A Playlist Inspired by and in Support of the Freedom Convoy

by delarue

The Freedom Convoy to our north has triggered more than just a global revolution. There’s also been an explosion of genuine folk music in support of the heroic Canadian truckers. As just one example, give a listen to Daisy Moses Friends & Kin doing Keep On’ Truckin’ Against Tyranny. Just a family sitting around somebody’s phone, everybody joining in, somebody playing the melody to Neil Young’s Heart of Gold on an acoustic guitar. This is the future of music.

Somebody else who’s looking to the future while looking back is dancehall reggae artist Remeece, who has lyrical skills to match his political fearlessness. And his videos can be pricelessly funny. Watch him as he fires off the lyrics to Don’t Tek Di Vaccine while completely unmuzzled on the London tube, right in the face of a bunch of muzzled passengers. Now, they might be actors, but you have to admit it’s a beautiful image.

Remeece has more than just one pro-freedom song, too:

Big Pharma dem a thief and government are losers
Kick Pfizer in de batty with size 17 boota…
Babylonian play tricks, remove them from your playlist

That’s from the song Boosta. The third and final song on this video page is Choose Your Side: “Goodbye to de billionaires queues yeah, Bill Gates don’t get it confused yeah, we’re coming for you and your crew yeah.”

The truckers’ theme song is We Drive, by Larry Beckstead. It’s a CW McCall style country anthem:

It was jab or job that in was their log on the day it all began
When those diesel dudes had a change of mood and drew a deep line in the sand

Download it here; thanks to novelist and freedom fighter John C.A. Manley for passing it along

Aussie exile singer Paul Seils’ Hold the Line echoes that fearlessness: “Never to be enslaved again, billions of us rising, united to the very end.” The video is awesome.

Penny Little of the Away Team was inspired to record her solo anthem Stand Up for Freedom, which also has an inspiring and spot-on video pastiche. “It’s a slippery slope and we can’t go back, we’re the tip of the iceberg I’m telling you that.” Thanks to the irreplaceable Mark Crispin Miller for passing this one along, along with the Remeece and Daisy Moses clips. His daily News From Underground listserv has been a useful and often prophetic source for years, but in the past several weeks it’s become a second New York Music Daily. If you like what’s on this page, you may want to subscribe to his.

Let’s end today’s playlist with a somber, twelve-minute dirge to remind us that our job is not over yet and that we still have grim realities to confront. Eight Bells’ The Well is twelve minutes of otherworldly, close-harmonied vocals over a backdrop that sounds like the Cure circa Pornography with more of a metal influence and a woman out front

In an amusing and unexpectedly heartwarming development, an “unacceptable” Canadian judge ordered the Ottawa police to return the cache of fuel they’d stolen from the convoy on Tuesday night.