Meet MesAyah

by delarue

MesAyah is a hip-hop artist from Norway. He seems to have learned English from hip-hop, which actually isn’t a bad thing, hip-hop being a lot more intelligent than, say, what’s on tv. His spelling is kind of unique also – but the insights this guy has? WOW.

He’s currently doing a 365 challenge, a new rhyme every day and a lot of them are totally kick-ass: hip-hop fans should bookmark his page and check back frequently. For example, the March 22 rhyme about kids rotting their brains with celebrity worship, or the March 11 joint about Starbucks in Norway: spot-on and funny as hell (you’ll have to click the link above and scroll down to the middle of the page). This self-styled “Nas meets Peter Gabriel” is the real deal, as aware as he is amusing, covering topics as diverse as the European Community taking over sovereignty from Norwegian citizens, to the plight of a poor cucumber destined for a salad (or maybe a pickle jar – it’s too bizarre and funny, you’ll have to read it for yourself and decide). For those who might be interested, he has four albums albums out. The most recent one is Paradise of Paradigms, from last year; the best title is 2007’s Mindgames for the Braindead.