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Singles for 6/23: Prophecies and Bombshells

Been a week since the last collection of singles and short clips here. If you know this blog, you know the drill: click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for video or audio. This week is a real blockbuster: about half an hour worth of listening or viewing, including some major news and a quick five-minute read from Substack.

Let’s start with something really creepy. Clips from old tv cartoons aren’t something you usually find here, but, these are unusual times. If you were watching the Simpsons back in 2010, you might have seen the House Cat Flu episode which has been making the rounds lately. You want predictive programming?

Speaking of which, here are four even more prophetic minutes from the X-Files in 2016, via the irreplaceable Mark Crispin Miller‘s News From Underground.

Here’s the first bombshell: “Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children,” via Steve Kirsch. “That this study even was allowed to happen is a travesty.” Share this short video with anyone you know who might be considering giving their kids the deadly injection.

Some validation for Team Humanity: a second bombshell from a censored, downloadable Researchgate survey of over three hundred thousand people who did not take the lethal Covid shot. A grand total of less than two percent believed they caught Covid (although those cases were not confirmed). That means that more than 98% did not. You do the math. If you’re wondering about hospitalization, that rate was one fiftieth of one percent, with zero (0) mortality.. Thanks to Dr. Colleen Huber, author of The Defeat of Covid for passing this along

Last but hardly least in news, here’s Dr. Naomi Wolf on the War Room with a clip of Moderna capo and Xi Jinping best-bud Stephane Bancel talking about how he can’t give away his product anywhere in the world. Start the video at about 3:00. Also discussed: how 44 French rats studied for 42 days in the Pfizer trials were the sole basis for the Pfizer claim that their shots were safe; how 28% of 270 mothers and four fetuses in the trials had serious adverse events; and an explosion of stillbirths in children of mothers who took the shot in Canada, Scotland and Israel.

OK – if this was radio, after the news there would be music, so here we go. Gonna keep it short and sweet.

Here’s Tuba Joe Exley doing the Interboro Boogie, a slinky mashup of New Orleans and Spanish Harlem, with a great Stefan Zeniuk claymation video – dig that old 1980s NYC subway map!

Sydney, Australia band Display Homes’ single CCTV is catchy, skronky late 70s XTC meets Siouxsie.. Tragically, guitarist Darrell Holmes died suddenly this month before the album it’s on could be released. A longtime reader in Australia has supplied some information regarding what’s happening down there – more on that here soon. 

Japanese no wave quartet Otoboke Beaver‘s single Yakitori makes a good segue. It’s a primitive tune with a complex message. See, the group have been getting hate in their native Japan for ostensibly being complicit in western cultural imperialism. So the band – who sing in both Japanese and English – started writing sarcastic songs about Japanese food. The metaphor here involves dumping a takeout container in somebody’s mailbox.

Let’s wind up the playlist with Kelsey Waldon‘s hypnotic honkytonk song Sweet Little Girl, “drinking til her head spins.”

Singles, Useful Information and Cynical Jokes For 6/16

So much good short stuff has come over the transom in the last few days that it would be a crime not to share it. Today’s list is about half an hour worth of good jokes, some dead-serious stuff, and some great tunes. If you know this blog, you know the drill: click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, video or a quick read. Make sure you use Brave or another browser with an ad blocker so you don’t have to mute the intro to the youtube clips!

By now you’ve probably heard the news about a certain faulty doctor and how everything he said would work, didn’t work – in a very personal sense. The irreplaceable Jordan Schachtel has a suggestion for the protocol that Dr. Faulty should follow, now that he has a cold and failed the PCR test. About sixty seconds of laughs.

Another insightful Substack writer, attorney Michael Senger – author of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World – has an irresistible parody of a New York Times article about the Shanghai lockdown: another one-minute read.

Today’s first song goes back a few months, but it’s no less timely. Here’s the Stone Roses’ Ian Brown doing Little Seed Big Tree, a solo electric anti-lockdown spacerock classic. The ending after the Bill Gates sample – “People think they have a choice, you don’t have a choice” – is priceless.

Travel further back in time, to the heyday of bands like Genesis in the mid-70s, with the tricky time signatures and baroque whirl of Pennies by the Pound playing Burning Wish: “Fools that we were, we ate up all the soothing lies.”

The latest angst-fueled art-rock single from A.A. Williams is Evaporate: it’s Erika Simonian with crunchy guitars

Moving from gloomy Europe to slightly less gloomy Nashville, here’s Rachel Sumner & Traveling Light playing Strangers Again, with an intricate lattice of acoustic fingerpicking and high lonesome steel guitar. “People change and sometimes not for the better.”

With gospel piano and wide-angle tremolo guitar, Abby Hamilton‘s Trailer Park Queen is an evocatively funny story: she’s hitting on the box wine and he’s on his second round of you-know-what.

This last piece is a little longer than what you usually see on a page worth of singles here, but hang with it. While the narrative itself is very troubling – Dr. Pam Popper offering a very concise overview of how deeply the grooming-industrial complex has infiltrated the American public education system – a miracle happens at the 10:30 mark. You can start the video at about two minutes in, but stick around for some badly needed comic relief. You don’t actually have to be watching to get it.. 

Sunday Singles – A Bombshell and a Movie This Time

In times like these, everybody is being called on to think outside the box, this blog included. That’s why today’s list of brief items includes a hilarious short film, a sobering little news bulletin and a schoolgirl speaking truth to power. As usual, click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio or video.

Let’s start with the bombshell, which some of you have undoubtedly seen by now since Project Veritas is the #1 most-watched channel on Telegram. Until now, we haven’t seen a lot of big pharma whistleblowers, but this leaked Zoom call from the bowels of AstraZeneca on December 3,. 2020 is damning as hell. In the context of pitching a monoclonal antibody product as a potential Covid treatment, CEO Pascal Soriot cops to the fact that “There are millions of people in the world that will need a protection that cannot be coming from a vaccine.” Kaboom. Nuremberg 2.0, here we come.

Now a break for music with one of this blog’s alltime favorites: Everything But the Girl doing Little Hitler, a soaring, soulful anthem from their lavishly orchestrated 1986 album Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tonight.

Just to be clear, EBTG singer Tracey Thorn is being sarcastic when she sings “Every woman loves a fascist.” The thirteen-year-old Australian girl in this anonymous Rumble video clearly doesn’t, as she elegantly and articulately rips Klaus Schwab a new one. Who says all the kids today are sheeple!

For practically two years now, Dr. Pam Popper – author of the very first plandemic expose, COVID Operation and founder of Make Americans Free Again – has been putting out an endless series of easily digestible short videos on the news of the day. This one is not meant to scare but to inform. As she explains, there’s a “smart” health card currently being developed by a sinister coalition including Microsoft, and, surprisingly, the Mayo Clinic. To cut to the chase, it’s a platform for a communist Chinese-style social credit scheme, scheduled to be deployed on a state-by-state basis. As of today, Arizona, Nevada and Utah are already on board, with West Virginia, Oklahoma and South Carolina close behind…unless, of course, people refuse to comply.. Deets in brief at Popper’s must-watch Rumble channel.

OK, now that we’ve gotten most all of the serious stuff out of the way, here’s a very funny short film. In just under thirty minutes, Doc Tracy is a venomously amusing mashup (and sometimes a parody) of The Matrix, Project Veritas and film noir in general. Listen as none other than Dr. Simone Gold chews the scenery in her role as a quasi-Switch! Watch as our hero tracks down the real-life Kristina Lawson, head of the California Medical Board, who as it turns out isn’t even a doctor! You can’t make this stuff up.

Some Takeaways and Tunes From Yesterday’s Defeat the Mandates Rally in LA

In early March 2020, if someone had told you that the crowd at a daylong outdoor concert in Los Angeles would have saved their wildest applause for the truckers, doctors and cops onstage, you would have figured that the music must have been pretty lame, right?

It wasn’t. But at yesterday’s Defeat the Mandates Rally at Grand Park in downtown LA, the rockstars were the dudes from the Freedom Convoy, the physicians from the Front Line Critical Care Coalition, and an energetic group of cops and firemen who’d been fired, or whose jobs were imperiled by Governor Gavin Newsom’s Covid shot orders.

What was most apparent was how much the crowd skewed female – and how mainstream, and LA-diverse they turned out to be as the Highwire‘s camera panned the park. Mama bear has been poked and she doesn’t want her kids in any genetic engineering experiment. One particular sign in the crowd spoke for everybody: “There’s a new variant spreading around the world, it’s called freedom and I hope you catch it.”

You may have heard about the ten bills currently on the table, in one place or another, in the California legislature. Word on the street is that they’ve been masterminded by State Senator Richard Pan, a shill for big pharma since he was first elected. He’s on the way out, so this last-gasp batch of Orwellian proposals runs the gamut from the codification and prosecution of thoughtcrime, to weaponizing law enforcement to carry out health department orders. The way that bill works, money earmarked for police gets diverted to the health gestapo if the cops stand down. Recipe for murder and mayhem? Hey, nobody’s taking the shot anymore, so Klaus the Louse and Bill Gates have to go to plan B.

And that’s not working either. The cracks in the oligarchs’ united front, which was never as united as many thought, are showing. And that’s in stark contrast to the energy and discipline of the left coast freedom movement. Amy Bohn, tireless leader of Parents For the Educational Rights of Kids, a.k.a. PERK, has been on the front lines of the fight and made an early appearance. Her group has all kinds of useful resources, including a concise guide to stopping this tarnish on the Golden State. “If you negotiate with tyranny, you’re not going to get anywhere,” she warned.

It was another tireless activist, bestselling author Naomi Wolf of Daily Clout, who drew the most thunderous roars of applause. If you’re open to the idea that these days, we may be getting some help in mysterious ways that we don’t quite yet understand, you should read her latest Substack – it will blow your mind. Expertly sussing out her audience, she spoke to the collective wrath of the mom contingent, relating how her crew are currently digging through the latest Pfizer document dump and have found all sorts of incriminating evidence of fraud.

Just as dynamic and perceptive a presence as Wolf was ten-year-old New York activist Jayla, who offered plenty of common sense in her moment in the spotlight: “How am I supposed to enjoy my childhood when I can’t go anywhere?” she asked. She thought it was equally implausible that kids shouldn’t be allowed to join the fight, considering that it’s their future which is most at stake. Echoing her later on were a very popular crew of LA-area high school kids who’d been booted from classrooms for random acts of self-preservation.

FLCCC doctors Richard Urso and Ryan Cole were the first to specifically call out the World Economic Forum, underscoring how what was widely considered conspiracy theory in 2020 is now accepted as gospel truth. Cole, always a sage presence, was especially amped: “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery,” he enthused. He also was the first on the program to acknowledge openly that what Sage Hana calls “OG Covid” has been extinct since 2020. Dr. Robert Malone seconded that without actually speaking the forbidden word.

Filmmaker Mikki Willis proudly announced that his 2020 documentary Plandemic has become the most-watched film in the history of the internet (Plandemic 3 is coming on the Fourth of July, and in the meantime you can get a free audio download of his new book). Willis shared that his brother died of AZT poisoning in 1994, and three months later his mom died from the effects of chemotherapy. The second that Willis mentioned AZT pusherman Anthony Fauci, the crowd spontaneously burst into Dr. Paul Alexander’s, “Lock him up!” chant. The colorful, philosophical Alexander – who refused to take a multimillion dollar Pfizer deal to just shut up and go away – energized the troops with a characteristically uproarious appearance a little later on.

Journalist Lara Logan emceed the latter half of the bill and spoke eloquently to the impact of divide-and-conquer schemes. Dr. Bob Sears underscored how much “Our country has been discriminating against people of a certain medical persuasion for decades now.” He’s been fighting pharma-funded mandates and the marginalization of the vaxx-injured for a quarter of a century: one suspects there were others in the crowd with as much experience.

The most entertaining and utterly fearless of the several political candidates on the bill was Dr. Michael Huang, who as he tells it is the one remaining doctor in the state who writes medical exemptions to lockdown and jab orders. “I am the Chinese version of Del Bigtree,” the affable family physician boasted. Having successfully treated two thousand patients for Covid, then helping over a thousand school kids “come off face masks,” as he put it, he’s running for state Senate to represent the district situated around the park. He deserves our support.

Bigtree, whose weekly news program The Highwire now has three times the viewership of every nightly tv news show, was as much of a firebrand as he was at the January rally in Washington. “Senator Richard Pan wants to kill your children,” he asserted, “We will not recognize any leader again who will not stand for freedom.” Words of wisdom for any candidate running this fall. Ultimately, Bigtree said, the only thing in this moment that we have to fear is fear itself.

Attorney Leigh Dundas, longtime crusader against sex trafficking and leader of Freedom Fighter Nation, was also on fire. “Two years ago, on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento, I said we are on a bullet train to Auschwitz if we do not course correct. Well, we did not course correct.” She also asserted that “The Third Reich will not rise on my watch….the Third Reich wasn’t over when World War II ended. The Third Reich ended when we put the criminals on trial and then put them to death.”

There’s more to unpack and a lot of takeaways here – as historic a moment as this was, this blog doesn’t recommend spending eight straight hours in front of a screen even if you’re getting paid for it. The Highwire has archived the whole thing if you’re feeling ambitious.

Carina Powers, founder of Latinos For Medical Freedom reminded that in California alone, that demographic numbers almost sixteen million, most of them Mexican-American. It would be wise for the movement as a whole to reach out and embrace this population. Inflammatory rhetoric about border closures is not a way to win the support of millions of America’s most unselfconsciously patriotic people.

It was stunning to watch the elegant, articulate Dr. Christine Parks completely drop her guard for once: “It’s time to stop the fucking gaslighting and it’s time to stop the mandates!”

Best joke of the afternoon was from Kevin Sorbo, who deadpanned that “If you want to get rid of Covid, tell the Clintons that Covid has something on them.”

A close second came from actress Leigh-Allyn Baker, who via uplink explained that “I’m just your average, run-of-the-mill. everyday domestic terrorist…I mean mom.”

Oh yeah – there was intermittent music, most of it acoustic or semi-acoustic. Protest song maven Five Times August – whose hit Silent War topped the list of best songs of 2021 here – debuted a defiant, catchy, Tom Petty-esque new tune, Fight For You. And he got the crowd singing along to his bestselling hit Sad Little Man, a corrosive portrait of Fauci: “I released this song in November…in an ideal world it would be irrelevant by now.”

Former Mighty Mighty Bosstones frontman Dicky Barrett offered a message of unity, then turned the stage over to his guitarist bud Grant Ellman of roots reggae band Prezence, who delivered one of the night’s smartest, most aphoristic numbers. “We’re dying to get better,” was the chorus.

There were also low-key cameos by theatrical rap-rock band Sonic Universe and cinematic disco loopmusic violinist Dpak, as well as a couple of moments where it was obvious that rap duo Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy were lipsynching. Dudes, you are perfectly competent at what you do, you don’t need that backing track. Just let it flow. By the way, Hi-Rez, that was ballsy of you to propose to your girlfriend onstage. The two of you won’t forget this day, ever.

There were many, many others on the bill. In the interest of brevity, too many to enumerate. Marines facing discharge over the Covid shots, heartwrenching survivors of Covid vaxx injury and ubiquitous Constitutional scholar and Arizona sheriff Dr. Richard Mack.among them.

And did anybody notice, toward the end of the night, how The Hill’s Kim Iversen was trying to play both sides of the issue? Changing jerseys, but leaving the old one on underneath just in case? In insisting that there were still good journalists in the corporate media, and that she always stuck to the facts, she never once enumerated what those facts were. Her closing ad-lib spoke volumes: “Party at my house! Just kidding. Don’t show up at my house!”

“Let Them Truckers Roll!'”

Today’s episode in this month’s daily celebration of epic sounds and mighty endeavors concerns the rumble of big rigs on the highway. By now, most of the eleven huge trucker convoys crossing Canada are reaching their destinations in Ottawa and at the US border to protest Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lethal injection order for cross-border travelers.

The longest of the convoys contains over five hundred trucks and stretches for more than ninety-three miles, a world record. Whoever thought that Canadians would just roll over and accept totalitarianism hasn’t spent much time on the highway there. Many American long-haul truckers are also heading for the border as well.

The truckers’ kids at 1:55 in this video will bring tears to your eyes (thanks to Dr. Jessica Rose for sharing). Then at 3:30 Sandy Lambert sings her Truckers Convoy Song to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues.

This blog’s game plan was to salute the truckers with the wildly popular 1975 CB radio hit Convoy, by C.W. McCall. In an odd stroke of historical coincidence, there was a follow-up single which unfortunately wasn’t as popular, maybe because it’s so creepy. There Won’t Be No Country Music, which made only a small dent in the singles charts in 1976, was 180 degrees from Convoy. It’s a macabre, banjo-flailing Nashville gothic rap about eco-disaster alarmism. At the time, pundits were predicting that global warming would have apocalyptic consequences by the year 2000. Who knew then how strangely both songs would resonate almost half a century later.

For the record, the truckers are not specifically protesting against the injections. Their issue is coercion. They realize that the New Abnormal has nothing to do with public health or shots or a virus: it’s all about tyranny. You’ve seen the stickers on every lamppost here in town: “Today the vaxxport, tomorrow the social credit score, then the microchip. Congrats, you are now a slave.”

Taking a cue from the Australian “truckies” a couple of months ago, the brave Canadians are putting Trudeau – “Fidel Jr.” as he’s often called, since it’s rumored that he’s actually Castro’s illegitimate son – with his back to the wall. What a humbling display of heroism to our north – where diesel fuel is even more expensive than it is here.

In a craven act of cowardice, gofundme froze more than four million dollars donated to help these freedom fighters, but there is a new donation platform to help them here.

Some Funny Videos to Cheer You Up This Holiday Season

OK, making fun of New Abnormal Nazism is like shooting fish in a barrel. But it’s a big barrel. Everybody wants to be Charlie Chaplin on the set of The Great Dictator now:

“Perry Carditis & the mRNA’s” have a ridiculously funny Christmas medley in the style of a vintage K-Tel commercial, via Jeff Childers’ indispensable Coffee & Covid (scroll all the way down). “Order now at 1-900-666-VAXX, must be double-masked when you call!”

Tyler Fischer goes to pick up his laundry in the not-too-distant New Abnormal (via Mark Crispin Miller’s News From Underground). This particular lockdown-o-mat has a door guy, like at a music venue. Hang in there as things get crazier and crazier, all the way through to the punchline.

And the best of all of these is Pure Blooded, by the mysterious Nirvana A. It’s Foreigner’s Hot Blooded with new lyrics that make you remember what a pathetic Bad Company ripoff the original was (also via News From Underground). “C’mon Fauci, you can kiss my ass, I’m pure blooded, I’m pure blooded!”

A Calm, Reasonable Video to Share with Anyone Who Might Be Agnostic About the Vaxxport

Naomi Wolf has done a typical witheringly insightful job unpacking the sinister ramifications of the vaxxport. But as entertaining and charismatic as she is, less informed people may be scared off by her alarmist tone. So if you haven’t seen and shared This Pivotal Moment, the viral seventeen-minute video that came out of Australia a few days ago, now is the time. Its anonymous narrator is calm, reasoned, and very gentle in how he breaks down the slippery slope from Covid trace-and-track to fullblown Orwellian nightmare from which there is no escape. Here’s how he ends it:

“This is a message of hope and it is a message of unity…. of sounding the alarm, of calling attention to the imminent danger we all face.

We are born free sovereign beings on this beautiful earth. We are all brothers and sisters, we are one human family regardless of color, creed or nationality. No weapons need to be forged, no ramparts stormed, no buildings razed. We simply need to stand united and say enough is enough. We’ve seen through the tricks, we see the plan clearly now, and we will not allow our freedom to be taken from us.

The torch of liberty will not be extinguished, not now, not ever, and certainly not on our watch. Our moment has come to defend it for future generations, to fan its flames, and to pass it on, intact and invigorated, to the generations that follow us. To our descendants we must say in unison, ‘We will not let you down.'”

Interestingly, Australia is one of the few pre-2020 democracies which doesn’t have a constitutional bill of rights. To counter the government’s draconian plandemic restrictions – the most severe on earth – the Australian Human Rights Law Centre is drafting model legislation.

Thanks to the irreplaceable and recently vindicated Mark Crispin Miller‘s News From Underground for passing this on. #thispivotalmoment

Creepiest and Funnest Meme of the Year

Today’s episode in this year’s daily, October-long Halloween celebration is not about music. It’s about a social media meme. On one hand, it may seem hypocritical for this blog, which has been venomously dismissive of social media since day one, to be directing people to a Telegram meme.

On the other hand, this is a really good one. Join the White Rose is pages and pages of blackly amusing, sometimes snarky pro-freedom stickers that you can print out and then use to festoon your neighborhood. The most prevalent one popping up on lampposts and mailboxes all over New York is variations on “As if all this had anything to do with stopping a virus.”

At the moment, you can also get several versions of something like this:

The bioweapon was an excuse for the shot
The shot was an excuse for the spyware
The spyware was an excuse for the social credit score
The social credit score was an excuse for the digital currency
The digital currency was an excuse for the cashless surveillance state
Congratulations, you are now a slave

That goes on a black-and-yellow sticker mimicking the color scheme of the propaganda posters in the New York City subway. If you’re feeling creative, there’s no limit to the fun you could have with this. Happy Halloween month everybody!

Powerful Words From a Brave Violinist

A heated public hearing in front of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors two days ago offers a capsule view of where this country is going: back toward freedom and normalcy, at warp speed. Scroll down to the middle of the page at Zerohedge for the video of nonstop testimony from a stunningly diverse bunch of average Americans, both native-born citizens and immigrants, who have suddenly found themselves on the front lines of the freedom movement.

The most inspiring moment of the entire daylong hearing is at 5:28:00 when Pacific Symphony violinist Bridget Dolkas takes the podium: “Around the country and the world, I see concerts, museums, and events being weaponized to coerce humanity to go along with the totalitarian agenda of forced injections and digital passports….When government uses the expression of the human soul against the very people it represents, we can see the conflicts of interest. We do not consent…Dmitri Shostakovich, one of the preeminent composers of the 20th century, saw this all too well. He dedicated his Eighth String Quartet to the victims of totalitarianism. We will not forget history and we do not consent.”

With that, she reaches for her phone and then plays a recording of that chilling “KBG knock at the door” riff, as she describes it.

Then at 5:32:00, San Diego mom Suzie Williams Zellers – who handcrafts prosthetics for US soldiers maimed in combat – testifies to the power of waking up as citizens. ‘What type of mother would I be if I did not stand up for my children? My children and I can no longer deal with California’s political theatre and the masks…children learn through laughter and play, at preschool and an elementary age. Children need to see faces, take off the masks, end the political theatre.”

With California Governor Gavin “Nuisance” Newsom scheduled to be recalled on September 14, the Covid-industrial complex’s lethal injection campaign there is dead in the water, although as you can see from the video, its enablers in public office are desperate to keep the vaxist agenda from going completely off the rails. Words of wisdom for everybody in New York after the Cuomo regime officially ends on the 24th.

Some good news: a group of Staten Island restaurants and gyms are suing to overturn New York City’s unconstitutional medical “passport” apartheid. There’s also a protest against mandatory injections at City Hall here at 4 PM on Aug 25.

Tessa Lena Breaks Down the Surveillance-Industrial Complex in a Few Short Paragraphs

Before the lockdown, Tessa Lena was best known to New York audiences as a fiery singer and writer of keyboard-based art-rock, which is often scathingly funny and critical of social media, its inherent divisiveness and narcissism. Since the beginning of last year’s lockdown, she’s published some of the most insightful and genuinely poetic critiques of the tech oligarchs’ New Abnormal and quest for world domination. Others, notably Whitney Webb, have covered this crisis at great length, but nobody has been able to distill what we’re up against as concisely and articulately as Tessa Lena does in her latest piece at Substack:

I had a dream, a very strange dream about being “peacefully” enslaved by “well-intended” invading people who wanted to control my sexuality for life. It was all “peaceful” and “family-like” as long as I submitted by body to their authority, which claimed that sex was not to be had under any circumstances because it was from now on forbidden.

The dream was so vivid and so unpleasantly bizarre that I woke up with a 2019 mind, as if the past a year and a half had never happened, and I have not been bathing in the gradually warming water inside the pot.

Through the power of an intensified dream experience, an entire year and a half of abuse fell off—and as I looked around, I felt like I had gone traveling, and arrived in a bizarre sci-fi kingdom of distorted mirrors and people who had been poisoned by professional criminals, with great cruelty and precision. A kingdom ruled by cold-blooded psychopaths.

Like a fairy tale about lying villains.

As I look around, I don’t recognize this land.

What happened to us?

Force-masking little children and depriving their growing brains of oxygen?

Forcefully locking old people inside nursing homes and euthanizing some of them, in silence, with compete impunity, with zero attention from the public?

Chasing after free citizens with syringes filled with a lucrative concoction of carcinogenic nanoparticles and synthetic mRNA whose long-term effects are entirely unknown?

Silencing respected scientists and doctors who dare talk about the alarming data coming in regarding the safety of what’s in the syringe?


Click here to read the whole piece – and check out Tessa Lena’s similarly acerbic webcast, Make Language Great Again, where she discusses music, philosophy and politics with a diverse range of guests, from visionary author and propaganda expert Mark Crispin Miller, to Armenian singer and composer Anais Tekerian of Zulal.