You and What Army, DiBozo? #noapartheidnyc

by delarue

Mayor Bill DiBozo’s announcement of an apartheid state where New Yorkers who don’t use his blockchain-based medical spyware will be banned from bars, restaurants and venues starting September 13 has more to do with those who have already taken the various experimental genetic code injections than those of us who won’t. Just like the lockdowns and all the restrictions, this has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with total, fascist control and the institution of a Chinese communist style surveillance state.

The point is to get everyone on a blockchain, where their every move will be electronically spied on and analyzed. As Naomi Wolf has succinctly explained, DiBozo’s proposed medical “passport” is simply a ruse to put spyware on your phone, which will provide the government with every text, every conversation and every activity that you perform, along with a real-time record of everywhere you go. It’s the first step in the introduction of a draconian social credit system, just like the one that’s been rolled out in communist China.

The elephant in the room is who’s going to enforce DiBozo’s scheme – and that problem, this blog believes, will kill it. Along with our general noncompliance and protests.

Seriously – who’s going to enforce it? Not the NYPD, who heroically refused to enforce Andrew Cuomo’s muzzle regulations and six-foot rule last year. Health inspectors? Just wait til they start showing up in the Gowanus Canal. We all know that a certain percentage of New York bars, restaurants and venues are money-laundering operations for the mob. And the mob doesn’t like it when you mess with them.

DiBozo’s medical “passport” affects all New Yorkers. No matter whether or not you believe that there is any kind of health emergency, that the bioweapon responsible for it still exists, or that the so-called vaccines are really vaccines at all, this is the first step toward an Orwellian nightmare for everybody. And DiBozo is relying on those who lined up for the needle to line up for this too.

If you think DiBozo is going to stop with restaurants, bars and venues, you’re living in a dream world. Don’t feel like complying with the next random, arbitrary order from the Mayor’s office? You can’t go to the supermarket. You can’t leave your apartment. Your bank account is seized.

To a small extent, this is about peer pressure. But the lethal injection campaign is dead in the water. According to the whistleblower in the ongoing Federal lawsuit to stop the injections, more than forty-five thousand Americans have been murdered by the needle. Those who were going to take it already have. Nobody else is going to. Look at the needle sites and testing sites in your neighborhood – they’re all empty. It’s the easiest job in the world. The kids who work there just sit around smoking weed all day.

And there’s another sinister side to DiBozo’s apartheid scheme: the destruction of small farms. Most people aren’t aware that there are two food supply chains in this country: one for supermarkets and one for restaurants. Most of what’s sold in supermarkets is from agribusiness. But restaurants rely on fresh food, which is cheapest if it’s locally sourced. If restaurants are forced out of business because their customer base is destroyed, local farms lose their customer base as well.

And then lockdowners like Bill Gates and Ted Turner – the largest owners of farmland in the country – or the Blackstone Group, or whatever other oligarchs you can think of, can buy up family farms for pennies on the dollar. And turn them into private feedlots, or places where they can replace heirloom produce with Monsanto frankenfood.

What can we do? Simply don’t comply. Locked out of your favorite bar or restaurant? Find a friendly place that doesn’t comply. They’re out there. They were there during the lockdown – sure, you had to go in the back door, and they weren’t open all the time, but those places still exist and will be there if DiBozo’s scheme goes into effect.

Afraid you won’t be able to go see the Mets or get into Carnegie Hall? Give the Mets and Carnegie Hall a rest until we take back power in this city. There are thousands of house concerts and underground shows going on, just as there were during the lockdown. Sniff around a little and you’ll be rewarded. Even better, start your own speakeasy or restaurant in your apartment or business.

Remember – the medical “passport” is the first step toward total tyranny, Chinese communist style. And the only way it can be enforced is if we comply.

And we can win this. There are massive protests around the world. The province of Alberta in Canada, one of the harshest lockdown nations in the world, just broke free. We can derail this Handmaid’s Tale before it happens if we stick up for ourselves and stand strong. #noapartheidnyc