A Promising New York Songwriter Put on Hold by the Lockdown

by delarue

Songwriter Carly Spell’s career was just getting started when the lockdown crushed live music in this city. And that’s tragic. Spell is hardly the only one whose gig schedule died on the vine – one can only wonder how many other up-and-coming talents were put on ice, for who knows how long. Her one and only single so far, Altar, has been out for several months now. It’s catchy, the guitar, bass and drums behind her are spare and purposeful, and Spell’s voice here only hints at the kind of poignancy and power she can deliver onstage.

Told after a performance at the Greenpoint Songwriters Exchange’s monthly concert at Pete’s that there was some hip-hop influence in the song, Spell grinned. “Everything I do is hip-hop!” Reason to keep an eye out for her when live performances officially resume, at places like Pete’s and elsewhere.