage and calendar listings, there are still some placeholder pages full of delicious older material ready to go, held over from last year when it seemed like the internet might be taken down to silence anti-lockdown resistance. Among those records are a famous string octet, an undeservedly obscure album of “space jazz”‘ and a playlist of obscure, brilliant 1920s blues 78s.

  • Looking further into the fall, the plan is to remain in daily publication for as long as possible. Nobody knows what’s going to happen once we hit cold and flu season, and you know the lockdowners have all kinds of horrible schemes that we’re really going to have to dig in and fight. Scientists are predicting that many people who have taken the needle of death, particularly the older population, will not survive the winter. Will there still be enough internet infrastructure functioning in order to stay online? We’ll find out. Meanwhile, the annual monthlong Halloween celebration of dark music here is already a work in progress and will roll out as usual in October if all goes well.