Smart, Cynical Punk Sounds in Bushwick Next Week

by delarue

More about that unexpectedly good quadruplebill at Our Wicked Lady in Bushwick on the 14th: catchy female-fronted powerpop/janglerock band the Rizzos, open the night at 8ish, followed by the more straight-up punk  Duke of Vandals, the pro-immigrant, all-female Frida Kill and kinetic no-wavers Weeping Icon headlining at around 11. The club webpage says cover is $11.33 which means it’s twelve bucks at the door.

Duke of Vandals’ latest album Vandalism came out last year and is streaming at Bandcamp. It’s solid four-on-the-floor, cynical punk rock. The first track, Horror Cinema pairs off a slow intro and fast, cynical verse. Track two, Psychosomatic has hints of vintage Dead Kennedys: “I think the juice is not enough,” is the mantra on the way out.

Track three, 24, is a cautionary tale about getting old before your time. The band snidely contemplate the end of the world in Car Crash TV and close the record with the escape anthem The Thing

The all-female, bilingual Frida Kill don’t have much online, but what’s up at Bandcamp is good. The A-side of their “demo” single is Mujeres Con Mangos, a catchy salute to the intrepid immigrant vendors whose tasty snacks make our subway trips more tolerable. The B-side, Here’s Hoping is punchier, like a beefier version of the Slits. The quartet of multi-instrumentalists Lily Gist, Maria Lina Canales, Jeanette D. Moses and Gabriela Canales have a debut cassette ep with both of the songs on it due out later this month.