Rob Sacher’s Luna Lounge Memoir Due Out March 1

It’s not every day that a Kickstarter project that’s as intriguing as this one comes along. Rob Sacher, now owner of Brooklyn’s Satellite Lounge, was the mastermind behind Luna Lounge, the well-loved Lower East Side hotspot that was ground zero for innumerable good New York bands for about ten years starting in the mid-90s (and then for a blip in Williamsburg before selling to the Knitting Factory). He’s got a memoir due out on March 1 titled Wake Me When It’s Over – from the teasers up at his site, it looks like it could make for a mighty good read (he nicked the title from a song by Longwave, one of the most popular of the Luna bands).

Unlike most club owners, Sacher isn’t all about self-promotion: instead, he had the good sense to keep his eyes open throughout his days in the forefront of a scene that hasn’t been very well documented up to this point. Anyone wanting to assauge their bourgeois guilt and help launch what promises to be a valuable piece of history should head over to to his Kickstarter site where there are all kinds of goodies available for various contribution levels.