This October, It’s Halloween All Month Long

by delarue

Does darkness find you, or do you find it?

Is it a matter of luck, karma, a state of mind, a zeitgeist, political circumstance, random chance…or a conscious choice? New York Music Daily’s annual monthlong Halloween celebration seeks to address those questions, even more eclectically than last year.

The game plan is to avoid being obvious. This month so far has been all about creepy chromatics, sepulchral strings, otherworldly Middle Eastern microtones and gothic organ music. No doubt, at some point here during the next three weeks or so you’ll see grand guignol heavy metal, horror flick soundtracks, and femmes fatales in black lipstick purring about killling or being killed. But if everything goes right, all that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You may also find dead people, dead bands (defunct ones, not the Lynyrd Skynyrd kind), some very disturbing real-life Halloween scenarios, and characters who may be either alive or dead. You’ll have to figure out for yourself which they are.

If you’re looking for free and cheap concerts in New York this October, that’s what the monthly concert calendar is for. Much as this wouldn’t be New York Music Daily if there wasn’t at least some concert coverage, advocating for live music isn’t going to be this month’s focus. Check back as often as you like to see how dark it gets around here…if you dare.