The Creepiest, Most Prophetic Music Video of the New Wave Era

by delarue

These days it’s getting harder to differentiate between predictive programming, satire and actual news. Whatever the case, this 1990 video by Heaven’s Magic singing Watch Out For 666 will give you chills.

Did Bill Gates have this on loop in his office at Microsoft? Did this obscure Christian band – who put out a couple of strange and disquieting cassette albums in 1985 and 1994 – have deep state connections? Or, was whoever wrote this bouncy, Orwellian synthpop song (uncredited on the cassette) simply paying more attention to what was going on in Silicon Valley than anyone else? Why does the President in the video look so much like John Kerry?

There’s more. Take three minutes to watch the video for their 1985 single Cathy Don’t Go (scroll to the bottom at Edward Slavsquat’s brilliant and insightful news blog). The technology is slightly more retro – barcodes instead of QR codes – but the scene in the doctor’s office is pricelessly prescient.

The band’s backstory is just as troubling. A studio-only project, their songs originated on the Music With Meaning Show, which broadcast from Greece in the late 70s through the mid-80s. The program was produced by the Family, a Christian cult notorious for child abuse, and whose founder’s son murdered the woman who had molested him. Much of the program music has been archived at Soundcloud and ranges from a Stonesy rock song about sex in heaven (you really can’t make this stuff up) to an epic nuclear apocalypse narrative, 20 Minutes to Go, sung in part by a little girl.

These people may have seen Klaus Schwab’s New Abnormal coming a mile away, but their story reminds how the enemy of our enemy is not always our friend.