Getting back on track after the computer crash with the hope of returning to the same kind of carefully planned schedule that went completely haywire last month.

In the meantime, here’s what’s on the slate, subject to change if there’s train trouble

  • A psychedelic latin soul band on the rise plays Bowery Ballroom
  • A new solo album by a haunting, riveting flamenco jazz pianist
  • Brand-new NYC concert calendar for April and May coming 4/1, no joke
  • One of the great trombonists in jazz gets political
  • Incorrigible New  York concertgoer witnesses a performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for the first time since childhood
  • Australian psychedelic rock luminaries get all haunting and microtonal
  • Distinctive pastoral jazz coming out of an unexpected Brooklyn neighborhood
  • The first protest-jazz album of 2017
  • An amazing paisley underground psychedelic band
  • The guy who may be the greatest electric guitarist to come out of Africa
  • Other possibilities: A colorful, opinionated new book from a global music iconoclast; an irrepressible pioneer of urban C&W; a long long overdue live record from one of the greatest guitarslingers in Americana; a dark, cosmopolitan jazz chanteuse/songwriter; creepy literary rock comes to Bushwick, believe it or not