Back in action, more or less, after seemingly endless Mercury retrograde hell in the wake of the big storms…and still running on fumes. Hopefully the worst is over. Here’s what’s on tap for the end of February, barring the unforeseen:

  • New York pianist reinvents classic late 19th century impressionism as hauntingly minimalistic soundscapes…complete with grim lockdown-era found sounds

  • Take a time trip back to a better world with this retro 80s new wave album. Whoever thought the 80s would ever look good

  • These 90s indie rock road warriors are still going strong, minus their respective bands

  • This Windy City new-classical ensemble strike gold with  a mysterious, Hitchcock-inspired album of cinematic new works

  • A fearless, gusty wind ensemble premere incendiary new music inspired by last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests

  • Yet another album of new work by undeservedly obscure big band composers by this wild Boston large jazz ensemble

  • This provocative composer and inventor took a psychological experiment – exposing subjects to sounds of trauma, then recording their physical reactions – and electronically converted those responses to sound. What does this amazing project teach us about human empathy under the lockdown?
  • The Best New York Concerts of 2020 and Best Albums of 2020 pages are finally live now. The Best Songs of 2020 page is next…but it’s going to have to wait til March. Stay tuned!

  • If you’ve been following this blog lately, you’ve probably noticed several older albums interspersed among the new releases. That’’s because during the 2019 rehearsals for the lockdown, the tech oligarchs and their World Economic Forum collaborators had seriously discussed shutting down the internet in order to silence dissent and stifle resistance. So this blog came up with a plan B: picked out several dozen older albums from the vast archive here, and then lined them up on the runway. That way, even in a worst-case scenario, those who still had web access would have been able to discover something new here every day through the first week of May, 2021. So far, there’s been no need to go to a plan B. For the time being, since it wouldn’t make much sense to just leave all those albums lying around without sharing them with you, they’ll be making sporadic appearances on the front page here throughout the next couple of months. Of course, there will be new recordings too – and hopefully some concert coverage, finally!