More Junk Science Today From Andrew Cuomo

by delarue

Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefing today underscored the ugly fact that the lockdown has nothing remotely to do with science. It’s all about maintaining a police state at all possible costs.

By his own admission, the number of New Yorkers currently testing positive for COVID-19 is only four-fifths of one percent. Keep in mind that number doesn’t mean that all those people are actually sick, only that they tested positive, so the actual number who are sick with COVID and contagious is bound to be smaller. As even the World Health Organization has reluctantly acknowledged, there is no scientific study that indicates that asymptomatic carriers are likely to spread COVID.

That tiny four-fifths of one percent figure tells us that New Yorkers are very close to herd immunity. When a population reaches herd immunity, a virus cannot survive and dies off.

But now Cuomo is reluctant to allow restaurants to reopen for indoor dining. The simple fact is that if eating out was spreading COVID, we would have experienced some kind of surge.

People dining out eat off the same plates and use the same silverware that hundreds, ultimately thousands of others have used. Anyone who thinks that restaurants adequately sanitize their dishware and cutlery, especially in New York, has never worked in a restaurant. Bars have been serving customers drinking from the same dubiously smudgy, wet glassware over and over again for weeks now.

And people who work in low-paying service industry jobs tend to live toward the end of the train line, in the outer boroughs. The workers making your tacos and slinging drinks have long daily commutes on the subway, New York’s #1 incubator for disease infection. If there’s anybody remotely likely to infect others at this point in time, it’s probably your waitress or your bartender.

Yet all the while, the official COVID numbers have consistently declined as they have since April. Looking at those numbers, at least as Cuomo presents them, there is absolutely no scientifically valid reason why New York can’t reopen. This is yet another lockdowner attempt to destroy small businesses.

And what’s up with Cuomo’s ridiculous edict about requiring high-density air filters in malls? What filter manufacturer just slipped him a fat envelope under the table?

Disease spreads in malls when people are in close contact with each other. It’s not the air coming in through the AC on the roof – where there are no people – that makes people sick. It’s people inside coughing and sneezing on each other. Of all the ridiculous, pseudoscientific regulations Cuomo has come up with since declaring himself emperor of New York State, this is the second most ludicrous.

The most ludicrous idea of all is the one he floated today, demanding that the President issue an executive order for everyone to wear a mask. Remember, this is the same guy who three months ago scoffed at the idea: “You mean like the bandanna I wear when I ride my motorcycle?” he sarcastically responded in front of a group of reporters.

This is nothing more than a carefully scripted political move, most likely suggested by the lockdowners’ psy-ops strategists. It’s a way to demonize the unmasked: if you don’t wear a mask, that automatically identifies you as an irresponsible, narcissistic, germ-spreading Trumpie, right?

What Cuomo and the rest of the clueless lockdowners fail to consider is that the NYPD will not enforce any six-foot rule or mask rule, and that New York district attorneys will not prosecute those cases. Nor will more and more police departments across the country, and around the world. Cuomo just doesn’t know when to quit – which will ultimately bring him down, along with the rest of the lockdowners. As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. quipped the other day, “Cuomo is a dead man walking.”

And he’s only one of many. Hubris is a bitch.