Noir Pop from British Columbia

by delarue

If you like your tunes catchy but creepy, Vancouver retro rockers Chains of Love are coming out with their debut album Strange Grey Days this March 14 on Manimal Vinyl. The singles they already have out make this auspicious news. The first one’s A-side isn’t much but the B-side, Black Hearts is the best of all of them, lo-fi Lynchian reverb noir pop with extra guitar bite and frontwoman Nathalia Pizzaro’s dreamy vox; think a more DIY Nicole Atkins. The second one’s A-side, Breaking My Heart is also a lot of fun, a creepy bastard la-la-love child of the Supremes and the 13th Floor Elevators. And here’s the latest one, He’s Leaving with Me, sort of a lo-fi Pipettes.