Part of the fun about this blog is that you never know what’s coming next. Believe it or not, there is an actual schedule, a method to the madness, but that’s always in flux, subject to the demands of random everyday crises.

While this page isn’t going to give away any surprises, here’s a peek at what’s on the agenda for the next week* or so, as well as the next few months:

  • Some serious repurposing going on here, building and concretizing a focus that’s less New York-centric and more global in scope. You’ll see a shift toward more album reviews and concert reviews, and less coverage geared toward the local side, as we move further into the fall
  • A look at one of the most magically rustic oldtimey string bands around…
  • One of this year’s most exciting and cutting-edge albums is by a carnatic choir. That’s right, a choir singing Indian carnatic music, which, traditionally, is a style that has no harmonies. More soon!
  • A San Diego power trio puts out one of the most incendiary live albums released this century
  • The most spectacularly talented musician this blog’s ever witnessed. Hint: she’s from Iran…
  • Halloween month continues. Up soon: creepy Nashville gothic and folk noir
  • More dark, lyrical sounds from one of NYC’s most charismatic noir personalities
  • A lush, atmospheric female-fronted art-rock band makes a Brooklyn appearance
  • A collection of some of the weirdest, most otherworldly, riveting Mediterranean music around, from the early 1900s through the 1960s
  • Catching up on concerts: uneasy improvisation on eerie, ancient Polish folk themes
  • Catching up on more concerts: an Upper West Side classical institution at the top of their game

*All of this subject to change

In the long term: on occasion you’ll see something archival, a blast from the past. Remember, this is the secret history of music in NYC.

Believe it or not, your voice can be part of this discussion. This blog aims to serve the needs of as many listeners as possible. What do YOU want to discover here?