Today’s Free Download

by delarue

Today’s free download comes from Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Gray Field Recordings. They’ve got a couple of irresistibly creepy tunes up at their soundcloud site, from their latest album Nature Desires Nature, which is out as a limited-edition pressing from Reverb Worship. Is this goth music? Film music? Indie classical? Ambient soundscapes? It’s a little of all of the above, it’s totally original and a lot of it is absolutely haunting. The first song, Willow Wally, is an Elizabethan gothic tone poem of sorts, the group’s frontwoman R. Loftiss’ quietly insistent vocals juxtaposed against a low, ominous drone with icy sheets of strings that eventually join forces with the drone and then swirl their way out. The other is Scared of Wolves, a menacingly theatrical, surreal spoken-word duet between predator and prey, ghostly snippets of sound (backward masking?) flitting through the mix over brooding cello, swirling layers of vocals and a lushly orchestrated crescendo. There are other tracks streaming at the site as well which are equally intense. “To Epimetheus. Love, Pandora,” says the album dedication – well put. Download them here.