An Unintentionally Prophetic Protest Song

by delarue

Christine LaRocca‘s icily synthy trip-hop single The New Normal – streaming at Soundcloud – turned out to be infinitely more prophetic than the Los Angeles singer ever could have wanted. She wrote it before the lockdown, not realizing that the sinister phrase “new normal” was introduced to the world at a conference sponsored by big pharma corporation Merck in 2004. In LaRocca’s own words:

“Corporations have been invading our privacy by digging into thoughts. They are learning our habits without our consent and selling our data to the highest bidder without asking you if it is okay. Social media has effected the mental health of our society and has also become a way to quickly spread lies and rumors. Artificial intelligence and robots are replacing human beings. My phone rang over 70 times in a 24 hour window when I decided to research health care. People are denying climate change. The common denominator? Money. Technology has made so many incredible things possible, yet not without a cost. At what point do we draw the line?”