Broken Windows Policing Killed George Floyd

by delarue

It wasn’t just Derek Chauvin’s knee that murdererd George Floyd. It was broken windows policing. Yes, obviously, chokeholds by police officers whose lives are not in peril should be illegal. But so should broken windows policing.

The broken windows concept, trumpeted by racist New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani and his disgraced Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, has been discredited as an effective law enforcement strategy for almost three decades. The theory is that cracking down on minor offenses takes people who commit major crimes off the street, a proposition which has been proven false many times over. Broken windows policing, however, is an effective way to generate revenue from those least able to pay.

When developers of speculator property pay no tax, you have to find some way to pay the garbagemen. As a way of criminalizing poverty and driving people of color out of a neighborhood, or a city, broken windows policing works like a charm. That’s what led to the NYPD’s illegal arrest quotas and stop-and-frisk policy that peaked under Michael Bloomberg.

Now look who’s leading Andrew Cuomo’s trace-and-track team: Michael Bloomberg. Do we want more of the same?