Singles and Good Jokes 10/23

by delarue

The single that Jay Brown has bees pushing most lately is Beginner Mind, a wickedly catchy Americana pop tune, but the best song on his soundcloud page is Jesus Save Me (From Fox News & Friends). Self-explanatory and funny as hell.

Check out western Connecticut all-girl punk band the Damn Broads’ Pay to Play (at Reverbnation). Here they tackle a scam that hasn’t really caught on in New York because there are so many places to play, but it’s a problem all over the country. “You’re just another punk rock fool,” they sing as the evil chromatic tune gives way to garagey riffage and then a very funny quote from the Sex Pistols catalog.

And much as this blog doesn’t typically reprint news releases verbatim, this one was too good to resist: “It’s happening all around the world: train stations, shopping malls, and local governments have found themselves forced to turn to classical music in their efforts to keep loiterers at bay. As the Los Angeles Times reports, ‘Whether it’s Handel piped into New York’s Port Authority or Tchaikovsky at a public library in London, the sound of classical music is apparently so repellent to teenagers that it sends them scurrying away like frightened mice.’ When violin virtuoso Gil Shaham heard the news, he combed the catalog of his recording label, Canary Classics, to create Music to Drive Away Loiterers, the perfect compilation to deter anyone, an album which came out this past spring. The concerned Avery Fisher Prize-winner explains:“As a violinist dedicated to his art, I have always looked for ways to help the Greater Good. When I heard that classical music was being used to drive loiterers away, I knew I had finally found my calling. I hope people enjoy this album…or not. Whatever.”