Here’s what’s on the calendar, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • The Best Albums of the Year playlist and Best NYC Concerts of 2018 page are live now…the Best Songs of the Year page is next!
  • She’s sort of the Elvis Costello of NYC Americana rock…and she’s revisiting that classic live album she made back in the zeros
  • This era’s preeminent bhangra jazz saxophonist
  • What happens when you combine an iconic little instrument from the Near East with a very loud European one?
  • A cutting-edge new project from the newest power couple in jazz
  • Why are student orchestras sometimes as good as the pros? Because they’re getting graded!
  • Slinky Turkish sounds, klezmer metal, stoner trombone jazz and more at Brooklyn’s best music venue
  • The January concert calendar gets updated every day, but there will be a new one for February on 2/1
  • One of the most lavish, cutting-edge albums of Indian music ever released – over six hours of concert footage!
  • This nation’s flagship orchestra commemorates a horrific NYC conflagration