New York Music Daily goes off script more than any other music blog in the universe! Spontaneity rules! Sorry not to update this page since September:: here’s what’s on tap for 2020, subject to change if there’s train trouble or spur-of-the-moment distractions:

  • The January concert calendar gets updated every day, but there will be a new one for February on 2/1
  • The top 100 songs of 2019 list is coming – really, truly, within about a week. A LOT of work went into that one!
  • some of the world’s most renowned jazz talent explore synesthesia
  • the surviving rhythm section of one of the great, orchestrally psychedelic bands of the 70s reunite with new members and a new album. Recycled, or a future worth remembering?
  • sharply funny/cynical punkish stuff from the Bushwick/Queens border
  • rising stars of the string quartet world tackle one of the most difficult, iconic pieces from that repertoire
  • noir-inspired jazz piano from Asia
  • the most politically woke, talented brother combo in all of jazz put out a new album
  • this female-fronted punk rock band made a live album at little tiny Pete’s Candy Store!
  • more messy, punky and 80s-influenced sounds from another female-fronted rock crew
  • is it time to get really cynical about the big January NYC jazz extravaganza that just gets more and more extravagant…and less and less about jazz?