Thanksgiving Wishes to Some Wonderful People

by delarue

Thanks to Dr. Faulty for torturing those beagles, a useful diversion to enable him to sleaze into a final slippery exit. Two hundred thousand Americans murdered by the kill shots, two million people worldwide – and it turns out that it’s not the slaughter of our fellow humans, but our furry friends (fast forward to 33:40), that gets everybody all teared up.

Thanks for the Bat Lady for being such an easy target. If this was Hollywood, her character wouldn’t make it past Standards and Practices because it’s such an obviously biased racial stereotype.

Thanks to Klaus Schwab for being such an over-the-top Dr. Evil cartoon. Again, if this was Hollywood, his Glate Leeset wouldn’t make it out of the pitch meeting, forget about a focus group.

Thanks to New York Governor Kathy Hochul for declaring herself God, on camera. Who knew that Moshiach would be a woman – and she’s not even Jewish! You should see Del Bigtree (who, although he doesn’t talk about it much, was a preacher’s kid) ripping her Messiah ambitions to shreds. And he knows his Scripture!

Thanks to Dave Grohl for finally being the one to vault Keith Richards out of his perennial top spot in the aging rockers deadpool. Karmically speaking, it’s not hard to imagine that sooner than later there will be only one surviving member of Nirvana. Assuming, of course, that Grohl didn’t get a placebo.

Thanks to Gavin Newsom for blinking on demanding one. Steve Kirsch offered him a million dollars if he was willing to fess up to having Guillain-Barre or whatever the hell the shot gave him – and he didn’t bite. Maybe those spike proteins bypassed the gonads and went straight to his brain – or maybe Schwab has video that Newsom doesn’t want you to see.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for taking forty minutes on live tv to enlighten us about how veterinary Ivermectin was sending all those Oklahoma hicks to the emergency room – except that the story was fake, the dude who faked it hadn’t worked at the hospital in question in months, and then the hospital put up an announcement that neither their emergency room nor their ICU were anywhere near capacity.

And finally, thanks to Bill Gates for grinningly telling the world on live tv that all this is the “final solution.” He really said that (fast forward to 3:12). You can’t make this shit up. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.