Why Are So Many Bass Players and Drummers Dying Suddenly?

by delarue

For almost two decades Mark Crispin Miller‘s News From Underground has been a must-read source of information that the corporate media would never touch. When the plandemic was deployed on us in March of 2020, Miller’s daily feed was a lifeline. Most recently, he and his army of volunteers have been compiling a weekly necrology of people dying suddenly, around the world.

Miller’s heartbreaking collection of obituaries and news items both dignifies these individuals as likely victims of the ongoing genocide from the lethal Covid injections, and also provides valuable evidence for future prosecutions.

Miller is also a first-class songwriter, and has been paying considerable attention to the ongoing sudden deaths of musicians. His piece today focuses on the unusual number of bassists and drummers who have fallen victim since the jab rollout at the end of 2020. Miller has broken down the death reportage by bassists and drummers, respectively. What is most troubling is that even though jab uptake has stalled, deaths have not.

A cynic would say that this situation opens up innumerable job opportunities for noncompliant musicians. But the tragedy is that so many individual voices have been silenced. You can play somebody else’s beats or basslines, but it’s never the same.