These days, planning here has become more and more of a work in progress. In the last couple of months, the schedule has often gone completely out of wack. As New York music venues slooooooowly getting with the program and returning to normal, it’s getting easier to see clear. With that in mind, here’s what’s on tap for the end of April, barring the unforeseen:

  • The latest in a very popular series of compilations of rare proto-metal, heavy funk and early stoner rock from the 70s
  • One of the most popular acts on the jamband circuit celebrate an unexpected influence
  • A menacing, serpentine female-fronted doom metal act comes to an unexpected Brooklyn spot
  • A shout-out to one of New York’s darkest and most eclectically virtuosic guitarslingers
  • Female-fronted favorites of the punk scene with a classic late 70s sound
  • An adventurous improvisationally-inclined saxophonist with a riotously good sense of humor
  • A mystery man who doubles as a sly jazz singer and saxophonist
  • One of the most riveting soul singers in New York returns to the stage
  • A brilliant, fearless pro-freedom powerpop and punk band
  • An epic new double album by one of the most lyrical Americana songbirds around
  • Lots more singles coming up too. Never before in history have artists been putting out so many hilarious protest songs, and you’re going to get to hear them here.
  • The lists everybody’s been waiting for – the Best Songs of 2021 and Best Albums of 2021 playlists – are live. Last year, this blog got as far as the Best New York Concerts of 2020 and Best Albums of 2020 pages, but at the time it was way too painful to contemplate pulling together a Best Songs of 2020 page since so many of them were from concerts. A little distance from that hideous year has been helpful. If only for history’s sake, the list is still on the drawing board.
  • Looking further into the future, the consensus here is that we’re not out of the woods yet. The Ukraine war looks like a wag the dog scheme to deflect attention from other ongoing. Orwellian schemes which aren’t going to disappear until we rip down the architecture that enables them. That being said, this blog is holding to the prediction made at the end of last year that: 2022 is going to be way better than 2021, even if the next few weeks are going to be pretty scary.