Win a Free Copy of the Wildly Popular Board Game Spontuneous, Get Your Life Back

by delarue

The peeps who put out the popular board game Spontuneous have something fun and radical for you. Cancel your cable subscription this holiday season, spend some real facetime with your family, email your cancellation to and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of the game.

If you’re one of the many who don’t have cable – seriously, with the web, who needs tv? – you can still enter. It’s not clear how the Spontuneous crew are going to be able to separate the real cable unsubscribers from the cheaters, but it’s an idea  worth putting out there.

What is Spontuneous? It’s like Encore but better. Somebody says a word and the first person to burst into song (one they didn’t just make up) wins the round, that is, if they know at least five consecutive words’ worth of lyrics. The game is a lot of fun, covering everything from folk songs to pop hits from across the decades, and you can play it so that your fave Radio Birdman b-side or unreleased Karla Rose classic counts as much as the famous stuff. Great for all ages, diehards and amateurs alike.

Just imagine how wonderful the holidays would be this year WITHOUT It’s a Wonderful Life!