Twisted Funny Video from the Brooklyn What

by delarue

Whether or not you might be in a position to help the Brooklyn What raise the $400 they need to press their forthcoming album on vinyl and cd, check out this LMFAO video. This isn’t the band begging for money: in about three minutes, it captures pretty much everything anybody needs to know about what’s left of the music business.

If you are one of the lucky few with a job and the cash to pitch in, as of today the Brooklyn What has raised $2100 of the $2500 necessary to finish the album via Kickstarter. They’ve got until September 27 to meet their goal. The record is called Hot Wine; the songs are smart, and funny, and run the gamut from frantic, surreal gypsy punk, to pissed-off Dead Boys style anthems, to some sweet soul and doo-wop influenced stuff. If this blog still exists when the record comes out, you will definitely hear about it here. The band is playing a killer night at Rock Shop on Sept 29 starting at 8 PM with the band’s guitarist Evan O’Donnell and Jonathan Ruderfer performing the compositions of their late great polymath composer/rocker/Mets fan bandmate Billy Cohen, followed by Zebu, the monstermuffin dancefloor pandemonium of Escarioka and then the Brooklyn What headlining around 11.