Useful Resources and Links

Lucid Culture – New York Music Daily’s predecessor blog, where all classical, jazz and avant garde coverage continues to be archived

Mark Crispin Miller
The brilliant author, media scholar and social critic publishes the best news feed on the web, News From Underground. Absolutely essential and inspiring reading in these perilous times.

The Highwire – the best weekly news show on the web. Heavy on the science, but accessible to the average viewer. Host Del Bigtree is charismatic, hilarious and has been one of the most astute observers on the lockdown and lethal injection campaigns from day one.

Tessa Lena – poet, historian, philosopher, visionary. She has a brilliant news blog, was one of the first to recognize the dangers of the lockdown, and also does a more-of-less monthly podcast, Make Language Great Again. Her tenacity and fearlessness will inspire you.

Adrienne Elise – light worker, professional demystifier, pro-freedom activist and empath. Her guided meditations and astrology videos are politically spot-on and incredibly inspiring, especially if you’re depressed.

The Tom Woods Show
Erudite, thoughtful, incredibly insightful news and commentary. Even if you don’t agree with everything this pro-freedom activist says, he always does his homework and will challenge you to reexamine your position. He’s also co-creator of the hilarious COVID Charts Quiz, which uses CDC data to challenge you to find the US states or counties that had lockdown restrictions and those that didn’t.

Daily Clout
The best and most comprehensive pro-freedom legislation site around. Tons of model bills for ending lockdown restrictions, fighting lethal injection requirements and returning the world to normal, plus resources for businesses and citizens. Run by author and pro-freedom activist Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America.

Peggy Hall’s The Healthy American
A vast treasure trove of resources to help businesses and individuals get back to normal and battle the lockdown, from this warmhearted, ferocious, tirelessly optimistic leader of the California pro-freedom movement

No Jab For Me
One of the most succinct pro-freedom sites. Many links to scientific research which debunks the rationale behind the lockdown and exposes the many ways the ongoing lethal injection campaigns have been engineered as weapons of mass destruction

The Event 201 video
Although Event 201 was not the first rehearsal for the lockdown, this private strategy session in New York in October of 2019 was the one where the corporate media’s campaign of fear porn and pro-lockdown, pro-needle of death propaganda was formulated. A must-see, you should watch before youtube takes it down. It’s uncannily prophetic

Stand For Health Freedom – Pro-freedom advocacy group fighting to stop the needle of death and the new apartheid/Jim Crow which proposed “health passports” will create

Kate’s Photography – artistic, insightful band shots, special events, family and pet portraits

Acoustic Live – NYC and suburban folk music listings page- they catch some singer-songwriter shows in offbeat places

Ariana’s List – irreplaceable guide to free summer concerts, movies and events in NYC – the first place to check in the summertime for the latest!

All About Jazz New York

The American Guild of Organists’ NYC page – many concert listings – your source for free concert downloads – art openings around NYC

Awesome Tapes from Africa

Concerts and events in NYC public spaces and buildings

Ephemeral New York – weird historical events throughout history, around town

Feast of Music – new music/the avant garde, opera and the occasional trendoid band in NYC

Free Music Archive – all kinds of surprising stuff

Jamie Frey’s blog – LMFAO funny and insightful stuff from the Brooklyn What’s charismatic frontman

Gallery Guide

The Gigometer – a good place to find singer-songwriters and Americana acts playing out-of-the way spaces in NYC

Gotham Early Music Scene

I-94 Bar – excellent Radio Birdman and garage rock fansite

Jazz Lives – Michael Steinman’s lyrical, knowledgeable jazz blog with tons of great live video

Steve Kilbey’s blog – hilarious and insightful commentary from the greatest rock songwriter alive.

The irrepressible, inimitable Valerie Kuehne reviews an album a day – everybody who writes about music should read this.

Nextmosh – THE source for heavy metal in NYC

Ohmyrockness – indie rock calendar and venues list

Peoples’ Symphony Concerts – cheap classical concerts around NYC

Radio Luxotone very cool rock stream from the insurgent Chicago label

Saving Country Music – new artists keeping the oldschool flame alive

The Soda Shop – stoner music heaven

Vanishing New York dedicated to all remaining good things in NYC being destroyed by DiBloomberg, the trendoids, developers, speculators and yuppies from out of state.

Steve Wynn’s website with music and commentary by the king of noir rock

Yiddish Song of the Week – obscure, sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary, historically rich stuff rescued from archives and wax cylinders from across the decades and around the world