Memes, Free Downloads and Such 11/20/12

by delarue

Lots of stuff comes over the transom here. Lots and lots and lots of it and most of it is unlistenable. In the race to wrap up all the albums sitting in the stack, or the virtual stack here, the good stuff from amidst those items has been neglected. Before it goes stale, here it is.

If you’re a musician, you should never, ever, sign with a major record label. Rapper Macklemore and his buddy Ryan Lewis offer a video for their song Jimmy Iovine to explain why. Going viral fast. The lyrics are here.

One of NYC’s most distinctive bassists, Frankie Monroe just put up a super creepy new video for the equally creepy classic Bride of Frankenstein by his late, great band DollHouse. Knowing where this was shot makes this all the more interesting!

Brooklyn’s hardest-hitting, smartest, most original rockers the Brooklyn What have a long-awaited second album, Hot Wine, coming out in January. Here’s a pretty LOL half-hour video – the band’s first recorded interview ever – interspersed with some kick-ass live-in-the-studio footage of several full-length songs from the album including the title track, based on a dream by the late Billy Cohen where he saved children from an evil mayor who was trying to deep-fry them at Coney Island. True story. On a lighter note, fast forward to about 14:40 where frontman Jamie Frey explains where She Gives Me Spasms comes from.

Former Industrial Tepee frontman Tom Shaner has a LMAO new video for his song She’s an Unstoppable Hipster. The visuals take awhile to get going but make sure you’re watching by about 1:15.

Rocker Mike Rimbaud’s latest single Jackhammer Jones (damn, this guy is good with titles) perfectly captures the state of NYC, 2012. Surreal minor key vintage 60s-inspired psych-pop with characteristically incisive lyrics and one double entendre after another. If you wish Elvis Costello was still doing what he was doing 30 years ago, Rimbaud’s your man.

Canadian Middle Eastern rockers Jaffa Road have a great new free download that sounds a lot like the Arabic classic Ya Rayyeh.

Keyboardist Greta Gertler’s charmingly lush art-rock band the Universal Thump did a live set on WFMU recently, including their wry new single Walking the Cat, which you can stream here.

And noir chanteuse Nicole Atkins has a new single to benefit hurricane relief.

Back to the grind with the albums and concerts tomorrow, you won’t believe some of the amazing stuff coming up here.