At Last, You Can Follow New York Music Daily on Facebook and Instagram!

by delarue

Well, it finally happened. With every bozo on the planet who ever picked up an instrument serenading their FB friends with one live stream after another, it became obvious that New York Music Daily would be completely obsolete without a FB page.

Watch this blog’s owner struggle with a slide on a Robert Johnson tune! Actually, Robert Johnson quality is not a realistic goal. The virtuosity of Hound Dog Taylor would be something reasonable to strive for.

Then a switch to the piano and an attempt to sing at the same time! Can somebody with the range of Lou Reed – on a good day – leap an octave from the G below middle C and hit that high note? Tune in to the live stream tonight at 8 PM EST and find out! And while you’re at it, please “like” and “friend” @nymusicdaily so this blog doesn’t die a slow and ugly death.

That’s right, New York Music Daily has gone over to the dark side – for good. In a few weeks, this page will be taken down and replaced by both a FB and IG feed. Sorry, no more provocatively purple prose, murderous metaphors or sizzling similes, just band pix and links to their FB pages. You’ll have to guess from how trendy, or untrendy, they look to figure out what they sound like.

Spyware? Malware? Adware? 24/7 geolocation, face recognition technology, audio surveillance that includes subsonics and supersonics? Um, yeah – but you have all that sinister stuff on your phone, and you’re still alive. Maybe with everybody wrapped up with all this coronavirus shit it’ll be possible to hang just under the radar without getting hunted down and murdered by grudge-holding nogoodniks from decades ago?