No April NYC Concert Calendar Here This Month – Sorry

by delarue

There will be no NYC concert calendar here this month, at least until we have a clearer picture of when some approximation of normalcy can resume. Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool joke (although who knows, there might be one a little later on this page…you never know!).

The game plan here is to be optimistic and gear up for shows to resume in late May, although that might be a little ambitious. Many of the venues shut down since the beginning of the coronavirus scare will never reopen. The big midtown concert halls assuredly will, but with so many smaller clubs in jeopardy, the ongoing uncertainty (some would say chaos) concerning what businesses can reopen when puts everything on hold. Whatever the case, New York Music Daily will keep you updated: the general link to the monthly concert calendar is here, with the latest one at the very top of the page.

Remember, this crisis will pass. This isn’t the apocalypse. There isn’t going to be any national lockdown. Scientifically speaking, it would be alarmist to expect a coronavirus threat to last beyond the third week of May. We are going to survive and rebound from this. And there are innumerable lessons we need to learn, and remember forever, about how this crisis transpired. As Jefferson said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. These days, the same could be said for your health.