Picking Up the Pieces After Frankenstorm

by delarue

Frankenstorm pretty much lived up to its name. Nuclear reactors around the area, at least as far as the official story is concerned, were unaffected, with two exceptions. One of the reactors at Indian Point, thirty miles north of Manhattan, was taken offline after a rise in outside water levels, and is presently being cooled according to regular protocol. Of more concern was the Oyster Creek plant in Lacey Township, NJ, just south of Red Bank, which went on alert for a day after cooling systems there failed the night of the storm. Full outside power was restored on Oct 31, and the alert was lifted: there doesn’t seem to be any persistent threat beyond the usual.

At present (afternoon of Nov 3), NYC bus service is back; much of subway service in Queens and Brooklyn has been restored, but the only train running between Manhattan and Brooklyn is the 4. Check the MTA site for the latest developments; there’s still no 3,7, B, C, E, G or Q train service and no trains between 34th Street and downtown Brooklyn other than the 4. Free shuttle buses continue to run uptown from Brooklyn along 3rd Ave. and 57th St. from the Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn, and southbound to Brooklyn along Lexington Ave. beginning at 57th St.  

As far as music is concerned, clubs are cancelling shows one day at a time rather than shutting down for an extended period; whether this is wishful thinking or a good omen remains to be seen. There are still areas in Manhattan south of 34th St. which do not have electric power.

If you’re feeling stir-crazy, best to check with the club or your favorite artist beforehand before wasting a trip. The latest NYC live music calendar is here; a comprehensive list of NYC venues is here.

New York Music Daily’s debut Sunday Salon at Zirzamin on November 4 at 5 PM is happening, followed by a performance by Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons at 7. Come on down if you’re in the neighborhood!