Music Index M-R

M SHANGHAI STRING BAND – catchy, upbeat country, oldtime and circus-rock songs
At the Jalopy 9/30/11
At the Jalopy 10/5/12
At the American Folk Art Museum 8/5/16

ZHU MA – cutting-edge guitarist/bandleader mashing up Beijing opera themes with noir cinematics

IBRAHIM MAALOUF – brooding, intense trumpet-based Middle Eastern music

DINA MACCABEE – epic, catchy art-rock, chamber pop and psychedelic sounds

BETSAYADA MACHADO Y LA PARRANDA EL CLAVO – hypnotic Afro-Venezuelan trance-dance folk

THE MACHINE – the world’s best and most authentic Pink Floyd cover band

MAD MEG – intense, bustling, dark Romany-flavored Russian art-rock

THE MAD PRIDE – ornate, intricate dark art-rock and gothic anthems

MADAM WEST – catchy, fun, quirky, female-fronted psychedelic soul band

SHAI MAESTRO – hauntingly tuneful jazz pianist

MAGGES – haunting, intense, psychedelic Greek music from across the decades
Live 7/10/12
12 Tragouthia album

MAHALA RAI BANDA – the legendary Romanian gypsy band

RUDRESH MAHANTHAPPA – paradigm-shifting alto saxophonist mixing up Indian melodies and jazz
Bird Calls
At Globalfest 2017

MAHOGANY FROG – quirky, catchy, psychedelic art-rock from Winnipeg, Manitoba

THE MAHONES – ferocious, fun, long-running Canadian Irish punk band

IAN MAKSIN– catchy, cinematic cello loopmusic

MAKU SOUNDSYSTEM – darkly slinky, funky psychedelic cumbia jamband
At Lincoln Center 7/27/14

MICHELLE MALONE – hard-hitting slide guitarist and Americana songwriter

HEATHER MALONEY – eclectic, lyrically-fueled Americana from the Darlingside frontwoman

MAMARAZZI – psychedelic Afrobeat, funk and hip-hop grooves

MAMES BABAGENUSH – lush, alternately haunting and boisterous klezmer and Nordic sounds
Mames Babegenush with Strings
Live in New York 1/12/20

WU MAN – the acclaimed Chinese pipa lute virtuoso
With the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band 3/17/18

MANADO STATE UNIVERSITY CHOIR – eclectic, virtuosic works from around the world

ERICA MANCINI – soulful, inventive latin, tango, jazz and blues accordionist
At the Bryant Park Accordion Festival 7/19/17
At the Bryant Park Accordion Festival 8/22/18

ELENI MANDELL – one of this era’s great voices in noir music, torch song and countrypolitan
Dark Lights Up
Wake Up Again

MANDOLIN ORANGE – smart, populist newgrass and Appalachian sounds

THE MANHATTAN CAMERATA – lush, epic themes that blend classic tango and fado sounds

THE MANIMALS – hard-hitting female-fronted Bowie-esque glamrock band
At Webster Hall 6/23/12
Born Strange
At Mister Rogers 10/26/18
At the Nest 7/11/19

AIMEE MANN – you know. From Magnolia. Right?

THE MANNES STRING ORCHESTRA – lustrous new string symphony

CLINT MANSELL – one of this era’s great film composers
Stoker soundtrack
Loving Vincent soundtrack

LA MAR ENFORTUNADA – art-rockers Elysian Fields doing ladino and Middle Eastern themes

MARACATU NEW YORK – high-energy, low-register Brazilian drum-and-brass band

MARAH – the blue-collar highway rock band reinvent oldtimey acoustic Pennsylvania folk songs

LEIGH MARBLE – dark, Lou Reed-influenced literate rock

MARCHFOURTH – explosive, mighty New Orleans funk and brass orchestra
Magnificent Beast
Magic Number

TODD MARCUS – intense, individualistic Middle Eastern/jazz bass clarinetist and big band leader
Blues for Tahrir
At Smalls 12/3/17
On These Streets: A Baltimore Story

MARIA ELENA – eclectic, evocative up-and-coming fado singer

MARIACHI FLOR DE TOLOACHE – haunting, eclectic all-female mariachi orchestra
At Lincoln Center 7/20/16
At Drom 6/9/17
At Globalfest 2018

THE MARIINSKY ORCHESTRA – the world’s greatest interpreters of dark Russian repertoire

BOBAN I MARKO MARKOVIC – exhilarating, diverse South Serbian Romany brass band

MIKE MARLIN – grim, gothic art-rock with glam and new wave influences

GAY MARSHALL – vivid, poignant cabaret singer and translator of Edith Piaf

THE MARTHA’S VINEYARD FERRIES – dark, catchy early 80s style postpunk and indie rock

DAPHNE LEE MARTIN – eclectically lurid, oldtime noir Americana bandleader/chanteuse

PEDRITO MARTINEZ – high-voltage Cuban salsa jazz percussionist/bandleader

MARY LEE’S CORVETTE – brilliantly lyrical powerpop/psychedelic/janglerock band
At Mercury Lounge 4/13/19
At City Vineyard 11/12/19

MASCOTT – purist pop tunesmith Kendall Meade’s sparkling indie project

WILLIAM MASELLI – eclectic orchestral composer and arranger of Black Sabbath themes

THE MASON AFFAIR – slinky original funk with jazz and psychedelic tinges

RACHEL MASON – smart, catchy, historically informed folk noir and art-rock
The Lives of Hamilton Fish
At Joe’s Pub 7/26/15

MASTON – trippy retro 60s psychedelic pop with noir edges

KANE MATHIS – eclectic West African and Middle Eastern-influenced oudist/kora player and composer
At Barbes 2/20/16
At Trans-Pecos 11/15/17

EMEL MATHLOUTHI – haunting, powerful, politically-fueled Tunisian-tinged art-rock
Kelmti Horra (Freedon of Speech)
At the Alliance Francaise 5/22/13
At Globalfest 2015
At the World Financial Center 5/8/15
At Central Park 8/20/17
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art 3/24/18

PAULA MATTHUSEN – eclectic, atmospheric electroacoustic indie classical music

ANAIS MAVIEL – dynamic, intriguing avant garde vocalist/improviser
At Footlight Bar 2/5/17

CHRIS MAXWELL – broodingly lyrical Beatlesque chamber pop and soul songs

MAYNARD & THE MUSTIES – brooding Nashville gothic and slyly witty country songs
Fall On In

MAXIMO PARK – fearlessly political, populist dance-rock

MISSY MAZZOLI – the acclaimed indie classical composer and Victoire bandleader
Songs from the Uproar
At Merkin Concert Hall 2/29/20

KIMBERLY M’CARVER – richly nuanced, vividly lyrical classic country and Tex-Mex songwriting

LEYLA MCCALLA – innovative blues/oldtimey Americana cellist/songwriter
At Drom 1/6/17
At Lincoln Center 4/4/19

MAC MC CARTY – intense, often haunting dark acoustic Americana songs

JOHN MCCOWEN – immersive atmospheric contrabass clarinet soundscapes

FREDDIE MCGREGOR – the tireless golden-age roots reggae crooner

RAPHAEL MCGREGOR – eclectic, psychedelic postrock steel guitar instrumentals
Debut album
At Barbes 9/22/14

MCGUFFIN ELECTRIC – contemplative, pastoral, psychedelic folk-rock instrumentals

GRACE MCLEAN – bouncy, wickedly sardonic, amusing, quirky loopmusic and theatrical rock

SHANNON MCNALLY – southwestern gothic, country and Americana rock chanteuse
Western Ballad
Small Town Talk

GREY MCMURRAY – celebrated indie classical/art-rock guitarist/bandleader

KELLEY MCRAE – pensive, tersely lyrical acoustic Americana bandleader

MEANER PENCIL – cellist/singer Lenna Pierce’s dark, pensive lo-fi chamber pop project
Senza Amanti
At Trans-Pecos 10/8/14

IVY MEISSNER – distantly menacing, Lynchian soul and psychedelic rock

MEKLIT – charismatic, intense Ethiopian jazz singer/bandleader
At Lincoln Center 4/17/17
When the People Move, the Music Moves Too

MYRA MELFORD – colorful, vivid, eclectically tuneful jazz pianist/bandleader

MELISSA & THE MANNEQUINS – catchy, jangly, brilliantly eclectic new wave tinged soul-rock band

JOHN MELLENCAMP – former Cougar

AMANA MELOME – misty, jazz-inflected downtempo/chillout soul music chanteuse

AVA MENDOZA – one of New York’s most ferociously brilliant guitarists

EDDY MERCANO – intense, powerful tango violinist/bandleader

MERKABAH – intense, ornate, classically-influenced female-fronted metal band

TIFT MERRITT – smart, tuneful, literate, popular Americana chanteuse
Still Not Home
At Merkin Hall 3/21/13
A t Lincoln Center 8/7/14

MESCZESZINKA – dynamic Hungarian trance-dance band

MESIKO – intense female-fronted paisley underground psychedelia, postpunk and art-rock

METRO RIDERS – bleak, chilly postindustrial soundscapes

METROPOLIS ENSEMBLE – lavish indie classical orchestra 

METROPOLITAN KLEZMER – one of the most diverse, jam-oriented bands of their kind
Live on the Upper East Side 6/9/12
Mazel Means Good Luck

JESSICA MEYER – innovative, edgy indie classical violist and loopmusic composer

CAMILA MEZA – clear-voiced, lustrous jazz singer and brilliant guitarist

LISA MEZZACAPPA – purposeful, eclectic free jazz bassist/composer

MICHAELA ANNE – smart, purist oldschool country and honkytonk bandleader
At Union Pool 10/19/16
Desert Dove

PATRICE MICHAELS – smart, cleverly political opera singer and composer

MICKEY PG – funny acoustic punk songs

THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET – punk-inspired, witty, surreal swing jazz band
Manhattan Moonrise
Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me

MIDNIGHT MOAN – Brooklyn’s closest approximation of the classic 60/70s Rolling Stones

MIDNITE – smart, conscious roots reggae from St. Croix

THE MIDWEST DILEMMA – haunting, lushly orchestrated Americana-flavored art-rock

OLGA MIELESZCZUK’S POLESYE PROJECT – haunting early 1900s klezmer songs

MIGHTY HIGH – Hilarious, satirical stoner metal to rival Spinal Tap

THE MIGHTY SPARROW – the king of calypso

MILD MANNERED REBEL – haunting, intense Greek psychedelic rock

JARO MILKO & THE CUBALKANICS – the Firewater lead guitarist’s wild psychedelic cumbia band

BUDDY MILLER & JIM LAUDERDALE – Americana rock icons

DAVE MILLER – tuneful, original guitarist and pastoral jazz/psychedelic rock instrumentalist

MULGREW MILLER – the late great jazz pianist

TAMALYN MILLER – haunting, otherworldly one-string violin loopmusic

MILLSTED – intense, dynamic, menacing noiserock and punk anthems

SYLVIA MILO – originator of the Nannerl Mozart biodrama The Other Mozart

THE MIMESIS ENSEMBLE – adventurous symphonic group playing both new music and classical repertoire

MAMIE MINCH – charismatic country blues and Americana singer and brilliant resonator guitarist
At Barbes 12/20/14
At Union Hsll 5/5/15
At Barbes 3/11/16
At Barbes 10/14/16

THE MINGUET QUARTET – virtuosic, populist German string quartet

THE MINGUS BIG BAND – an iconic NYC jazz institution

MINISTRY OF WOLVES – phantasmagorical art-rock supergroup: Botanica/Nick Cave/Bad Seeds members

GUY MINTUS – darkly eclectic, cinematic, tuneful Israeli jazz pianist
A Home in Between
Connecting the Dots

MIRAMAR – haunting, elegant, lushly orchestrated Puerto Rican boleros

HOLLY MIRANDA – pensive, poignant, soul and noir Americana rock songwriter
Self-titled album
At Hell Phone 5/5/16

MISS TESS & THE TALKBACKS – eclectic, original oldtime swing and C&W bandleader
Sweet Talk
The Love I Have for You

MARCO MISSINATO – lush, cinematically orchestrated film music and indie classical themes

MITRA SUMARA – fiery, soulful female-fronted covers of 60s/70s psychedelic Iranian dance-rock
At Maqamfest 2014
Their debut album

AAKASH MITTAL – tuneful, purposeful, Indian-inspired alto saxophonist/composer
At the Firehouse Space 12/17/16
At Rockwood Music Hall 8/17/17
At the Rubin Museum 10/22/17
At National Sawdust 3/11/18
At Lincoln Center 9/27/18

THE MIVOS QUARTET – string quartet dedicated to performing and premiering new music
At the Joyce Soho 9/11/12 (Annie Gosfield; 9/11 memorial program)
At the Miller Theatre 2/5/15 (all-Missy Mazzoli program) 

YOKO MIWA – tuneful, lyrical Boston-based jazz pianist
At the Blue Note 3/23/14
Keep Talking

CAMERON MIZELL – the best pastoral jazz guitarist not named Bill Frisell
Negative Space

MDOU MOCTAR – catchy, dynamic, psychedelic Saharan rock grooves
Sousoume Tamachek
At Lincoln Center 9/28/17

THE MODERN ART ORCHESTRA – exhilarating, dark, cinematic, cutting-edge big band jazz

KARLA MOHENO – haunting, darkly lyrical noir songwriter/femme fatale
Gone to Town
At Rockwood Music Hall 11/18/14

THE MOLOCHS – jangly, catchy garage/psychedelic rock

THE MOMENTA QUARTET – exciting chamber ensemble devoted to challenging modern and classical  works
At Spectrum 5/20/16 (Steven Swartz
At Victor Borge Hall 6/17/16 (Norgard)
Momenta Festival 2017, Night 2: Schoenberg, Fernandez, Singleton
Night 3 – Claude Baker/Tschaikovsky
Night 4 – Miura/Norgard/Milhaud
At the Tenri Institute 10/19/18 – Nathan, Bartok, Enescu
Momenta Festival 2019, Night 1; Davidovsky, Carrillo, Singleton, Greenbaum
Momenta Festival 2019, Night 2: Schulhoff/Sierra/Lavista/Ligeti

AMANDA MONACO – terse, individualistic, witty jazz guitarist

MONDO DRAG – amazing, ornate, heavy, smoky organ-fueled psychedelic art-rock
Their second album
At St. Vitus 7/18/15

THE MONDO NY CONFERENCE – an insightful week of music business panels and workshops

MONDO ZOMBIE BOOGALOO – Halloween songs from the Fleshtones, Los Straitjacktets and Southern Culture on the Skids

MONECO – high-voltage, guitar-fueled classic psychedelic cumbia covers and originals

MONEY CHICHA – this is Grupo Fantasma playing amazingly psychedelic cumbias

HELEN MONEY – dark, murky, eclectic cello metal with indie classical and gothic tinges

MEREDITH MONK – icon of the avant garde and choral music of all kinds

THE MONKS OF NORCIA – austere, centuries-old plainsong ensemble

MONOGRAMS – spot-on early 80s style new wave, postpunk and goth rock

JESSIE MONTGOMERY – brilliantly eclectic violinist and composer

RUTH MOODY – richly arranged acoustic Americana from the Wailin Jennys’ banjo player

LISA MOORE – acclaimed new music pianist

THURSTON MOORE – you know who he is

ALI AKBAR MORADI – intense, fiery Kurdish-Iranian tambour lute virtuoso and composer

ALICIA HALL MORAN – adventurous classical, jazz, gospel and soul singer

JASON MORAN – brilliant jazz pianist, film and classical composer

KELLY MORAN – haunting, cinematic multi-keyboardist and composer
At Roulette 5/20/19
At Merkin Concert Hall 2/29/20

TONY MORENO – dark, cinematic latin-tinged postbop jazz drummer/composer

MORRICONE YOUTH – well-loved, psychedelic art-rock film soundtrack instrumentalists
Night of the Living Dead
At Nighthawk Cinema 10/31/16
The Adventures of Prince Ahmed
Mad Max
Sunrise: A Tale of Two Humans

ANGELA MORRIS – tuneful, compelling tenor saxophonist/singer/improviser

CAHALEN MORRISON & ELI WEST – imaginative oldtime country/folk and acoustic rock songs

ALAN MORROW – one of New York’s most amazingly eclectic accordionists

SAM MORROW – catchy, lyrically-driven, blues-influenced Americana songwriter

MARJA MORTENSSON – otherworldly Norwegian folk revivalist/singer

MOS GENERATOR – smart post-Sabbath metal band from Washington State

THE MOSTLY MOZART FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA – stars of the annual Lincoln Center festival

MOSTLY OTHER PEOPLE DO THE KILLING – the world’s funniest punk jazz band
Red Hot
Loafer’s Hollow

SAHBA MOTALLEBI – one of the world’s most exhilarating Iranian tar lute virtuosos

MOTHER MARS – apocalyptic Black Sabbath-influenced stoner metal from Australia

SEAN MORAN – fiery, tuneful jazz/metal/abstract rock guitarist

MOTHERSHIP – intense, psychedelic, retro Texas metal band

THE MOUNTAIN LIONS – haunting avant garde Balkan brass band

HELDER MOUTINHO – eclectic Portuguese fado crooner

BAHAR MOVAHED – innovative Kurdish-Persian chanteuse reinvents ancient folk songs
Goblet of Eternal Light
At Symphony Space 4/17/13

MUCCA PAZZA – mighty, powerful, eclectic gypsy punk brass band
Safety Fifth
At Globalfest 1/13/13

MUD BLOOD & BEER – savage, twangy, menacing southwestern gothic rock

MUDDY RUCKUS – dark, phantasmagorical circus rock, noir blues and Americana

LIV MUELLER – intense, haunting Milwaukee chanteuse and dark Americana songwriter

LUISA MUHR – visionary klezmer/avant-garde dancer, singer and multimedia artist
At the New School 11/12/17
At Spectrum 8/18/19  (With C. Lavender) 

MUM – trippy, quirky Icelandic chamber pop and trip-hop

MUMBO GUMBO – legendary NYC Americana band with Rachelle Garniez and Joe Flood

MURDER BALLAD MONDAYS – a shortlived Brooklyn evening of creepy, homicidally-inclined tunesmithing
October 2015 – Bobtown, Andrew Vladeck, Charming Disaster and others
November 2015 – Jessi Robertson, Robin Aigner, Jessie Kilguss, Charming Disaster and others
December 2015: Orphan Jane, Serena Jost and Karen Dahlstrom
February 2016: Jessi Robertson, Liz Tormes, Mudville and Charming Disaster
March 2016: Peg Simone, Neville Elder, the Whiskey Girls, Miwa Gemini and Charming Disaster

LJ MURPHY – charismatic, politically-fueled, lyrically intense noir bandleader
Live in concert 11/19/11
Live in concert 6/15/12 
At Parkside Lounge 11/23/13
Duo show with pianist Patrick McLellan 4/12/14
At Parkside Lounge 5/31/14
Panic City – Live 5/23/15
Live 11/6/15
Live in New York July-September 2016

DAVID MURRAY – explosive, popular postbop tenor saxophonist

MICKEY MURRAY – recently rediscovered high-voltage 1960s/70s soul singer

MUSANER – haunting Armenian melodies fleshed out with cinematic, jazz-influenced arrangements

MUSICAL CHAIRS CHAMBER ENSEMBLE – classical string virtuosos

MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIERES – dark, politically relevent psychedelic rock

MUSTARD PLUG – the well-liked, irrepressible ska-punk band

MUZSIKAS – legendary, intense, historically brilliant Hungarian Jewish string band

MWE – explosive, haunting Turkish, Middle Eastern and Central Asian dances and folk tunes

MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND – indie classical composer Shara Worden’s high-energy dance/art-rock band
At Lincoln Center 7/25/13
This Is My Hand

MY EDUCATION – sweeping, lush, psychedelic postrock/art-rock/dreampop instrumentals

MYCALE – playful four-woman choir singing original arrangements of John Zorn Book of Angels repertoire

AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS – rapturous, blues and gospel-inspired jazz organist
At the Charlie Parker Festival 2018

DAVID LEE MYERS – playful, colorful analog electronic music composer

THE MYRRORS – hypnotic, hard-hitting, dusky psychedelic postrock

THE MYSTERY LIGHTS – dark garage rock and psychedelia

THE MYSTERY OF THE BULGARIAN VOICES – that’s the choir’s official name

THE MYSTIC BRAVES – wickedly catchy dark retro 60s psychedelic rock

NABAWY – spellbinding virtuoso Egyptian accordionist

MARISSA NADLER – the well-loved, hauntingly literate folk noir/Nashville gothic songwriter
The Sister

SHOKO NAGAI – eclectic Japanese folk/jazz/klezmer accordionist and pianist

RAY NAGEM – up-and-coming church organ virtuoso

THE NAKED HEROES – fun, high-energy new wave/dance-rock/punk/garage rock band

NAKED ROOTS CONDUCIVE – intense violin/cello duo playing cinematic, carnivalesque art-rock themes

NAKED TRUTH – lush, intense, cinematic, dub-inflected art-rock soundscapes

THE NAKSHATRA QUARTET – violinists Trina Basu and Arun Ramamurthy’s cinematic, cutting edge Indian string band

MOHSEN NAMJOO – intense, darkly eclectic Iranian folk-rock crooner
At the Asia Society 9/7/13
At Globalfest 2018

KEDAR NAPHADE – eclectic Indian virtuoso harmonium player and composer

ISRAEL NASH – this guy sounds exactly like early 70s electric Neil Young, in a good way

NASHAZ – eclectic, jazz-tinged original Middle Eastern sounds
Their debut album
At Barbes 6/27/19

KYLE NASSER – adventurous jazz and postrock saxophonist and composer

NEIL NATHAN – fearlessly political, catchy, anthemic retro rock and soul

ROY NATHANSON – the edgy saxophonist and co-founder of noir NYC legends the Jazz Passengers
At Barbes, July 2016
At NYU 4/13/17

NATURA MORTA – drummer Carlo Costa’s magical, ghostly trio with violist Frantz Loriot and bassist Sean Ali

THE NAVARRA STRING QUARTET – eclectic, intense British classical ensemble

THE NAVATMAN MUSIC COLLECTIVE – spellbinding Indian carnatic choir and instrumental group
At LaMaMa 8/24/16
An Untimely Joy
At Symphony Space 11/19/17

NAWA – haunting, centuries-old Syrian choral music

XANDER NAYLOR – eclectic, noisy jazz guitarist/loopmusic artist

THE NAZARENES – towering, majestic, anthemic oldschool roots reggae

THE NEAVE TRIO – lustrous, adventurous classical chamber ensemble
Her Voice
At Subculture 11/9/19 (Amy Beach/Rebecca Clarke)

MIKE NEER’S STEELONIOUS – wild lapsteel covers of Thelonious Monk classics

NEHEDAR – darkly lyrical, intense neosoul and trip-hop-influenced indle pop and powerpop
This Heart
At the Delancey 11/21/13
Hello Abyss

NEITHER GOD NOR MASTER – haunting female-fronted heavy psych band

NEKTAR – the epic, environmentally aware psychedelic band from the 70s

LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REAL – hard-hitting psychedelic Americana
Something Real
At Lincoln Center 8/12/18

SARAH NEUFELD & COLIN STETSON – catchy, cinematic, minimalist violin/bass sax duo

NEW COUNTRY REHAB – Toronto band playing vioin-driven, politically aware Americana rock
Ghost of Your Charms
At Hill Country 9/15/13

NEW ELECTRIC RIDE – period-perfect mid-60s style British psychedelic rock
Their debut ep
Balloon Age

NEW FACES – Posi-Tone Records’ New York postbop supergroup

THE NEW MENDICANTS – Joe Pernice, Norman Blake and Mike Belisky’s jangly psychedelic Britrock band

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – this era’s lyrically smartest powerpop band

THE NEW SCHOOL CHARLIE PARKER ENSEMBLE – up-and-coming repertory band

THE NEW SCHOOL STUDIO ORCHESTRA – their more eclectic up-and-coming big band

THE NEW TAROT – eclectic new wave/art-rock/chamber pop/Americana band
At the Poisson Rouge 12/30/16
Book of Promises

THE NEW THREAD QUARTET – the world’s catchiest, most entertaining saxophone quartet

THE NEW TOWN DRUNKS – eclectic, eerie North Carolina folk noir/circus rock band

THE NEW YORK ANDALUS ENSEMBLE – haunting, hypnotic, ancient Jewish folk music

THE NEW YORK CHORAL SOCIETY – mighty 100+ person vocal ensemble

THE NEW YORK CRIMEAN TATAR ENSEMBLE – high-energy Russian, Turkish and Romany-flavored sounds

THE NEW YORK GYPSY ALL-STARS – exhilarating electric gypsy and Middle Eastern jams

The New York Music Daily Publicity Stunt page  – the crazy, record-setting marathon of live concerts that launched this blog

THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC – America’s flagship orchestra
Steven Stucky/Copland/Julia Wolfe
Mozart Requiem
David Lang’s Prisoner of the State
Rachmaninoff – Symphony No. 2 6/14/19

THE NEW YORK SCANDIA BRASS QUINTET – imaginative Scandinavian brass works

THE NEW YORK SCANDIA SYMPHONY – who specialize in rare Nordic music

NEWPOLI – wild tarantellas and intense, Middle Eastern-tinged original Italian folk dances
Nun Te Vuta
At the NY Gypsy Festival 10/5/18

NEXT TO NONE – ornate, intricate keyboard-driven art-rock and metal

JALEN N’GONDA – purist oldschool soul crooner/guitarist/pianist

JENNIFER NICELEY – nuanced, jazz-inflected southern soul/swing/dark blues songwriter and chanteuse

NICOLE MERCEDES – Twin Peaks pop and drifty spacerock

STwin HELLEY NICOLE’S BLAKBUSHE – socially aware psychedelic funk and soul

THE NIFTYS – catchy, fiery klezmer surf rock instrumentalists

THE NIGHT BEATS – reverb-drenched acid garage rock and psychedelic soul

THE NILE PROJECT – slinky Egyptian and Ethiopian dance-folk grooves from the Nile Delta supergroup
At Globalfest 2015

WILLIE NILE – smart, literate, catchy powerpop and anthemic rock
Live in NYC 11/25/11
American Ride

ELSA NILSSON – intense, politically fearless jazz flutist/composer

1976 – retro 80s Taiwanese guitar pop

NINTH HOUSE – dark Americana crooner Mark Sinnis’ “cemetery & western” band
Live in NYC 10/8/11
At Beale Street Barber Shop 5/6/17

NIVA – rustic, kinetic Macedonian flute/percussion/vocal ensemble

NIYAZ – hypnotic, intense, lushly produced, trippy Middle Eastern music
Sumud album review
At Drom 7/22/12
Acoustic ep
At the World Financial Center 5/8/15

NNEKA – fearless, politically aware African pop/jazz/reggae chanteuse
Live in NYC 1/17/12
My Fairy Tales

NO GRAVE LIKE THE SEA – bass monster Tony Maimone’s intense, epic, cinematic, turbulent instrumental art-rock band

NO ICE – Brooklyn’s most diverse, intense, relevant, tuneful soul-rock band

NOCTORUM – lush, jangly art-rock from iconic guitarist Marty Willson-Piper and multi-instrumentalist Dare Mason

AMIR NOJAM & THE NAVA ENSEMBLE – haunting, elegant classical Persian instrumental and vocal music

NO-NO BOY – brilliantly lyrical, politically fearless Asian-American rock band
At Lincoln Center 11/15/18

SEAN NOONAN – intense, dark, theatrical, psychedelic, surreal punk-jazz
Pavees Dance
Memorable Sticks

NORIAN MARO – explosive, kinetic Korean choral and folk-dance ensemble

SALLY NORVELL – captivating, intense, sultry noir cabaret chanteuse

THE NOUVEAU CLASSICAL PROJECT – playful, eclectic indie classical ensemble
At Lincoln Center 12/6/18

NOVA HEART – trippy, dubwise female-fronted Chinese retro 80s new wave synth-pop

HEATHER NOVA – catchy, soaring chamber pop/art-rock singer and bandleader

NOVELLER – guitarist Sarah Lipstate’s towering, majestic instrumental art-rock/postrock project

NOVI HITOVI BRASS BAND – explosive Balkan brass jamband 

NOVI MALESHEVSKI ZURLI – wild Bulgarian zurla oboe ensemble

ADAM NUSSBAUM’S LEADBELLY PROJECT – reinvented blues classics

NOVUS NY – Trinity Church’s allstar indie classical ensemble

NU HAVEN KAPELYE – lush, sweeping, symphonic klezmer band

LES NUBIANS – charming, kinetic French-Cameroonian sister duo playing bossa-tinged Afropop

NUCLEAR FAMILY FANTASY – edgy, catchy, vividly lyrical punk-inspired heavy rock

THE NYCHILLHARMONIC – singer Sara McDonald’s lush, shapeshifting 17-piece art-rock group
Their debut album
At Lincoln Center 12/17/15
At Joe’s Pub 5/10/17
At Littlefield 5/20/18
At Joe’s Pub 8/25/19

AGNES OBEL – haunting Danish-born art-rock pianist/chanteuse
Citizen of Glass
Late Night Tales mixtape

DAWN OBERG – wickedly literate, intense art-rock/noir cabaret/soul pianist/songwriter
Nothing Rhymes with Orange
At Rockwood Music Hall 9/14/19

OBJECT COLLECTION – edgy, intense, noisily propulsive avant garde opera/multimedia sounds

THE OBNIIIs – vicious, intense Radio Birdman-like garage-punk band
Live in San Francisco and Third Time to Harm albums
At Cake Shop 10/25/14

JEROME O’BRIEN – smart, literate rock tunesmith, formerly frontman of the Dog Show
At Zirzamin 9/10/12
At Zirzamin 2/18/13

ROBIN O’BRIEN – haunting noir folk and southwestern gothic rock

THE OCEAN BLUE – 80s/90s goth pop legends, still going strong

PHIL OCHS – better than Dylan

JENNIFER O’CONNOR – melodic, lyrical indie rock/folk/pop

THE OCULAR CONCERN – nebulous, cinematic noir jazz from Portland, Oregon

O’DEATH – the well-loved circus rock/noir cabaret/Nashville gothic/Americana band

AOIFE O’DONOVAN – Americana/newgrass band Crooked Still’s intense, purist frontwoman/songwriter

OF CLOCKS & CLOUDS – uneasy, artsy European-style stadium rock anthems

OF EARTH – towering, majestic, haunting, atmospheric art-rock
Their first album
The Monarch

ADAM O’FARRILL – amazingly diverse rising star jazz trumpeter
Stranger Days
El Maquech
At the Charlie Parker Festival 2018

ARTURO O’FARRILL – one of this era’s most powerful, paradigm-shifting jazz pianists

THE ARTURO O’FARRILL AFRO-LATIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA – a mighty powerful, socially conscious beast

OFFICE CULTURE – hilarious, cruelly satirical faux-80s new wave parody band

TARA O’GRADY – torchy, lurid, diverse Irish-born oldtime swing chanteuse/bandleader
A Celt in the Cotton Club
Irish Bayou

THE OH HELLOS – pleasantly anthemic Americana-flavored chamber pop with Celic flourishes

OHMSLICE – poet Jane LeCroy’s trippy, ambient electroacoustic outfit

AYUMI OKADA – eclectic, cinematic, richly melodic composer/pianist


OLA FRESCA – crooner Jose Conde’s Brooklyn-based oldschool Cuban salsa band
At Lincoln Center 1/20/17

THE OLD CEREMONY – smart, shadowy noir chamber pop and art-rock narratives

THE OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW – one of the world’s funnest newgrass/Americana jambands

OLD TIME MUSKETRY – catchy, anthemic, cinematic pastoral jazz quartet

PAULINE OLIVEROS’ TUNING MEDITATION – WQXR’S ambitious group choral improvisation

LINNEA OLSSON – hypnotic yet anthemic Norwegian cellist/chanteuse/chamber pop songwriter

ON SITE OPERA – adventurous new opera productions in unlikely spaces 

THE ONE AND NINES – retro 60s soul music

LISA O’NEILL – distinctive, surrealistically compelling Irish folk noir songwriter/bandleader

OPA – eclectic oldschool and newschool  klezmer brass and dancefloor funk grooves

OPAL ONYX – dark, atmospheric Portishead-influenced trip-hop and postrock soundscapes

THE ORCHESTRA NOW – up-and-coming classical music ensemble

THE ORCHESTRA OF ST’. LUKE’S – one of NYC’s most electi symphonic ensembles

THE ORIENT NOIR COMPILATION – klezmer and Middle Eastern sounds from around the world

ORKESTA MENDOZA – intense, psychedelic southwestern gothic rock
At Globalfest 2014
At South Street Seaport 6/29/14
Vamos a Guarachar
At Prospect Park 6/30/17

ORPHAN JANE – surreal, theatrical, creepy circus rock and noir cabaret
Demo tracks
A Poke in the Eye
At the Knitting Factory 5/31/17

ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA – eclectic new music and classical group
Michael Hersch – End Stages

ORQUESTA AKOKAN – dynamic oldschool Cuban-style salsa

LINDI ORTEGA – edgy blues, honkytonk and rock from this Canadian singer

ARUAN ORTIZ – darkly tuneful, eclectic jazz pianist/composer

MARK ORTON – gorgeously bittersweet, cinematic Americana from the Tin Hat guitarist

PIOTR ORZECHOWSKI – intense, melodic jazz pianist and improviser

NAT OSBORN – eclectic keyboard rock blending New Orleans funk, circus rock and noir cabaret

LEANN OSTERKAMP – dynamic classical pianist and Leonard Bernstein specialist

FERNANDO OTERO – haunting, intense, hard-hitting new tango and classical piano music

OTIS – psychedelic oldschool funk and soul from Brooklyn

CHRISTINE OTT – imaginative, imagistic film scores

KEITH OTTEN – the brilliant Ninth House lead guitarist and anthemic Britrock-influenced songwriter

JOHN OTWAY – a legend in the UK, he’s sort of a more energetic Weird Al Yankovic

OUT OF NATIONS – kinetic, funky original Middle Eastern instrumentals

OUT OF ORDER – fiery all-female noise-punk trio

OUTERNATIONAL – smart, politically aware bilingual ska-punk and gypsy-rock
Todos Somos Ilegales
Here Is the Rose

AMY OWENS – eclectic classical soprano and cabarete singer

ENDEA OWENS – soulful, purposeful jazz bassist/bandleader

MIMI OZ – eclectic, soaring singer and soul/Americana/new wave bandleader

MEAH PACE – high-energy, luminous, intense retro 60s soul singer
At the National Underground 8/18/11
At LIC Bar 2/20/17
11:03 album

EMILSEN PACHECO – legendary Colombian trance-dance bullerengue bandleader

SARAH PAGE – hypnotic, psychedelic reinvented Indian ragas and electroacoustic harp music

PAINTED CAVES – hypnotic, psychedelic, Middle Eastern and Indian-flavored jamband grooves

PAITO Y LOS GAITEROS DE PUNTA BRAVA – wild Colombian champeta grooves

PALEHOUND – darkly catchy female-fronted new wave, postpunk and Nashville gothic sounds

THE ED PALERMO BIG BAND – warped jazz versions of psychedelic rock classics

THE REID PALEY TRIO – charismatic noir retro rock

AMANDA PALMER – you know who she is
Theatre Is Evil
At Lincoln Center 8/9/13
An Evening with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman
There WiIll Be No Intermission

EDDIE PALMIERI – the iconic latin jazz pianist
At Lincoln Center 3/16/18

ROOPA PANESAR – spellbinding sitar player/improviser
At Drom 1/6/17
Soundcloud tracks
At Lincoln Center 9/7/17

PANGARI & THE SOCIALITES – expansive, fun ska-jazz covers of Skatalites classics

THE PARAGON RAGTIME ORCHESTRA – rare, obscure ragtime and theatre music from the late 1800s to the 1920s

PARIS COMBO – eclectic Romany jazz/art-rock/noir cabaret band

KYUNGSO PARK – innovative Korean gaegeum zither player and avant garde composer

THE PARK AVENUE CHAMBER SYMPHONY – one of New York’s most exciting classical orchestras
Borodin, Saint-Saens and Rimsky-Korsakov
Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the round

AARON PARKS LITTLE BIG– the jazz pianist’s cinematic rock band

PARLOR WALLS – stampeding, menacing noiserock/postpunk side project from Eula’s Alyse Lamb
Their debut ep
At Alphaville 6/10/15
At Aviv 1/14/16
Heavy Tongue

AMBROSIA PARSLEY – Lynchian retro pop and Americana rock from the Shiveree singer

THE PATHOS TRIO – vivid, ambitious new music piano/percussion ensemble

CRISTINA PATO – pyrotechnic, amazingly eclectic Spanish folk/jazz bagpiper and pianist

CHRIS PATTISHALL – lyrical, purist jazz pianist/composer

JESSICA PAVONE – searing, intense world-class improvisational indie classical/jazz violist, singer and composer
At Trans-Pecos 10/8/14
In the Action
Brick & Morta

JERRON PAXTON – the world’s greatest blues multi-instrumentalist

PEGGY SUE – jangly, kinetic but hypnotic female-fronted UK indie/dreampop band

ELISA PEIMER – acerbically witty, tuneful folk-pop/powerpop singer/bandleader

SHANNON PELCHER – eclectic, tuneful Americana, jazz and oldtime-flavored songwriting

PENROSE – dark bluespunk and early 7os style heavy riff-rock

PEOPLE – sardonic, edgy jazz-tinged, noisy rock from Mary Halvorson, Kevin Shea and Kyle Forester

DON PERIS – the Innocence Mission guitarist plays gorgeous, darkly pastoral acoustic instrumentals

CHLOE PERRIER & THE FRENCH HEART JAZZ BAND – charming cabaret and swing

THE PERU MARAVILLOSO ANTHOLOGY – amazing psychedelic surf rock from 1960s/70s Peru

MARK PESKANOV– classical violin virtuoso

PETEY & THE TRUE  MONGREL HEARTS – catchy Springsteenian anthems

SARA PETITE – smart, high-energy hard country/honkytonk/bluegrass bandleader

PG SIX – guitarist Pat Gubler’s careening, psychedelic indie band

BINKY PHILIPS & THE PLANETS – legendary New York new wave/pub rock band

THE PHILISTINES – hypnotic, slinky psychedelic band

THE PI POWER TRIO – cinematic surf rock supergroup

MISHA PIATIGORSKY/S SKETCHY ORCHESTRA – lush third stream jazz and art-rock

PICTURE ONE – period-perfect mid-80s-style goth rock

PIGPEN THEATRE CO. – eclectic oldtime Americana sounds

THE PIMPS OF JOYTIME – playful, trippy new psychedelic funk, soul and dub-tinged grooves

PINATALAND – historically-themed chamber pop

THE LUCAS PINO NO NO NONET – lush, catchy, anthemic postbop jazz

PLANTA – epic, intense, psychedelic art-rock, much like the next band on this list

THE PLASTER CRAMP – Talking Heads meet the Velvet Underground with tinges of noir

PINK FLOYD – not the classic Roger Waters version of the band

PINS – all-female Manchester, UK band, like the bastard child of the early Go  Go’s and Wire

DON PIPER – smart, artsy janglerock, powerpop and blue-eyed soul

THE PLASTIC PALS – fiery Swedish two-guitar garage-punk, janglerock and new wave powerpop

THE POCKET GODS – the UK’s most prolific psychedelic punk weirdos

THE POETS OF RHYTHM – mysterious cult favorite German oldschool soul/funk instrumentalists

KARINE POGHOSYAN – colorful, vivid, individualistic and insightful virtuoso classical pianist
At the DiMenna Center 5/22/16 (Liszt/Stravinsky)
At Carnegie Hall 5/30/19 (DeFalla/Liszt/Khachaturian)
Rachmaninoff & Stravinsky album
At Carnegie Hall 11/4/19 (Rachmaninoff/Stravinsky/Khachaturian)

MEHMET POLAT – mesmerizing, soulful original Middle Eastern oudist/composer
At Lincoln Center 8/18/16
Ask Your Heart
Ageless Garden
Quantum Leap

MARIA POMIANOWSKA – haunting, dynamic Polish folk-classical string music
The Voice of Suka
At Lincoln Center 7/25/17

PONTIC FIREBIRD – Greek music from the Black Sea – best band name ever, right?
At Golden Fest 2017
At Golden Fest 2018

HUGH POOL – explosive blues and jamband rock guitarist/bandleader

POOR OLD SHINE – anthemic, lo-fi Wilco-inspired alt-country band

ARCHIE POWELL & THE EXPORTS – fun, snotty early 80s Dead Milkmen-style punk-pop

KELLI RAE POWELL – charismatic, cleverly lyrical oldtimey chanteuse/songwriter
At the Jalopy 3/1/12
Live at the Jalopy (live album)

PRADHANA DANCE & MUSIC COMPANY – classical indian ragas and kathak 

NOAH PREMINGER – state-of-the-art, purposeful tenor saxophonist/composer
Meditations on Freedom

MARY PRESCOTT – vivid indie classical composer and multidisciplinary artist

PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND – the ageless, surprisingly dark New Orleans music ambassadors

DAISY PRESS & NICK HALLETT  – art-rok versions of Hildegard von Bingen classics

THE PRETTY BABIES – Tammy Faye Starlite’s hilariouss, spot-on Blondie cover band

THE PRE-WAR PONIES – velvety singer Daria Grace’s elegant oldtime uke swing band
At Rodeo Bar 8/29/11
At Barbes 8/13/15
Get Out Under the Moon
At LIC Bar 7/31/16

MARGO PRICE – soulful psychedelic Americana jamband leader/singer

THE DAFNIS PRIETO BIG BAND – explosive, darkly lavish latin jazz

EVA SALINA PRIMACK – the haunting, intense, brilliant Balkan and Appalachian singer/bandleader
Eva Salina Solo
Solo show5/3/13

JOHN PRINE – the iconic master of metaphor and wry acoustic songwriting
The Singing Mailman Delivers
The Lost Years reissue

THE PRISM QUARTET – cutting-edge indie classical/avant garde/jazz sax ensemble

MARIANNA PRJEVALSKAYA – insightful virtuoso classical pianist

CHUCK PROPHET – the cult favorite guitarist and Americana/art-rock/psychedelic rock songwriter/bandleader

PROTOJE –  dancehall, roots reggae and Jamaican pop singer

THE PUFF PIECES – period-perfect, 1981 style Gang of Four-ish politically-infused postpunk funk

PUNJABTRONIX – slinky, hypnotic electroacoustic Punjabi dance music

PUSS & BOOTS – Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper’s fun, sassy C&W/Americana rock project
No Fools, No Fun

QUADRO NUEVO – eclectic gypsy jazz, nuevo tango and Middle Eastern sounds

QUATRE VINGT NEUF – deviously fun oldtimey swing and cartoon themes

QUE VLO-VE – haunting, colorful hash-smoking and crime narratives from the 1920s and 30s Greek underground

QUE VOLA – French horn section meets legendary Cuban percusion trio
their debut album ‎
At Jazz at Lincoln Center 6/29/19

THE QUEENSBORO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – NYC’s fastest-growing classical ensemble
4/26/15 – Haydn; Handel; Paul Joseph’s Kathryn’s Mirror
9/27/15 – Glinka; James Cohn; Paul Joseph’s King of the Mask
12/6/15 – Mozart, Sibelius, Beethoven

QUICKSILVER DAYDREAM – catchy, anthemic, jangly psychedelic rock band

QUINCY VIDAL – funny, socially conscious Brooklyn guy/girl hip-hop duo

DAMIAN QUINONES – richly arranged psychedelic soul and rock with latin tinges
Gumball Ma-Jumbo album
At Barbes 10/15/14

QUINTETO TANGO LEOPOLDO FEDERICO – purist, haunting Colombian tango ensemble

QURAISHI – introspective, sometimes brooding original and traditional songs for Afghani rubab lute

SELENE QUIROGA – classical pianist equally adept at latin sounds

RABBIT RABBIT RADIO – surreal, often creepy string-driven art-rock from Tin Hat’s Carla Kihlstedt

ROMAN RABINOVICH – eclectic classical and indie classical pianist

ESTER RADA – eclectic Ethiopian/Israeli singer/bandleader who blends oldschool soul and haunting Ethiopian tunes

PRASANT RADHAKRISHNAN – hypnotic, serene Indian alto saxophonist

RADIO JAROCHO – dynamic original Mexican Son Jarocho folk-punk and more brooding, rustic sounds

RADIO MOSCOW – unhinged, Jimi Hendrix-inspired heavy psychedelic power trio

THE RAGGAZE QUARTET – powerful, eclectic, fearlessly political string ensemble

THE RAILS – brilliantly lyrical, fearlessly political British folk noir
There Are Other People In This World, Not Just You
At the Mercury 7/31/18

LOU RAINONE – lyrical, latin-inspired jazz pianist/bandleader

NIRMALA RAJASEKAR – purposeful, rapturous Indian veena virtuoso

RAJASTHANI CARAVAN – wild, hypnotic Punjabi dance anthems 

RAMAN KALYAN – flute-driven Indian carnatic music ensemble

ARUN RAMAMURTHY – elegant, paradigm-shifting Indian jamband leader
Jazz Carnatica
At the Noguchi Museum 9/10/17 – with Trina Basu

SARASWATI RANGANATHAN – colorful Indian veena virtuoso

ERNEST RANGLIN – the legendary Jamaican jazz/reggae guitarist, still going strong in his 80s

ADRIAN RASO – explosive, eclectic guitarist and Fanfare Ciocarlia collaborator

RASPUTINA – the original, haunting, surreal cello rockers, still going strong
At City Winery 7/30/13

NATHANIEL RATELIFF – edgy lead guitarist and oldschool soul bandleader

RAVI SHAVI – fun, cheeky, reverbtoned Rhode Island garage/soul/punk band

GEMMA RAY – haunting, distantly torchy, Lynchian Nashville gothic, ghoulabilly and noir pop songwriter

RAYA BRASS BAND – scorching Romany and Balkan dance grooves
Dancing on Roses, Dancing on Cinders
This Train Is Now
At Rock Shop 1/9/13
At Littlefield 5/23/15
Raya album
At Golden Fest 2017
At Symphony Space 10/11/18
At Golden Fest 2019

REBETIKA ISTORIA – Athens’ most badass psychedelic folk band

RED BARAAT – funky, psychedelic ten-piece live bhangra band
At Central Park Summerstage 7/13/13
Bhangra Pirates

RED JACKET MINE – period-perfect late 70s style new wave rock and soul

RED MOLLY – charming three-part harmonies and Americana roots songwriting
Light in the Sky
At City Winery 9/24/17

THE RED ROOM ORCHESTRA – spot-on recreations of David Lynch film and movie themes

RED TAIL RING – elegant, charming newschool oldtime Americana/bluegrass duo

ALEC K. REDFEARN & THE EYESORES – ferocious, lush, majestically noir psychedelic Balkan art-rock
Sister Death
At Trans-Pecos 8/23/15
The Opposite

JODY REDHAGE – eclectic new music cellist/singer

BRADFORD REED – innovative percussionist and composer and inventor of the pencilina

ELI PAPERBOY REED – innovative, charismatic blue-eyed soul singer

THE SCOTT REEVES JAZZ ORCHESTRA – darkly latin-tinged, noirish, Gil Evans-style tunes
Live in Brooklyn 8/18/14
Without a Trace

THE REFLECTIONS – period-perfect, anthemic 90s Britrock-style anthems

THE REFUGEE ALL-STARS OF SIERRA LEONE – socially aware roots reggae and Afropop

ERIN REGAN – haunting, vivid acoustic Americana songwriter and singer

REUT REGEV – eclectic jazz trombonist leading her Israeli stoner-funk jamband

THE REGGAE GOLDEN JUBILEE COMPILATION – four albums of Jamaican music history

DINA REGINE – purist oldschool soul, Americana, country and garage rock
Right On All Right
At the American Folk Art Museum 12/9/16

REGULAR EINSTEIN – brilliant songwriter Paula Carino’s recently resurrected, catchy original band
Chimp Haven
At Rock Shop 3/20/15
At Rock Shop 10/30/15

SOFIA REI – playful Argentine avant jazz singer/composer
El Galivan
A-cappella in NYC 6/2/17  – with Sara Serpa

RUFUS REID – iconic jazz bassist and big band leader
Quiet Pride: The Elizabeth Catlett Project
At the Jazz Standard 2/26/15

TOMEKA REID – edgy, kinetic jazz cellist and composer
At the Jewish Museum 4/26/18
Old New

THE REIGNING MONARCHS – dark, intense, haunting, Lynchian surf rock

IKE REILLY – wryly lyrical, Dylanesque four-on-the-floor heartland highway rock

MICHEL REIS – third stream piano jazz

RESERVED FOR RONDEE – genre-hopping Australian psychedelic pop/new wave/arenarock band

THE RESISTANCE REVIVAL CHORUS – fiery all-female protest music gospel choir

THE REVELATIONS – hard-hitting oldschool with current-day hip-hop flavor

THE REVELERS – eclectic, high-energy Louisiana Cajun, vintage soul and C&W band

REV. BILLY & THE STOP SHOPPING CHOIR – the gospel-rock equivalent of the Clash or Dead Kennedys
The Earth Wants YOU
At Prospect Park 7/27/17

REVEREND SCREAMING FINGERS – cinematic southwestern gothic surf rock

REV. SEKOU – the Gil Scott-Heron of southern soul and gospel


CHRIS REYNOLDS – eclectic indie classical pianist

GRAHAM REYNOLDS – cinematic composer and multi-keyboardist

ANNE RHODES – subtle, wide-ranging avant garde singer

THE RHYTHM METHOD STRING QUARTET – wild new music ensemble

MARC RIBOT – the iconic, protean, perennially edgy downtown NYC jazz/rock/country guitaristz
Live at the Village Vanguard album
Charlie Chaplin Film Score Live At Symphony Space 4/30/15
Young Philadelphians Live in Japan album
With Ceramic Dog – YRU Stil Here

RICH GIRLS – uneasy dreampop and second-generation new wave rock

STEPH RICHARDS – playful, dynamic trumpeter and improviser
Take the Neon Lights

KIM RICHEY – popular Americana rock singer and songwriter

MAX RICHTER – darkly hypnotic film composer and pianist

AMY RIGBY – hilarious, purist Americana and classic 60s pop songwriter
At Hifi Bar 5/27/15
The Old Guys
At Berlin 6/9/18
Girl to City

THE RIGHT NOW – the Chicago band puts an original spin on classic 60s and 70s soul music

MIKE RIMBAUD – smart, politically-charged, new wave flavored electric rock
Coney Island Wave
Can’t Judge a Song by Its Cover
Midnight Rainbow
Put That Dream in Your Pipe and Smoke It

RINI – powerful, charismatic, cinematic Indian art-rock violinist/singer
At Drom 1/29/17
Self-titled album

RITA – Israeli mega-star singing haunting, intense, lush art-rock versions of classic Iranian rock songs
My Joys
At the United Nations 3/5/13

RIVER CULT – darkly psychedelic power trio playing a mix of doom metal and post rock
Their debut ep
Live at WFMU album

RIVERSIDE – trumpeter Dave Douglas’ and saxophonist Chet Doxas’ Americana jazz project

ROADKILL GHOST CHOIR – Florida band playing a dark mix of paisley underground rock and Americana
Quiet Light
In Tongues

MATANA ROBERTS – terse, politically fearless tenor saxophonist/composer
At the Poisson Rouge 3/27/17
At the Park Ave. Armory 4/24/18

JESSI ROBERTSON – intense, powerful soul-influenced singer and harrowing songwriter
Live in NYC 6/13/14
Live in NYC 10/31/14
I Came from the War
At Pine Box Rock Shop 12/5/15
At the American Folk Art Museum 2/19/16
At Hell Phone 5/1/16

ROBIN’S EGG BLUE – catchy, eclectic Japanese-American psychedelic pop and trip-hop

NELL ROBINSON – smartly arranged, purist bluegrass and Americana antiwar songs from across the ages

SCOTT ROBINSON’S HELIOTONES – reinvented Sun Ra psychedelic jazz themes

AVA ROCHA – dark, hypnotic Brazilian art-rock singer/bandleader

ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ – intense Cuban third-stream/Afro-Cuban jazz pianist
The Little Dream

THE CITA RODRIGUEZ ORCHESTRA – mighty salsa band playing classic Fania-era Nuyorican hits

HAROLD RODRIGUEZ – fiery, catchy oldschool cumbia and vallenato accordionist

ROGERS & BUTLER – erudite, purist, fearlessly political powerpop superduo

EDWARD ROGERS – one of the world’s great songwriters in retro British rock
At the Cutting Room 11/17/11
Glass Marbles
TV Generation

MARK ROGERS & MARY BYRNE – intense, brilliantly lyrical folk noir duo
Live in NYC 8/8/14
I Line My Days Along Your Weight

JEAN ROHE – vivid, intense dark Americana songwriter 

ROMASHKA – wildly eclectic female-fronted Romany/Balkan dance band
At Golden Fest 2018
At Golden Fest 2020

RONALD REAGAN – Boston’s LMFAO “premier 80’s pop saxophone duo” parody lame 80s radio hits

ROOMFUL OF TEETH – playfully virtuosic indie classical/new music choir

ANDREW ROSCISZEWSKI – haunting, eclectic, Balkan-inspired composer

KARLA ROSE & THE THORNS – NYC’s most exciting, murderously intense noir rock band
Gone to Town
At Rockwood Music Hall 11/18/14
At Hank’s 7/16/15
At CMJ 10/16/15
At Berlin 10/26/15
At 11th St. Bar 12/30/15
At Berlin 5/18/16

MARA ROSENBLOOM – tuneful, fiery, improvisational jazz pianist/composer
Prairie Burn
At the Jazz Gallery 8/1/18

ROSIE & THE RIVETERS – catchy, playful original alll-female harmony swing and noir jazz quartet

ROSIN COVEN – haunting, theatrical steampunk/Romany rock/circus rock band

PATTI ROTHBERG – literate, humor-driven powerpop

THE ROUGH GUIDE TO LATIN PSYCHEDELIA – a killer latin soul and Peruvian surf rock playlist

JESSE ROYAL – popular, socially aware roots reggae crooner

THE ROYAL ARCTIC INSTITUTE – quirky, cinematic, surfy instrumentals
The French Method
Accidental Achievement

THE ROYAL HOUNDS – noir-tinged rockabilly, retro rock and surf music

THE ROYAL ROSES -dixieland noir and oldtime swing from New Orleans

SAUL RUBIN – the darkly cinematic unsung hero of NYC jazz guitar

ROSHEL RUBINOV – the Bukharian Jewish Jimi Hendrix

RUBY THE HATCHET – intense, ornately orchestrated, anthemic female-fronted metal

LOS RUMBEROS DEL CALLEJON – captivating Venezuelan salsa dura orchestra

THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE – high energy Canadian gothic anthems

PETE RUSHEFSKY – Ukrainian tsimbl dulcimer player and resurrector of obscure Jewish folk gems

CATHERINE RUSSELL  – sophisticated, soulful, nuanced oldtime blues/swing
Strictly Romancin’
At Metrotech Park 7/28/16
Alone Together

RUSSKAYA KRASA – Moscow-based Russian folk chorale playing rustic songs from the 1400s to the present

RANDI RUSSO – intense noir indie rock

RUST DUST – terse original delta blues and dark psych-folk

MOLLY RUTH – brutally intense, charismatic acoustic punk-blues songwriter
At Zirzamin 1/27/13
At Mercury Lounge 3/12/15

CATHIE RYAN – subtle purist Irish chanteuse

RZA – the great Wu-Tang producer, multi-instrumentalist and film composer