Music Index S-Z

THE ROBERT SABIN DECTET – haunting, lush, cinematic big band jazz themes
At Shapeshifter Lab 2/15/16
Humanity Part II

THE SACHAL STUDIOS ORCHESTRA – lavish Pakistani orchestral versions of classic Western themes

THE SADIES – the brilliant, noir Canadian janglerock/Americana/southwestern gothic band
Gord Downie, the Sadies & the Conquering Sun album
At Bowery Ballroom 5/2/14
Northern Passages
At Union Pool 6/30/18

MARIANA SADOVSKA – haunting, intense Carpathian folk themes and surreal, globally aware art-rock
At Lincoln Center 7/25/13
At Globalfest 2016

SALIM GHAZI SAEEDI – paradigm-shifting Iranian art-rock/metal/jazz multi-instrumentalist

SAFE HEX – catchy, anthemic 80s-style goth dance-rock instrumentals

JAMIE SAFT’S LONELINESS ROAD with Iggy Pop – torchy saloon jazz

SAFFRON – eclectic, often haunting, Rumi-inspired third-stream Indian jazz

MINDRA SAHADEO – hypnotic Indian carnatic harmonium music

AZIZ SAHMAOUI & UNIVERSITY OF GNAWA – elegant, catchy, propulsive Algerian rock
Their debut album
At Lincoln Center 7/31/13

ST. BERNADETTE – chanteuse Angela McCluskey and pianist Paul Cantelon’s torchy dancefloor swing band

ST. HELENA – drummer Tim Kuhl’s atmospheric postrock/downtempo/cinematic instrumental band

LARA ST. JOHN – dazzlingly eclectic classical, Balkan and klezmer violinist
At the Crypt Sessions 3/15/18

SAINT MAYBE – haunting, intense, psychedelic southwestern gothic rock

BETHANY ST. SMITH & THE GUN SHOW – soul, country and Americana rock

MICHEL SAJRAWY – brilliant, edgy Palestinian guitarist/composer

SALAAM – violinist Dena El Saffar’s exhilarating, slinky pan-Middle Eastern instrumental band
Train to Basra
Live in New York 10/26/13

EVA SALINA – charismatic chanteuse Eva Primack’s all-star gypsy/Balkan band
At the Ukrainian National Home 3/31/12
At Friends & Lovers 2/13/15
Lema Lema: Eva Salina Sings Saban Bajrmovic
At the American Folk Art Museum 3/4/16
At Drom 1/7/17
At Golden Fest 2017
At Golden Fest 2018
At Globalfest 2018
At the Brooklyn Folk Festival 4/7/18
At the Bryant Park Accordion Festival 8/29/18
At Golden Fest 2019

THE SALON/SANCTUARY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – enterprising baroque music ensemble

CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT – brilliant, chameleonic jazz singer/composer
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art 9/28/18
At the New Jersey Performing Arts Center 11/16/18

THE SAMBASUNDA QUINTET – innovative string-band arrangements of gamelan music

THE BOBBY SANABRIA MULTIVERSE BIG BAND – cutting-edge, epic latin jazz

SANDARAA – upbeat, edgy clarinet-driven mashups of klezmer and Pakistani themes
At Littlefield 5/23/15
Their debut album

SANDBOX PERCUSSION – mighty, sweeping, atmospheric indie classical ensemble

SANDCATCHERS – hypnotic, psychedelic mashups of Middle Eastern and pastoral Americana music

MARTA SANCHEZ – warmly lyrical Spanish-born jazz pianist

THE SANDWITCHES – Lynchian three-woman noir harmony rock band

AWA SANGHO – fiery, politically fearless Malian bandleader/singer

LES SANS CULOTTES – hilarious faux-French garage rock and psychedelic pop
At Hank’s 9/30/12
Les Dieux Ont Soif
She is Tossed By the Waves But Does Not Sink

LA SANTA CECILIA – catchy fenale-fronted latin rock and psychedelic cumbias with a smart political edge

PATRICIA SANTOS – intense, brilliantly eclectic, soulful cellist/songwriter, half of the Whiskey Girls duo

SASSPARILLA – eclectic, sometimes Tom Waits-influenced rock, blues and soul
The Darnedest Thing

SCENATET – amazingly eclectic Danish indie classical/avant garde ensemble

THE JAKE SCHEPPS QUINTET – ambitious newgrass group blending indie classical and traditional sounds

JENNY SCHEINMAN – eclectic violin virtuoso/composer

MARIA SCHNEIDER – acclaimed big band jazz bandleader and arguably this era’s greatest composer in any style of music
Winter Morning Walks
The Thompson Fields
At Birdland 6/2/15

MELANIE SCHOLTZ – riveting, powerful South African influenced jazz singer

BENJAMIN SCHOOS – quirky, clever new wave-flavored French pop

EMBER SCHRAG – haunting, brilliantly lyrical Great Plains gothic/psychedelic rock songwriter and bandleader
The Sewing Room
At Trans-Pecos 10/8/14
Live in Brooklyn 4/25/15
Live in Brooklyn 6/6/15
At Hifi Bar 7/2/15
At Trans-Pecos 8/23/15
The Folkadelphia Sessions ep
Secret Brooklyn show 6/6/16

DEBBY SCHWARTZ – nuanced, pensive, hypnotic dreampop and folk-rock songwriting
Garden of My Own
At the Treehouse at 2A 11/28/15

DRED SCOTT – cult favorite noir jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist 

WILL SCOTT – multistylistic blues guitar wizard and gothic Americana songwriter

SCOUT – pensive, intense, jangly female-fronted indie rock
Pi ep
At Rockwood Music Hall 12/13/11

SCRAPERS – blistering, tuneful, assaultive 1981-style NYC punk rock

BRANDON SEABROOK – one of the most ferociously eclectic guitarists in jazz
Die Trommel Fatale

DRINA SEAY – eclectic country/countrypolitan/Americana roots chanteuse
At Lakeside 10/7/11
At Zirzamni 3/10/13
At 2A 8/17/14

THE SECRET TRIO – intense Middle Eastern instrumental supergroup

SEE-I – trippy modern reggae and dub

KINNAR SEEN – powerful, dynamic Indian sitar virtuoso

VINCENT SEGAL & BALLAKE SISSOKO – rapturous, hypnotic cello/kora duo

THE ERICA SEGUINE/SHANNON BAKER JAZZ ORCHESTRA – mighty, diverse, cinematic big band
Soundcloud tracks
At Shrine 9/7/15

SEPTETO NATIONAL DE IGNACIO PINEIRO – legendary Cuban proto-salsa combo who date back to the 1920s

SERAPHIC FIRE – one of the world’s most innovative, lavish choral ensembles

SARA SERPA – quietly riveting, intense, clear-voiced jazz singer/composer
All the Dreams
A-cappella in NYC 6/2/17 – with Sofia Rei
Close Up

SETAMUR – dark, chilly, cinematic soundscapes

7HORSE – surreal, Stonesy, stoner bar-band rock and punk blues

75 DOLLAR BILL – intricate, serpentine psychedelic African guitar jamband

SEX SCHEME – funny, noisy, intense postpunk/noiserock band

SEXMOB – trumpeter Steven Bernstein’s noir cinematic jazz quartet, arguably NYC’s best jazz act
At the World Financial Center 9/27/12
Cinema Circus & Spaghetti: Film Music of Nino Rota
At Prospect Park 7/27/17

NOURA  MINT SEYMALI – powerful Mauritainian desert rock singer/bandleader
At Central Park Summerstage 7/5/14
At Lincoln Center 6/7/18

SEYYAH – haunting, slinky largescale Turkish music ensemble

HALIL SEZAI – dark, allusive, politically potent Turkish art-rock

SIMON SHAHEEN – the iconic, haunting, intense Palestinian-born oud virtuoso/composer
At Roulette 3/1/14
At Globalfest 2016

NASEER SHAMMA – brilliant, politically aware Iraqi-Egyptian oudist, composer and bandleader

TOM SHANER – dark, richly orchestrated, literate, psychedelic southwestern gothic rock
Ghost Songs, Waltzes & Rock & Roll
At Bowery Electric 12/18/12
I Hate to See Your Spirit Fade
At LIC Bar 2/13/19

SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL – brilliant, savagely lyrical paisley underground and new wave guitar rock

RAVI SHANKAR – you know who he is

KENNY SHANKER – tuneful, noir-inspired jazz saxophonist and bandleader

URI SHARLIN & THE DOGCAT ENSEMBLE – accordion-driven Brazilian/Israeli grooves

SHIVKUMAR SHARMA – the Indian santoor virtuoso

JOHN SHARPLES – eclectic, tuneful powerpop drummer/bandleader and AC/DC cover band maven
I Can Explain Everything
At Freddy’s 8/23/14

SHARQ ATTACK – darkly slinky, haunting jams on classic Middle Eastern bellydance themes

SHATTERED GLASS – haunting, epic, cinematic string orchestra

JODI SHAW – smart, frequently harrowing literate chamber pop

SHE’KOYOKH – exhilarating eight-piece Balkan/Middle Eastern/klezmer jamband

THE SHELTERS – eclectic, anthemic 60s style psychedelia and garage rock

SHERITA – haunting, intense original Turkish and Balkan acoustic jamband

SAM SHERWIN – late 70s style powerpop

ELIJAH SHIFFER – hilarious, irreverent saxophonist/composer

AMANDA SHIRES – powerful, eclectic, vivid Texas Americana songwriter and violinist
My Piece of Land
At Lincoln Center 8/12/17

SXIP SHIREY – boisterously cinematic Romany-inspired one-man band

ILYA SHNEYVEYS – lush, epically obscure klezmer accordion tunes

PHIL SHOENFELT & PAVEL CINGL – a live acoustic album by the brooding Czech gothic rockers

THE SHOFAR TRIO – intense, brooding jams on ancient Jewish ngunim themes

DEENA SHOSHKES – catchy, playful, fun, jangly indie pop and vintage C&W sounds

AARON SHRAGGE – soaring, hypnotic Indian trumpeter/shakuhachi player

SHTREIML – exhilarating, funky Quebecois Turkish/Jewish jamband

JEN SHYU – dynamic, powerful pan-Asian indie classical/jazz composer and singer
At Roulette 3/28/16
Song of Silver Geese
At Winter Jazzfest 2019

SHULAMIT – subtle, eclectic Italian klezmer and global music singer

SIACH HASADEH – haunting, otherworldly improvisational versions of ancient Jewish melodies
Song of the Grasses
Live in NYC 3/4/14

THE SIC FUCKS – theatrical 70s CBGB punk rock legends, still going strong

THE SIDESHOW TRAGEDY – edgy, intense, grimly apocalyptic noir punk blues from Austin
The View From Nowhere

MATT SIFFERT – edgy, intense, astringent, cleverly lyrical songwriter with string quartet

SIGNAL FIRE – catchy purist oldschool roots reggae band 

THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE – cutting-edge new global orchestral works

EDWARD SIMON – lush, haunting Venezuelan jazz pianist/composer
Sorrows & Triumphs

THOMAS SIMON – hypnotic guitar-based cinematic soundscapes
At the Delancey 8/16/11
At the Delancey 3/19/12

MARK SINNIS – lyrically-driven Nashville gothic with ominous baritone vocals
At Arlene’s, 2000
At Madame X, 10/20/13
It’s Been a Long Cold Hard Lonely Winter
At the Mohansic Grill & Lounge 11/22/14
One Red Rose Among the Dying Leaves
At Sue’s Sunset House 6/24-25/17

FARAH SIRAJ – eclectic flamenco and Romany-influenced Middle Eastern singer

THE SIRIUS QUARTET – intense microtonal indie classical ensemble

BALLAKE SISSOKO & VINCENT SEGAL – rapturous, eclectic kora/cello duo

SISTER ANNE – diverse female-fronted post-Stooges and MC5-influenced punk

SISTER CRAYON – hypnoic dreampop-influenced trip-hop band from Sacramento

SISTER SPARROW & THE DIRTY BIRDS – tight funky female-fronted jamband

THE SISTERHOOD OF SWING – Lincoln Center’s great all-female swing band

SISTERMONK – catchy Middle Eastern-influenced groove-oriented jamband

THE SKATALITES – you know who they are

SKINNY LISTER – fun, high-energy English folk and sea chanteys done acoustic punk style

SKOOSHNY – the great cult favorite lyrical Los Angeles powerpop/psychedelic pop band

THE SKULL PRACTITIONERS – wild, savage noiserock band led by Steve Wynn lead guitar monster Jason Victor
ST-1 cassette ep
At Pine Box Rock Shop 10/31/14

SKY PICNIC – epic, sweeping, majestic spacerock and art-rock anthems

THE SKYLARK VOCAL ENSEMBLE – lush, vivid historically-informed choir
Crossing Over
At the French Institute 4/27/17

SLAVEYA WOMEN’S CHOIR – stark, eclectic Eastern European choral music

SLAVIC SOUL PARTY – Balkan brass with hip-hop and Ellington influences

SLEEPMAKESWAVES – anthemic, cinematic dreampop/art-rock instrumentals

THE SLEEPY HAHAS – catchy psychedelic heavy pop jamband

JP SCHLEGELMILCH – Hearing Things’ eclectic, jazz-inspired keyboardist

SLIM WRAY – an original, tuneful mix of wry garage rock and punk blues

SLOAN – catchy psychedelic pop and powerpop from the Canadian Guided By Voices

SLOBBER PUP – haphazardly dark, aggressive psychedelic/noiserock power trio

SLOPES OF DISTANT HILLS – pensive, thoughtful, eclectic Nick Drake-ish folk-rock

SLOW SEASON – explosive metal band blending doom themes with southern boogie rock
At St. Vitus 7/18/15
Their debut album remastered

SLOW SUCK – careening, dark, female-fronted, noisy gutter blues and punk-flavored songs

SLV – Pistolera frontwoman Sandra Lilia Velasquez’ sultry downtempo pop project
Their first album
At Shrine 6/25/14

SLY & ROBBIE – arguably the greatest rhythm section in the history of roots reggae

HASKELL SMALL – classical pianist and composer specializing in quiet, haunting music
At Christ & St. Stephen’s Church 3/28/14
At St. Malachy’s Chapel 5/10/16

SARAH SMALL – daughter of Haskell – incredibly diverse Balkan/classical singer

DANIEL SMITH – the Charlie Parker of the bassoon

ERICA SMITH – haunting, nuanced Americana/janglerock/jazz chanteuse and songwriter
At the Jalopy 2/19/15
At 2A 5/31/15
One for My Baby
At 2A 10/7/18

GREG SMITH & THE BROKEN ENGLISH – catchy, anthemic Americana and highway rock

LIANNE SMITH – eclectic, brilliantly lyrical noir Americana/powerpop songwriter
Two Sides of a River
At the Treehouse at 2A 11/28/15

PATTI SMITH – you know who she is
At Barnes & Noble Union Square 6/7/12
At the French Alliance 10/2/14
At Lincoln Center 7/20/16

WADADA LEO SMITH – the iconic trumpeter/composer/improvisational bandleader
At Brooklyn Conservatory of Music 6/7/15
At the Met Breuer 3/30/16

SMOD – catchy, socially aware acoustic hip-hop/rock from Mali

THE SMOKE FAIRIES – catchy, anthemic, crepuscular female trip-hop/darkwave duo

DAVID SMOOKE – innovative, uneasy, cinematic toy pianist/composer

SMOOTA – trombonist Dave Smith’s hilarious spoof of boudoir soul music

SARAH KIRKLAND SNIDER – state-of-the-art cinematic indie classical composer

THE SNOW – haunting, lush, epic and witty lyrically-driven art-rock
At Union Hall 10/11/12
Disaster is Your Mistress

SOJA – the popular, smart, politically savvy modern roots reggae band

G.W. SOK – the frontman of Amsterdam postpunks the Ex collaborates with pyrotechnic British noiserock band Action Beat

CAROLANN SOLEBELLO – intense, smart Americana songwriter

SILVIO SOLIS – virtuoso Paraguayan harpist and harp builder

EMILIO SOLLA – imaginative, eclectic tango/latin jazz pianist/bandleader

THE SOMETIME BOYS – smart, edgy, brilliantly eclectic female-fronted acoustic Americana rock
Ice & Blood
At Bar 9 8/28/14
At Freddy’s 11/20/15

SON OF SKOOSHNY – gorgeous, jangly, deviously literate Rickenbacker guitar powerpop and art-rock
Mid Century Mod
Matchless Gifts 2006-2016

SONDORGO – spiky, upbeat Hungarian and Serbian tambura folk dances

SONGHOY BLUES – fiery, psychedelic, eclectic Malian duskcore band 

SONTAG SHOGUN – atmospheric, psychedelic, Eno-esque soundscapes and piano-based art-rock
Their debut album
At the Silent Barn 9/12/14

JOAN SORIANO – the purist Dominican “Duque de la Bachata” 

OMAR SOULEYMAN – popular, soulful, politically fearless Syrian crooner
To Syria with Love
At the Poisson Rouge 5/11/17

SAM SOWYRDA – atmospheric, dynamic vibraphonist/composer

THE SPACE MERCHANTS – the missing link between the Stooges and X

SPAIN – moody, often Lynchian blue-eyed soul, jazz-tinged indie pop and edgy blues

SPANGLISH FLY – high-energy, jazz-infused new latin soul and psychedelic salsa
Barbes Residency, December-January 2014-15
Brooklyn Boogaloo
At SOB’s 2/4/17
Ay Que Boogaloo

SPANKING CHARLENE – edgy Americana punk rock with an intense frontwoman
Where Are the Freaks
At the Ding Dong Lounge 10/27/12

JACK SPANN – brilliant blues, ragtime, stride and rock pianist
Time, Time, Time, Time
Beautiful Man From Mars

THE SPECTRUM SYMPHONY – exciting, dynamic up-and-coming New York symphony orchestra
In concert 3/24/14 – Prokofiev/Brahms/Wharton
In concert 1/14/15 – Massenet/Mozart/Haydn
In concert 1/22/16: Beethoven and Mozart
In concert 11/4/16 – Poulenc, Balint Korosi, Bach and Mendelssohn

THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION – you know who they are …right?

SPINDRIFT – playful, Tarantinoesque southwestern gothic rock

SPIRIT RADIO – uneasy, ghostly loopmusic atmospherics

THE SPLIT SQUAD – ferocious powerpop and garage punk by members of the Baseball Project, Blondie, Fleshtones and Plimsouls

SPOTTISWOODE – intricate, powerfully lyrical, Britfolk-tinged art-rock and noir cabaret
Live in NYC 11/16/12
English Dream
Lost in the City
At Joe’s Pub 11/30/18

SPUYTEN DUYVIL – catchy, eclectic acoustic Americana

THE SPY FROM CAIRO – haunting, trippy Middle Eastern reggae and trip-hop grooves

GREG SQUARED’S GREAT CIRCLES – wild, ornate, original Balkan brass compositions from the Raya Brass Band reedman
At Barbes 3/6/16
At Barbes 3/1/18

THE SQUEEGEE MEN – sardonic, careening surf rock and cowpunk

SQURL – filmmaker Jim Jarmusch‘s hypnotic, psychedelic, post-Velvets jamband
Their 3rd ep
At the World Financial Center 2/17/15

SSING SSING – high-energy Korean disco band 


RON STABINSKY – cleverly improvisational, wit-infused piano improvisations

DANIEL STAMPFEL – catchy, propulsive powerpop from the Inevitable Breakups’ frontman


MAVIS STAPLES – politically fearless soul music icon

TAMMY FAYE STARLITE – the funniest, most subversive comedienne/chanteuse in NYC
Nico: Chelsea Madchen
Her Lincoln Center Debut – Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English

JEN STARSINIC – unselfconsciously poignant newschool and retro Americana songwriter

ANDY STATMAN – the renowned bluegrass mandolinist and klezmer clarinet virtuoso

THE STEEL CITY JUG SLAMMERS – wild newschool jug band music

THE STEEL WHEELS – catchy, tuneful original acoustic Americana

THE STEEP CANYON RANGERS – exciting newgrass from Steve Martin’s backing band
Tell the Ones I Love

DIMITRIOS STEFANIDES – powerful pontic lira player and Aegean crooner

MARK STEINER – menacing, wryly humorous noir rock crooner/guitarist

LIZA STEPANOVA – rising star classical pianist

EMMA GRACE STEPHENSON – dark, thoughtful jazz pianist and songwriter

LARRY STEPHENSON – tenor bluegrass singer with a great band

JOANNA STERNBERG – feisty, elegant, witty acoustic Americana songwriter
Lullaby to Myself
At the American Folk Art Museum 4/1/16

COLIN STETSON – eclectic bass sax virtuoso and live techno composer
With Sarah Neufeld 10/13/16
Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3 Live 10/13/17

TEV STEVIG – brilliant, eclectic guitarist playing Balkan classics on solo acoustic fretless guitar

STICK AGAINST STONE ORCHESTRA – recently reunited, legendary Pittsburgh punk funk band

THE JON STICKLEY TRIO – cinematic, shapeshifting newgrass jamband

PAMELIA STICKNEY – the world’s most tuneful, adventurous theremin player

STILE ANTICO – prolific, vastly eclectic UK early music choir
Divine Theatre: Sacred Motets by Giaches De Wert
Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories

STILL CORNERS – haunting, cinematic London new wave pop duo

MIKE STINSON – funny, aphoristic, smart retro country/highway rock songwriter

JAYME STONE – amazingly eclectic banjo player/composer and reinventor of obscure folk classics

CW STONEKING – amazingly retro 1930s style hokum blues and noir swing tunes

STRANGE BUT SURF – catchy, high-energy original surf rock instrumentals

THE STRANGLERS – dark, eclectic, sardonic punk-era British cult band

THE STRAWBS – the perennially vital British psychedelic/folk-rock/art-rock band

STRYJO – dark, playfully improvised songs without words from this Polish trio

THE STRING ORCHESTRA OF BROOKLYN – eclectic indie classical ensemble

NORA JANE STRUTHERS – Americana songwriter equally adept at newgrass and fiery highway rock

STUPIDITY – purist garage punk band from Stockholm

YUHAN SU – kinetic, individualistic jazz vibraphonist

SULFUR CITY – fearlessly populist psychedelic garage punk, gutter blues and soul band

BENNETT SULLIVAN – cutting-edge newgrass instrumentals from this excellent banjo player/songwriter

THE SULTANS OF STRING – amazingly eclectic Romany/Middle Eastern/Celtic/flamenco string band

THE SULTANS OF SWING BIG BAND – conductor David Berger’s purist orchestra

SUMMER FICTION – catchy, purist 60s-style psychedelic pop and janglerock

HELEN SUNG – vivid, dynamic, poetically-inspired jazz pianist/composer
At the Jazz Standard 5/30/17
Helen Sung with Words

SUNSHINE – imaginative lo-fi oldschool blues and soul band

SUNWATCHERS – catchy, hard-driving postrock instrumentals

SUPER HI-FI – dark dub reggae with Afrobeat tinges
Dub to the Bone
Yule Analog Vol. 1: A Very Dubby Christmas
Yule Analog Vol. 2
At Brooklyn Bowl 12/16/15

SUPERSILENT – ironically named, ear-shattering industrial music

SURFACE TO AIR – guitarist Jonathan Goldberger’s Middle Eastern/Indian trio

SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. – literate, humorous C&W parodies

SUSS – haunting, Lynchian ambient Nashville gothic themes 

SVETLANA & THE DELANCEY FIVE – vivid, cosmopolitan swing jazz band
Night at the Speakeasy
At the Back Room 6/20/16
At Lucille’s 6/23/16
At the Blue Note 11/27/16
At the Blue Note 6/4/17
At the Blue Note 6/30/18
At Birdland 9/27/18

SVETLANA & THE EASTERN BLOKHEDZ – coyly psychedelic covers of Soviet pop from the 1960s

ALICIA SVIGALS – blazing, feral klezmer violinist and composer

TOM SWAFFORD’S STRING POWER – wild, improvisational string orchestra
At Barbes 4/20/16
Their debut album

THE SWAY MACHINERY – edgy guitar-fueled psychedelic rock with desert rock and ancient Jewish influences
Purity & Danger
You Will Love No One But Me
At Joe’s Pub 8/4/16

THE SWEET AS BROKEN DATES COMPILATION – rare Somali sounds from the 70s and 80s

THE SWEET BITTERS – lush, lyrical, harmony-driven chamber pop, acoustic rock and Americana

SWEET SOUBRETTE – torchy chanteuse Ellia Bisker’s lush chamber pop project
Burning City
At Joe’s Pub 9/2/15
Live at Joe’s Pub album

THE SWEETBACK SISTERS – period-perfect, sultry, badass oldschool country songs
Looking for a Fight
Live on the Fourth of July 2012
At City Winery 8/19/14
King of Killing Time

KELLEY SWINDALL – intense, purist oldschool talking blues, noir Americana and murder ballads
Her debut album
At Mercury Lounge 11/13/14
Live in NYC 2014-2015
At B.B. King’s 6/22/16

THE SWINGAROOS – playful, eclectic female-fronted original hot swing jazz band

SYBARITE5 – eclectic indie classical ensemble and Radiohead reinventors
Everything in Its Right Place

TA AIDHONIA – rustic, otherworldly Thracian folk music for mixed choir

THE TAKSIM TRIO – haunting, intricate, virtuosic Turkish classical and folk ensemble

TALAVYA – wild, hypnotic, furiously kinetic Indian tabla-and-harmonium ensemble

THE TALINN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – lavish Estonian classical ensemble

TOM TALLITSCH – wickedly tuneful postbop tenor saxophonist/composer
All Together Now

SOFIA TALVIK – sweeping, vivid Great Plains Americana songwriter

THE TARANTINOS NYC – catchy, anthemic, sometimes ornate surf rock and movie themes
At Otto’s 8/4/12
Surfing the Silver Screen

THE TARRAS BAND – two generations of jazz talent playing clarinet legend Dave Tarras’ Jewish jazz

DUDU TASSA & THE KUWAITIS – fiery Iranian-flavored Middle Eastern guitar jazz grooves

TATTOO MONEY – hilarious loopmusic mashups of hip-hop, psychedelic soul, funk and blues

TAVCHE GRAVCHE – elegant Balkan jazz trio

TCHEKA – energetic Cape Verdean acoustic songwriter

THE TEA CLUB – epic, symphonic yet terse and catchy art-rock and psychedelia
Quickly Quickly Quickly

TOM TEASLEY – hypnotic, psychedelic, Middle Eastern/gamelanesque instrumental grooves

THE TELEGRAPH QUARTET – dynamic string quartet

THE TEMPLE ROCKERS – roots reggae versions of classic Jewish songs

10 FOOT GANJA PLANT – eclectic John Brown’s Body spinoff playing classic dub reggae

TERAKAFT – hypnotic, psychedelic, politically aware desert blues from Mali
Kel Tamasheq

TERRIBLE FEELINGS – ferocious female-fronted oldschool style Swedish punk rock

GRACIE TERZIAN – original, cool, alluringly low-key vocal jazz songwriter and chanteuse

BRANDON TERZIC – eclectic, fiery oudist and composer

ROB TETER – catchy, jangly, gypsy-influenced powerpop and soul music

TEXAS TEA – intriguing, often dark Americana and retro pop from Brisbane

THEE OH SEES – trppy dark garage rock and psychedelia from ths popular California band
Putrifiers II
Singles Collection
Manipulator Defeated At Last

THEE SHAMBELS – intense, theatrical Irish-flavored noir folk-rock
At Zirzamin 8/10/12
Lonely a la Mode

THESE NEW PURITANS – haunting, ethereal, cinematic indie classical, postrock and art-rock
Field of Reeds
At Bowery Ballroom 4/30/14

HANNAH THIEM – soaring, intense, Balkan, Nordic, Middle Eastern  and classically-tinged violin rock grooves
At Mercury Lounge 5/29/14
Brym album

THINGNY – innovative, fearlessly funny, politically relevant indie classical chamber group

THIRD WORLD – the famous Jamaican roots reggae/soul band from the 70s

JG THIRLWELL – gothic, industrial and horror film soundtrack icon
Imponderable soundtrack

BRIANNA THOMAS – eclectic, purist up-and-coming jazz singer/bandleader
At the Charlie Parker Festival 2014
At Metrotech Park 7/28/16
At Lincoln Center 10/12/17

SHELLEY THOMAS – brilliant Middle Eastern and Balkan singer and bandleader

KAMI THOMPSON – Richard & Linda’s daughter sings plaintive, tuneful folk-pop

RICHARD THOMPSON – Kami’s and Teddy’s dad
At Joe’s Pub 2/6/13
At NJPAC 4/22/15

AMANDA THORPE – torchy, lyrical, intense Britfolk/chamber pop/jazz chanteuse/bandleader
Bewitching Me: The Lyrics of Yip Harburg
At the Treehouse at 2A 11/28/15

3MA – the supergroup of oudist Driss El Maloumi, kora player Ballake Sissoko and valiha harp player Rajery

THE THRIFT STORE COWBOYS – menacing southwestern gothic and alt-country

THUMBSCREW – edgy jazz trio: guitarist Mary Halvorson, drummer Tomas Fujiwara and bassist Michael Formanek
Their debut album

THE TICKLED PINKS – NYC’S best underground swing harmony supergroup
At Hank’s 4/19/18; at Pete’s 4/22/18

CHRISTOPHER TIGNOR – haunting, poignant, cinematic indie classical string music
At the Silent Barn 9/12/14
At Littlefield 11/21/14

TIGUE – hypnotically kinetic postrock/indie classical percussion trio

TIMATIM FITFIT – haunting, creepy circus rock and noir cabaret

TIPSY OXCART – fiery reinventions of classic songs from across the Balkans
Meet Tipsy Oxcart
Upside Down
At Madison Square Park 7/26/17

RUSS TOLMAN – True West’s darkly brilliant psychedelic/Americana rock songwriter
At Pete’s Candy Store 9/14/17

VLADA TOMOVA – Bulgarian folk chanteuse/bandleader

TONGUES IN TREES – hypnotic, kinetic, psychedelic classical Indian and indie classical-inspired grooves

THE TOOMAI STRING QUINTET – lush latin and salsa music arranged for strings

LIZ TORMES – haunting, intense, lyrically rich Nashville gothic songs
At Zirzamin 8/5/12
At the American Folk Art Museum 10/23/15

SOFIA TOSELLO – eclectic, poignant tango and pan-latin singer

TOUCHED BY GHOUL – fiery Siouxsie-esque dark punkish rock

SAMBA TOURE – Malian desert blues

VIEUX FARKA TOURE – pyrotechnic guitarist and son of Malian legend Ali Farka Toure

THE TOURE-RAICHEL COLLECTIVE – desert blues and Middle Eastern piano jams

TOWN MOUNTAIN – edgy, clever bluegrass band from Asheville, North Carolina
Leave the Bottle
At Zirzamin 2/17/13
ive at the Isis

TRACY ISLAND – intriguingly jangly new psychedelic pop band
At Local 269 7/19/12
War No More
At Bowery Electric 11/3/15

TRAILER RADIO – oldschool honkytonk/blues band with funny lyrics and a charismatic singer
Their debut album
At the American Folk Art Museum 10/11/13
Country Girls Ain’t Cheap

TRAMPLED BY TURTLES – catchy stadium rock anthems recast as Americana and newgrass

THE TRANSATLANTIC ENSEMBLE – virtuoso clarinet/piano duo playing Pan-American music

TRANSLUCENT BORDERS – NYU’s Middle Eastern-flavored refugee camp jamband

LOBI TRAORE – the late great Malian desert blues guitarist

TRAVELING CIRCLE – eerie, hypnotic postpunk/stoner grooves

LARA TRAUM – dynamic singer tracing Jewish influence throughout Russian art-song

ABBY TRAVIS – haunting, torchy noir art-rock chanteuse

TREDICI BACCI – artsy, psychedelic themes inspired by classic Italian film scores
Amore Per Tutti
At Barbes 7/19/17
La Fine del Futuro

TREEHOUSE – fiery, guitar-fueled newschool roots reggae, dub and psychedelic rock

D. TREUT – jazz drummer Dave Treut’s psychedelic kitchen-sink solo project

TRIBECASTAN – original Balkan/Middle Eastern/Latin/Mediterranean stoner music
New Deli
New Songs from the Old Country
At Drom 9/27/13
Goddess Polka Dottess

TRIBU BAHARU – wild, psychedelic Colombian champeta dance band

TRIO DA KALI – rippling, rustic, kinetic, politically-inspired Malian folk

LE TRIO JOUBRAN – arguably the world’s greatest Middle Eastern oud ensemble
In the Shadow of Words dvd
At the Lincoln Center Festival 7/29/17

TRIO TRITTICALI – eclectic, exhilarating tango/Middle Eastern/indie classical string trio

TRIO VITRUVI – rising star chamber music ensemble

TRI-STATE CONSPIRACY – ferocious, politically aware psycho swing and ska-punk

ERNEST TROOST – intense, literate, haunting noir Americana/alt-country songwriter

TROUBLE KAZE – pianist Satoko Fujii’s hilariously cinematic free jazz quartet

DAN TRUEMAN – pioneering hardanger fiddler and electronic music inventor

SHANA TUCKER – eclectic cellist-songwriter blending soul, jazz and chamber pop

TUMBLING BONES – high-energy bluegrass, country blues and oldtime string band music
Risk Not Your Soul

TUOMO & MARKUS – Lynchian spaghetti western and Americana themes

TURKUAZ – wild, slyly woozy ten-piece psychedelic funk and Afrobeat band

REBECCA TURNER – brilliant Americana singer and country/Laurel Canyon pop songwriter
At Freddy’s 8/23/14
At Bowery Electric 11/3/15
At Hifi Bar 5/10/16

TWIN GUNS – raw, reverb-drenched, noir garage punk, ghoulabilly and surf rock
Sweet Dreams
The Last Picture Show
Imaginary World

THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND – edgy, comedic, period-perfect oldtimey swing, country and jazz
Two At a Time
Enthusiastic Attempts At Hot Swing and String Band Favorites

TWO OUT RALLY – catchy janglerock band with some of the best rock sax playing ever recorded

2/3 GOAT – socially aware, catchy acoustic Americana rock

MCCOY TYNER – the distinctive, legendary, hard-hitting jazz pianist and composer

TZAR FEATURING MOIST PAULA HENDERSON – trippy, haunting downtempo jazz grooves

THE UKULADIES – comedic, theatrical, socially aware uke swing quartet

UKULELE SCRAMBLE – hilarious mashups of diverse styles played on uke

JULIA ULEHLA – intense, compelling, eclectic indie classical/psychedelic Balkan folk singer

MATT ULERY – lushly cinematic indie classical/jazz bassist/composer/bandleader

STEPHEN ULRICH – this era’s most intense, distinctive film noir composer
Art and Craft soundtrack
At Barbes 10/14/16
At Barbes 3/18/17

ULRICH ZIEGLER – the Big Lazy spinoff play intense guitar-driven noir soundtrack instrumentals
At Barbes 8/17/12
Their debut album

KOJIRO UMEZAKI – atmospheric, hypnotic indie classical composer and shakuhachi virtuoso

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS – menacing, macabre stoner metal and 70s psychedelia

UNDERGROUND SYSTEM – high-voltage female-fronted Afrobeat jamband

UNDERHILL ROSE – charmingly harmony-driven, dynamic three-woman newgrass band

THE UNIVERSAL THUMP – lush, playfully psychedelic, richly orchestrated, female-fronted art-rock
Their debut album
Walking the Cat ep; at Barbes 7/28/15

UNSILENT NIGHT – Phil Kline’s interactive, annual “boombox symphony” parade

THE GREGORIO URIBE BIG BAND – lush, intricate, accordion-fue;ed cumbia and salsa jazz
Cumbia Universal
At Drom 1/18/16

US TODAY – playful, kinetic, psychedelic postrock vibes/guitar/drums trio

GEORGE USHER AND LISA BURNS – impeccably crafted, pensive janglerock, powerpop and Americana

THE UTAH SYMPHONY – first class orchestra in an unexpected place

UZELLI PSYCHEDELIC ANADOLU – haunting Turkish psychedelia

IMANI UZURI – hypnotic, soaring acoustic gypsy-tinged soul and funk

BOBBY VACANT & THE WORN – dark literate eclectic indie folk and garage rock

VACATIONER – psychedelic electro-soul

VAGABOND SWING – high-energy psychedelic gypsy punk rock from Louisiana

THE AMIR VAHAB QUARTET – haunting Persian and Turkish tar lute music

THE VANGUARD JAZZ ORCHESTRA – the state-of-the-art modern jazz big band

GUILLERMO VAISMAN – eclectic virtuoso chamame and tango accordionist

EDNA VAZQUEZ – intense mariachi noir and psychedelic Mexican folk-rock bandleader

ALFONSO VELEZ – catchy, dark, artsy, goth-tinged rock tunesmith

JASNA VELICKOVICH – intriguing, rhythmic indie classical composer-performer

THE VELOCITY DUO – singer Lauren Lee and bassist Charley Sabatino’s wry improvisational project

JACKIE VENSON – fiery, eclectic Texas blues, psychedelic rock and funk guitarist

VENTANAS – fiery flamenco/Middle Eastern/Romany/Mediterranean string band

VERY BE CAREFUL – the legendary Venezuelan-American punk vallenato band
Remember Me From the Party
Daisy’s Beauty Salon

VERY SPECIAL RECORDINGS’ BROOKLYN MIXTAPE – trippy jamband, dub, funk, Afrobeat, pastoral jazz and indie classical sounds

VEVERITSE BRASS BAND – high-energy, haunting improvisational Balkan grooves
At Barbes 6/29/12
At Barbes 7/4/17
At Golden Fest 2019

FERNANDO VICICONTE – haunting southwestern gothic, folk noir and paisley underground rock

RAQUEL VIDAL & THE MONDAY MEN – alluring, swinging Lynchian rock band
At Desmond’s 2/19/16

VIKING – haunting oldtime noir blues guitarist/pianist/songwriter

LAURA VILCHE – terse, purposeful Argentine and Paraguyan accordion music

VILLA DELIRIUM – witty, ghoulish noir cabaret, chamber pop and circus rock
At Barbes Halloween 2013
At Barbes 2/14/16

OLGA VINOKUR – lyrical Russian-born classical pianist

LILY VIRGINIA – catchy, organic guitar-driven trip-hop and corporate urban pop

VISUAL MUSIC CIRCUS – colorful, cinematic, shapeshifting jazz and classically-inflected instrumentals

VAN-ANH VANESSA VO – intricate, atmospheric new versions of Vietnamese folk tunes

SASCHA VON OERTZEN – acclaimed National Sawdust sound designer/engineer

BEN VON WILDENHAUS – noir guitar instrumental virtuoso
At Zebulon 5/14/12
His second album

MIQAYEL VOSKANYAN – haunting Armenian tar lute player with his jamband

VOX URBANA – darkly slinky Tucson psychedelic cumbia and Ethiopian groove band

CHARENEE WADE – eclectic jazz chanteuse and Gil Scott-Heron reinterpreter
Offering: The Music of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson
At Metrotech Park 7/28/16

MARK WADE – colorful, cinematic jazz bassist/composer

HENRY WAGONS – menacing noir rock, dark country and rockabilly from Melbourne, Australia

WAHID – haunting, melancholy oud music with Middle Eastern and Indian influences

WHEELER WALKER JR. – the most twisted, X-rated songwriter in country music

WALLACE ON FIRE – imaginative country blues-tinged acoustic rock
Live 1/16/12
Live 6/24/12

JOANNA WALLFISCH – pensive, vivid, jazz-inflected art-rock singer/pianist
The Origin of Adjustable Things
Gardens in My Mind
Blood & Bone

PAUL WALLFISCH – the Botanica frontman and brilliant improvisational pianist
At the Delancey 5/7/12
At the Owl 4/8/16

ROMAN WALLFISCH – eclectic, cleverly lyrical, tuneful guitarist/songwriter

WALTER EGO – literate, humorous rock/powerpop songwriter
Busking in Williamsburg 9/22/11
At Otto’s 1/28/12

At Otto’s 3/17/12
Live in NYC 6/19 and 8/10/14
24 in 2015 album

HANZHI WANG – eclectic virtuoso classical accordionist

THE WAR & TREATY – passionate, anthemic oldschool soul band

MADISEN WARD & THE MAMA BEAR – enigmatic, artful acoustic Americana duo

THE WARLOCKS – catchy, jangly, uneasy psychedelic rockers

TOM WARNICK – wry, blackly humorous noir rock, blues and psychedelia
At Freddy’s 3/7/15
Side Effects

WATER SEED – trippy psychedelic funk and hypnotic dancefloor grooves

NICK WATERHOUSE – lurid oldschool noir soul and 60s style psychedelic rock

DALE WATSON – iconoclastic, funny-as-hell outlaw honkytonk songwriter/crooner/bandleader

WILLIE WATSON – terse, haunting oldtime folk and gothic Americana singer/guitarist

WAVE SLEEP WAVE – hypnotic vintage-style dreampop from the Blam’s Jerry Adler

DIANA WAYBURN’S DANCE OF THE WORLD ENSEMBLE – kinetic, sometimes haunting, cinematic instrumentals

WAYLON SPEED – high-energy original highway rock, hard honkytonk and southern metal-tinged anthems

THE WEAL AND WOE – oldtime 1950s style harmony-driven country music

JOANNE WEAVER – enigmatic, eclectic, coolly noir chanteuse and bandleader

TAJ WEEKES & ADOWA – smart, politically conscious classic 70s style roots reggae

EMILIE WEIBEL – clever, quirky downtempo/trip-hop/atmospheric singer

WEINF – haunting, Doors-ish Spanish retro 60s psychedelic rock band

THE DAN WEISS LARGE ENSEMBLE – improvisational, witty, erudite new big band jazz

ORION WEISS – diverse, adventurous classical pianist

EMILY WELLS – violinist/chanteuse doing trippy, atmospheric downtempo grooves
Mama (The Acoustic Recordings)
At Lincoln Center 7/25/13

LOS WEMBLERS – legendary psychedelic band from the Peruvian Amazon in the 60s and 70s, still going strong
At Pioneer Arts Center 7/9/15
Ikaro Del Amor

WEST PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA – fiery, funky original Balkan brass music

WESTERN MEDICATION – catchy postpunk and dreampop from Nashville

CLIFF WESTFALL – purist, darkly lyrical oldschool C&W crooner

RANDY WESTON – the agelessly iconic jazz pianist, African musicologist and historian

WHAT CHEER BRIGADE – wild, explosive Rhode Island Balkan horn band
At Golden Fest 2017
You Can’t See Inside of Me
At Golden Fest 2019

WHEN THE BROKEN BOW – intense apocalyptic noir cabaret and gypsy rock

WHICH WAY EAST – improvisational Balkan/Middle Eastern band

THE WHISKEY CHARMERS – haunting, wickedly tuneful Twin Peaks country band
Their debut album
The Valley

THE WHISKEY GIRLS – Patricia Santos’ and Tara Hanish’s intense, soulful twin cello-and-vocal duo

THE WHISPERING TREE – brooding, intense female-fronted chamber pop and Americana

EMILY JANE WHITE – haunting, intense gothic Americana and art-rock

WARD WHITE – brilliant, sardonically literate, cinematic  janglerock and chamber pop
Ward White Is the Matador
At Bowery Electric 11/11/14
At Rockwood Music Hall 2/10/15
As Consolation

THE WHITE KITES – period-perfect late 60s style psychedelic rock from Poland

WHITEHORSE – Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland’s dark garage rock duo project

JIM WHITNEY – eclectic jazz and klezmer bassist and composer

THE WHY THE MOUNTAINS ARE BLACK COMPILATION – rustic, ancient Greek folk songs

KUBA WIECEK – dynamic alto saxophonist and improviser

DOUG WIESELMAN’S TRIO S – dark atmospheric cinematic jazz

JD WILKES & THE DIRT DAUBERS – intense, macabre gutter blues and Nashville gothic rock

LUCINDA WILLIAMS – you know who she is

JAMES WILLIAMSON & DENIZ TEK – iconic Stooges and Radio Birdman guitarists

JONATHAN WILSON – Roger Waters’ lead guitarist and psych-pop songwriter

SCOTT WILSON & EFENDI – slinky Middle Eastern-flavored psychedelia

WIND – slowly unwinding, hypnotic, psychedelic early 70s style rock epics

WIND OF ANATOLIA – sweeping, cinematic, brooding Turkish themes

MICHAEL WINOGRAD – one of the world’s most exhilarating klezmer clarinetists
At Barbes 4/1/17
At Barbes 4/8-22/17
At Golden Fest 2019

ANDY WINTER – icy, melancholy art-rock from a founding member of metal legends Winds

ANNA WINTHROP – soaring, enigmatic art-rock/chamber pop pianist/singer

WIRE – you know who they are

THE WIYOS – psychedelic Wizard of Oz-inspired folk-rock, jump blues and oldtimey stoner swing
At the Bell House 6/17/13
One For the Road

THE WOJCINSKI/SZMANDA QUARTET – enigmatic, lyrical Polish jazz

THE WOMEN’S RAGA MASSIVE – mostly all-female cutting-edge Indian group
Their first album
At Joe’s Pub 3/31/18

WOODEN INDIAN BURIAL GROUND – menacing, surreal, psychedelic horror surf and dark garage rock

WOODY PINES – jaunty, fun, upbeat pre-rock and pre-rockabilly Americana sounds

THE WORDLESS MUSIC ORCHESTRA – a meticulously rearranged new orchestrated version of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells

WORMBURNER – intense, anthemic, catchy, lyrically brilliant highway rock and powerpop

BERNIE WORRELL – the P-Funk keyboard legend and surprisingly intense jazz pianist

WOUNDED BUFFALO THEORY – intricate, meticulous, high-energy art-rock jamband
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway live
A Painting of Plans

STEPHANE WREMBEL – innovative, intense, psychedelic Romany jazz guitarist
At Trinity Church 11/22/11
The Django Experiment

SHANNON WRIGHT – dark, smoldering guitar-driven indie/noir/art-rock

WYE OAK – lushly orchestrated new wave and art-rock songs

THE WYTCHES – visionary, reverb-driven noir guitar band
Annabel Dream Reader

XIXA – 80s-influenced psychedelic cumbia grooves from this Giant Sand spinoff

XYLOURIS WHITE – haunting instrumentals on Greek lute and drums

THE YALE SLAVIC CHORUS – haunting choral versions of Balkan, Ukrainian and Russian folk songs

TAREK YAMANI – haunting, spellbinding Middle Eastern jazz pianist

YANKEE BANG BANG – savagely sardonic, punk-inspired lo-fi lyrical powerpop

JOHN YAO & HIS 17-PIECE INSTRUMENT – state-of-the-art brass-fueled original big band jazz
At Shapeshifter Lab 2/15/16

YARN/WIRE – diverse indie classical piano/percussion ensemble
Michael Gordon’s Material at the Miller Theatre, 5/11/16
Maryanne Amacher’s Adjacencies at the Kitchen, 9/29/17

YEMEN BLUES – funky, danceable, orchestrated Middle Eastern tinged jams

DAVID YENGBARIAN – haunting Balkan-tinged Hungarian accordionist

THE YIDDISH ART TRIO – elegant, intense, mysterious new and reinvented klezmer instrumentals

YIDDISH PRINCESS – funny hair-metal versions of klezmer and Jewish pop songs

DWIGHT YOAKAM – you know him – right? Newschool retro honkytonk guy from the 80s

JINJOO YOO – witty, indiidualisic rising star jazz pianist   

BORA YOON – ethereal, hypnotic, subtly witty, theatrical Korean-American indie classical composer
Sunken Cathedral
At La Mama 1/14/15
At Greenwich House Music School 4/28/16

YOU BRED RAPTORS – intense, cinematic cello-metal/art-rock instrumentals

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS COVER NIGHT AT HIFI BAR – this show was a lot of fun!

DHAFER YOUSSEF – intense Tunisian oud virtuoso and singer

LIONEL YU – the most spectacular pianist/composer in classical music

ZABAVA – magical Macedonian string band 

ZAPEKANKA – moody Romany and klezmer guitar folk ensemble

ZEDASHE – otherworldly ancient choral works and folk songs from the republic of Georgia
Intangible Pearls
Our Earth and Water

YEZNIG ZEGCHANIAN – soulful singer of rare Armenian sacred music

ZEMOG EL GALLO BUENO – surreal psychedelic salsa and tropicalia band

MIGUEL ZENON – state-of-the-art Nuyorican jazz alto saxophonist/composer
Identities Are Changeable

PABLO ZIEGLER – virtuoso nuevo tango pianist and Astor Piazzolla

RENATA ZEIGEUR – enigmatic psychedelic soul and art-rock songwriter

ZESHAN B – hauntingly psychedelic mashups of oldschool soul and classical Indian ghazals


ZIKRAYAT – slinky, haunting golden-age Egyptian film music
At Golden Fest 2017
At Golden Fest 2018

ZLATNE USTE – New York’s original Balkan brass band monsters
At Golden Fest 2017
At Golden Fest 2018
At Golden Fest 2019

ZOMBIE ZEN A GO GO – catchy, fun, original horror surf band

ZONGO JUNCTION – massive, psychedelic, wildly horn-driven Afrobeat funk orchestra

EMIL ZRIHAN – intense, ecstatic Moroccan-Israeli crooner/bandleader
At Lincoln Center 7/27/14
At Globalfest 2015

THE CHRISTOPHER ZUAR ORCHESTRA – lush, sweeping, majestic big band jazz
At Symphony Space 12/15/16 

NICOLE ZURAITIS – powerful, eclectic sou, funk and art-rock singer

ZURLI DRUSTVO – wild, otherworldly, hypnotic Bakan zurla oboe trio
At Golden Fest 2018
At Golden Fest 2019

ZVULOON DUB SYSTEM – haunting, catchy Ethiopian roots reggae from Israel
Anbesa Dub
At Meridian 23 8/1/14