Another Day, Another New Guided by Voices Single

by delarue

OK, the new Guided by Voices single, Flunky Minnows b/w Jellypop Smiles (limited edition vinyl, 1000 copies) is out today. Here’s the press release: “The first single from the upcoming Guided By Voices long-player English Little League is a classic Pollard-penned power-pop gem, as catchy as anything in the band’s canon, backed with ‘Jellypop Smiles,’ a reverb-heavy acoustic number with out-of-tune recorder that wouldn’t sound out of place next to Bee Thousand’s “Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory.”

Should we believe this, or trash it? Hmmm…the A-side is catchy to the point of cruelty, staggering along the fine line between purist powerpop and exasperating refusenik indie nebulosity. In other words, classic GBV. The B-side sounds like something left over from one of the Pollard solo albums – is there anybody on it but him? It’s not bad, and it’s over sooner than it could be. Again: classic GBV. Bring on the album, dammit!