Please Help Stop the Unconstitutional and Dangerous HR6666

by delarue

The greatest threat to our society is not a mysterious virus. It’s a seemingly innocuous bill, titled HR6666, introduced into the US House of Representatives on May 1. This is not a joke or some kind of heavy metal numerological Beavis and Butthead hocus-pocus. That’s really the number, sponsored oddly enough by a Democrat, Bobby Rush of Illinois.

Dubbed the TRACE Act, it authorizes funding for tracking and tracing people who may (or may not) have been exposed to the coronavirus. The devil is in the lack of details. The most egregiously obvious omission is who actually gets the proposed, annual hundred billion dollar budget. The Centers for Disease Control, under the direction of the Secretary of Health and Human Services are in charge, but the bill is otherwise vague on who might be an “eligible entity.”

Just the sheer amount of money involved means that this is going to be a vast enterprise. The firestorm of fear that has spread across the web in response to this reflects the possibility that the bill will be used as a pretext for separating families in the case where someone tests postitive and can’t isolate sufficiently. Without specific conditions, and a sunset clause – which it doesn’t include – there is too much room for potential abuses to let this go to the Senate.

Tracing and tracking diseases is actually old news. It’s standard operating procedure when someone contracts something rare and deadly like the plague or ebola, and it was employed throughout the AIDS crisis. But this bill could easily be used, for example, to deputize private companies as a germ gestapo. Constitutionally, the Federal government is barred from doing home invasions – but private contractors, deputized under an emergency, could act with impunity.

Never mind who they might sell your data to….or what those unnamed entitities might do with it. You do the math.

Considering the notorious unreliability of coronavirus testing (the common cold is a coronavirus, for example), it’s hardly a stretch to imagine the nightmare this could create, especially as far as urban dwellers are concerned. Even the richest New Yorkers seldom have more than a single bathroom in their apartments, eliminating a person’s ability to self-quarantine if there are other people living there (regardless of the fact that if someone in a household has coronavirus, the odds of the others already being infected are about 99%). Please share this far and wide and contact your Representative TODAY to stop HR6666.