In Memoriam – Michael Davis

by delarue

Michael Davis, the MC5’s smart, versatile bass player died today of liver failure. He was 68. Davis was a master of many styles: slinky soul grooves, fast melodic pop lines, hypnotic botttom-heavy psychedelia and jazz. He and drummer Dennis “Machine Gun” Thompson were one of the greatest rock rhythm sections ever, whether playing pummelling proto-metal, catchy janglerock, blues, soul or crazed avant-noise freakouts (where Davis would hang out and let the guitars go wild while he anchored the sound). Always active in music, he recently toured with the regrouped version of the classic Detroit band alongside bandmate Wayne Kramer. Davis was an underrated player, an important figure in rock history, especially in the great Detroit scene of the 60s and 70s, and will be missed.