NY Gypsy Festival All-Access Passes Now Half-Price

by delarue

If you’re a promoter, how do you move a bunch of festival passes if the festival is already underway and they aren’t sold out? Sell ’em at half price. Which turns out to be an absurdly good deal, if music in dark minor keys is your thing. With four shows remaining this year, all of them at Drom, the $22.50 NY Gypsy Festival half-price pass comes to a little more than $5 a show. Remaining concerts include the NY Gypsy All-Stars with guest guitarist Marco Calliari on 9/20 at 8; Quebecois gypsy powerhouse Roma Carnivale on 9/22 at 11:30; flamenco dancer Elena Andujar with her ensemble on 9/28 at 11; and luminous Spanish flamenco-jazz pianist Ariadna Castellanos on 9/30 at 7:15. Assuming you bought advance tix for all four, cover without the pass would be $55.

This year’s remaining NY Gypsy Festival show that’s not at Drom (and sadly not part of the pass package) is on 9/22 with scorching Romanian gypsy brass orchestra Fanfare Ciocarlia at the Schimmel Center at Pace University downtown, 3 Spruce St. between Park Row and Gold St. Full-price tix are pricy – $35 – but the band’s offering a free album download with all advance ticket purchases; tix are available online and at the box office.