Intriguing Australian Americana from Texas Tea

by delarue

Today’s free download comes from Brisbane, where Texas Tea have made a name for themselves for putting a sometimes surreal Aussie spin on both Nashville gothic and soul sounds. This is one of those deals where the band is so far removed from where all this stuff originally took place that they have to be better than simply good for anybody to take them seriously, and they are. The latest freebie (also available as a cassette single!) is Heart Says Yes (Head Says No), an irresistible guitar-driven girlgroup pop song, like the Pipettes without the four-letter words. There’s something refreshingly direct with this band, but also a dark undercurrent that draws a straight line back to Aussie legends the Passengers.

They also put out an ep simply titled Free Tracks that you should grab as well which explores their dark folk side: at their best, they evoke Brooklyn’s always estimable Jan Bell. There’s the apprehensive, minor-key reminiscence Macy & Me, the creepy disaster epic The Ferry Song, the rustically aphoristic One Silver Dollar and then Crawfish, a disquieting fishing tale: you’re left with the image of the crustacean struggling at the wrong end of the hook. Download it here.