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Singles and Memes For a Week of Big Reveals

Long time since the last deluge of snarky visuals and protest songs here: click on author or artist names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, visuals or both.

What’s been most heartwarming about the general perception of this past week’s Davos summit is the level of derision the World Economic Forum elitists have drawn. Brucha Weisberger’s coverage of the meetings has plenty of goodies. John Kerry shows the world his extraterrestrial side in his mad quest to reduce global carbon dioxide levels…plus a damning two minutes of Albert Bourla of Pfizer on the run from reporters outside the WEF compound. Brucha also includes some excellent background on Klaus Schwab’s Nazi roots and an insightful Paul Craig Roberts commentary on the audacity of the WEF to assume control over us. Five minutes of snarky fun.

This one goes back a few months, but it’s essentially hilarious: the Essential Schwab album commercial “on In-Q-Tel Records

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared Kamala Harris President a couple of days ago. Slip of the tongue, predictive programming, or will the cadaver in chief finally be buried this weekend? Good catch by RNC Research via Kerriedawayinnyc on Twitter.

Five Times August, this era’s foremost protest songwriter, has a latin soul side. Who knew. Check out his latest single Ain’t No Rock N Roll: “All the actors say what they’re paid to say, every pop star’s bought and sold.”

Rapper L’il Kremlin’s I’m a Shill makes a good segue: no end to the lows corporate rappers will sink to for pageviews, via Riley Waggaman’s “Edward Slavsquat” Substack page

Sticking with that theme, let’s get local. Spotted on a Manhattan utility pole by Mark Crispin Miller, the preeminent historian of our time: screenshot it, make it a meme, print it out here

NY State drivers are using leaf magnets on their license plates to avoid paying tolls – and funding the genocidal Hochul regime, who are in the process of filing an appeal to bring back her concentration camp mandate. Also scroll down to the third meme that starts with Zuck telling us “I delete your posts.” via Amy Sukwan

In sixty fact-filled seconds, Naomi Wolf nails how many of the architects of the plandemic in government, academia and the media are switching jerseys

A hilarious parody of “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Brand” via Australian freedom fighter Rebekah Barnett

Art-pop protest song maven Turfseer‘s latest hit Where Have You Gone Tiffany Dover, is a cynical-AF mashup of an oompahing oldtimey march and late 70s ELO art-pop.

Speaking of missing famous people, here’s a minute 15 second compilation video of Tiffany Dover and others collapsing with the Pfizer logo onscreen to send out to everyone – via Emerald Robinson.

Take the L train at 3:38 in the morning recently? You may have run into Too Many Zooz. This is this wild horn band doing their dancefloor jam Bedford on the platform and then the train: imagine microtonal Moon Hooch.

Hip-hop artist Hi-Rez‘s new viral video 2+2=5 with comedian JP Sears speaks truth to woke insanity – the visuals are as funny as the lyrics

Joel Smalley, one of the world’s foremost experts on morality data somehow manages to keep his sense of humor. In four minutes, here’s his hilarious Hitler documentary parody

Likewise, Dr. Jessica Rose is best known as perhaps the world’s foremost expert on the VAERS vaccine injury and death database. But she’s also a composer, keyboardist, and memestress. She pushed out this one about the FTX crypto-laundering scandal

Cartoonist Anne Gibbons visits Depopulation Park

Before it gets totally stale, here’s Ireland’s funniest protest rapper, Doctor Dr. Mc Honk-Honk’s xmas single – which actually/sadly has shelf life beyond the past month. Via freedom fighter attorney Jeff Childers’ must-read C&C News (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Ashley Everly gives us a deliciously snarky video of dancing nurses, a collage of plandemic headlines and Covid misdiagnosis with a familiar Blue Oyster Cult soundtrack

Let’s wind this up with another one that’s been bouncing around for awhile, but it’s timeless and fits well with this week’s past events: Spacebusters’ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Genocide.


Every Day Is Halloween Now: Singles For Pre-Election Week

Halloween is over but the mood persists. Today’s page is about half an hour of snarky memes left over like extra candy corn, plus a couple of short, powerful videos, plus some good tunes. As usual, click on artist or author names for the webpages, click on titles for audio, video or just a laugh at some authoritarian’s expense.

The big news today is that the New York Police Department has joined Ring Neighbors, the citizen surveillance network built around Amazon’s Ring spycams. Add facial recognition technology to that and we are in trouble. Hoodies and shades aren’t just for celebs now.

In terms of sheer craft, Mark Oshinskie is one of the best writers on the web. He has a novelist’s eye for detail and a Kafkaesque sense of irony. He’s also a painter. Here’s what could be the best Halloween lawn decoration of the year.

Check out the Paul Pelosi and Justin Bieber Halloween costume memes via 2SG on Substack, too funny

Doug Brignole was a bodybuilder. He told people to take the Covid shot. He challenged everyone who was saying that it was dangerous to prove him wrong. If it killed him, we’d be right.

Well, it killed him. Here’s Texas Lindsay‘s 3 minute 59 second video with Dr. Peter McCullough. If there’s a sudden unexplained death, we have to assume that it’s the shot, “Until proven otherwise.”

Next, in two minutes, here’s Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi on how all vaccines are being pivoted to a deadly mRNA genetic engineering platform. The takeaway: the focus has been on the spike protein in the Covid shot, but the mechanism of how mRNA shots reengineer your DNA is far more deadly.

Emerald Robinson asks, with some ridiculously funny memes, “Will America rid itself of the Biden regime before the Biden regime rids the world of America?

Liz Truss’ reign as UK PM may be destined for Trivial Pursuit footnote-dom, but we have PTE Geopolitics’ pricelessly funny rap pastiche as a memory.

Democrat Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig tells the camera that “I will never stop standing up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!” Thanks to Jeff Childers of C&C News for this.

Now some tunes:

Death Valley Girls have a new album due out in about a month and a new single, What Are the Odds. “We are living in a simulation world and we are simulated girls:” Blondie X the Cramps X early Madonna.

Alexandra John‘s Lock Me Down is basically the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony with a woman on the mic. And it gives you pause: could this be a propaganda piece, or just satire? “Maybe it’s time you locked me down…better watch out for the smoking gun.”

Caitlin Rose‘s Getting It Right, with Courtney Marie Andrews on bvox is front-porch folk reinvented as hazy backbeat quasi-Americana.

Mary Middlefield‘s Band Aid takes the pensive drifting atmosphere into more spare terrain.

We get quieter with Fiona Brice‘s Henryk Gorecki-esque art-rockscape, Nocturnal 

Let’s close out the evening with Follow the Cyborg, by Miss Grit, a hypnotic motorik theme with an intriguingly dystopic video

Digging Up a Final Batch of Halloween Month Singles

It wouldn’t be fair to lower the curtain down forever on Halloween Month, 2022 here without a batch of short items: songs, snarky memes and a dash of black humor. As usual, click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, video, or a quick read.

Anne Gibbons’ Wake Up New York meme dates back to September of 2021, but it resonates every bit as much now as it did then.

Singer and satirist Daisy Moses wants to ask the FDA, “Why are food and drugs lumped together?”

Visceral Adventure‘s Sayin’ a Lie is a surprisingly true-to-life cover of a famous BeeGees disco hit, bandleader Tonika Todorova reinventing it as a fierce protest song with a hilarious video of a bunch of usual suspects

Irish hip-hop isn’t this blog’s usual fare, but They Despise Our Kind. by Dr. McHonkHonk has a long, redemptive litany of venomous lyrics for anyone who was persecuted during the lockdown:

They weren’t scared, and they were gettin’ all of the science
“The science” scared you into a state of fearful reliance
All those foolish daily briefings with Ivan, Tam and Valance
Three sadistic pharma henchmen engineering compliance

Enjoy some hilarious Amy Sukwan Halloween costume memes! The serial killer is the obvious one but the best one is the wokester.

Johnny Dollar just put out a ridiculously funny Substack parody of the ongoing Canadian investigation into the trucker protests and the government overreaction to them. One-minute read:

Dr. Vinu Arumugham is one of the world’s elite statisticians. He doesn’t post a lot at his Substack, but when he does, he really brings the science, as far as the plandemic is concerned. He also has a sense of humor. His latest piece proves how “the Pfizer vaccine trial shows saline injection has 75% efficacy in preventing cardiac arrest deaths and 85.7% efficacy preventing Bell’s palsy. The Josef Mengele Institute (formerly FDA) should therefore provide Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of saline injections.”

Justin Trudeau needs a hug. Or at least a friend. Priceless 15 sec video from Stella Maris via investigative journalist Sage Hana

West Coast John and Dissident Army observe the Speed of Science in a page of memes. The best one is the last, schemed up in a late-night brainstorm on Sage’s comment page.

Dr. Meryl Nass, who blew the whistle on the anthrax vaccine that did so much damage to US troops, liveblogged the ACIP meeting where the death shot was rubberstamped as an addition to the US childhood vaccine schedule (even though it’s not a vaccine). If you can handle black humor, her play-by-play of how scientific fraud and genocide is perpetrated is priceless, with additional commentary from Brooklyn freedom fighter Brucha Weisberger. Dr. Nass: “I have screenshot all the people involved in these studies for future reference so we can get them discussing these studies with their hands on a bible.” Also see her comments on how fraudulently the incidence of polio in New York is misrepresented.

Orange County, California’s #1 freedom fighter Peggy Hall explains how Cali schools are being incentivized – and required – to report anyone who didn’t take the lethal Covid shot. They’re done with us and coming after the kids now. After all, the World Economic Forum doesn’t want an orphan crisis. Start the video at 5:30

Let’s end on a positive if cautionary note. Adrienne Elise is an intuitive healer and also the rare astrologer who has spoken out fiercely and hilariously against the insanity of the past thirty-one months. Fast forward this video to 6:05 where she calls bullshit on the hypocrites stuck in the death throes of the Kali Yuga. “This is part of the whole medical conspiracy right now. There are so many so-called spiritual movements, they have this high holy vibration, but nobody’s going anywhere. The end game is these loops that track you back in.”

Happy Halloween from Anarcho Soccer Mom

Thanks to Bretigne Shaffer, thoughtful interviewer and producer of a consistently provocative, eclectic podcast, for sharing this funny and uplifting two-minute Halloween video for today’s installment of the annual, ongoing October-long celebration here.

Sinister Sunday Singles

This blog’s raison d’etre is not “plandemic, 24/7.” After awhile, staring into that abyss is just torture. Since March of 2020, New York Music Daily has tried to be a source of musical solace grounded in reality.

But this is Halloween month. So far, loyal readers, you have been spared the really grisly stuff. Today’s mix of singles, noteworthy news items and short video clips is a brief overview of where the world is now in what Mark Crispin Miller calls “Operation Herod.” Globally, approximately twenty million people have been murdered in the deployment of the bioweapon farcically marketed as a Covid vaccine. This blog predicted this ongoing holocaust in the fall of 2020; here’s a view of some of the perpetrators, along with a few tunes. It’s about fifteen minutes of sound and occasional fury. Click on author or artist names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, video, a snarky meme or a quick read.

Not photoshopped or altered: this is the most troubling admission of guilt so far by the corpse-in-chief. Scroll down to the second video – (thanks to Celia Farber for this). “The people laughing is proof the experiment worked. A man of power in a blue suit in a crowd of people who perceive themselves to be below him in social hierarchy will laugh at whatever he says, because “charm” induces trance. And powerful Democrats are Gods. And we give Gods our children, as sacrifice.”

Here’s one of the best-ever live tv Brandon gaffes, perfectly timed for election season. It’s not quite Gates saying that vaccines can reduce the world population by 15%, but it’s close. Thanks to 2SG on Substack for this.

Emerald Robinson: “The U.S. government created the COVID virus. The U.S. government created the COVID vaccines. The U.S. government got a patent for Luciferase tracking proteins to be used in the vaccines. The U.S. government allowed dangerous DNA vaccines to be produced without proper safety trials. The U.S. government illegally forced our military to get injected with an “emergency use authorization” drug never approved by the FDA. The U.S. government worked with Big Tech companies to censor Americans who told the truth about the COVID vaccines. The U.S government forced ordinary Americans into getting injected with these experimental vaccines too. The U.S. government then fired any employee or contractor who refused to take their non-FDA approved drugs — and coerced private companies into doing the same thing. All the conspiracy theories are coming true.”

Bodybuilder Doug Brignole went on record about putting his life on the line for the Covid shot. “If it doesn’t kill me, I told you so.” Then it killed him. Did he predict his own death? Investigative journalist and philosopher Tessa Lena gives you a free pdf of his fateful words.

A wearable meme; Hillary Killary‘s “Wanted For Murder” multicolor t-shirt with an image of Fauci either on the front or the back. “Whoever is standing behind you on the supermarket checkout line will be forced to see it.”

Send this to anyone who supports lockdown restrictions as we get into the winter of our discontent: Michael Osterholm shoots straight on masks on Rogan, March 10, 2020: “They’re not effective at all,” in 53 priceless seconds via Sage Hana.

Amy Sukwan, Thailand-based novelist and queen of memes, says the Eagles were right: we are all prisoners here of our own device;

Elephants in the room, princesses and peas and other fables recast via freedom fighter Super Sally in the Philippines

Bobby Sanabria‘s latin jazz band back Jenn Jade Ledesna in her nuanced conga interpretation of the classic Edgar Allen Poe poem The Bells: Darwin Noguera on piano, Andy Eulau on bass, Peter Brainin on sax.

Songwriter Matt Brevner speaks to hope for the future in More of Us over a trip-hop beat with a string section: “Please don’t be part of the problem.” Free download.

And here’s the new VanDongen preprint that’s gone viral, in case you didn’t see it. As Dr. David Martin has been saying since 2020, here’s more conclusive proof that Covid-19 has bioweaponeer Ralph Baric’s fingerprints all over it, from his gain-of-function work at the University of North Carolina lab. Download the free pdf for future study and evidence.

Let’s end this with something positive. Dr. Pam Popper may be best known as the founder of Make Americans Free Again, but she’s also an animal lover. “Animals aren’t property, they’re companions, they’re our roommates and our best friends!” In about four minutes, she shares a new study which confirms that cats and dogs have emotions measurable in oxytocin levels. Start the video at the 3 minute mark.

Halloween Month Singles, Vol. 1

Today is a big dump of really creepy stuff, but plenty of ridiculously funny video and some calmer, organically-rooted sounds to balance things out. Some songs, some visuals, a macabre video skit and a few short reads, a long album’s worth of entertainment. Click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, video or a quick read.

Soon-to-be-expat New Yorker Daisy Moses offers her usual spot-on, hilarious take on Lizzo using her expert lips and tongue on James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute. Too funny: 2-minute read with videos

Investigative journalist Joel Smalley discovers that he’s somehow received not just one but two Covid shots! The UK National Health system says he did but can’t explain how. Too funny. 28-second silent video

The Halloween video of the week comes to us via Mark Crispin Miller‘s weekly chronicle of the casualties of Operation Herod. Is it deadly to be in close contact with Charles In Charge? Scroll down to the third video,

Here’s ex-BlackRock hedge fund analyst Ed Dowd – the first to blow the whistle on the lethal Covid injection’s effect on all-cause mortality – on the Jerm Warfare podcast, via Sage Hana. This is one of her savagely spot-on videos, with a surprise ending

Here’s another funny one: Prof. Freedom’s Covid Religion video – a free download at Unbekoming (scroll down about 3/4 down the page). Plus a bonus chapter from Dr. Mark McDonald’s future classic 2020 broadside, United States of Fear.

Investigative journalist Etana Hecht suggests to a script-reading CDC contractor phone operator that she might want to turn whistleblower. The good stuff, with some VERY pregnant pauses, starts at about 6:50 in the audio of the phone call: scroll to the bottom of the page.

World Economic Forum infiltraitor Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand gets caught snorting blow on camera, thanks to Wittgenstein on Twitter via 2SG on Substack

Turfseer, the king of artsy protest anthems, has a not-so-secret second life as film composer and dramatist. Here’s his cruelly funny, cynical Twilight Zone parody, – Nightmare at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Will the rebel army make it to the underground bunkers where President Fauci is hiding out with Zuck and Gates? And whose side is that mysterious BLM protestor really on? There’s a surprise ending to this 21-minute video with a good original score

Reliably wide-ranging, inspiring freedom fighter, author and podcaster Bretigne Shaffer gives us a free pdf of her metaphorically savage short story Elixir of Fear.

Need a break from this relentless darkness? Crank up pianist/singer Maria Mendes‘ lavish, symphonic new big band jazz single Hermeto’s Fado for Maria, by the iconic Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal. That goofy synth break midway through will crack you up

The MammalsIf You Could Hear Me Now is a front-porch protest song for our time. “The money’s in charge of the black coal barge and there’s no more fish to be fishing.” Thanks to investigative journalism legend Celia Farber for passing this along.

Jude Roberts sings his elegantly snarling ragtime-flavored protest song Fall On Your Sword, Dr. Fauci, “the world’s biggest industry whore” who puts his greedy fingers into every fucking pie.

Americana songstress Monica Taylor delivers Rescues, a down-home red dirt Oklahoma shuffle with banjo and dobro,

Let’s wind this up with a shot of raw adrenaline: Lara Hope & the Ark-Tones ripping their way through their ghoulabilly hit I Drink to Your Health, with a searing Eddie Rion guitar solo

More Savagely Funny Protest Songs, Plandemic Parodies and New Videos From Turfseer

In the spring of 2020, it didn’t take long for songwriter Lewis Papier to get wise to the plandemic. He was outraged – as more artists should have been. So he and a rotating cast of hired guns – who were no doubt overjoyed to play his savagely satirical, often ridiculously funny songs – worked steadily on a series of singles. Recording under the name Turfseer, he would eventually put them up at Soundcloud as a whole album, Scamdemic Songs, in the fall of 2021.

This blog discovered them through Mark Crispin Miller’s invaluable News From Underground feed this past February, when there were a grand total of 33 songs on the playlist. It has since grown to 44! What’s more, there’s a growing collection of videos at Turfseer’s youtube channel, which mysteriously has not been censored. There’s at least one seriously LOL moment in all of them. If you’re bummed out by the prospect of more restrictions and endless doom porn, do yourself a favor and clipgrab these gems before they disappear. Watching the playlist for the first time, there was already a Youtube lethal injection propaganda pop-up ad in place by the third video. Then it disappeared…but sure enough, it was back for the song 1984 Is Here.

As a songwriter, Papier has an erudite grasp on a ton of styles: ornate art-rock, classic country, Beatlesque pop and more. The first of the videos is the Trust the Science Rag. ‘”You must refute and persecute all those who disagree,” Papier insists, over a rollicking piano tune. The video is a particularly apt Fatty Arbuckle/Buster Keaton silent film edit.

Is that one of the Chinese “big whites” spraying an empty bedroom with nameless toxic dust in the video for the darkly orchestrated, ELO-tinged Church of the Pandemic Mind?

The Virus Is My God, a southwestern gothic spoof of Covid true believers, has an irresistibly funny faux spaghetti western plotline: the devil is in the details!

The juxtaposition of the Salem Witch Trials and plandemic imagery in 1692 Was a Very Good Year, another ELO-esque gem, is spot-on. Sheeple University is a doctrinaire, churchy faux-Christian pop parody of wokester extremism: “Learn to bully, throw a fit, just obey and submit.”

The Commandant is one of the most chilling of the big art-rock numbers, with visuals to match: “We invented a monster that you’ll never see, how do you like that you’ll never be free?” O Holy Roman, another art-rock anthem, is just as metaphorically loaded. Turfseer’s insight into historical basis of plandemic brainwashing runs deep, underscored by the eerie folk-pop of The Ballad of Typhoid Mary.

Just Too Good to Be True, a country song, reflects the wave of deaths that followed the 2021 kill shot rollout. Another one from this past summer, You Didn’t Recognize Me, is a gorgeously bittersweet Amy Rigby soundalike, but with one of the most sinister undercurrents in the playlist

The most inspiring number on the original playlist, Forever Freedom Brigade, pops up in the middle of the videos. The Emperor’s New Clothes reflects the despondency that swept over the world before the freedom movement started growing toward critical mass.

Once in awhile Turfseer’s parody extends to music as well, as with the operatic spoof Vaccine, My Love; One Trick Pony, where he makes fun of lite FM piano pop; and In Toba Tek Singh, a searing Bollywood tale of the ravages of plandemic-induced poverty. The musicianship is strong all the way through: once in awhile there’s a sizzling solo, like the big guitar break in My Way Or the Highway Disease.

The playlist ends – at least at this point – on an optimistic note with a country song, Dawn of a New Day. And that, folks, is today’s installment of this month’s ongoing, daily Halloween celebration, which continues through the end of October. There will be more of the macabre, or at least something like it, here tomorrow.

Funny Memes, Big News and Some Good Singles For Sunday

Today’s singles page has about a half hour worth of good tunes and a couple of good visual jokes, but also a blockbuster video from one of the heroes of the freedom movement…and a stunning admission of guilt for crimes against humanity by a government insider. Click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, video, or just a good laugh.

As Etana Hecht reports, “Dr. Grace Lee is a Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, with a specialty in infectious diseases. She also currently serves as the chair of the US Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices, otherwise known as ACIP. ACIP is the only outside organization that the CDC consults with when recommending a vaccine. As such, she’s the perfect person to bring vaccine-related information to. When Yaffa Shir-Raz broke the story that the Israeli Ministry of Health covered up the true rate of vaccine side effects, Steve Kirsch thought it was critical that Dr. Lee be aware of the definitive data that came from that report. As it’s not information the CDC is acknowledging or publicizing, Mr. Kirsch assumed there’s a good chance that Dr. Lee had not yet come across that data. He proceeded to email her and call her at work to inform her of this critical information, yet all attempts at contact failed. He then attempted to deliver the news to her in person, as a process server would. On a visit to her door yesterday, Mr. Kirsch wrote a note asking Dr. Lee if she’d like to see the Israeli data, with a reminder that lives are at stake.”

Then Lee called the cops. Tension ensued – and Kirsch got it all on video. “Somebody is on the wrong side of history and it isn’t me.”

In 2 minutes 12 seconds, Dr. Paul Alexander reveals how the CDC’s Robert Redfield told him that the six-foot rule was completely made up and had no basis in science – via Celia Farber. “People died because of that six foot rule.”

Here’s 57 seconds of Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav on the psychology of compliance: pretty much all you need to know.

In a minute 20 seconds, the spiritual face of the Canadian freedom movement, Pastor Artur Pawlowski explains why “the fence belongs to the devil,” and you can’t sit on it. Either you’re on the side of the angels…or the other side.

Texas Lindsay compares lethal injection uptake and deaths by income to a familiar Pink Floyd soundtrack.

Chirpy singer Andrea Lynn’s band Iceblynk has a new single, Tragic, a skittishly catchy take on swirly/jangly early 90s Lush dreampop.

Julia Kugel of the Coathangers has a solo project she calls Julia, Julia. Her latest hazy, sad janglerock single, Do It Or Don’t, makes a good segue – with some gruesome imagery in the video!

Continuing with the dreampop, Emeryld’s Bombs Away is a louder, punchier take on it, as Garbage might have done it in the mid-90s. Speaking of creepy – check out the Jean-Paul Sartre visual reference in the first 20 seconds!

A.A. Williams‘ seven-minute art-rock trip-hop epic The Echo comes across as a less angst-fueled, self-absorbed Amanda Palmer, maybe

In addition to publishing one of the most intelligent, thoughtful daily news feeds out there, Joss Wynne Evans is also a connoisseur of poetry and a great reader. In about a minute and a half, he reads Nick Snowden Willey’s poem A Deep Perplexity That Has No Name. “Out on the moors last night I found the bones of memory…”

The Babylon Bee did a pretty hilarious skit about a Cali couple adjusting to a new life in the (mostly) free state of Texas, via Mark Crispin Miller‘s must-read Substack.

Another front-line freedom fighter, Brooklyn’s Brucha Weisberger gives us a newly creepy way to think of kids and smoking.

In addition to being one of the great prose stylists on the web, Amy Sukwan is the queen of memes. How do we solve global warming? Hint: the same way we got rid of Covid (not).

Let’s close this out with a harrowing look at the possible future and then a heartwarming alternate view. Want to know why the World Economic Forum is pushing so hard to keep muzzles on toddlers? Conditioning. This two-minute video of Chinese babies being groomed to submit to the New Abnormal will break your heart, via the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World Substack.

But there’s hope! Scroll to the very bottom for Tessa Lena’s look at cross-species compassion. The buffalos and the birds are showing us the way!

September Singles For a World Waking Up

Today’s mashup includes news, protest songs, videos and ridiculously funny memes. As usual, click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio, video, a piece of history or just a good joke.

Let’s start this slowly with Fiona Apple‘s Pale September: it’s her Gloomy Sunday.

But all hope is not lost! Here’s the irreplaceable Steve Kirsch‘s four-minute voicemail to the CDC regarding the underreporting factor in the VAERS vaccine-death and vaccine-injury database. Steve – the MIT-educated author and scientist who has written over 700 articles on the subject – says the multiplier is 41, which has been confirmed by multiple studies. Download and share!

Here’s Van Morrison and Eric Clapton doing their single Rebels, via the other New York daily music source, Mark Crispin Miller’s must-read News From Underground. “Where have all the rebels gone….hiding behind a computer screen?” Clapton’s fast fingers on the frets are back: good to see that the disabling effects of the Astra-Zeneca shot didn’t ruin his career.

Also on the page: Progress, by John Rich, a defiant anti-WEF country waltz: “You can have back your freedoms if you do what we say…stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.”

Anti-globalist metal valkyries Varsiana Foka hail from the Donbass, the Russian-speaking region which has been under fire since the 2014 color revolution in Ukraine. Their latest single is Donbass Is Behind Us (with English subtitles)

The most priceless send-off to Dr. Faulty for his scheduled departure so far is from Merienne Jensen, via El Gato Malo

And here’s the only interview Dr. Faulty wouldn’t do, via the woman who wanted to do it, Emerald Robinson

Tucker Carlson also has some gleefully venomous commentary on the Dr. Faulty departure : the first couple of minutes are a laugh riot

RFK Jr. weighed in on the matter with his usual gravitas: “The omerta is collapsing!” via Celia Farber

Dr. Pam Popper, author of the very first plandemic expose, COVID Operation, says let’s not get too comfortable with the new CDC “guidance.” “Two and a half years ago, the rallying cry was freedom. Now we want justice.”

With the latest developments in the ugly ongoing story of how the Covid shots ravage the female body, Daily Clout maven Naomi Wolf explains the grisly images of a placenta in the womb, overgrown with a spiderweb of accumulated spike protein. “The FDA, the CDC knew, and this image shows you that the lipid nanoparticles are designed to cross the blood-brain barrier, they are designed to get into the placenta.” Start the video at 2:45. For an excellent, succinct review of the backstory – birthrates dropping around the world, an explosion in neonatal deaths and ongoing research on prenatal birth defects – Etana Hecht offers a concise analysis with links.

Let’s end this with some comic relief. Artist Anne Gibbons’ weekly meme is Tedros the chef

And here’s the Sad World/Mad World phone addiction video, via Fran Leader. The song isn’t very good but the video is.

Memes and Singles of the Week For July 23

It’s been a crazy week. but the Great Awakening seems to be pushing the Great Reset off the cliff. Today’s playlist starts with some snarky visuals, then about 25 minutes worth of tunes and a shocking but cruelly funny bit of news. As always, click on artist or author names for their webpages, click on titles for audio and visuals – and make sure you use Brave or another browser with an ad blocker because some of the songs are at youtube.

Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words. This is so sweet. All the Dutch kids on their four-wheelers showing solidarity with the farmers protesting the World Economic Forum’s sick Agenda 2030! Thanks to the irreplaceable Tessa Lena for passing this along

Mathew Aldred shares the funniest social media gaffe of the week:

If masks worked, they would have been banned, just like hydroxichloroquine” via author Amy Sukwan.

Artist Anne Gibbonsmeme of the week is the Philanthropath of the Year Awards, inspired by Margaret Anna Alice’s must-read Substack. Let’s get the word “philanthropath” into the global urban dictionary!

Fran Leader, who for years has been tip of the spear among British activists sounding the alarm about the dangers of EMF exposure, has a great meme dump today: check out the “authoritarian virus” and the Matrix joke.

Now for some tunes! Satirist and documentarian Sage Hana has a characteristically spot-on video for a live, late-career version of Blondie’s One Way Or Another. Pay careful attention to the final frame

Jessie Kilguss wrote her janglerock anthem Great White Shark for a prison songwriting class….that she was teaching. The gist of this bittersweet gem is that maybe sharks aren’t so scary after all. Yikes!

Nina Diaz‘s Silly Situation turns mid-80s Cure inside out with a world-weary Marianne Faithfull angst.

Let’s take a dive into the deep end of the noir soul pool with a good segue from Lizzie No‘s Sweeter Than Strychnine into All Back, by Ali McGuirk

Lukas Lion‘s The Great Puppet Show, a creepy circus-rock hip-hop protest song, has gotten a lot of traction lately:

If we can make Hollywood movies, you think we can’t manipulate what the latest news is?
We’re the kings of illusion, we choose what the truth is.

Imagine a woman singing Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road and you get Kasey Waldon‘s Simple As Love

Let’s end this on a (very darkly) comedic note with the irreplaceable Dr. Pam Popper‘s commentary on the damning new memoir by the “scarf lady.” The founder of Make Americans Free Again unpacks the criminal Fauci’s co-conspirator Deborah Birx’s memoir in five minutes, letting her dig her own grave in admitting that she was the main proponent of the asymptomatic spread madness, and the testing madness of the early days of the plandemic. Birx even brags about how she subverted any attempt by the White House to return to normal. As Birx confesses, “They never managed to catch the subterfuge.” Start the video at about the two minute mark.