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Month: February, 2012

Kami Thompson – A Surprise, Or What?


That’s what musicians derisively call the sons and daughters of famous rockers. Sean Lennon, anyone? How about Brian Wilson’s obese daughter? And wasn’t there a Howlin’ Wolf Jr.? Actually, there were probably a whole bunch of Howlin’ Wolf Jr.’s, but there was a particular one who took credit for being that man.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule that the children of great musicians can’t be great musicians themselves. But those are few and far between. Probably the best example is Amy Allison (daughter of Mose). Rosanne Cash has written some great songs and is also a fine singer; Jakob Dylan had a good run back in the 90s; Zak Starkey (son of Ringo) is a sensationally good drummer, and Whitney Houston (daughter of Cissy) once had a hell of a voice, regardless of how you feel about her material or her tortuously public plunge into the abyss.

So with her debut album Love Lies, Kami Thompson has set herself up for a fate even crueller than what happened to Lana Del Rey (remember her fifteen minutes?). The daughter of Richard and Linda Thompson – whom many consider to be the greatest songwriter and the greatest singer of the past forty years – she faces being held to a standard that’s just plain unfair, that few living musicians in any style of music could hope to live up to (though the same thing happened to her artsy janglerock brother Teddy, who’s been able to carve out an audience for himself). Beyond that, it’s hardly cynical to emphasize that if she didn’t have such celebrated bloodlines, there’s no way, at her age (probably close to thirty) that she’d be signed to a major label (Warner). Yet she not only doesn’t embarrass herself: she proves to be not only a solid tunesmith, but also a fine singer. Like her mom, her voice is unadorned, pure, and at its best, genuinely haunting. The way she’ll take a little leap at the end of a phrase, insistently or indignantly, and then let the note slip away like a ghost, reminds of a very young Erica Smith: she’s that good. Her songs are catchy and anthemic, and are surprisingly eclectic (part of the credit goes to producer Brad Albetta, whose signature, soaring, melodic bass and inventive arrangements have brightened several first-class artists’ albums, most notably another Britfolk-influenced songstress, Amanda Thorpe). As a guitarist, most of the learning curve is still in front of her (she doesn’t seem to be able to play upstrokes) and though she tries, her plainspoken lyrics are on the prosaic side.

Hardcore RT fans are going to want this album for the two solos he contributes here: a characteristically dark, gorgeous one at the end of the album’s best cut, the wary, forlornly janglerocking Little Boy Blue, and a much terser but equally sharp one at the end of Stormy, a big, crescendoing electric anthem that sounds like Bauhaus playing Britfolk. And there’s another solo on the catchy, backbeat-driven folk-pop tune Gotta Hold On that’s a good approximation. The rest of the album is diverse: 4000 Miles sets minor-key Britfolk to a reggae groove, and surprisingly, it works. Never Again is a Gillian Welch/Erica Smith style Americana ballad, while Tick Tock has all kinds of clever touches: hip-hop allusions, a tongue-in-cheek, bouncy bassline and a sarcastic chorus that nicks the chords from PiL’s This Is Not a Love Song. The album ends with Want You Back (the Beatles via Elliott Smith); Blood Wedding (pensive and plaintive, “I lost my youth to a broken heart,” a thread that runs through most of these songs); and then just the Beatles themselves (Don’t Bother Me, done as a high-quality, high-spirited demo). If this is the only album Kami Thompson ever does, it’s nothing to be ashamed of; let’s hope there’s more where this came from. Ladies and gentlemen, fire up your browsers.

Noir Pop from British Columbia

If you like your tunes catchy but creepy, Vancouver retro rockers Chains of Love are coming out with their debut album Strange Grey Days this March 14 on Manimal Vinyl. The singles they already have out make this auspicious news. The first one’s A-side isn’t much but the B-side, Black Hearts is the best of all of them, lo-fi Lynchian reverb noir pop with extra guitar bite and frontwoman Nathalia Pizzaro’s dreamy vox; think a more DIY Nicole Atkins. The second one’s A-side, Breaking My Heart is also a lot of fun, a creepy bastard la-la-love child of the Supremes and the 13th Floor Elevators. And here’s the latest one, He’s Leaving with Me, sort of a lo-fi Pipettes.

Judging Mike Rimbaud’s Covers Album

After seven albums of original material – and his excellent, most recent release, Coney Island Wave (chronicled here yesterday), literate rocker Mike Rimbaud decided to do an album of covers. Which can be tricky. In order to cover a song that’s worth covering to begin with, you either have to do it better than the original – no easy task – or completely reinvent it. Which is exactly what Rimbaud did with Can’t Judge a Song By Its Cover. To call this record ambitious is something of an understatement: tackling mostly well-known, iconic songs, Rimbaud makes it seem easy as he nails them, one by one. If you’re willing to buy the argument that there’s such thing as a classic album of covers, this is it.

It gets off to a false start. The opening track, Almost Hear You Sigh, has a tired, 70s blues-pop feel. Who might have been responsible for it the first time around? Dire Straits, maybe? As it turns out, this is a Rolling Stones song, from long after that band ceased to be relevant. Then the fun begins with an electric bluegrass version of Springsteen’s Atlantic City – Rimbaud’s casual, practically blithe delivery only underscores the grim fatalism in the hitman’s tale. The album’s centerpiece is Idiot Wind, which has arguably the greatest rock lyric ever written, as much of a requiem for the optimism of the 60s as for Dylan’s marriage. Rimbaud reinvents it by turning it into straight-up electric rock and playing it almost doublespeed (the original clocks in at around nine minutes, this one at five). Once again, the nuance in Rimbaud’s vocals, from icy rage to a contemptuous rasp, is intuitive, and packs a wallop: it’s not quite as intense as the venomous Mary Lee’s Corvette version, but it’s pretty close, and the band (Chris Fletcher on bass and Kevin Tooley on drums along with Rimbaud’s guitars and keys) keeps up with him.

The rest of the album is more carefree. Marley’s Is This Love gets new life via a brisk new wave/powerpop arrangement in the same vein as Blondie’s One Way or Another, with a killer Link Wray-flavored surf rock solo. Mike’s Wave is the Tom Jobim bossa nova hit done with just enough bite to elevate it above lounge music, while the Beatles’ No Reply gets a Stonesy, noir garage rock groove. The original version of Phil Ochs’ Ringing of Revolution has brilliant lyrics but a pretty generic early 60s folkie melody: Rimbaud rescues it by plugging it in and giving it a bluesy menace fueled by ominous chromatic harp, raising the intensity, the fat cats squirming in their easy chairs as the murderous mob grows closer and closer. Which makes the payoff at the end all the more satisfying, where the citizens’ “memories [are] dimmed of the decades of execution.” It’s timeless: Ochs could have been referring to the Soviet Union under Stalin, or Texas under Bush. The last song on the album is titled Take 5000: it’s an update on the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s classic Take 5, the bestselling jazz single of all time. Rimbaud makes tango nuevo out of it, blending electric piano and wah guitar for a fun, eerie ride capped off with another excellent surf guitar solo. Along with Rimbaud’s most recent album of originals, this deserves to be counted as one of the best rock records of recent months.

Rimbaud’s also featured on the upcoming Occupy This Album benefit record for the Occupy movement along with socially aware artists from Jackson Browne, to Immortal Technique, to New York art-rockers My Pet Dragon and roots reggae star Taj Weekes & Adowa.

And there’s more: Rimbaud also has a pretty hilarious new single out, a cover of the Beatles’ Baby You’re a Rich Man done with a tongue-in-cheek, reverb-drenched Exile on Main Street glimmer.

Mike Rimbaud’s Coney Island Wave Is a Riptide

Any conversation about great lyrical songwriters since the punk era needs to include Elvis Costello and Graham Parker…and Mike Rimbaud. Rimbaud is younger than they are; stylistically, he’s closer to Parker, both in terms of surreal, aphoristic, dark lyrics and excellent guitarslinging. In fact, Rimbaud’s the best guitarist of all three, equally interesting whether he’s working an oldschool soul vamp, playing twangy noir surf licks, angry punk rock or glimmering, nocturnal Stonesy lines. His most recent album of originals, Coney Island Wave is one of the great New York rock records. It’s both a celebration of this city as well as an often savagely spot-on look at the state of the world, 2012, set to catchy, usually upbeat tunes that run the gamut from vintage new wave, to creepy garage rock, to oldschool soul. It’s the rare album where the melodies are as good as the lyrics, which are just plain kick-ass pretty much all the way through, Rimbaud handling all the guitars, keys and occasional harmonica and backed by a no-nonsense rhythm section of Chris Fletcher on bass, Andrea Pennisi on percussion and Kevin Tooley on drums.

The first track is Burning the Night Out Early, set in a vivid late night Coney Island of the mind where “it’s getting early”- that kind of night. If you’ve experienced one of those there, this will resonate mightily. Rimbaud follows  it with Dance with a Mermaid, a noir garage rock song packed with loaded metaphors, the mermaid dancing on the Titanic since the ocean’s full of oil and global warming has brought the mix to a boil, so to speak.

With its clever Like a Rolling Stone allusions, Don’t You Love This City keeps the sarcasm at boiling point. The next track, Everybody Needs a Daddy sounds suspiciously sarcastic as well, especially with the Simpsons and Darth Vader references – could it be a jab at the Bloomberg nanny-state patriarchy?

Got to Sell Yourself is just plain great, an anthem for anyone who’d like to take the world’s oldest profession to the next level: “You’re a failure when nobody’s buying, you’re something else when you’re sold out; you’re a loser ’cause you only own yourself,” Rimbaud snarls over the song’s casually biting, insistent hook. Here Comes the Subway Sun could be a tribute to the joys of tripping on the train; Mamma Say Something Nice follows in a brooding blue-eyed soul vein, like something Parker might have done in the late 70s.

The album really heats up at this point. Puppet Man, with its soul organ groove, is packed with more politically-charged sarcasm. “Like Pinocchio, go to Tokyo,” is one recurrent motif: a Fukushima reference, maybe? The album’s funniest, and probably most timely track is Put Your Facebook on the Shelf:

Don’t let it get in your head
Slavery’s not dead…
Your password’s not a secret
Eyes wander on the page
Your tongue hangs out like a hungry dog
How many friends can you count on?

Rimbaud rasps over a catchy groove that’s part Elvis C., part Bob Marley.

Saving to Go Bankrupt – an anthem for the Occupy movement, with some very insightful and useful background from Rimbaud here – offers both a succinct condemnation of the one percenters’ bankrupt system as well as hope for the future: “Wake up from your American dream!” Rimbaud follows that one with Tears for the Rich and Famous, a searing, guitar-fueled condemnation of celebrity shallowness capped by a sweet, vengefully swinging guitar solo. The last track, Unicorn, is the most retro 80s of all the songs here – with its goth tinges and synthesizer, it sounds like an outtake from a previous session that might have been tacked on here to end the album on a more upbeat note. Rimbaud also has a killer new album just out, Can’t Judge a Song by Its Cover, which imaginatively reinvents an impressively diverse mix of classics and standards by Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Dave Brubeck, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Tom Jobim, the Beatles and others. That’s up next here. Rimbaud is also featured on the upcoming Occupy This Album anthology, a benefit record for the Occupy Movement featuring some obvious suspects along with several refreshingly not-so-obvious ones including Immortal Technique,Willie Nelson and Toots & the Maytals plus New York talents My Pet Dragon, Taj Weekes & Adowa and Stephan Said.

Something Inspiring to End Your Week

Last fall, producer Hal Willner got a bunch of big names from the old days together for the Freedom Rides Concert, a private performance at Highline Ballroom ostensibly inspired by the civil rights movement. Portions of the show are now streaming at Dailymotion (the French counterpart to youtube), including this clip, Lou Reed doing A Change Is Gonna Come. Enjoy!

In Memoriam – Sean Dolan

Sad, sad news on the NYC front – songwriter/lyricist Sean Dolan left us a couple of days ago. The prolific underground writer is best known for his lyrics to Erica Smith’s All the King’s Horses and Jesus’ Clown; he also leaves behind a vast body of brilliant work, both musical and literary. More in a moving and insightful appreciation from Erica Smith at her blog.

Great New Stuff from Michaela Anne

New York-based bluegrass/Americana innovator Michaela Anne has a new song out, Lift Me Up to kick off her upcoming tour of the bible belt. The tune starts out as a real oldtime 19th century style field holler and gives way to a lush acoustic Nashville gothic anthem – really, really good stuff. For fans of Frankenpine and Bobtown. Download it free here.

In Memoriam – Don Cornelius

Don Cornelius, the suave, elegant creator and host of Soul Train – the longest-running syndicated program in television history – committed suicide last night at his home in a Los Angeles suburb. He was 75.

Soul Train debuted in 1971. Envisioned by Cornelius as a black version of American Bandstand, the program was an instant hit in the black community, quickly reaching a multi-racial, worldwide audience. Unlike many of the era’s other network television programs aimed at a black demographic, Soul Train drew from a predominantly black talent base for its writing and production. While the program focused on dancing more than music, and featured more top 40 one-hit wonders than artists with longer careers, the acts who appeared there were remarkably diverse, from B.B. King, to David Bowie, to Public Enemy, along with pretty much every black act who had a radio hit during the late 70s-early 80s disco era.

In more ways than might seem obvious, Cornelius was a pioneer. While the idea of a dance program targeted to an urban black audience may seem tame by today’s standards, it was only a decade previously that white rednecks across the country were smashing rock records in an attempt to galvanize white resistance against music with roots in black culture. As a means of de-ghettoizing much of black music, from early 70s soul to disco to hip-hop, and bring it to a worldwide listenership, the influence of Cornelius and Soul Train cannot be overstated. And while it was probably inevitable that both disco dancing and breakdancing would evolve into worldwide cultural trends, Cornelius was a major force in popularizing them. Behind the scenes, he worked as a power broker, helping countless black and minority talents break through into the production and business of television.

While best known as an emcee, Cornelius could have pursued a career in acting if he’d wanted to. His most memorable role was in the 1988 cult comedy film Tapeheads, playing devious record exec Mo Fuzz, who succeeds in getting co-stars John Cusack and Tim Robbins to work for him for essentially nothing.

At this sad moment, it only makes sense to quote the man himself: in parting, Don Cornelius, the world wishes you peace, love and soul.

New York City Live Music Calendar for February and March 2012

The calendar for March and April is here.

For directions and other information on the venues where these shows are happening, check the exhaustive guide to over 200 New York live music venues at NYMD’s sister blog, Lucid Culture.

Times listed here are set times, not the time doors open – if a listing says “9ish,” that means it’ll probably run late. Always best to check with the venue for the latest information on set times and door charges, since that information is often posted here weeks in advance. Weekly events first followed by the daily calendar:

Oldschool Chicago style blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin has a lot of February shows coming up. He’s at Terra Blues at 7 on 2/5, 2/9, 2/15 and 2/21.

Sundays in February, 8/11 PM the Arturo O’Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra plays Birdland, $30 seats avail.

Mondays at the Fat Cat the Choi Fairbanks String Quartet play a wide repertoire of chamber music from Bach to Shostakovich starting at 7.

Mondays starting a little after 7 PM Howard Williams leads his Jazz Orchestra from the piano at the Garage, 99 7th Ave. S at Grove St. There are also big bands here most every Tuesday at 7.

Mondays in April (that’s April, not March) at 7:30 PM it’s the Cutting Edge New Music Festival at Symphony Space, $20/$15 stud/srs. This year’s concerts are typically eclectic and enticing – the entire festival lineup is here, see below for individual shows.

Mondays at the Jazz Standard it’s all Mingus, whether with the Mingus Orchestra, Big Band or Mingus Dynasty: you know the material and the players are all first rate. Sets 7:30/9:30 PM, $25 and worth it.

Mondays through the end of March Butch Morris leads his improvisational big band at the Stone, open rehearsal at 7:30 for free, show at 9 for $10. The music is a lot like Burnt Sugar’s big, shifting soundscapes. He’s also downstairs at Lucky Cheng’s on Tuesdays at 8 for $10 and then on Zebulon for an all ages show at 4:30 on Sundays, $10.

Also Monday nights Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, a boisterous horn-driven 11-piece 1920s/early 30’s band play Sofia’s Restaurant, downstairs at the Edison Hotel, 221 West 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Ave., 3 sets from 8 to 11, surprisingly cheap $15 cover plus $15 minimum considering what you’re getting. Even before the Flying Neutrinos or the Moonlighters, multi-instrumentalist Giordano was pioneering the oldtimey sound in New York; his long-running residency at the old Cajun on lower 8th Ave. is legendary. He also gets a ton of film work (Giordano wrote the satirical number that Willie Nelson famously sang in Wag the Dog).

Mondays at Tea Lounge in Park Slope at 9 PM trombonist/composer JC Sanfordbooks big band jazz, an exciting, global mix of some of the edgiest large-ensemble sounds around. If you’re anybody in the world of big band jazz and you make it to New York, you end up playing here: what CBGB was to punk, this unlikely spot promises to be to the jazz world. No cover.

Mondays at the Vanguard the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra – composer Jim McNeely’s reliably good big band vehicle – plays 9/11 PM, $30 per set plus drink minimum.

Mondays in February, 9:30ish Chicha Libre plays their home turf at Barbes. The world’s most vital, entertaining oldschool chicha band, they blend twangy, often noir Peruvian surf sounds with cumbia and other south-of-the-border styles along with swirling psychedelic jams and deep dub interludes. Show up early because they are insanely popular.

Also Mondays in February Rev. Vince Anderson and his band play Union Pool in Williamsburg, two sets starting around 11 PM. The Rev. is one of the great keyboardists around, equally thrilling on organ or electric piano, an expert at Billy Preston style funk, honkytonk, gospel and blues. He writes very funny, very politically astute, sexy original songs and is one of the most charismatic, intense live performers of our time. It’s a crazy dance party til past three in the morning. Paula Henderson from Burnt Sugar is the lead soloist on baritone sax, with Dave Smith from Smoota and the Fela pit band on trombone, with frequent special guests.

The first and fourth Tuesdays of the month at Central Synagogue (685 Lexington Ave. at 55th St.). there are free organ and sometimes chamber music concerts at half past noon, a great way to chill out if you can sneak away from work for about an hour. It’s a global mix of talent assembled by acclaimed organist Gail Archer.

Tuesdays 8-11 PM the Michael Arenella Quintet plays hot and cool vintage jazz at the Empire Room on the first floor of the Empire State Building, $10 cover plus $10 minimum.

Tuesdays in January clever, fiery, eclectic Balkan/hip-hop/funk brass maniacs Slavic Soul Party play Barbes at 9. Get here as soon as you can as they’re very popular.

Wednesdays there are free organ concerts at 1:10 PM sharp on at St. Ann’s Church on Montague St. in downtown Brooklyn.

Wednesdays at 9 PM Feral Foster’s Roots & Ruckus takes over the Jalopy, a reliably excellent weekly mix of oldtimey acts: blues, bluegrass, country and swing.

Wednesdays at 9:30 Roosevelt Dime plays their unique mix of oldtimey string band music with a dash of classic 60s soul at Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th Street, Williamsburg

Thursdays and Fridays in February at Mehanata it’s Bulgarian sax powerhouse Yuri Yukanov and the Grand Masters of Gypsy Music, 10 PM, $10.

Thursdays in February, 9 PM Laura Cantrell plays Hill Country, $10. The finest of this era’s country singers is a throwback to the age of Kitty Wells, tunewise and vocally, has an excellent band and a tremendously good batch of new songs as well.

Thursdays in February latin rock/soul crooner Rene Lopez and band at Nublu, 11ish (calendar says 9, but you know Nublu); he’s also at Arlene’s on 2/28 at 10.

Fridays in February at 9 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens play oldschool 1960s style gospel at the Fat Cat.

Saturdays at 3 PM at Bargemusic there are impromptu free classical concerts, usually solo piano or small chamber ensembles: if you get lucky, you’ll catch pyrotechnic violinist/music director Mark Peskanov and/or the many members of his circle. Early arrival advised.

Saturdays eclectic compelling Brazilian jazz chanteuse Marianni and her excellent band at Zinc Bar, three sets starting at 10 PM.

Sundays there’s a klezmer brunch at City Winery, show starts around 11:30 AM – 2 PM, $10 cover, no minimum, lots of good bands.

Sundays from half past noon to 3:30 PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked (f.k.a. Graveyard Shift), featuring excellent, incisive fiddle player Diane Stockwell and an A-list of players play Nolita House (upstairs over Botanica at 47 E Houston). Free drink with your entree.

Sundays there are free organ concerts at 5:15 PM at St. Thomas Church, 5th Ave. and 53rd St. The big Skinner organ’s days are numbered: it’s a mighty beast, so see it before it’s gone. The weekly series (with breaks for holidays) features an extraordinary, global cast of performers.

Every Sunday the Ear-Regulars, led by trumpeter Jon Kellso and (frequently) guitarist Matt Munisteri play NYC’s only weekly hot jazz session starting around 8 PM at the Ear Inn on Spring St. Hard to believe, in the city that springboarded the careers of thousands of jazz legends, but true. This is by far the best value in town for marquee-caliber jazz: for the price of a drink and a tip for the band, you can see world-famous players (and brilliant obscure ones) you’d usually have to drop $100 for at some big-ticket room. The material is mostly old-time stuff from the 30s and 40s, but the players (especially Kellso and Munisteri, who have a chemistry that goes back several years) push it into some deliciously unexpected places.

Sundays in February at 9 gypsy guitar genius Stephane Wrembel plays Barbes. He’s holding on to the edgy, danceable spirit of Django Reinhardt while taking the style to new and unexpected places. He’s also very popular: get there early.

2/1, 7 PM fiery, smartly lyrical, politically-fueled rock songwriter Mike Rimbaud – whose latest album Coney Island Wave absolutely kicks ass – at the National Underground

2/1, 7:15 PM fiery electric latin jazz guitar virtuoso Juancho Herrera at Drom playing the album release show for his new one, $10

2/1, 7:30 PM cellist Maya Beiser, pianist Pablo Ziegler and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi play music of Astor Piazzolla at le Poisson Rouge, $20.

2/1, 9 PM eclectic, smartly lyrical rock/funk songwriter Avi Fox-Rosen and band at the Way Station in Ft. Greene.

2/1, 9 PM fronted by their drummer, power trio New Madrid play dark, potently anthemic latin rock at Bowery Electric, $5.

2/1, 10 PM trombonist Dave Smith’s sly lowdown smooth bedroom funk band Smoota at the Cameo Gallery, $8, “adults only”

2/2, 7 PM toy pianist Phyllis Chen plus cellist Evelyn Farny premiering a new Angelica Negron piece at Kent Fine Art Gallery, 210 11th Ave, 2nd Floor (at 25th St.), free.

2/2-3, 7:30 PM new silent film scores at the World Financial Center: a brass-driven Jóhann Jóhannsson piece played by the Wordless Music Orchestra plus the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble playing a Michael Gordon score, a solo work by jazz guitar genius Bill Frisell plus an electro-acoustic score by trumpeter Dave Douglas, free

2/2, 7:30 PM wry, clever acoustic Americana jamband Tall Tall Trees followed eventually at 9:30 PM by charismatic, intense indie folk chanteuse Larkin Grimm at Rock Shop, $8.

2/2, 8 PM the year’s best doublebill so far: charismatic, intense, inscrutably hilarious purist retro songwriter/accordionist/improviser Rachelle Garniez followed at 10 by the phenomenal Warsaw Village Band and their sizzling original Polish gypsy music at Barbes

2/2, 8 PM Valerie Kuehne presents the first-ever NYC Cello Madness Congress featuring improvisations and collaborations and spontaneous cello combustion/magic by beatboxing cellist CelloJoe, Kuehne herself, Cosmo D doing electro cello loops, Michael Lunapeina playing cello metal, Elizabeth Glushko doing electroacoustic stuff, throat-singing cellist Nick Jozwiak, Jacob Cohen’s hip-hop inspired sounds, and dark cello songwriter Meaghan Burke plus an appearance by Qetzalcoatl at “The 19ths,” 59 Jefferson St. # 301, Bushwick; J/M to Myrtle Ave. or L to Morgan Ave. $5-20 sliding scale

2/2, 8 PM pianist Simone Dinnerstein plays Chopin’s Nocturne No. 8 in D-flat Major, Op. 27; Daniel Felsenfeld’s The Cohen Variations (NY premiere); Brahms’ Intermezzo, Op. 118, No. 2 in A; Bach’s Partita No. 2 in C Minor; Schubert’s Four Impromptus, Op. 90; Bach’s Partita No. 1 in B-flat Major at the Miller Theatre, 116th/Bwy, $35.

2/2, 9 PM the Old Rugged Sauce put an irreverent punk style spin on jazz standards, but with a smooth virtuosity, at Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club. They’re also here on 2/16.

2/2, 9:30 PM the NY Gypsy All-Stars – scorching polyrhythmic jams with one of the world’s most exhilarating but emotionally vivid clarinetists, Ismail Lumanovski – at Drom, $10.

2/2, 9:30 PM Rosie 151 & the Red Hook Ramblers play sassy oldtime swing at the Way Station in Ft. Greene

2/3, 5:30 PM the Roulette Sisters’ badass oldtime blues frontwoman Mamie Minch at the American Folk Art Museum, free.

2/3, 7 PM at the Greene Space it’s the Battle of the Boroughs Brooklyn band playoffs. Most battle-of-the-bands competitions are stupid and extortionistic: not this one. Last year’s winner was an Indian avant garde rock band who were actually quite good. This year’s contestants include this blog’s favorite contender, latin soul revivalists Spanglish Flyplus the also very good DBCR playing anti-gentrification noise-punk, Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine playing socially aware funk, Kagero playing gypsy punk, ukulele ska band the Brown Rice Family and many more. $15 includes a drink or $30 includes admission plus open beer and wine bar. Winner of this one faces off against representatives from each of the other boroughs later in the year.

2/3, 7:30 PM sitar virtuoso Ikhlaq Hussein at the Gershwin Hotel, $25/$20 stud.

2/3, 7:30/9:30 PM jazz accordionist Victor Prieto leads a trio at the Bar Next Door

2/3-4, 7:30 PM the Cannabis Cup Reggae Band play Marley covers for Jah Bob’s b-day at B.B. King’s, $23 adv tix rec.

2/3, 7:30 PM Lunatics at Large play an “experimental” program TBA at WMP Concert Hall, $20 res. highly rec., this will probably sell out.

2/3, 8 PM exhilarating Iranian setar virtuoso Hossein Alizadeh improvises with percussionist Pejman Hadadi at the Wallace Auditorium at the Asia Society, $30/$26 stud/srs., adv tix highly rec.

2/3, 8 PM one of the year’s best triplebills: noir accordion chanteuse/garage rocker Marni Rice & Le Garage Cabaret followed by Edward Rogers & the Biba Crowd – who just put out one of the best rock albums of recent years, the fiery retro glam/art-rock cd Porcelain – and drummer Dennis Diken & Bell Sound doing their powerpop thing at Bowery Electric, insanely cheap at $8.

2/3-4, 8/10 PM 60s style jazz supergroup the Cookers – whose tuneful exuberant postbop absolutely slayed at the Charlie Parker Festival a couple of years ago – at Iridium, $30

2/3, 8 PM the Prism Quartet plays classical Chinese music on period instruments at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, $20 tix. avail.

2/3, 8 PM bassist Pedro Giraudo leads his sextet at Barbes followed at 10 by the rambunctious oldime Baby Soda Jazz Band.

2/3, 9 PM jazz night at Freddy’s: dueling bassists Pascal Niggenkemper and Sean Ali followed by composer Jonathan Wood Vincent, bassist Shayna Dulberger leading her quartet and then cleverly polystylistic cellist Valerie Kuehne with percussionist Michael Dailey.

2/3, 9 PM the Tin Pan Band play rustic oldtime country at the Way Station in Ft. Greene

2/3, 9ish, highlights of a night of weird random segues: ska band the Rudie Crew followed eventually by powerful funk siren Stephanie White & the Philth Harmonic at the Bitter End

2/3, 10 PM dark female-fronted acoustic Americana with the Sometime Boys at Branded Saloon in Ft. Greene.

2/3, 10 PM the Delorean Sisters play funny satirical oldtimey covers of cheesy 80s pop hits at Bar 4 in Park Slope.

2/3, 10 PM American String Conspiracy – who have an excellent, eclectic new acoustic and electric country/blues album out – at Caffe Vivaldi.

2/3, 10:30 PM soaring, sometimes haunting oldtimey Americana harmony band the Calamity Janes at the Jalopy, $10.

2/3, 10:30 PM trombonist Dave Gibson – whose handle on oldschool soul music is just as purist as his take on jazz – leads a soul organ combo at the Fat Cat.

2/3, midnight, anthemic dark 80s style rockers Overlord at Cake Shop

2/4, 4 PM-midnight the Music of Now marathon at the downstairs Thalia theatre at Symphony Space – sort of a composers-playing-composers Bang on a Can type of thing, too many performers to list, but lots of good ones, full schedule is here, $15 including a drink seems more than reasonable.

2/4, 7 PM pyrotechnic but soulful and surprisingly funky Chicago-style blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff at Terra Blues

2/4, 8 PM it’s punk night at Matchless with Banditz ,No More Victims at 8:40, Destitute CEO at 9:20, WWIX at 10:00, Skum City at 10:40, and the amusing Bloody Muffs at around 11:30

2/4, 8 PM sitar virtuoso Kartik Seshadri upstairs at Symphony Space, $30.

2/4, 8 PM saxophonist Miguel Zenon plays the premiere of his suite Puerto Rico Nació en Mi: Tales from the Diaspora at the Kasser Theatre at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Tix are $15; $10 roundtrip transportation from NYC is available via charter bus which leaves at 6 PM from 41st St. betw. 8th/9th Aves., res. highly suggested to 973-655-5112 or It’s a short bus ride (usually less than an hour).

2/4, 8:30 PM casually compelling country chaunteuse/songwriter Megan Palmer & the Top Flights at 68 Jay St. Bar.

2/4, 9 PM Unsteady Freddie’s monthly surf rock night at Otto’s is an especially good one this month starting at 9 with the Chillers, reliably ferocious Strange but Surf at 10, the equally intense Commercial Interruption at 11 and then the WrayCyclers at midnight or so.

2/4, 9 PM dark 80s style rockers Her Vanished Grace at Spike Hill, $7 cover.

2/4, 9 PM Tom Warnick & the World’s Fair at the Parkside. Charismatic keyboardist/rocker who switches between casually chilling, Doorsy noir and warmly anthemic oldschool soul – and his band, with Ross Bonnadona and John Sharples on guitars, is on fire these days.

2/4, 9 PM eclectic Lebanese ensemble Sookoon plays classics by iconic masters Wadi Al-Safi and Nasri Shams-el-Din as well as newer hits by Melhem Barakat and Azar Habib at Alwan for the Arts, $20, early arrival advised (take the stairs not the elevator!).

2/4, 9/10:30 PM pianist John Escreet leads a quartet with David Binney – alto sax; Eivind Opsvik – bass; Nasheet Waits – drums at the Jazz Gallery, $20

2/4, 9:30ish Bad Buka and their gypsy punk meltdown at Mehanata.

2/4, 9:30 PM M Shanghai String Band – NYC’s prototypical original oldtime country band – plays the Jalopy, $10

2/4, 10 PM LES punk/surf/soul guitar legend Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Lakeside.

2/4 Jeremy Udden – saxophone/ewi prophet synth; Leo Genovese – Rhodes piano; Eivind Opsvik – bass; RJ Miller – drums at 10:30 PM at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

2/4, 11ish timeless, satirical faux-French garage rockers les Sans Culottes headline Freddy’s first year anniversary party at the bar’s new location, with twisted new art by Donald O’Finn.

2/5, 6 PM legendary prototypical indie classical composer Frederic Rzewski plays his own work plus works by Christian Wolff, Yuji Takahashi, Steve Lacy and John Cage at Cornelia St. Cafe, res. req. to 212-989-9319, this will sell out.

2/5, 6 PMish Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble play their uniquely grooving blend of latin jazz and klezmer at Engelman Hall at Baruch College, 55 Lexington Ave (enter on 25th St. betw Lex/3rd Ave), $10.

2/5, 7 PM Villa Delirium play “acoustic gothic music” with many stringed instruments, feat. John Kruth from Tribecastan and downtown multi-reeds genius Doug Wieselman, followed by Coney Island noirmistress Carol Lipnik & Spookarama at Joe’s Pub, $15

2/5, 7 PM quirky, clever Microscopic Septet pianist Joel Forrester improvises a score to Buster Keaton’s 1928 classic silent film The Camerman plus two vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons at the Gershwin Hotel.

2/5, 8 PM a good triplebill with latin rockers Consumata, Kagero playing their high-voltage gypsy punk and then skaragga posse Skarroneros at Fontana’s, $10.

2/5, 8/10 PM guitarist Peter Mazza leads a reliably superb, unpredictable trio with Jacam Manricks on alto sax and Rogerio Boccato on percussion at the Bar Next Door.

2/5, 8:30 PM dark original Americana chanteuse Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold at Glasslands, $10.

2/5, 10ish ferocious, politically charged latin rockers Outernational at the Acheron in Bushwick.

2/6, 9 PM the Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble on the weekly big band night at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

2/6, 9 PM oldschool swing jazz crew Swingadelic plays a free show at Maxwell’s.

2/6, 10:30 PM the Big Sleep’s drony instrumental dreampop/noiserock cyclotron at the Knitting Factory, $12.

2/6, 11 PM guitarist Eyal Maoz’ surfy Israeli instrumental metal band Edom at Spike Hill.

2/7, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM for all you hungry/homeless upper westsiders, get a free small Angel Food Cake at the Tasty Delight ice cream place at 1841 Broadway at 60th St. This promotion has something to do with pop singer Jaci Velasquez. Her publicist isn’t saying exactly what: “It will be quite obvious when you arrive! Just show up and have a good time!”

2/7 doors and free beer at 5:30 PM (no joke), music at 6 with the JACK Quartet and cellist Lauren Radnofsky playing 20th century works by Scelsi, Sciarinno and Xenakis at the Miller Theatre, 116th/Broadway, free.

2/7-8 first-class melodic piano jazz with the Yes Trio with Ali Jackson on drums, Omer Avital on bass and Aaron Goldberg on piano at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

2/7, 7:30 PM Loren Schoenberg and the National Jazz Museum All Stars at the Lincoln Center Atrium, free

2/7, 7:30 PM violinist Ray Chen plays Mozart, Brahms, Ysaÿe, and Saint-Saëns at le Poisson Rouge, $20.

2/7-11, 8:30/11 PM alto sax powerhouse Dave Liebman leads a quintet with John Abercrombie, Marc Copland, Billy Hart & Drew Gress at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

2/7, 9 PM powerpop guitar genuis Pete Galub followed by eclectically compelling multi-instrumentalist songwriter Alice Bierhorst at Freddy’s.

2/7-12, 9/11 PM lyrical jazz pianist Fred Hersch leads a trio with John Hebert on bass and Eric McPherson on drums at the Vanguard, $30. In case you’re wondering, he’s the first pianist ever to play a weeklong solo stand there, and make album out of it.

2/7, 9ish intense, moody, incisive jazz pianist Russ Lossing with Loren Stillman at Korzo.

2/7, 10:30 PM dark, cleverly funny, literate Americana rockers Maynard & the Musties at Rodeo Bar; 2/24 they’re at Lakeside at 11

2/8, 8 PM George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars at B.B. King’s, $37.50 adv tix rec. He’s still got it.

2/8, 8 PM tuneful, jangly soul/Americana rock crooner Sam Sherwin at the Bitter End.

2/8, 10 PM dark melodic goth-tinged rockes the Grey Race at the Delancey, $7.

2/9, 7:30 PM cellist Julia Bruskin and pianist Aaron Wunsch play works by Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Hersch, and Foss at WMP Concert Hall, $20/$10 stud.

2/9, 8 PM 90s conscious dancehall reggae hellraiser Anthony B at B.B. King’s, $20 adv tix rec.

2/9, 7 PM surreal, eclectic guitar virtuosos Anna Garano and Marc Ribot play solo and duet pieces at Barbes, $10 cover. Coy, charming oldschool French chanson revivalists Les Chauds Lapins follow at 10 PM.

2/9, 7:30 PM two of the smartest lyrical songwriters in rock, Mary Lee Kortes (whose cover album of Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks is a genuine classic) and Ann Klein (who’s also a ferociously good lead guitarist) trade songs at Le Cheile, 839 W 181 Street at Cabrini Blvd, Washington Heights, A to 181st St. and walk west

2/9, 7:30 PM cool, tuneful, low-key Americana rocker Mark McKay and band at Lakeside.

2/9, 8 PM historically aware, dramatic oldtimey songwriter Poor Baby Bree at Bowery Poetry Club.

2/9, 9 PM ferocious, tuneful gypsy punk/noir cabaret band Amour Obscur at the Way Station in Ft. Greene

2/9, 9 PM SOJA (f.k.a. Souljahs of Jah Army) at Bowery Ballroom, $17.50 adv tix highly rec; they’re at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on 2/10, same time, same price, adv tix also rec. from the Mercury box office open weekdays 5-7 PM.

2/9, 9 PM psychedelic funk band Turkuaz at the downstairs studio space at Webster Hall

2/9, 9 PM Hazmat Modine guitar sharpshooter Michael Gomez’ Wormwood groove jazz instrumental project at Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club; they’re also here on the 23rd.

2/9, 10 PM intense, slinky, lushly orchestrated classic Egyptian film music revivalists Zikrayat at the Jalopy, $10

2/9, 10ish David First’s legendary, recently reunited proto Sonic Youth noiserock band the Notekillers at Shea Stadium in Bushwick

2/9, 10 PM bass powerhouse Omer Avital and his Band of the East with Itamar Borochov – trumpet , Matan Chapnizka – tenor sax , Shai Maestro – piano , Nadav Remez – guitar , Yoni Halevy – drums at Smalls.

2/9, 11 PM oldschool, guitarishly ferocious Williamsburg indie rock trio Cementhead at Union Hall, $7

2/9, midnight-ish Afuche plays Afrobeat at Death by Audio, $7.

2/10, 7:30 PM pianists Inna Faliks and Dimitri Dover play solo works by Haydn (Sonata in C minor) Prokofiev (Romeo and Juliet), Chopin (Scherzo # 2), Debussy (selected Preludes), and Liszt (transcriptions, etudes and the four-hand Symphonic Poem “Orpheus”), plus poet Tom Thompson at the Gershwin Hotel, $20

2/10, 7:30 PM pianist Mary Jo Pagano plays Berg, Chopin and and Schumann at Third St. Music School Settlement, free.

2/10, 8 PM Roswell Rudd leads a quartet at Roulette, $15, early arrival advised.

2/10, 9 PM an evening of classic Turkish at Drom with an unbelievable lineup: Ismail Lumanovski on clarinet; Tamer Pinarbasi on kanun; Ara Dinkciyan on oud; Engin Gunaydin on darbouka; Yucel Ustundag on vocals, just $10 at the door

2/10, 9 PM Zombies-ish psychedelic pop-rocker Damien Quinones at Freddy’s.

2/10, 9 PM sizzling, soulful Americana/blues guitarist Dale Burleyson’s barrelhouse band the 4th St. Nite Owls play the Jalopy, $10

2/10 ferociously lyrical, dramatic noir cabaret/art-rockers Hannah vs. the Many at Local 269

2/10, 9 PM Simon & Garfunkel-ish harmony-driven acoustic band the Wowz, Tatters & Rags and then the devious, hilarious all-female trio the Debutante Hour around 11 at Union Hall, $12.

2/10, 9:30 PM edgy, badass retro Americana siren Julia Haltigan at the Mercury, $10 adv tix rec.

2/10, 10 PM slinky, moody, ethereally harmony-driven oldschool pan-Latin rockers Las Rubias Del Norte at Barbes.

2/10, 10 PM intense gypsy punk band Kagero at Two Boots Brooklyn

2/10, 10 PM pensive postpunk band Exit Clov at the big room at the Rockwood

2/10, 10 PM the KabaSoul Band play African reggae at Shrine.

2/10, 10:30ish the Debutante Hour at Union Hall. Three women singing edgy, clever, lyrical existential rock songs, some of them torch song parodies, others ranging from Americana to satirical hip-hop. Lots of fun.

2/10, 11 PM powerfully tuneful, eclectic original soul/country/rock belter Bethany St. Smith & the Gun Show at Lakeside.

2/10, midnight, catchy, anthemic indie pop rockers Palomar plays Cake Shop.

2/11, 7 PM up-and-coming jazz pianist Joshua White at the Tribeca Performing Arts Ctr, $25

2/11 a brilliant doublebill: 8 PM dark rustic gypsy-tinged steampunk art-rockers Kotorino at Barbes followed at 10 by the incomparable, increasingly dubwise, deviously funny psychedelic Peruvian surf rockers Chicha Libre. Kotorino are also at Pete’s on 2/17 at 11.

2/11, 8 PM intense, fearless reedwoman Anat Cohen leads a quartet with Jason Lindner on piano, Omer Avital on bass and Daniel Freedman on drums at the Miller Theatre, 116th/Bwy, $25/$15 stud/$7 Columbia students with ID.

2/11, 8:30 PM clawhammer banjo player/songwriter Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides followed by dark fiery eclectic electric blues guitar powerhouse Will Scott and his band at 68 Jay St. Bar.

2/11 casually catchy tuneful retro 60s soul/pop songwriter Janet LaBelle at Bowery Electric 8:30ish $10

2/11, 9 PM two of the greatest oudists in the world: Joseph Tawadros and the Maeandros ensemble’s  Mavrothi Kontanis plus James Tawadros on percussion at Alwan for the Arts, $20.

2/11, 9 PM NYC legends, socially aware, ferociously literate, funny Irish punk/anthemic rockers Black 47 at Connolly’s

2/11, 9 PM hip-hop brass band grooves with PitchBlak Brass Band, sunny socially conscious ska from the Brown Rice Family and then the amazingly eclectic, smart Underground Horns, whose repertoire spans from New Orleans to the Balkans and many points in between, at the 92YTribeca, $10 adv tix highly rec.

2/11, 9 PM janglerockers the Nu-Sonics followed eventually by a very very rare Brooklyn show -their first ever? – by postpunk guitar legends Band of Outsiders plus Il Albanico’s surf/psychedelic sounds at Goodbye Blue Monday.

2/11, 9 PM the Flanks at Red Hook Bait & Tackle playing “dirty country folk”

2/11, 9:30ish slinky hypnotic intense dancefloor string band Copal plays Mehanata. Violinist/frontwoman Hannah Thiem’s dark, often Middle Eastern tinged vamps and long, exhilarating jams add up to some of the most exhilirating moments you might see onstage this year.

2/11, 9:30 PM alto saxophonist Pete Robbins leads a quartet with Vijay Iyer, piano; Eivand Opsvik, bass; Tyshawn Sorey, drums playing the record release show for his new one at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15 plus $10 min, get there early.

2/11, 10 PM dark eclectic rocker Alfonso Velez at the small room at the Rockwood

2/11, 10 PM 6th Degree plays reggae and Afrobeat at Shrine

2/12, 3 PM the reliably exciting Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Wagner — Prelude to Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg; Bruch — Scottish Fantasy; Beethoven — Symphony No. 4 at Washington Irving HS Auditorium, Irving Place at 16th St., $15 sugg don., reception to follow.

2/12, 3 PM recorder virtuoso Daphna Mor’s East of the River Middle Eastern music duo at 6th St. Synagogue, $15 includes a drink

2/12, 3 PM Alexander Fiterstein, clarinet; Nichollas Canellakis, cello; Gilles Vonsattel, piano play trios by Beethoven, Brahms and Schoenfeld at Bargemusic, $35/$15 stud.

2/12, 6 PM drummer Carlo Costa and guitarist Ryan Ferreira play Downtown Music Gallery.

2/12, 7 PM aptly nicknamed atmospheric Bowie guitarist Gerry Leonard aka Spooky Ghost at the big room at the Rockwood

2/12, 7 PM charismatic, literate oldtime Americana ukulele songwriter/chanteuse Kelli Rae Powell at Sidewalk.

2/12, 7 PM the Linden String Quartet at Barbes, program TBA.

2/12, 8 PM two stars of the NYC underground: darkly eclectic violinist Susan Mitchell and ubiquitous guitar genius Homeboy Steve Antonakos at Caravan of Dreams, 405 E 6th St. east of 1st Ave., free

2/12, 8 PM Sigur Ros collaborator Richard Webb and his chamber ensemble play his new work Lullabies for Falling Empires at Vaudeville Park in Bushwick, $10

2/12, 8 PM bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley and band at B.B. King’s, $29.50 adv tix rec.

2/12, 10 PM innovative, eclectic bluegrass bandleader/singer Michaela Anne at the big room at the Rockwood

2/12, 10:30 PM hilarious retro ragtime songwriter/banjoist/master of smutty double entendre Al Duvall at Pete’s

2/13, 7:30 PM go-to indie classical pianist Bruce Levingston plays the world premiere of composer-vocalist Lisa Bielawa’s Rondolette, a piano quintet, with string quartet Brooklyn Rider; the composer also performs with Brooklyn Rider in her own work for string quartet and soprano, Graffiti dell’amante plus works by Henry Purcell. At le Poisson Rouge, $25.

2/13, 7:30 PM, free, pianists Ah-Jung Han and Moonhee Hwang play works for two and four hands by Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy at WMP Concert Hall

2/13, 9 PM new big band jazz with the Earl McDonald New Directions Ensemble at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

2/13, 10 PM pianist Orrin Evans’ titanic, powerhouse jazz orchestra the Captain Black Big Band at Smalls, get there early, this will sell out quickly.

2/13, 10 PM guitarist Nick Didkovsky’s wickedly twisted Dr. Nerve avant/punk rock band with pyrotechnic pianist Kathleen Supove at le Poisson Rouge, $10 adv tix rec.

2/13, midnight the twisted funny retro 60s country stylings of the Jack Grace Band at the Ear Inn. They’re also at 68 Jay St. Bar on 2/18 at about 9.

Valentine’s Day is one of the worst nights to be out in a bar, but there are a handful of great shows that should keep the twistoids away.

2/14, 7:30 PM a dark 80s style pop doublebill with Canadian darkwave siren NLX followed at 9 by songwriter/keyboardist Kristin Hoffmann at Caffe Vivaldi.

2/14, 8:30 haunting, intense, Linda Thompson-esque oldtime country siren Jan Bell’s “I Heart the Jalopy” birthday show with dark western Americana songwriter Karen Dahlstrom, the Whisky Rebellion’s Alex Battles at 9 and then Jan’s own band the Maybelles at 10 at the Jalopy, $10. She’s also at her home base, 68 Jay St. Bar at 8:30 on 2/15, happy birthday Jan!!

2/14, 10:30 PM casually chilling, intense Americana singer/bandleader Hope DeBates & North Forty – who’s in the same class as Neko Case, vocally and songwise – at Rodeo Bar.

2/15 jazz pianist Elio Villafranca teams up with percussionist Arturo Stable for a record release show at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Dreck Center at the Grand Army Plaza branch, 6:15 PM wine reception followed by show at 7, free

2/15, 7:30 PM Georgy Valtchev, violin, Amir Eldan, cello and Lora Tchekoratova, piano play trios by Beethoven, Ravel and Mendelssohn at the Bulgarian Consulate, 121 E 62nd St.

2/15, 7:30 acclaimed chamber musicians Olivia De Prato, Jay Rozen, Evan Mazunik and Gil Selinger improvise third-stream sounds at WMP Concert Hall, $20

2/15, 8 PM Adam Ant at the Nokia Theatre, $30 – not a joke. OK, it was a joke – the show has been cancelled.

2/15, 8 PM reedwoman Margot Leverett’s powerhouse klezmer band at 6th St. Synagogue, $15 includes a drink.

2/15, 8 PM avant trombone legend Roswell Rudd with and his quartet featuring Ken Filiano – bass, Lafayette Harris – piano; Sunny Kim, vocals at Roulette, $15/$10 stud.

2/15, 9 PM edgy, literate Canadian songwriter Chris Velan at the small room at the Rockwood.

2/15, 10 PM Alsarah – frontwoman of the psychedelic, slinky East African/Middle Eastern Sounds of Taraab – at the Delancey, $7

2/16, 7:30 PM violinist Gil Morgenstern and cellist Darrett Adkins play a characteristically counterintuitive program of duos by Ravel, Kodály and Glière at WMP Concert Hall, $35.

2/16, 8 PM devious, purist jazz guitar virtuoso Matt Munisteri at Barbes followed at 10 by pan-latin music expert/chanteuse Marta Topferova and band.

2/16, 8 PM the Avalon String Quartet play Beethoven String Quartet Op. 18 No. 4 in C minor; String Quartet in E flat Major Op. 127 and Meltzer: String Quartet(world premiere) at Bargemusic, $35/$15 stud. They’re also here on 2/19 at 3 PM playing more Beethoven and Ravel.

2/16, 9/10:30 PM eclectic, vividly lyrical jazz pianist Kris Davis leads a quartet with Matt Maneri- viola; Ingrid Laubrock – saxophone; Trevor Dunn – bass at the Jazz Gallery, $15 first set, $10 for the second

2/16, 9 PM thoughtful cello rockers Pearl & the Beard at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $13 adv tix avail at the Mercury.

2/16, 9 PM guitarist Eyal Maoz’ surfy stoner instrumental band Edom at Tea Lounge in Park Slope

2/16 exhilarating retro 60s latin soul revivalists Spanglish Fly plays the release party for their brand-new 7″ vinyl single at Zebulon on a night organized by Electric Cowbell Records, guessing around 9 or 10 PM.

2/16, 10 PM catchy, anthemic, edgy indie pop/rockers Palomar at Littlefield, $10.

2/16, 10:15 PM Spacehog – remember those retro 70s glam guys from the 90s? – at the big room at the Rockwood, $10 plus one drink minimum. They’re also here on 2/23 at 10:30 PM.

2/16, midnight, a powerpop trio with Lani Ford, Patti Rothberg and Billy Magee at Otto’s.

2/17, 6 PM tuneful, lyrical saxophonist Melissa Aldana leads her quartet at the Fat Cat.

2/17, 6 PM Cadillac Moon Ensemble plays new works by indie classical composers Florent Ghys, Matthew Welch, Dominic Donato, Timo Andres, Nicholas Deyoe and Noam Faingold at Greenwich House Music School Auditorium, 46 Barrow St., $15/$10 stud.

2/17, 7:30 PM Drina Seay – torchy Americana/soul/jazz siren who is to NYC now what Neko Case was to Portland in 1999 – at Lakeside followed eventually at 11 by the Boss Guitars playing surf classics and obscurities.

2/17, 7:30 PM Trio Kavak – Amelia Lukas (flute),Victor Lowrie (viola) and Kathryn Andrews (harp) play an intriguing, era-spanning program feat. works including Kaija Saariaho – New Gates; Sasha Siem – White Dictionary; Claude Debussy – Trio Sonata; Sofia Gubaidulina – Garden of Joy and Sorrow; Victor Lowrie – Untitled, at the Tank, $10

2/17-20 the Mingus Big Band plus cameos by standouts in the 2012 Mingus High School Competition at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $25. The Mingus Orchestra plays here with special cameos as well on the 20th. Get to see the stars of tomorrow with the stars of today playing the best music of 50 years ago!

2/17, 7:30 PM high-energy electric bluegrass/country/punk crew Demolition String Band at Hill Country

2/17, 7:30 PM pianist Marc Ponthus plays Beethoven and Xenakis; violinist Sarah Pratt plays Bach and Beethoven at Third St. Music School Settlement, free.

2/17, 8 PM the Talea Ensemble with soprano Donatienne Michel-Dansac play Bernhard Lang: DW 16: Songbook 1 (2004); Clemens Gadenstätter: Streichtrio II (U.S. Premiere) (1992); Bernhard Gander: ö (U.S. Premiere) (2004 at the Bohemian National Hall at the Czech Center, 321 E 73rd St., free, early arrival advised

2/17, 8 PM jazz guitar virtuoso Ronnie Earl at B.B. King’s, $25 adv tix rec.

2/17 8:30 PM edgy, intense alto saxophonist Sarah Manning leads her Harmonious Creature quartet with Skye Steele on violin; Lou Reed lead guitarist Aram Bajakian and Jerome Jennings on drums at I-Beam, $10 sugg don

2/17, 8:30 PM deviously clever Americana jamband Tall Tall Trees at the Mercury, $10 gen adm.

2/17, 9 PM a first-class artsy rock doublebill: inscrutable cellist/multi-instrumentalist/siren Serena Jost and her band followed at 10:30 by the historically aware, surreal Americana chamber pop of Pinataland at Barbes.

2/17, 9 PM bad segue, good show: one of the original cello metal pioneers, Stratuspheerius followed by roots reggae band Royal Khaoz at Shrine.

2/17, 9/10:30 PM pianist Jed Distler plays solo Thelonious Monk on the 30th anniversary of Monk’s death at the Cornelia St. Cafe, $15 plus $10 min

2/17, 9/10:30 PM saxophonist Ben Wendel leads a two-keyboard septet with Gerald Clayton on piano playing the record release show for his new one at the Jazz Gallery, $20

2/17, 10 PM intense, dramatic, cleverly lyrical songwriter Elaine Romanelli at Caffe Vivaldi.

2/17, 10 PM Thunda Vida play reggae and dub at Two Boots Brooklyn

2/17, 10ish sometimes fiery, sometimes haunting country/paisley underground band the Newton Gang and cowpunks I’ll Be John Brown at Southpaw on one of those Brooklyn Country multi-band extravaganza nights, $10.

2/17, 10:30ish lighthearted, socially aware ska with the Brown Rice Family at Sullivan Hall, $10

2/17, midnight, Moon Hooch at the Knitting Factory, $8. Two tenor saxes and drums playing the craziest funky grooves you could imagine with the intensity of a brass band and the catchiness and edge of punk rock.

2/18, 2 PM high-intensity multi-instrumentalist/composer Demetrius Spaneas plays new work including compositions based on traditional Chinese music at Flushing Town Hall, free, early arrival advised.

2/18, 4 PM politically aware Mexican-American chanteuse Lila Downs plays a free show at El Museo Del Barrio, 1230 5th Ave (104/105), rsvp highly rec. at

2/18-19, 7 PM this year’s Music from Japan festivalat Merkin Concert Hall begins with an introduction (with English translation) from Norio Kanno, mayor of Iitate, Japan, one of the areas rendered uninhabitable by the Fukushima holocaust.  Music a 8 with  eclectic mix of new works by Japanese composers by a Japanese traditional music ensemble with Fuyuhiko Sasaki, kugo (angular harp) Mayumi Miyata: sho (mouth organ) Hitomi Nakamura: hichiriki (double-reed instrument) and voiceTakeshi Sasamoto: haisho (panpipes) and Shosoin shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute)Kyoko Kato: hokyo and percussionWonjung Kim: soprano. Composers include Sukeyasu Shiba: reconstruction from Dunhuang fragments: Kyu Kosomon and Kyukyokushi for kugo, sho, Shosoin shakuhachi, hichiriki, and hokyo (1983); Sukeyasu Shiba: Winds from Ikaruga for kugo and sho (1991);Fuyuhiko Sasaki: To Be Human (set to poem by Jotaro Wakamatsu) for kugo, voice, and haisho (2012); Toshi Ichiyanagi: Still Time II for kugo solo (1986); Akiko Yamane: Dots Collection No.13 for kugo and sho (2012); Takehito Shimazu: Four Haiku: Four Seasons in Iitate (set to haiku by “madei ambassador” Madoka Mayuzumi) for voice, hichiriki, and percussion (2012); Maki Ishii: Chronology 1200 for reigaku (haisho, kugo, and hokyo) (1994).

2/18, 7 PM jazz pianist Emmet Cohen at the Tribeca Performing Arts Ctr (the BMCC auditorium on Chambers), $25.

2/18 NYC noir literate rock legend LJ Murphy and his band at Otto’s 7:30 PM

2/18, 7:30/9:30 PM a three-bass jazz extravaganza at the Bar Next Door with Santi DeBriano, Essiet Okan Essiet and Harvie S.

2/18, 8 PM wild 20s hot swing orchestra Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra squeeze into Barbes followed at 10 by Johnny Cash collaborator Smokey Hormel’s western swing band.

2/18, 8 PM pianist Olga Vinokur plays Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op.37; Wild: Gershwin Etudes; Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue at Bargemusic, $35/$15 stud.

2/18, 8 PM mandolinist Elena Skye & guitarist Boo Reiners of the fiery Demolition String Band at the People’s Voice Cafe, $10-15 sugg don.

2/18, 8:30 PM the high-energy, slyly amusing oldschool country Jack Grace Band followed by spectacularly eclectic violinist Sarah Alden – who can do Balkan as well as bluegrass at 68 Jay St. Bar.

2/18, 9 PM energetic harmony-driven oldtimey string band the Weal and Woe at the Jalopy, $10.

2/18, 9 PM eclectic country/blues/rock crew American String Conspiracy at Freddy’s.

2/18, 9:30 PM dark, menacing, intense artsy metal band Junius at the Knitting Factory, $12, get there early, this may sell out.

2/18, 10ish state-of-the-art Brooklyn powerpop with John-Severin & the Quiet 1s (a Brooklyn What spinoff) at Trash, $8

2/18, 10 PM gypsy rockers World Inferno at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $15 adv tix rec.

2/18, 10 PM charismatic, iconoclastic jazz trumpeter/bandleader/personality Leron Thomas and his group at the Fat Cat

2/18, 10 PM tuneful jazz guitarist Andre Matos leads a quintet at I-Beam, $10 sugg don.

2/18, 11 PM Finotee plays reggae and ska at Shrine

2/19, 2 PM the Music From Japan Chamber Ensemble plays a dedication to the tragically contaminated Japanese village of Iitate (25 miles from Fukushima ground zero) with world premieres of music by Chikage Imai: towards G for flute, clarinet, horn, viola, and cello (2012); Toshiya Watanabe: Twill of Sound III for piano, violin, and cello (2011); Noriko Koide: Embroidery for soprano, clarinet, violin, and cello (2012);  Jummei Suzuki: Time and Lily: from East to West for sho, hichiriki, flute, and cello (2012); Akiko Yamane: Time, Come Around: Madei Rondo (set to poem by Toma Ibu) for children’s choir at Merkin Concert Hall.

2/19, 4:45 PM organist Joseph Arndt plays a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

2/19, 6 PM A-list jazz bassists Thomas Helton and William Parker play duets at Downtown Music Gallery.

2/19, 8 PM legendary underground literate rock tunesmith Matt Keating plays the record release show for his new one at the big room at the Rockwood

2/19, 8:30 PM the Washington Square Winds play new works by Enrico Arcaro, Max Orland, Thomas Deneuville, Alexander Yellen, and Melody Loveless at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 plus $10 min.

2/19, 9 PM spectacular original three-part-harmony-driven all-female Americana stars Red Molly at City Winery, $15 standing room avail.

2/19, 10 PM the Creative Jazz Orchestra plays big band jazz improvisations at Bowery Poetry Club.

2/19, 10ish the final final night of Brooklyn Country’s latest extravaganza at Southpaw features a good Brooklyn bluegrass act, the Five Deadly Venoms opening for sensational bluegrass fiddler Michael Cleveland and his band, $20.

2/19, 10 PM jazz violinist Tomoko Omura and a quintet including Glenn Zaleski, piano; Gilad Hekselman, guitar; Colin Stranahan, drums; Noah Garabedian, bass play jazz versions of traditional Japanese music at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 plus $10 min.

2/20, 7:30 PM eclectic jazz violin star Jenny Scheinman’s Mischief & Mayhem with Nels Cline, Jim Black and Todd Sickafoose at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

2/20-3/4 iconic Jamaican jazz pianist Monty Alexander leading several projects at the Blue Note, sets 8/10 PM: 2/20 with his Harlem-Kingston Express with Ernest Ranglin on guitar!!!; 2/21-22 in a trio with bassist Christian McBride and Russell Malone on guitar; 2/23 in a quartet wih Dr. Lonnie Smith on organ; 2/24 in a quartet with Pat Martino on guitar; 2/25 with a steel band; 2/26 with Freddie Cole, 2/27-28 with his classic 70s trio featuring John Clayton on bass and Jeff Hamilton on drums; 2/29-3/2 with Sly and Robbie; and 3/3-4 back with the Harlem-Kingston Express.

2/20, 8:30 PM mesmerizing, sometimes haunting atmospheric jazz vocalese star Sara Serpa leads her quintet with guitarist Andre Matos, pianist Kris Davis, bassist Matt Brewer and drummer Tommy Crane at the Clemente Soto Velez Center, 107 Suffolk St., $11 for the early set, $20 for both.

2/20, 9 PM trombonist Pete McGuinness’ Jazz Orchestra at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

2/21, 7 PM trombonist Ryan Keberle leads a quartet with Mike Rodriguez – trumpet; Jorge Roeder – bass; Eric Doob – drums at Barbes followed at 9 by Slavic Soul Party

2/21, 7:30/9:30 PM Iraqi quartertone trumpeter Amir ElSaffar’s astonishingly original and intense Two Rivers Ensemble: Ole Mathisen – tenor and soprano saxophone; Tareq Abboushi – buzuq; Zafer Tawil – oud, percussion; Carlo DeRosa – bass; Tyshawn Sorey – drums at the Jazz Standard, $20.

2/21, 8 PM Robert Munn improvises on the theremin to accompany a 3-D screening of extremely rare, graphic b/w WWI battlefield images from 1914-18 at the Gershwin Hotel, $10.

2/21, 9:30 PM cellist Marika Hughes & Bottom Heavy with with Kyle Sanna on guitar, Fred Cash on bass, Charlie Burnham on violin, and Tony Mason on drums— play cello groove music at Joe’s Pub, $15.

2/22, 7:30 PM Andras Schiff joins veteran Hungarian folk ensemble Muzsikás at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall playing the “roots of Bartok,” $34 tix avail.

2/22 colorful, tuneful, enjoyable energetic vibraphonist Warren Wolf leads a quartet with Kris Funn – bass; Allyn Johnson – piano; Billy Williams – drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

2/22, 9 PM trumpeter Ben Syversen’s deliciously assaultive jazz/noiserock project Cracked Vessel at Freddy’s.

2/23, 7 PM cellist/irrepressible avant garde impresario Valerie Kuehne’s bday party at Vaudeville Park in Bushwick with chanteuse Gelsey Bell, dancers Jill Burton and Claire Elizabeth Barratt, punk-classical cellist Pat Muchmore, legendary underground composer and Notekillers guitarist David First, percussionist/thereminist Michael Evans, ubiquitously interesting cellist Jane Scarpantoni and Kuehne herself headlining with her acidic, unpredictable, sometimes satirical punk/classical/improvisational firepower, sugg don. give what you can, starting at $5

2/23 up-and-coming Venezuelan jazz pianist Luis Perdomo leads a trio with Hans Glawischnig on bass and Johnathan Blake on drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

2/23 and 2/28, 7:30 PM and also 2/25 at 8 PM the NY Philharmonic plays Moussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition at Avery Fisher Hall, $33 tix avail.

2/23, 8 PM adventurous new-music pianist Vicky Chow at the Gershwin Hotel, $10, program TBA.

2/23, 8:30 PM noiserock/janglerock/menacing lyrical rock legend Steve Wynn and his band the Miracle 3 at Bowery Electric

2/23, 8:30 PM catchy, jangly, smartly politically aware female-fronted Mexican-American rockers Pistolera at the big room at the Rockwood, $10 plus one-drink minimum.

2/23, 9 PM dark Nashville gothic/bluegrass band Frankenpine at the Jalopy followed at 10:30 by the torchy oldtime Jessy Carolina & the Hot Mess

2/23, 9 PM Evanescent – the Moonlighters’ Bliss Blood’s dark torchy lurid guitar/uke duo – at Pete’s.

2/23, 9:30 PM kind of crazy segue but a first-class doublebill: dark 80s-style songwriter Alfonso Velez and Julia Haltigan – who mines an era sixty years previously at Joe’s Pub, $12

2/24, 7:15 PM clever, psychedelic Asian tropicalia jazz group Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica at Drom, $10 adv tix rec.

2/24, 7:30 PM lurid noir art-rockers Elysian Fields at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

2/24, 7:30 PM pianist Edmund Arkus plays Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel and Schumann at Third St. Music School Settlement, free.

2/24 dark rustic gypsy/steampunk/Americana band Kotorino plays 2 sets at 8/10 PM at Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club.

2/24-25 and 3/1-3, 8 PM darkly thoughtful pianist/composer Missy Mazzoli premieres her latest project Songs from the Uproar: the Lives & Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt, a tribute to the great 19th century adventurer/feminist feat. NOW Ensemble with mezzo-soprano Abigail Fischer at the Kitchen, $15

2/24, 8 PM assaultive intense cellist/vocalist Audrey Chen and the Jeremiah Cymerman/Nate Wooley/Brian Chase group at Roulette, $10 gen adm.

2/24, 8:30 PM it’s Alex Battles’ Johnny Cash 80th bday party show at the Bell House, $15 adv tix avail. The 2/25, 8:30 PM show has been moved from Southpaw to Littlefield – yee ha! All previously issued tix will be honored and $15 adv tix still available at Littlefield

2/24, 9 PM the Hit Squad tour feat. Keith Murray, EPMD, Redman and countless other 90s hip-hop luminaries at the Nokia Theatre, $30 adv tix avail.

2/24, 9:30 PM alto saxophonist/chanteuse Stephanie Chou plays her bracing, innovative blend of jazz and classical Chinese music at Drom with a quintet, $10 adv tix highly rec.

2/24, 10 PM amazing, charismatic four-woman oldtimey country/blues harmony hellraisers the Roulette Sisters at Barbes.

2/24, 1 AM (actually wee hours of 2/25) relentlessly assaultive, intense noiserockers the Sediment Club play Party Xpo.

2/25, 2 PM Korean daegeum flutist/composer Paul Yeon Lee premieres new works for flutes and piano at Flushing Town Hall, free, early arrival advised.

2/25-26 7:30 PM cutting-edge New York school avant garde with Ne(x)tworks– Joan La Barbara (voice), Shelley Burgon (harp & electronics), Yves Dharamraj (cello), Miguel Frasconi (glass instruments & electronics, Director), Ariana Kim (violin), Christopher McIntyre (trombone), and special guest Jenny Lin (piano) playing works originally written for dance: Moving Spaces (2002) by Christian Wolff; Migrations (2008) by Miguel Frasconi; Future Sight (2010) by Shelley Burgon; Relative Calm (1981) by Jon Gibson at Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow Street at Bedford, $15/$10 stud/srs. The program for 2/26 comprises Stuplimity No. 3 (2007) by Christopher McIntyre; Desert Myths (2006) by Joan La Barbara; Jitterbug (2007) by Annea Lockwood; DELTA (dreamdeepdown) (2002) by John King

2/25, 8 PM bassist Dave Hertzberg leads an eclectic klezmer/bluegrass jazz group at Barbes followed at 10 by psychedelic funk band the People’s Champs.

2/25, 9 PM clever, lyrical, art-funk songwriter Avi Fox-Rosen and “big band” play Tea Lounge in Park Slope

2/25 two hotshot Appalachian fiddlers – Crooked Still’s Brittany Haas and Republic of Strings’ Lauren Rioux – join forces in a rare duo show at Pete’s, 9 PM.

2/25, 9/10:30 PM Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret feat. Ron Miles – trumpet; Liberty Ellman – guitar; Stomu Takeishi – bass guitar; Tyshawn Sorey – drums at the Jazz Gallery, $20.

2/25, 9/10:30 PM a rare duo show with Dave Liebman playing tenor sax and Richie Beirach on piano at Cornelia St. Cafe, $15 plus $10 min.

2/25, 9:30ish an excellent Americana doublebill: the Roulette Sisters’ sultry, bluesy guitarist/leader Mamie Minch and sly low-key literate rockers Kill Henry Sugar at Sycamore Bar in Brooklyn, $10.

2/25, 10 PM jangly, wickedly lyrical, sometimes haunting rocker Paula Carino and her band at the Delancey.

2/25, 10 PM Sekouba plays Shrine. A Peter Tosh-class charismatic reggae bandleader with a huge band behind him playing majestic, fearlessly political Francophone African roots vibes

2/25, 11 PM female-fronted rockers AwShockKiss – who totally nail a 80s anthemic vibe without being the least bit cheesy – at LIC Bar.

2/26-28 a three-day series of concerts featuring music by politically aware Italian avant garde composer Luigi Nono. 2/26, 2 PM pianist Stefan Litwin plays Nono works, plus a pre-concert lecture at Greenwich House Music School auditorium, 46 Barrow St., $10 sugg don.; 2/27, 8 PM Litwin plus the NYU Percussion Ensemble play signature Nono works at the Loewe Theatre, 35 W 4th St., free, early arrival advised; and on 2/28, 8 PM violinist Conrad Harris performs “The distant nostalgic utopian future — Madrigal for other “walkers” with Gidon Kremer” at Judson Church, 55 Washington Sq. S., $10 sugg don

2/26, 4 PM Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchestra play Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring at Symphony Space, $25.

2/26, 5 PM eclectic jazz violinist Sara Caswell with Ike Sturm on bass and Jesse Lewis on guitar at the Lounge at Hudson View Gardens, 128 Pinehurst Ave. at 183rd St., A train to 181st St., sugg don., reception to follow.

2/26, 6 PM “cd release celebration for this all-star unit: Francois Grillot, Catherine Sikora, Roy Campbell, Daniel Levin, Jay Rosen”- at Downtown Music Gallery.

2/26, 7 PM “miniature brass band” Trio Blasphemy – Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Ben Holmes (trumpet) and Marcus Rojas (tuba) play the album release show for their new one – an eclectic mix of brass arrangements from the rock, folk and jazz worlds – at Barbes followed at 9 by Stephane Wrembel.

2/26-27, 8/10 PM Marc Ribot’s Really the Blues at Iridium, $27.50

2/27, 7:30 PM Johanna Rose, founding member of the superstar vocal quartet Anonymous 4, joins soprano Karol Steadman for an “innovative program of vocal chamber music for two sopranos, two recorders, Baroque harp, and viola da gamba. Baroque composer Heinrich Schütz’s chamber masterpiece for voices and instruments, the Kleine geistliche Konzerte (“Little Spiritual Concertos”), are woven with British composer Ivan Moody’s own settings of the same texts into a colorful tapestry of sound.” At Music Mondays at Advent Church, 93rd/Bwy

2/27, 8 PM inventors of surf rock, the Ventures at B.B. King’s, $30 adv tix a must.

2/27, 8:30 PM Rachael Bell and David Marshall, formerly of dark art-rockers Norden Bombsight have a new band, Mesiko with genius drummer Ray Rizzo making their debut at Rock Shop in Gowanus – safe to say that anything Marshall and Bell have going on is worth seeing.

2/27, 8:30 PM flutist Gina Izzo and pianist Erika Dohi play works by Bruce Stark, Randy Woolf, Victoria Bond, Oliver Messiaen and Pascal Le Boeuf at Cornelia St. Cafe, $10 plus $10 min.

2/27, 9 PM Mike Webster’s Leading Lines big band feat. Ingrid Jensen on trumpet at Tea Lounge in Park Slope.

2/27, midnight Stringbean & the Stalkers play dark eerie chromatic harp blues at the Ear Inn.

2/28 Thom Zimny’s Springsteen documentary The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town screening at the IFC Center, early arrival advised.

2/28 drummer Mike Noga of Aussie band the Drones is also a first-class dark folk-rock storyteller making his NYC debut at the Rockwood

2/28, 7 PM Matt Munisteri and Will Holshouser’s dark, slinky, ecstatic Belgian barroom instrumental/gypsy jazz band Musette Explosion at Barbes followed at 9 by Slavic Soul Party

2/28-29 brilliant, eclectic, unpredictable jazz pianist Matthew Shipp leads his trio with Michael Bisio on bass and Whit Dickey on drums at the Jazz Standard, 7:30/9:30 PM, $20.

2/28, 8:30 PM Jared Gold – B3 organ , Dave Stryker – guitar , McClenty Hunter – drums at Smalls.

2/28, 9 PM dark brooding third stream piano virtuoso Michel Reis leads a quartet at Something Jazz Club, $5 cover, $10 min.

2/28-3/4, 9/11 PM guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel leads a quartet with Aaron Parks on piano, Eric Revis on bass and Justin Faulkner on drums at the Vanguard, $30.

2/28, 10:30 PM a trio doublebill: oldschool trio jazz with Joel Frahm, very clever, darkly lyrical piano trio jazz from Danny Fox and then the Wee Trio playing vibraphone jazz covers of Bowie songs from their new album at le Poisson Rouge, $15.

2/28, 11ish lickety-split bluegrass rockers Filthy Still at Rodeo Bar.

2/28, 11:30ish lo-fi female-fronted Crampsy garage punks X-Ray Eyeballs play the record release show for their new one at Glasslands, $10.

2/29, 7:30 PM violinist Lara St. John and harpist Marie-Pierre Langlamet play Bach sonatas at le Poisson Rouge, $20.

2/29, 8 PM unpredictable, brilliant multi-keyboardist Shoko Nagai’s Abysm with percussionist Satoshi Takeishi at Barbes, $10.

2/29, 8 PM Bliss Blood and Al Street’s lurid torch song project Evanescent at 68 Jay St Bar

2/29, 8 PM bassist Brian Glassman’s klezmer jazz quartet feat. Greg Wall on sax at 6th St. Synagogue, $15 includes a drink.

2/29, 8:45 PM southwestern gothic chanteuse Kerry Kennedy’s intense, haunting Ghostwise followed by incomparable, charismatic contralto siren Vera Beren and her Gothic Chamber Blues Ensemble at the Delancey, downstairs, free.

3/1, 7 PM composer Robert Paterson’s song cycle Stepping Into The Batter’s Box, He Hears His Father’s Voice – based on the life of the Mets’ Mike Piazza – sung by Metropolitan Opera tenor Dimitri Pittas and pianist Blair McMillen as part of the American Modern Ensemble’s sports-themed concert at Galapagos. Also on the bill: a piece for piano, baseball and mitt by composer Annie Gosfield called Brooklyn, October 5, 1941 (sad ending to Dodgers/Yanks World Series); Roger Zare’s Dark and Stormy Night for piano with ping pong balls; Stephen Gorbos’ Football Season is Over for alto sax and electronics; Meyer Kupferman’s Triple Play for two clarinets and piano; Rob Smith’s Sprint, and Elliott Carter’s GRA, at Galapagos, $15 adv tix includes a free cd.

3/1, 7:30 PM eclectic avant garde ensemble Lunatics at Large play a characteristically intriguing program: “Kaija Saariaho & Influences” at WMP Concert Hall, $20/$10 stud.

3/1, 7:30 PM reliably cutting-edge chamber ensemble ACME with chanteuse Mariam Wallentin play a new song cycle plus instrumental works by Mikael Karlsson at Merkin Concert Hall, $25/$15 stud/srs.

3/1 inscrutably intense, charismatic, darkly comedic literate songwriter/accordionist Rachelle Garniez at Barbes at 8 followed by NYC’s only all-female mariachi band, Flor de Toloache.

3/1, 8 PM Streams of Whiskey play Pogues covers followed by gypsy punk by the Wild Adriatics at 10 and thenthe  ferocious Bad Buka at 11 at Arlene’s

3/1, 8 PM American Modern Ensemble play Galapagos: the program includes works by Annie Gosfield and Robert Paterson (a song cycle about former Mets catcher/juicer Mike Piazza), $20.

3/1, 8:30 PM massive funk orchestra Burnt Sugar play Steely Dan at the Lincoln Center Atrium, free, early arrival advised.

3/1, 8:30 PM state-of-the-art, tuneful baritone saxophonist Brian Landrus leads a quintet with Ben Monder, guitar; Frank Carlberg, piano; Lonnie Plaxico, bass; Rudy Royston, drums at Cornelia St. Cafe, $20 includes a drink.

3/1, 9 PM psychedelic funk band Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds at Bowery Ballroom, $13 adv tix rec. Nice to see them work their way up to a gig here: they deserve it.

3/1, 9:30ish swirling, psychedelic, anthemic Radiohead-influenced rockers My Pet Dragon – who are on the upcoming Occupy This Album compilation – at Sullivan Hall, $10

3/1, 9:30 PM a good Afrobeat doublebill with Emefe and Ikebe Shakedown at Glasslands, $10.

3/1 sometimes astringent, sometimes ferociously anthemic chamber-rock/indie jangle band Bern & the Brights at the small room at the Rockwood, midnight

3/2 charismatic ukulele siren/oldtimey songwriter Kelli Rae Powell records a live album at the Jalopy, sets at 7 and 10 PM, you should be there, this is gonna be wild, $10.

3/2, 7 PM the one battle-of-the-bands contest in NYC that doesn’t exploit artists and isn’t stupid, the Greene Space’s Battle of the Boroughs has their Queens playoff tonight, $15 includes a drink or $30 gets you in plus free wine and beer bar. It’s a good lineup including Americana rocker Jason Waters, goth-ish Russian songwriter Tatiana Kochkareva and this blog’s pick for best of Queens, punk-world-funk powerhouse SisterMonk.

3/2, 7:30/9:30 PM powerhouse, cutting-edge tenor saxophonist Patrick Cornelius leads a trio at the Bar Next Door

3/2, 7:30 PM Ensemble Sospeso plays works by Pierre Boulez: Dialogue de l’ombre Double (1985); Kimmo Hakola: Capriole (1991); Mark Menzies: Swongering Butterfly (2012); Pierre Boulez: Anthemes II (1997); Luigi Nono: La Lontananza nostalgica utopica futura (1988-1989) at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, 450 W 37th St. (9th/10th Aves), $20.

3/2, 7:30 PM Cadillac Moon Ensemble plays new chamber works by Lukas Ligeti, Timothy Andres, Ruben Naeff, Conrad Winslow and Shawn Allison at Symphony Space, $25/$10 stud.

3/2, 8 PM lush, dreamy, quirky chamber pop band Clare & the Reasons at Barbes.

3/2, 8:30 PM tirelessly tuneful indie powerpop stars (and longtime Graham Parker collaborators) the Figgs at Littlefield, $12

3/2 and 3/9 torchy, dynamic oldtimey chanteuse Julia Haltigan, 9 PM at the small room at the Rockwood

3/2, 9:30 PM guitarist Jasmine Sadrieh’s long-running noir rockabilly trio Catspaw at Hank’s. Great songs, good energy, just wish they’d rehearse more.

3/2 Jennifer O’Connor and her band plus Two Dollar Guitar’s Tim Foljahn at Cake Shop, 10ish; 3/4 she’s at Union Pool with Kleenex Girl Wonder and Amy Bezunartea

3/3 a Tom Price memorial concert at Local 269, all proceeds to his widow Sarah and their kids. The Ff bandleader was one of the NYC rock scene’s alltime good guys – and a great performer as well – and is sadly missed.

3/3, 7 PM edgy veteran songwriting duo Amy Rigby & Wreckless Eric at Maxwell’s, $10 adv tix rec.

3/3, 7 PM artsy anthemic Irish rock crooner Pierce Turner at Joe’s Pub, $23.

3/3, 8 PM sly, tuneful powerpop guitar genius Pete Galub at Barbes

3/3, 8 PM Carolyn Hesterthe Carolyn Hester of Dylan and Three Young Men fame – at the People’s Voice Cafe, $15 sugg don, “no one turned away”

3/3, 8 PM Afghani rubab virtuoso Homayun Sakhi plays ragas with sarodist Ken Zuckerman and percussionist Salar Nader at the Wallace Auditorium at the Asia Society, $30/$26 stud/srs.

3/3, 8 PM repeating on 3/4 at 3 PM Mark Peskanov, violin; Raman Ramakrishnan, cello; and Doris Stevenson, piano play Haydn – Piano Trio No. 31 in E flat minor, “Jacob’s Dream”; Beethoven – Piano Trio in D major, Op. 70 No. 1 “Ghost”; Ravel – Piano Trio at Bargemusic, $35/$30 srs/$15 stud

3/3, 8 PM the Repast Baroque Ensemble plays Bach and Buxtehude choral and chamber works at American Academy of Arts and Letters,632 W 156th St, $35/$21 stud., adv tix available at or at the Milller Theatre box ofc, 116/Bwy, open noon-6 PM M-F.

3/3, 8:30 PM NYC’s original musically purist citybilly crew, M Shanghai String Band at the Jalopy $10

3/3, 9 PM Ahmad Gamal – star of the Cairo opera and the most dynamic, compelling new singer to hit New York in a long time – sings the Sayyid Darwish songbook at Alwan for the Arts backed by an electrifying ensemble: Sami Abu Shumays, violin; Tareq Abboushi, buzuq; Hadi Eldebek, ‘oud; Zafer Tawil, qanun; Lety ElNaggar, nay; Amir ElSaffar, trumpet and santur. Darwish is considered the father of Egyptian classical song, an influence on just about everybody who came afterward: this is a show not to be missed, $20 adv tix a must.

3/3, 9 PM inimitable, charismatic, fearlessly assaultive retro ghoulabilly/blues/soul bandleader Reid Paley and his Trio at Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, how much, nobody seems to be willing to tell.

3/3, 9 PM a good Afrobeat doublebill at Shrine with Bed-Stuy Ewe followed by Kakande at 10.

3/3, 10 PM intense, haunting jazz vocalese chanteuse Sara Serpa with guitarist Andre Matos, pianist Kris Davis, bassist Aryeh Kobrinsky and drummer Tommy Crane at BAM Cafe.

3/4, 4:45 PM organist Karen Beaumont plays a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

3/4, 5:15 PM virtuoso organist Herve Duteil plays a stunningly eclectic program at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine featuring “Strauss’ ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’ fanfare using St. John’s stunning State Trumpet stop, plus a Vivaldi concerto transcribed by Bach; Elgar’s Nimrod from the Enigma Variations and a transcription for organ and oboe of Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for the movie ‘The Mission’ as well as an almost-never played Paul Halley’s composition for organ and soprano saxophone and finally, a baroque choral by Boehm, a symphonic finale by Widor, and a mesmerizing firework of sounds with Jongen’s Toccata.” He’s also at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 4:45 PM on 3/18.

3/4, 7:30 PM fearlessly politically aware latin jazz/avant garde singer/composer Sabrina Lastman plays the record release show for her new one at Joe’s Pub.

3/4, 8 PM St. Croix reggae band Midnite – who have several smartly lyrical albums out, blending roots and dancehall – at SOB’s, $27.

3/4, 8 PM indie chamber-folk band Colorform – who combine live painting with their pensively tuneful songs – at Arlene’s.

3/4 badass bluesmama Mamie Minch does a one-off gig with the oldtimey Whiskey Spitters at Rodeo Bar, 10ish.

3/5, 9 ish quirky, hypnotic dreampop/chamber-pop band Clare & the Reasons at the big room at the Rockwood

3/6, 7:30 PM pianist Alexandra Joan’s reliably cutting-edge Kaleidoscope Series features violinist and pianist Anita Chen and a program TBA at WMP Concert Hall, $20

3/6, 7:30 PM International Contemporary Ensemble (aka ICE) plays new work by music by Austrian composer Klaus Lang at the Austrian Cultural Center, 11 E 52nd St., free, early arrival advised.

3/6, 8 PM Charlene Kaye – whose upcoming, eclectic new janglerock album is reputedly excellent – at SOB’s, $10.

3/6-7, 8/10:30 PM jazz harpist Edmar Castaneda plays the record release show for his new one with a trio including Gonzalo Rubalcaba, piano and Miguel Zenón on saxophone at the Blue Note, $15 “bar seats” avail.

3/7, 9 PM dark Americana rockers Maynard & the Musties at Lakeside; they’re also at Rodeo Bar on 3/25 at 10:30

3/8, 7ish pensive female-fronted Americana rock band Little Embers followed by fiery, lyrical anthemic rockers Wormburner at the Mercury, $10 adv tix rec.

3/8, 8 PM creepy harmony-driven acoustic Nashville gothic band Bobtown followed eventually by the Hollows at Spike Hill, $5

3/8, 8 PM eclectic Spanish flamenco/pop/funk/gypsy songstress La Shica at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec

3/8, 8:30 PM Eilen Jewell – the self-described “queen of the minor key” followed by the absolutely badass Sweetback Sisters at the Bell House, $14.

3/8, 9 PM haunting Bulgarian/Macedonian string band Cherven Traktor at the Jalopy followed at 10 by scorching ten-piece powerhouse Veveritse Brass Band, $10.

3/8, 10 PM high-voltage southwestern gothic rockers Joe Yoga & the Downward Dogs at Arlene’s

3/9, 6 PM eclectically compelling new sounds from Sarah Bernstein on violin/voice/processing/text plus Satoshi Takeishi on percussion at Cornelia St. Cafe

3/9, 7 PM cutting-edge, fun avant garde and jazz sounds with Anti-Social Music plus Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society big band at Galapagos, $20.

3/9, 7:30 PM guitarist Nick Moran leads a hot B3 organ groove band playing the cd release show for his eclectic newone at the Bar Next Door.

3/9, 7:30 PM Maureen and Anne-Marie McDermott (cello and piano) play Bach, Schumann and Poulenc at Third St. Music School Settlement, free.

3/9 8 PM Tribecastan’s John Kruth’s creepy Villa Delirium chamber music project followed by forro accordion virtuoso Rob Curto’s Pe de Serra at Barbes

3/9, 8 PM soulful alt-country band Whisperado play the record release show for their new one at the Parkside.

3/9, 8 PM lurid virtuoso noir guitar with the Jim Campilongo Electric Trio at Littlefield, $18.

3/9, 9 PM ageless, edgy, jangly, politically aware Americana rockers the Sloe Guns at Arlene’s.

3/9 scorching all-female Canadian punk-pop trio Hunter Valentine at Bowery Electric, 11ish

3/10, 7 PM high-voltage brass band bhangra with Red Baraat at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

3/10, 7:15 PM Macedonian chanteuse Azra backed by the original NYC underground Balkan band, Zlatne Uste, at Drom, $10 adv tix highly rec.

3/10, 7:30 PM Pianist Louis Schwizgebel (First Prize, Young Concert Artists International Auditions), cellist Lionel Cottet (2010 Swiss Ambassador’s Award) and violinist François Sochard (first prize, National Conservatory of Music, Paris) pay homage to Jean-Jacques Rousseau with two NY premieres: F.W. Kalkbrenner’s Piano Variations on Three Notes from J.J. Rousseau’s Famous Romance and A-F. Marescotti’s Piano Variations on a Theme by J.J. Rousseau along with Ravel’s “Ondine” from Gaspard de la Nuit; Brahm’s Scherzo in C Minor and Hungarian Dances Nos. 1, 2, 6 and 7; Mendelssohn ‘s Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 49; and Liszt’s Les Cloches de Genéve. at Merkin Concert Hall, free w/rsvp to 212-501-3330 or

3/10, 8 PM Afrobeat guitar expert Banning Eyre and band followed by the imcomparable Chicha Libre– whose new album Canibalismo might be even better than their woozy, psychedelic debut – at Barbes

3/10, 10 PM ska legend/character Errol Morris and Crazy Baldhead at the Bell House, $15 adv tix very highly rec.

3/10, 10ish dark 80s tinged original songwriter Alfonso Velez at the big room at the Rockwood.

3/10, 10:30 PM LES surf/soul/punk guitar legend/cutup/all around good guy Simon & the Bar Sinisters at Lakeside

3/10, midnight, a rare solo performance by Barcelona acoustic punk/flamenco songwriter Muchachito Bombo Infierno at SOB’s with live painting onstage by Santos deVeracruz, $20 adv tix rec.

3/11, 4 PM-midnight the annual New Music Bake Sale has moved to Roulette, bringing along many of the best of the NYC avant scene: Gutbucket, Newspeak, TILT Brass, Janus Trio, Face the Music, Sideband, Exapno members (Concert Black, Sweat Lodge, & Joey Molinaro), James Moore and Andie Springer, $10 includes a raffle ticket ! Wanna take a table? Sell some merch or munchies? Email them.

3/11, 7:30 PM Daniel Lippel on guitar performing Bach transcriptions followed by Jacob Greenberg on piano performing a selection of Kurtág’s Játétok (Games) and then pianists Stephanie and Saar playing Kurtag’s fourhand piano transcriptions of Bach at le Poisson Rouge, $15

3/11, 9 PM eclectic Spanish rock/funk/gypsy punk band Canteca de Macao at le Poisson Rouge, $12 adv tix rec., all tix previously purchased for the show originally scheduled for SOB’s will be honored.

3/11, midnight-ish, late 70s/early 80s noiserock legends (and Sonic Youth prototype) the Notekillers at Littlefield, $10.

3/12, 8ish torchy retro soul duo Dwight & Nicole followed by oldschool style Cuban crooner Alex Cuba at the big room at the Rockwood.

3/12, 9 PM wry, catchy powerpop songwriter Alec Berlin at Arlene’s.

3/13 8ish eclectic, hypnotic chanteuse Dina Fanai & Deoro play edgy, socially conscious worldbeat at the big room at the Rockwood.

3/13 9 PM Veveritse Brass Band sub for Slavic Soul Party at Barbes – they’re about the same size, just as loud and (hubris) maybe even more fun.

3/13, 9 PM a pre-St. Paddy’s day show with We Are the Union and the Tossers at the Bell House, $12

3/14, 7:30 PM violist Pedro Vizzarro-Vallejos and singer Sara Dougherty premiere a new work by composer Jay Vilnai – ‘Sleek Aphrodite’ (based on Sappho poems) along with Bruch’s 8 Pieces for Viola, Clarinet and Piano, Townsend’s Romanze for Cello, Viola and Flute and Handel’s Passacaglia at Culturefix, free.

3/14 jazz guitarist Matt Munisteri – whose presence as bandleader on Catherine Russell’s new album is as fun as it is purist – at Barbes 8 PM

3/14, 8:30ish tongue-in-cheek, period-perfect early 50s style country from Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. at Rodeo Bar

3/14, 9:30 PM Willie Nile, king of the soaring NYC underground rock anthem, at Joe’s Pub – possible that his buddy Springsteen may show up.

3/15, 7:30 PM twangy, tuneful, Steve Earle-ish Americana rocker Mark McKay and band at Lakeside

3/15, 7:30 PM violinist Anna Rabinova and pianist Dominic Cheli play works by Bach at WMP Concert Hall, $20.

3/15, 10 PM coy, quirky, devious, harmonically gorgeous, theatrical faux torch song trio the Debutante Hour at Littlefield, $10.

3/16, 5:30 PM a rare acoustic performance by eclectic folk/punk chanteuse Dina Regine at the American Folk Art Museum, free

3/16, 7 PM 4-cello heavy metal cover band Break of Reality playing the record release show for their new one at Drom, $25 gen adm

3/16, 8 PM Javanese shadow puppet theatre by puppeteer Ki Purbo Asmoro backed by a full gamelan orchestra at the Wallace Auditorium at the Asia Society, $30/$26 stud/srs.

3/16, 8 PM cleverly lyrical, sometimes satirical large jazz ensemble Dead Cat Bounce debut their new electoacoustic work Eco-Beat Heresy at Cantina Royal/La Sala, 58 N 3rd St in Williamsburg, $10.

3/16, 8 PM powerpop purist songwriter Mikal Evans at Spike Hill, free

3/16, 9:30 PM up-and-coming Americana/torchy jazz star Sarah Jarosz at Joe’s Pub, $20.

3/16, 10 PM big bluegrass jam band the Infamous Stringdusters at Bowery Ballroom, $18 adv tix rec.

3/16, 10:30 PM, hauntingly intense, soaring bluegrass singer/bandleader Jen Larson & North River at the Jalopy $10.

3/16, 10:30ish eerie bluespunk with the Five Points Band at Rodeo Bar.

3/16 the Boss Guitars play surf music classics, obscurities and surfed-out versions of 60s pop tunes at Lakeside 11 PM

3/17, 2 PM dazzlingly eclectic virtuoso string ensemble Trio Tritticali play originals, Latin, MiddleEastern, jazz, pop/rock arrangements (and since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, maybe even some Celtic-tinged numbers) for brunch at Linger Cafe and Lounge, 533 Atlantic Ave, (3rd – 4th Aves) in Brooklyn.

3/17, 4 and 8 PM, inspired Pogues cover band Streams of Whiskey at Lucille’s,$15 adv tix rec.

3/17, 8 PM legendary politically-fueled Irish-American rockers Black 47 at B.B. King’s,$25 adv tix req.

3/17, 8 PM early music ensemble le Poeme Harmonique sings Couperin’s Tenebrae plus Jerome Lalande’s Miserere at St. Mary’s Church, 145 W 46th St. (6/7th Aves), $35 tix available via  or at the Miller Theatre box ofc M-F 12-5 PM.

3/17 tireless oldtime country hellraisers the Flanks play two sets starting at 9 with a break (if you can call it that) for Alex Battles & Whisky Rebellion in the middle at 10 at the Jalopy, $10

3/17, 9 PM slinky hip-hop brass grooves with the PitchBlak Brass Band at Spike Hill

3/17, 9 PM oldschool James Brown-influenced funk and soul with Lee Fields & the Expressions at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, $20 adv tix avail. at the Mercury box office 5-7 PM weekdays.

3/17, 10 PM Koony and his big roots reggae band play toweringly anthemic, politically-fueled, Peter Tosh-inspired Francophone roots reggae at Shrine.

3/17, 11 PM NYC’s funnest, most tunefully insightful Americana/punk rockers Spanking Charlene at Lakeside, 11 PM. Their new album Where Are the Freaks kicks ass!

3/18, 3 PM eclectic guitarist/composer Jay Vilnai’s fiery Balkan rock band Vampire Suit at 6th St. Synagogue, $15 includes a drink.

3/18, 7 PM legendary nonagenarian percussionist Chico Hamilton and his inspired, ageless purist jazz group at Drom.

3/18, 9 PM Baby Soda Jazz Band sub for Stephane Wrembel at Barbes.

3/18 the reliably amusing oldtimey Ukuladies at Rodeo Bar 10ish

3/19, 8 PM the DaCapo Chamber Players perform Marc Mellits – Spam; Murray Schafer – Buskers; Derek Bermel – Coming Together; Thea Musgrave – Chamber Concerto #2; Dmitri Riabtsev – Enchanted Lake II along with Jennifer Muller’s dance troupe at the Ailey Theatre, 405 W 55th St @ 9th Ave., $20.

3/20-24, 8:30/11 PM Pharaoh Sanders leads a quartet at Birdland, $30 seats avail.

3/20-25, 9/11 PM saxophonist Bill McHenry leads a quartet with the mighty Orrin Evans on piano, Eric Revis on bass and Andrew Cyrille on drums at the Vanguard, $30.

3/21, 8 PM klezmer accordion legend Sy Kushner and his band at 6th St. Synagogue, $15 includes a drink

3/21, 10:30 PM unstoppable postpunks the Wedding Present at the Bell House, $15. They’re at le Poisson Rouge on 3/22 at 8:30 PM for the same advance ticket price.

3/22, 7:30 PM cellist Michael Nicolas and pianist Carlos Avila play works by Brahms at WMP Concert Hall, $20.

3/22, 8 PM the Coup – the greatest and most political of all the west coast hip-hop acts – at Brooklyn Bowl, $10.

3/22, 8:30 PM versatile, soulful Balkan chanteuse Vlada Tomova’s Balkan Tales at the Lincoln Center Atrium, free, early arrival advised.

3/22, 8:30/10:30 PM smart, counterintuitive alto saxophonist Jacam Manricks leads a trio at the Bar Next Door.

3/22, 10 PM Azizah & the Tribal Council play roots reggae at Shrine.

3/22 oldtime country harmonies and soulful original songs from the Maybelles at Rodeo Bar, 10:30ish

3/23, 7 PM haunting, subtle yet dramatic and eclectic Tunisian chanteuse Sonia M’Barek and her band at the CUNY Grad Center, 365 5th Ave (34/35), $25 tix avail.

3/23 dark pensive gypsyish/steampunk rockers Kotorino plays 2 sets at 8 & 10 PM at the Way Station, 683 Washington Ave., Ft. Greene.

3/23, 8 PM the Wizard of Woo, P-Funk keyboard genius Bernie Worrell at Brooklyn Bowl, $8.

3/23, 9:30 PM Citizens Band musical director Duke Bokjadziev plays Balkan, classical and original works with a sensational band: Ara Dinkjian – oud; Matt Kilmer – percussion; Vasko Dukovski – clarinet, plus a string section, at Drom, $15 gen adm.

3/24, 7:30 PM a rare early evening appearance by legendary CBGB-era psychedelic punk rockers Band of Outsiders at Lakeside.

3/24, 8 PM, repeating 3/25 at 3 PM Mark Peskanov, violin; Dave Eggar, cello; Olga Vinokur, piano; Chuck Palmer, percussion improvise on Bach themes as well as playing Haydn – Piano Trio No. 39 in G major, “Gypsy”; Arensky – Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 32; Mendelssohn – Piano Trio No 2 in C minor, Op. 66 at Bargemusic, $35/$30 srs/$15 stud.

3/24, 8 PM the Queen’s Chamber Band plus vocalists perform J. S. Bach’s Cantata 100 (Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan); Sonata in C minor for Violin and Obbligato Harpsichord (BWV 1017); Johann Christoph Bach’s Two Songs of Mourning; Johann Michael Bach’s Ich weiss das mein Erlöser lebt; Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s Quartet in G Major ; and, Georg Friedrich Händel’s Concerto grosso in D, Op. 3, #6 at First Moravian Church, 30th St/Lexington Ave., $30/$20 stud/srs.

3/24, 8:30ish a good bluegrass doublebill at Union Hall with the Third Wheel Band followed eventually at around 10:30 by the Whistling Wolves, $8

3/25, 3 PM the Greenwich Village Orchestra plays Kachaturian’s Sabre Dance and Violin Concerto plus Brahms’ Symphony No. 3 at Washington Irving HS Auditorium, 16th St./Irving Place, $15 sugg don., reception to follow.

3/25, 7:30 PM the Brandy Trio plays two intriguing Jay Vilnai string trios – Pisces and Walpurgis Night, as well as selections from his eclectic Shakespeare Songs cycle for voice and string trio at Culturefix, free.

3/25 8/10 PM a purist but surprising trio: Peter Mazza on guitar with Jacam Manricks on saxes, and Rogerio Boccato on percussion at the Bar Next Door

3/25, 9ish Beninghove’s Hangmen – furious, intense, cinematic noir jazz sensations – at Spike Hill. They’re at Shrine on the 27th at 9.

3/26, 7:30 PM the East Coast Chamber Orchestra plays works by Beethoven, Stravinsky, Geminiani, and Kenji Bunch at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

3/27-31, 8:30/11 PM Christian McBride & Inside Straight at Birdland,$30 seats avail.

3/28 Simone Felice of the Felice Bros. plays the album release show for his new Nashville noir solo debut at the Mercury, 7 PM.

3/28, 7:30 PM pianist Alexandra Joan’s reliably enlightening Kaleidoscope Series at WMP Concert Hall continues with works by Brahms feat. cellists Lionel Cottet, Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir and Alice Yoo, $20

3/28, 7:30 PM the Les Amies Trio: Nancy Allen, harp, Cynthia Phelps, viola and Carol Wincenc, flute play works by Ibert, Bach, Ravel, Faure and Debussy at the Bulgarian Consulate, 121 E 62nd St.

3/28, 7:30 PM the Aron Quartett plays music of Kurt Schwertsik (world premiere), Erich Zeisel, and Erich Wolfgang Korngold at the Austrian Cultural Center, 11 E 52nd St., free, early arrival advised

3/28, 7:30 PM revivalist and virtuoso of the ancient kugo harp, Tomoko Sugawara plays a recital at Symphony Space, $30.

3/28, 8/10:30 PM Debbie Davies at Lucille’s, $10 adv tix req. Maybe the best blues guitarist in the world today – she played for years with Albert Collins, writes strong original songs and is unrivalled for both speed, power and soul.

3/28 Mary Lee’s Corvette – Aimee Mann/Elvis Costello-class lyrical songwriter and searingly powerful yet subtle Americana singer with a great band – at Rodeo Bar, 10:30ish

3/30, 7:30 PM the TNT Duo (Bulgarian classical stars Tania Stavreva, piano & Teodora Dimitrova, violin) play works by Vladigerov, Leviev, and Cohen at Symphony Space, $20, early arrival advised.

3/30 virtuoso violist Ljova Zhurbin’s whirlwind eclectic tango/jazz/gypsy string group the Kontraband at Drom

3/30, 9 PM best retro doublebill of the decade so far: iconic new wave era literate rockers Graham Parker and Ian Hunter at the Bell House, $30 adv tix absolutely req., this will sell out. Wow!

3/30 Demolition String Band– whose new album Gracious Days is as purist and edgy as their earlier stuff – at Rodeo Bar 10:30ish.

3/30 edgy, soaring, eclectic, smartly literate janglerock/powerpop songwriter Charlene Kaye at the Rockwood

3/31, 7:30 PM intense, charismatic Balkan chanteuse Eva Salina with her new band featuring trumpeter Frank London followed by Forro in the Dark and then Raya Brass Band – whose new one tops the charts here for best release of 2012 so far – at the Ukrainian National Home on 2nd Ave.

3/31 8 PM a kick-ass roots reggae triplebill with the raw, soulful Hard Times, soulful salsa-fueled El Pueblo at 9 and then ageless, high-energy Roots Vibration at 10 at Shrine

3/31 fiery, female-fronted literate noir cabaret/art-rockers Hannah vs. the Many at Arlene’s.

3/31, 9 PM a good roaring 20s hot jazz doublebill with Baby Soda Jazz Band followed by the incomparably sizzling, lickety-split Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra at 10:30 at the Jalopy, $10

3/31, 9:30 PM innovative avant/jazz/third-stream guitarist Joel Harrison and his band play the record release party for his new one at Drom, $10 adv tix highly rec.

3/31 long-running, reliably fun ska/soul rockers the Slackers at Maxwell’s, 10ish, $12 adv tix rec.

4/1, 6 AM (six in the morning) the new Regis Live! show debuts on ABC with live appearances by Glenn Campbell, Limp Bizkit and Lady Gag at the Good Morning America studios at Lincoln Square, free tix available via Facebook. It’s been tweeted about!

4/1, noon, at Floyd Bennett Field in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, the Hindenburg Family Singers present a special kid-friendly show. Hear acoustic covers of children’s favorites from cultures around the world, from Barney to Spongebob to the Mitzvah Twins, while perched high above the ground in a vintage 1930s airship! Witness the eco-friendly green power of hydrogen! VIP smokers’ lounge located at the rear of the aircraft.

4/1, 5:30 PM at Sidewalk before the open mic starts, LCD Soundsystem reunites for a free show, or maybe just a dj set, which is pretty much the same thing anyway.

4/1, 7 PM Coldplay do a special acoustic benefit concert for their new kickstarter campaign – to pay off their debt to their record label so they can make a new album – on the roof of the Hotel Gansevoort, $750 adv tix available.

4/1 rockabilly and surf music with the Bobby Fuller Three at B. B. King’s at 7:30 PM, $30.

4/1, 7:30 PM Yale School of Music alums including cellists Arnold Choi, Sungchan David Chang, Alvin Wong, Mo Mo plus tubaist Jerome Stover, bass-baritone Taylor Ward and others play a deliciously murky program of low-register compositions:
Mozart: Duo for bassoon and cello in B-flat major, K. 292; Penderecki: Serenata for three cellos (2008) and Capriccio for solo tuba (1980); Bruckner: Two Aequali for three trombones (1847); Prokofiev: Humorous Scherzo for bassoon ensemble (1912); Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, arranged for bassoon ensemble; Jacob Druckman: Valentine for solo double bass (1969); Sofia Gubaidulina: Concerto for bassoon and low strings (1975); Heinrich Schütz: Fili mi, Absalon for four sackbuts and bass voice, SWV 269 at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, $15 tix avail. No joke!

4/1, 8 PM Sammy Ramone – legendary for his handclaps on the Ramones’ “Rock N Roll High School”- brings along his old friends from the bar at Max’s to celebrate his bandmates at the Continental, $35

4/1, 9 PM the The Festival with Provided the Updike, Sanitizing the Bloomberg, Bieber the Already, Conclusion the Foregone and ??? (pronounced “the the the”) at the brand-new Tepco Green Arena (the recently bulldozed site where the Apollo Theatre used to stand). The The will not be performing.

4/1 the Anti-The Festival at Pianos featuring Flours, Sugars, Salts, Baking Powders, Olive Oils, Rosemarys and at midnight they all get together as the supergroup Biscuits, who have a reputation for being very hot if a little flaky.

4/1, 9 PM at the Bell House it’s Grossouts for Gentrifiers! While riding the subway, do you reach up your nose so hard to pull out that last piece of snot that you start bleeding on the person sitting next to you? Do you compulsively chew off bits and pieces of your fingers and nails and spit them on the floor, regardless of how crowded the train might be? Do you bring artisanal locavore free-range nutria tacos on the train with you, chomping with your mouth open as crumbs fall out, licking your fingers and then wiping them on the seat or the pole? If so, you’ll fit right in here. Free can of heirloom organic Red Bull to whoever can pull the longest booger or other unidentifiable organic/inorganic substance out of his lumberjack beard. Women not admitted under any circumstances.

4/1, 11 PM at Galapagos it’s the Flatulating Cabaret. Big prizes for the Biggest Windbag, Hershey Squirts and more. Plus fire twirlers and jugglers direct from Burning Man, plus random people walking around dressed up like characters in a Tarantino movie!

4/1 lo-fi preteen sister act the Poggs – Isabella Wiggin on guitar, Madison Wiggin on bass and Margaret Wiggin on drums – play songs that attempt to mimic their dad/manager’s favorite 90s radio hits at a special outdoor show, rain or shine, at midnight at the Williamsburg Waterfront.

4/2, 7:30 PM lush, sweeping, innovative Canadian big band the Danjam Orchestra performs compositions by bandleader Jamieson and Jim McNeely; pianist Paul Barnes plays the a world premiere by Lincoln Hanks; and tenor Rufus Muller and pianist Jenny Lin perform Victoria Bond’s latest installment of her ongoing James Joyce Ulysses project at Symphony Space, $20/$15 stud/srs.

4/2 surf music legends the Ventures at B.B. King’s, $30 adv tix a must, 8 PM

4/5 cutting-edge Palestinian oud player Kamiliya Jubran plays her 9-part song cycle Makan (Arabic for “place”) examining the shrinking sense of individual space in the world, at the Lincoln Center Atrium, 8:30 PM, early arrival a must.

4/5, 11 PM Llama plays psychedelic dubwise salsa at Shrine.

4/6, 8 PM Brandon George, flute; Dave Moss, viola; Meredith Clark, harp play Sofia Gubaidulina – The Garden of Joy and Sorrow; Sean Hickey – Pied-A-Terre; Jan Bach -Eisteddfod; Carlos Salzedo/Ravel – Sonatine en Trio at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15stud

4/6, 8:30 PM legendary postpunk/funk band the Bush Tetras at le Poisson Rouge, $15 adv tix rec.

4/7 one of the year’s best doublebills with searingly literate janglerocker Ward White followed by torchy noir/goth siren/bassist Abby Travis -whose latest album IV is amazing – at Rock Shop; 4/8 Travis is at the Mercury.

4/7, 8 PM repeating on 4/8 at 3 PM the Cali Camerata Chamber Orchestra with Mark Peskanov on violin play Piazzolla – La Muerte del Angel, Mozart – Divertimento for strings and 2 horns in D Major, Schoenberg – Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op. 4 at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15stud

4/7 sharp literate chamber pop with Elizabeth & the Catapult at the big room at the Rockwood

4/9, 7:30 PM the Deering Estate Chamber Players from Miami play a Latin-infused program featuring composers Roberto Sierra, Tania Leon, and Judith Shatin at the Cutting Edge festival at Symphony Space, $20/$15 stud/srs.

4/9 remarkably energetic, psychedelic Malian desert blues guitar star Bombino at Highline Ballroom

4/9 eclectic chamber-pop violinist/songwriter Emily Wells plays the record release show for her new one at Bowery Ballroom.

4/11, 9:30ish original alt-country siren Alana Amram & the Rough Gems followed by the eclectic honkytonk/zydeco Doc Marshalls at Union Hall, $8

4/13, 7/9:30 PM the Tin Hat Quartet – stars of the gypsy-flavored, haunting Everything Is Illuminated soundtrack – at Symphony Space, $30

4/13-14 8 PM a rare acoustic duo show with Malian guitar powerhouse Vieux Farka Toure plus Israeli star Idan Raichel at City Winery, $35 standing room avail.

4/13, 9 PM Stratuspheerius – one of the original cello metal acts – at Shrine.

4/14, 8 PM ancient and current Moroccan groove and jazz with Hassan Hakmoun and Malika Zarra at Roulette, $25.

4/14, 9 PM Unlimited Force play roots reggae at Shrine.

4/15, 2:45 PM the all-star Alwan Music Ensemble play Middle Eastern classics at the balcony bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, free w/museum adm.

4/15, 3 PM the Amphion Quartet play Haydn – String Quartet No. 31 in B minor, Shostakovich – String Quartet No. 7 in F sharp minor, Op. 108, Debussy – String Quartet in G minor, Op. 10 at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15stud.

4/15, 7 PM Iranian virtuoso of the tar and setar lutes, Ostad Mohammad-Reza Lotfi plus the Shayda Women’s Ensemble play lush, haunting, hypnotic classical Persian music at Symphony Space,$35 tix avail and highly rec., this will sell out.

4/16, 7:30 PM Armando Bayolo and the Great Noise Ensemble perform the premiere of Cornelius Duffalo’s new work for amplified violin and chamber ensemble plus composers Alexandra Gardner, Matt Van Brink, Carlos Carrillo and Marc Mellits at Symphony Space, $20/$15 stud/srs.

4/18 the Bad Brains with GZA at the Music Hall of Williamsburg is sold out – tix still available at Irving Plaza 4/17? is it affordable?

4/18-19, 7:30 PM the Klangforum Wien plays music of Agata Zubel (world premiere), Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Georg Friedrich Haas, Beat Furrer, György Kurtág and Salvatore Sciarrino at the Austrian Cultural Center, 11 E 52nd St., free, early arrival advised.

4/19, 9 PM hip-hop/funk brass grooves with the PitchBlak Brass Band at Shrine.

4/21, 8 PM sly, charismatic, ferociously literate oldtimey siren/uke player Kelli Rae Powell and band at 68 Jay St. Bar

4/21, 8 PM Siembra Maestra play vintage Cuban and Puerto Rican plena and bomba at Shrine followed at 9 by the Freaky Baby Daddies playing roots reggae.

4/21, 9 PM innovative virtuoso sextet New Andalucia play their blend of flamenco and Arabic music at Alwan for the Arts, $20.

4/25, 7:30 PM Ramish Misra, virtuoso of the haunting Indian sarangi at Symphony Space, $30

4/27, 7:30 PM virtuoso organist Gail Archer plays an all-American program including Passacaglia and Pastorale on a Christmas Plainsong (Virgil Thompson), Oatlands Sketches (Claire Shore), Chromatic Study on the name of BACH (Walter Piston), and Aspects of Glory (Libby Larsen) at Rutgers Presbyterian Church, 236 W 73rd St., free

4/27, 8 PM Harlem’s original eclectic punk band the Band-Droidz at Shrine

4/28, 7:30 PM Miroslav Hristov, violin and Vladimir Valjarevic, piano play Balkan music by Zadeja, Vrebalov, Vladigerov, Skalkottas and Enescu at the Bulgarian Consulate, 121 E 62nd St.

4/28, 8 PM Pakistani percussionist Arif Lohar leads a traditional ensemble at the Wallace Auditorium at the Asia Society, $30/$26 stud/srs.

4/28, 8 PM pianist Ursula Oppens plays Mendelssohn – Fantasy in F-sharp minor, Op. 28; Scriabin – Sonata No. 2 (Sonata-Fantasy) in G-sharp minor, Op. 19; Rzewski – 36 Variations on “The People United Will Never Be Defeated” at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15stud.

4/29, 3 PM the Raphael Trio plus Pamela Frank, violin and Ayane Kozasa, viola play an all-Dvorak program: Piano Trio No. 1 in B-flat Major, op. 21; Miniatures for 2 violins and viola, Op. 75a; Piano Quintet in A Major, op. 8 at Bargemusic, $35/$30srs/$15stud

4/29, 7 PM perhaps the world’s greatest current composer for the oud, Marcel Khalife and the Al Mayadine Ensemble play a musical interpretation of the late great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish’s elegaic final work, In the Presence of Absence at Town Hall, $30 tix avail., get them now!

5/5,11 AM Symphony Space’s latest Wall to Wall all-day free concert is a homage to Gertrude Stein, program TBA: one would hope for gypsy jazz, Ravel, Schoenberg, maybe some Ellington?

5/5 lush, sweeping, exhilarating symphonic rock band the Universal Thump play the video release show for their newone at Joe’s Pub

5/18-19, 7:30 PM the Argento Chamber Ensemble plays music of Bernhard Lang (world premiere) plus Concept Silke Grabinger “including the building in the presentation of the music,” i.e. the whole building (not just the concert hall) takes part in the performance, at the Austrian Cultural Center, 11 E 52nd St., free, early arrival advised

5/19 the always entertaining avant-garde Music with a View festival at the Flea Theatre, 41 White St.