Taking Back Halloween

by delarue

Over the past few years, this month’s hallowed horror holiday has been hijacked by fratboys. New York Music Daily may not be able to put an end to that, but in the next four weeks we can have a lot of fun with some of this year’s darkest music…and maybe by exhuming some from years past as well. And maybe we can forget about the ongoing sororitization of New York nightlife for a little while.

Many of us on the east coast may not be aware how pervasive the fraternity and sorority systems are in colleges across the country, particularly in the midwest and south. Social life on less cosmopolitan campuses often revolves around them. Sororities typically take the lead in creating specious excuses to invite fratboys over. Usually this involves some kind of lame costume party, since hanging out a sign that says “LIVE NUDE GIRLS” wouldn’t go over well with the administration. This is how Republican sorority women who, believe it or not, actually want to meet young Brett Kavanaugh types, have been doing it for years.

The blitzkrieg of spoiled brats from out of state who’ve saturated lower Manhattan and Brooklyn in the recent past are products of that system. For them, Halloween isn’t about punk rock or gay rights: it’s Santacon in orange and black. They’re used to the sorority social secretary figuring out their nocturnal entertainment for them. That’s why now there’s stuff like Miley Cyrus karaoke, or people reading from their awkward teenage journal entries, at venues where bands used to play.

 But New York Music Daily doesn’t cater to that crowd. For the next month, this blog will unflinchingly focus on the grim and the gruesome, both real and imaginary. The point is to scare the hell out of you – and maybe make you laugh too. Come along for the ride and check back here every day for something new if you’re brave enough.