Here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if there’s train trouble

  • The most lush, lavish art-rock band in the world
  • The Indian influence in this talented alto sax player/composer’s work is so subtle, you have to listen closely to notice it. At the same time, is it ever cafchy!
  • This year’s Drive East Festival of Indian music opens with rare NYC shows from Indian sarod, sitar and carnatic vocal stars
  • This female-fronted power trio are one of New York’s hottest acts right now
  • The world’s most lavish, hauntingly improvisational Middle Eastern jazz band push away a storm with one of their own – they really did!
  • A fearlessly political album from one of the world’s most distinctive interpreters of Thelonious Monk
  • These German hellraisers bring world-class jazz chops to their wild, brass-fueled street band attack
  • This inscrutable jazz chanteuse works a cool, mentholated persona and has a great, purist combo behind her
  • New monthly live music calendar for New York and Brooklyn coming 9/1
  • One of New York’s most fearlessly relevant up-and-coming songwriters tackles anti-immigrant racism, domestic violence and Trumpy status-grubbing without sounding strident or cliched