Tantalizingly Short Songs From Punk Band Girl Tears

by delarue

LA punk band Girl Tears‘ album Tension – streaming at Bandcamp – has the same spirit as Guided by Voices’ latest one, Cool Planet. The band teases you with songs that flash by in two minutes or considerably less, which could easily go on three or four times as long as they do without being boring. But just like the Dead Kennedys – a group they don’t resemble, for what it’s worth – they like short songs. They also like minor keys and uneasy, unpredictable postpunk chord changes, in the same vein as early Wire. Some of these fragmentary tunes – a lot of them with just a single verse and a blip of a chorus – sound like the Hussy without the weed. Others bring to mind Thee Oh Sees without all the noise and the lengthy intros and outros: you could pack most of this album into a long Oh Sees jam.

The opening track, Kill For Love, isn’t particularly murderous, a fuzzy downstroke punk guitar tune that’s over in barely two minutes. The barely minute-long Jinx sets the tone for wickedly catchy major-minor guitar changes: “I’m just shit” is the reverb-drenched vocal mantra. With its tumbling drumrolls, Lobotomy is the first Oh Sees soundalikes, albeit a lot more succinct. The band follows that with the steady, sarcastic Dream Baby, which wraps up in about a minute, followed by Candy Darling, which takes a classic, Lynchian noir pop tune and punks it out.

Alone packs an awful lot of cool, unexpected chord changes and hints of glamrock into just a verse and a chorus. Because brings back the noir punk vibe, followed by Suffocate (as in “I’ll hold you til you suffocate.”) There’s also a small handful of lickety-split hardcore numbers: Never Again, the kiss-off dis You’re Nothing, and the viciously chromatic title track, where the bass finally gets to emerge from the sonic morass for a second with the drums before disappearing again into the maelstrom. Because the album’s so short, it’s best appreciated as a whole. Blast it after a bad day at work or school and you’ll be better off. Oh yeah – it’s available on cassette!!!