Play with the Knights

by delarue

Calling all musicians – you don’t necessarily have to be a classical player or have conservatory training, although that couldn’t hurt – popular indie classical orchestra the Knights are doing another WQXR residency and they need your help. On April 4, they’ll be playing John Adams’ Christian Zeal and Activity – part of the composer’s well-known American Standard – using found sounds, which Adams’ original score calls for. If memory serves right, the original found sound used in the 1973 debut concert performance of the piece was the clacking of typewriters. But you can be much more original than that [reblog from Indaba Music’s Found Sound Project: A “found sound” can be anything from live ambient noise to an invented studio sound (via Max MSP, Ableton Live, Pro Tools or other software) that one captures via recording which can then be manipulated or left alone depending on the artist’s vision.

When working on a “found sound” that will ultimately be performed live with performers, it’s important to seek sounds that complement the acoustic instruments but can also stand out individually. If words are chosen, they should be clearly understood and audible; if your piece is more abstract, be sure to stick with your concept and make it very clear to the listener what the focal points should be. Lastly, the power and weakness of electronic music or ambient sound lies in the amount of options we now have. The more you can limit yourself, the greater your odds of success].

The lucky winner will have their track played live with the ensemble on April 4th on WQXR; receive a VIP invitation for two to attend the live broadcast at WQXR’s Greene space in SoHo; receive credit on the WQXR website; and receive a selection of recordings by the Knights which probably means their two albums, possibly plus other stuff from chamber outfits like Brooklyn Rider who are associated with the orchestra. A interview on WQXR, 105.9 FM and is also a possibility but not confirmed as of today. Deadline for submissions is March 16.