A Killer Metal Show in Bushwick on the 12th

by delarue

As we fight to derail Bill DiBozo and the World Economic Forum terrorists’ scheme to impose a Chinese communist-style surveillance state this September 13, there are still a ton of good concerts happening this month. One of this summer’s best is an epic bill on Aug 12 at Our Wicked Lady in Bushwick, with anthemic speedmetal band Cold Dice, at 8 PM, at 9 PM the debut of Certain Death – the house band from Pfizer or Moderna, maybe? – then at 10 PM the wild, fuzzy stoner sounds of Grave Bathers, with the possibly even more macabre Castle Rat headlining. It’s a lineup worthy of St. Vitus (and would probably be happening at St. Vitus if they were open right now). Cover is $12.

Castle Rat have a venomously catchy single up at Bandcamp as a free download. The epic A-side is It Isn”t Clean, frontwoman/guitarist Rat Queen’s cynical, lurid vocals hovering over the Count’s smoldering fretwork, bassist Dr. Mouse and drummer Sgt. Young anchoring it with a purposeful attack. The names may be cartoonish but the music is anything but.

The B-side is Different Dirt, a killer fuzztone doom metal song in an Electric Citizen vein. How long has it been since there’s been a metal quadruplebill this good in this city? Let’s not lose our music scene a second time after September 12!