The Mad Pride’s Free Downloads Are Amazing

by delarue

The Mad Pride is an Australian band from Wollongong, New South Wales. Essentially, the Mad Pride IS songwriter Rowan Galagher, a one-man band playing virtually all the guitars as well as bass, drums, keys and banjo on the astounding 39 tracks on his Reverbnation page. The songs are so good that you can just pull up the page day after day, stream them and get lost in the brooding, moody intensity (if you’re at work, good luck getting anything done). Even better, you can download the equivalent of about four albums’ worth of this stuff for free.

Here’s a look at just the first half-dozen tracks on the page. Scapegoat is a swirly, creepy 6/8 anthem, psychedelic 60s gone noir cabaret with 80s goth production: watery guitars, icy keys and vintage Bowie-esque vocals. Track number two, Berserkergang sets quavery/whispery goth vocals over reverberating Radiohead-style electric piano (reverb is an important part of this guy’s music – he uses it masterfully). Out to Sea is basically Michael Hurley’s Werewolf redone as late 70s Bowie; the real stunner on the page is Malice, an absolutely evil chromatic piano anthem, like Blonde Redhead at the top of their creepy mid-90s game. The last track here is Fade Away, 70s folk-rock as Radiohead might do it. Fans of that band as well as Leonard Cohen, the Church, Nick Cave et al. should get to know this guy. With 39 tracks at this one site alone, he’s got an awful lot more than most bands have – and he does it all pretty much by himself.