Getting back on track after the computer crash with the hope of returning to the same kind of carefully planned schedule that went completely haywire back in February.

In the meantime, here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if there’s train trouble

  • One of the most tuneful, eclectic trombonist/composers in jazz
  • A heavy psych band who’re just as adept at Sonic Youth noise as they are at menacingly ornate metal
  • An 80s goth/industrial icon goes deeper into the creepy cinematics he’s pursued lately
  • One of New York’s most distinctive large jazz ensembles
  • One of the world’s great Romany jazz guitarists branches out into psychedelic rock
  • A Middle Eastern jazz icon releases a long overdue live album
  • The greatest noir jazz pianist of our time (and maybe ever) puts out a typically amazing new duo album of vocal tunes
  • A badass female-fronted paisley underground psychedelic band
  • Careening, eclectic, sharply lyrical, noisy rock from Brooklyn’s hottest current touring act
  • The only Moroccan gnawa band in the US unveil extremely rare, resonantly hypnotic North African Jewish repertoire
  • Other possibilities; distinctive pastoral jazz coming out of an unexpected Brooklyn neighborhood; a colorful, opinionated new book from a global music iconoclast