Back with a serious plan after going off script ALL SUMMER LONG. Yeah, this page needed an update, bigtime…but going back on script doesn’t mean there won’t be more surprises! Here’s what’s on the calendar, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • If you’re in New York and you miss out on this ongoing accordion festival, you miss out on one of the year’s funnest, most astonishingly diverse free concert series…
  • Yet another amazing, smartly tuneful, largely improvisational album by one of this era’s most consistently brilliant guitarists
  • Americana that’s not from south of the Mason-Dixon line gets a bad rap. Can a Boston band really play bluegrass as fluently as southerners do?
  • At this point in time, gothic rock is a legacy genre like bluegrass or roots reggae. Can these Europeans, in their black eyeliner, really take us back to 1983?
  • A new album from one of the first wave of creepy circus rock bands. Have these sad clowns lost their edge?
  • This respected salsa-jazz drummer reinvents Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story from a Nuyorican perspective
  • This popular, enigmatic songstress finally takes the plunge into deep noir with a cover album. Epic win or epic fail?
  • Enigmatic, cinematic, distantly menacing instrumentals from one of the New York area’s most distinctive bands – think Big Lazy, but a little jazzier..