Here’s what’s on the calendar, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • How do we reverse the curse of ever-shrinking crowds at performances of serious concert music? Three big names weigh in on the question…
  • A Brooklyn Halloween tradition just gets better and creepier!
  • This eclectic guitar god just keeps putting out savagely good new albums
  • A hypnotic, magical evening of every kind of Indian music ever invented
  • Fearless protest jazz from one of the world’s great guitarists
  • Enigmatic, intriguing art-rock/neosoul mashups
  • One of the world’s greatest jazz oudists takes it to the next level
  • Epic late 90s/early zeros art-rock cult heroes still going strong with a new album!
  • Relentlessly menacing, Shakespearian art-rock from the woman who might be the world’s best songwriter in that genre
  • A smoky listen to the new album from these doom metal icons
  • A psychedelic salsa cult figure with a hot new album