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Another Freebie from Giant Giant Sand

More cool southwestern gothic for ya: this one, Detained, has a quiet intro and a scampering Tex-Mex verse that gets absolutely creepy. Howe Gelb is at Joe’s Pub this Thursday, May 10 at 11:30 PM, no doubt with some of his conspirators from this one. From the forthcoming “country rock opera” simply titled Tucson, due out June 12.

Andrew Collberg Brings Back a Raw Classic Sound

Anybody remember True West, a great band from the 80s? They were by far the best of that era’s “paisley underground” psychedelic bands. With their dueling Telecasters – Russ Tolman’s manic intensity paired off against Richard McGrath’s edgy, liquid legato lines – they created a sound that’s never been duplicated.

Until now. Swedish rocker Andrew Collberg is a sometime Howe Gelb collaborator, which makes a lot of sense. Collberg’s also got an absolutely feral, savagely good new single coming out on Jan 31 on Ft. Lowell Records on limited-edition green vinyl. The A-side, Dirty Wind sounds totally live, right down to the dirty, Tolmanesque noiserock solo; the B-side, Back on the Shore is a casually expert, poignant southwestern gothic ballad that wouldn’t be out of place in the James Apollo catalog. Stream it here.


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