Here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if there’s train trouble:

  • This is an easy guess. One of this duo plays the Greek lyra. The other is one of the world’s foremost drummers, with a postrock resume second to none…
  • An epic final report on what might be the best concert of 2018….it’ll be awfully hard to top this one!
  • This  female-fronted trio are kind of punk, kind of metal, totally early 80s and totally kick ass!
  • One of the most telepathic, long-running trios in jazz are also one of the funniest…and have a characteristically sardonic new album out
  • Ever wish you could sneak out of work for a concert? If you work or go to school in the right Manhattan or Brooklyn neighborhood, you can! This blog’s owner did exactly that more than once recently. Don’t tell anyone, especially the boss!
  • She got unfairly pigeonholed as “freak-folk” back in the 70s. She’s got a harrowing new album out that transcends any kind of label – and a Brooklyn gig coming up
  • One of the most relevant, colorfully theatrical performers in jazz, or contemporary classical, or whatever you call what she does…
  • This guy’s fiery, guitar-fueled Americana pushes the honkytonk envelope
  • A long-awaited new album from one of the greatest, most epic, carnivalesque dark rock bands out there
  • The first violinist of one of the world’s most entertaining string quartets puts out an epic album of solo J.S. Bach works