A Lyrical Limited Edition Single from Wormburner

by delarue

Wormburner play anthemic, tuneful, darkly lyrical rock narratives that often get compared to Springsteen. But to reduce them to Jersey highway rock, even the good stuff the Boss was doing thirty-five years ago, wouldn’t be fair, as evidenced by their new vinyl single – their first release since the fiery, sardonic album Placed by the Gideons three years ago.

The A-side, Today Might Be Our Day is on the Celtic side of anthemic 80s rock, U2 without the strident vocals and empty slogans. And it’s got a story, in this case a smalltime hood on the run from the law. Is that a swoopy synth solo or a guitar running through a wah? The band has both.

The B-side, Parliaments on Sundays, is a wry janglerock anthem like the Figgs at their most tuneful, told from the point of view of a guy who likes his liquor but only smokes or does the other stuff if it “helps to dull the edge, and anything to keep you off the ledge.” The vinyl seven-inch is officially out July 9 in a limited edition and the sound is rich, sweet analog.