A Twisted New Protest Song by the Pocket Gods

by delarue

“If you sing along to this catchy Christmas song in a pub you will be shot,” is basically all the lyrics of the Pocket Gods’ sludgy new Jesus and Mary Chain-ish holiday single. Needless to say, let’s hope this becomes a forgotten artifact of a grim time in human history rather than anything genuinely prophetic. Watch the video at youtube before it gets purged by the lockdowners.

If you think the lockdown has devastated the arts, and the economy, and the culture here, imagine what it’s like in the UK under dictator Boris Johnson. Seriously: most of the sickest/funniest lockdown insanity has come out of England this year, from how lockdowners do it doggy style, to the admonition not to sing, based on the conspiracy theory that singing makes a person more succeptible to airborne disease. The Johnson regime actually gave someone the green light to float that one. And now the British army is scheduled to invade Liverpool in a massive, medically invasive DNA grab. Is this where the revolution starts?