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Let’s Kill Kathy Hochul’s New Concentration Camp Scheme

Every year, there are a whole bunch of crazy bills introduced in the New York State legislature. Most of them are there just for show, and virtually of those loony proposals die before they get to committee. You may remember New York State bill A416, which would have given Andrew Cuomo the right to detain anyone for any reason.

Its sponsor, N. Nick Perry of Brooklyn, withdrew it after it stirred up a whirlwind of resistance. See what happens when we fight? We win!

Now we’re going to have to do the same with Governor Kathy Hochul’s sneaky end run around the legislative branch. She’s resurrected Perry’s scheme via a very vaguely worded regulation inserted into a long series of other regulations scheduled to take effect in a little more than two weeks, unless we stop it. We have until February 14 before things get really ugly.

The full text is here at this downloadable PDF. Like A416, it’s presented under the guise of a public health measure. It gives the Governor authority to detain anyone indefinitely for any reason – and force them to undergo any medical procedure deemed “necessary,” a flagrant violation of the Nuremburg Code. There are subtle changes in the language of existing quarantine measures: as just one example, “diagnosed” is changed to “determined” – by whom? Hochul doesn’t say.

“Likely to have a particular disease” becomes “possibly having a particular disease.” Ad nauseum – you get the picture. Here is where it gets positively Orwellian: “Confinement shall mean enforcement of an isolation or quarantine order through the use or possible use of law enforcement personnel.”

Just for the sake of our sanity, let’s not jiust assume that if this order makes it into State law, somebody in the legislature is going to play hero and stop it. Let’s save ourselves the hassle – and keep wannabe dictator Hochul from calling up a goon squad. Here’s what we need to do:

Find your representative in the New York State Assembly and contact them. They may not be aware of this because it’s not a bill, it’s a regulation coming out of the Governor’s office. We elect our legislators to make sure we have laws to protect us from threats like this. Use the subject line Re: Amendment of Part 2, Section 405.3 and Addition of Section 58-1.14 to Title 10 NYCRR (Investigation of Communicable Disease; Isolation and Quarantine)

Next, make a public comment by sending an email to

The final step is to contact the two most important players in the legislature and voice your concerns. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is at, (518) 455-3791. Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins is at, (518) 455-2585.

If you’re still all fired up, you could contact the Governor’s office at (518) 474-8390 and vent, but be aware that nobody ever answers the phone there. All indications are that Hochul is locked into the BlackRock/World Economic Forum/Gates Foundation holocaust agenda, so you’re not going to influence her. But if the voicemail overflows, it may create some static among the staffers and that will be useful to us in some way.

Big shout out and thanks to Michael Kane at NYC Uncensored and John Gilmore at Teachers For Choice for their eternal vigilance. Please share far and wide!

Important, Scary News for All New Yorkers – Please Share

Unfortunately, this is not some wacko conspiracy theory. It’s a real bill which has been introduced in the New York State Assembly which gives Andrew Cuomo unlimited authority to detain any individual, or any group, indefinitely for any reason.

The bill is #A416, introduced by Assemblyman N. Nick Perry of Brooklyn. The pretext, as you may have guessed, is any health situation that the Governor believes is an emergency. What’s scariest is that the bill bypasses the legislature and puts enforcement exclusively in the hands of the Governor’s office.

The wording is extremely vague, which is just as troubling. Beyond indefinite detention (read the fine print), it mandates forcible vaccination and any other “treatment” the Governor deems necessary, for anyone “suspected” of having contact with an individual presumed infected with any disease.

Lots of crazy bills get introduced in the Assembly every year and almost all of them die before they get to committee. But we need to nip this one in the bud before it gets any further – and it’s already gone to committee. This New York State Assembly page will direct you to your representative. Please contact them immediately. If you don’t live in New York State, it couldn’t hurt to contact Perry himself and show him how much opposition to this insanity there is around the world. Most importantly, please share this with everyone you know. The New York State Assembly works for us. We elected them. They know we can vote them out of office and if they see a huge groundswell against this, they’ll get the message loud and clear.