The Brooklyn What Releases Their New Single for Hurricane Relief

by delarue

All proceeds of the long-awaited new Brooklyn What single, Catastrophe Kids b/w Hot Wine are going to benefit Hurricane Sandy survivors. What a great way to help out – you can grab a download for as little as a buck and if you’re in the position to help with more, your money is going to people who need it, in Red Hook and elsewhere.

The A-side is classic Brooklyn What – it’s the Dolls and the Dead Boys filtered through the prism of Guided by Voices with a typical snide Jamie Frey lyric poking fun at the uptight too-cool-for-school crowd that doesn’t move a muscle at rock shows. John-Severin Napolillo and Evan O’Donnell add their signature blend of purist and outside-the-box chops with some tasty soloing.

The B-side is a deliciously surreal number out of the Billy Cohen songbook. In his brief 23 years on the planet, the polymath guitarist/composer and founding member of the band explored an astonishing number of styles: this one, a surreal Coney Island scenario, starts out as woozy folk-rock and ends up as gypsy jazz-flavored doo-wop – how they get from point A to point B and avoid the monster in the room is an awful lot of fun. This song will be the title track to the band’s forthcoming January, 2013 album, their first full-length effort since their mighty 2009 debut The Brooklyn What for Borough President. The band celebrates the release of these two songs with a benefit show for hurricane relief this Friday Nov 16 at St. Vitus in Greenpoint along with the hypnotically intense Highway Gimps and a several other bands starting around 8.