The Voice Project Goes to Bat for Political Prisoners Persecuted For Their Art Around the World

by delarue

This is the first and probably only piece about t-shirts you will ever find here, considering that New York Music Daily is hardly a fashion blog.

But these t-shirts are important. The Voice Project – who arranged for local lawyers and representatives to watch over Pussy Riot during the time they were political prisoners, to make sure they weren’t tortured or harmed – has just issued a series of shirts featuring mugshot-style pix of famous, politically engaged artists with individuals around the world who have been imprisoned – and in one instance, facing a death sentence – for their art.

The artists paired in these stark, black-and-white shots include

Johnny Depp with filmmaker Oleg Sentsov imprisoned in Russia

Alex Ebert with singer Trần Vũ anh Bình imprisoned in Vietnam

Peter Gabriel with author and journalist Dawit Isaak imprisoned in Eritrea

Tom Morello with painter and journalist Tom Dundee imprisoned in Thailand

Ana Tijoux with poet Ashraf Fayadh imprisoned in Saudi Arabia 

Nadya Tolokonnikova with singer Nûdem Durak imprisoned in Turkey

Proceeds from the shirts go to support the Voice Project’s work on these and other artists’ behalf. Dare you to be the first on your block with one of them. You can also follow the links above and add your name to the petitions for these innocent artists’ release.